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“Uuuuuuwaaaaaah!!” Hinata can feel his throat burn from his own scream. He double checked his surroundings the whole time. There is no way someone should be able to be behind him or at least not sense them.

“Pffff ahahaha.” A soft laugh that seems to disappear into the air immediately replaces Hinata’s surprised scream.

Embarrassed and humiliated Hinata prepped himself to yell at the person behind him. When recollects himself he turns around ready to tell the person laughing to be quiet he stops shocked at the person in question.

It was the person in the photos he finished looking through. A part of him feels relieved that it was him and not a complete stranger but another was screaming at him telling him to run away. He feels his body is heavy as if someone tied a weight next to his ankle. “Y-You’re…!” his mouth manages to let out.

“Ah do you know who I am? If that’s true then my apologies I can’t remember who you are.” The stranger tells him striking a lost in thought pose. “Well it’s alright we can always use self-introductions. My name is Komaeda Nagito. May I ask for yours?” he places a hand over his chest during his self-introduction then extends his hand out waiting for Hinata’s response.

Hinata looks back and forth between Komaeda’s awaiting hand and his facial expression. Not wanting to be rude Hinata shakes his hand and almost retracts it from how cold it felt. “M-My name is Hinata Hajime.”


“Hinata Hajime huh? I think it’s a suiting name for you. I do feel like meeting you is the beginning of an interesting adventure.” Komaeda laughs a bit at his small pun.

Hinata frowns at such a poor joke. He wasn’t expecting this person to be so polite and lame. But there was this nagging at the back of his head. Is this person a human? Should he straight up ask him or just let their conversation flourish then bring it up?

“You should be careful Hajime if you keep scowling your face is going to freeze in place.” Komaeda warns him pointing at the lines decorated on his forehead.

Hinata swipes Komaeda's hand away from him mildly annoyed by his comment. He hears this occasionally from his family members and it slightly irritates him whenever he hears it. “Don’t worry that won’t happen. Also don’t use my first name so casually I don’t even know you that well.” Hinata tells him not fond of the overfamiliar attitude Komaeda possesses.


“Ahaha I see. Well then may I call you Hinata-kun? I don’t want to cause any harm or offense towards you.” Komaeda corrects himself staring straight into Hinata’s eyes awaiting his response.

“Ah yeah that’s fine.” Hinata mumbles turning his head to the side feeling uncomfortable by such an intense stare.

“Oh yeah that reminds me. How did you get in here Hinata-kun? I keep all the rooms up here locked.” The owner of the mansion starts walking taking a few steps towards Hinata who took a few steps back.

“…Ah well I noticed it was slightly opened so I just let myself in.” he decides just to tell the truth. It’s a strange feeling but Hinata feels like Komaeda could tell if he was lying.

“Now it makes sense. I kept wondering why I smelled human so close by.” Komaeda hummed and moved around him keeping a proper distance.

“Smelled? What are you a dog?” Hinata tried to joke in an attempt to mask his nervousness. Unfortunately the other didn’t find it too amusing.

“So is there anything I can help you with? I was planning on taking a nap again but I have a guest here and it would be quite rude if I didn’t attend to them first.” Komaeda gets just a tad closer to him increasing his speed slightly.

“Nap? I don’t see a bed here.” Hinata states refusing to consider what he was thinking could even be remotely true.


Komaeda lets out another small laugh much like before but more powerful. “Come on Hinata-kun you’ve already seen my bed. Its right behind you after all.” His eyes narrow and look down at the floor. It’s obvious to the both of them what he was referring to.

“I refuse to believe it! There's no way that you're a…” Hinata shouts at Komaeda and bites his lip shut. This situation was no matter how you look at it unrealistic. This could be an elaborate prank pulled by someone. Was his mysterious fortune told by his friends actually true? Either way Hinata just can’t find it in his heart to trust that Komaeda was a…vampire.

Another laugh but this time an echo accompanied it making Hinata feel more nervous. “What’s wrong Hinata-kun? Finish your sentence. I can guarantee you that it is most likely the truth.” Komaeda finishes his 4th complete circle around the young teen. 

“The supernatural doesn’t exist. Everything can be explained. This is all a hoax I refuse to believe otherwise.” Summoning strength Hinata stands up straighter and looks Komaeda right in the eyes not backing down. His hands clench into small fists making sure the other knows he refuses to believe anything else.

“Ah I see. Hinata-kun is one of those realists. How unfortunate for you that you're wrong. My own existence is proof.” Komaeda stops his movements right in front of Hinata and stares down at him with an amused face.


“If you have some solid evidence please show me. I’ll make sure to cut right through them.” Hinata points his index finger at Komaeda ready to shut down anything the other has to say.

Komaeda smiles at him before he removes his hands from his pockets. He wiggles his fingers in front of the other before he wags his index at him. “This is kind of fun. Having a one on one battle with you sounds like it'll be pretty interesting.” He releases another giggle before he begins speaking again.

“A common vampire trait. What do you think of them?” the self-proclaimed vampire opens his mouth wide enough to show all his teeth. He points to the fangs at the very top.

The young teen looks at them then scoffs as if he was expecting this to happen. “That’s pretty simple. You can just go to a dentist and get your teeth done. Anything else?” Hinata smiles smugly and shrugs his shoulders feeling confident in his ability to disprove Komaeda's claims.

“Alright I’ll give you that one. Vampires are immortal creatures. I have pictures to prove that I’ve been around for quite some time.” As soon as he finished speaking Hinata right away had a defense for it.

“If you're talking about those photos in that album I've already seen them. The world is very convenient when it comes to photos in today’s day and age. Simple Photoshop is what you used.” Hinata smiles at Komaeda who was smiling even wider than before.


“You saw that already? If I didn’t know any better Hinata-kun I’d say you'd make quite the detective. Ah well it’s time to get a bit more serious.” Komaeda's eyes light up gazing at Hinata with such amusement. Then he erases the smile off his face as he turns graver.

“You’ve already touched my skin. It was cold wasn’t it? The dead possess no warmth a walking corpse is no different.” The seriousness in his tone made the young teen’s hair stand up straight. He didn’t think he’d hear Komaeda talk in such a way.

“You have poor circulation. There’s probably something off with your nerves.” Hinata takes another few steps back and trips over the coffin that was behind him.

“Ahaha still stubborn? Well I find that great if you gave up here that would be disappointing.” Komaeda makes his way in front of Hinata offering him a helping hand. Hinata looks at it once before he accepts it bitterly. He gets up and takes a sit on top of the coffin.

He takes Hinata’s hands and places them over his chest.

“Can you feel my heartbeat? You can’t right? After all that’s only natural I have none.” He continues grabbing Hinata’s hands and places them where you can feel someone’s heartbeat.


As much as he hates to admit to the truth there was no pulse. Even after he escaped Komaeda's grasp and inspected for himself he still couldn’t detect it. He bites his lip in frustration the room he was in started to feel hot. He was so close.

“Just because I can’t find your heartbeat it doesn’t prove anything. I mean after all wouldn’t that light coming from the window kill you already?!” Hinata points to the only window in the room already reaching his limits.

The vampire claps his hands together truly pleased by Hinata’s last comment. “Ah you humans still believe that light kills vampires rumor? Somethings never do change.” Komaeda finishes his clapping before he places his hands over Hinata’s shoulders.

“Well there is one thing I can show you that you won’t be able to refuse.” He smiles at Hinata gently before he gets closer to the other’s neck.

Panic begins bubbling inside Hinata’s stomach. Was Komaeda going to suck his blood? The facts that he refused to accept began to overwhelm him and the area around him slowly started turning black. It was getting harder to see things.

He could hardly hear Komaeda speaking to him. The room begins to spin and the last thing he can process was his name being yelled.