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Los Angeles, 21-05-2005, 5:28 pm

"Sean here. Leave a message and I'll get back ta you."

"Hej! I was hoping I'd get a hold of you. But maybe you're still at work?" [Pause] "I'm getting my things ready before flying to Spain- and I thought maybe I could- I still have two more weeks and I thought-" [Softly:] "I'd very much like to see you." [Pause] "Can I visit you in India? I know that you'll have to work and that there won't be much time but I'd-" [Soft laugh] "Yeah- I just want to see you. Call me and tell me what you think, okay?"

Los Angeles, 23-05-2005, 11:17 am

"Sean here. Leave a message and I'll get back ta you."

"Hej! Are you okay? I've been trying to call you for days. Did you get my message? I checked with the travel agency, there's a flight on Thursday. It could stay for almost a week before having to leave for Spain." [Pause] "Please call me as soon as you hear this, no matter what time it's here. And Sean--?" [Sigh] "No, never mind, I'll talk to you soon in person. Hej."

India, 25-05-2005, 9:58 pm

Hej, this is Viggo. I can't answer right now but you are welcome to leave a message."

"We moved hotels; something happened with the pipes. Reception here is absolutely terrible. We'll be going into the wilds soon, and much as I'd love ta have you here, I don't think it's allowed." [Pause. Sigh] "Have a good time in Spain, luv. Maybe once I'm done here I'd be able to fly over ta see you. It'd make fer a change, eh?"

India, 26-05-2005, 01:04 am

[Dial tone. Clicking]

"Vig? You there?"

"I'm here. Hej."

[Louder:] "Vig! You have ta speak a bit louder, luv!"

[Sigh. Louder:] "I'm here. The reception still bad?"

"Aye. I've been trying ta call you fer the past 3 hours. Wanted ta hear yer voice. Did you get me message?"

"Yes." [Pause] "What do you mean, you think it's not allowed? Have you asked?"

"I did. But it's fer security reasons - we're going into palaces and wild uncharted territory, or summat like that. It's ridiculous. I told 'em that you can survive anything, but still no."

"When are you leaving? Can we meet before you're all going?"

"We're going ta have the last shoot in this location tomorrow, and the day after we're packing and going off."


"Oh for fuck's sake- Viggo? You there?!"


[Beep. Dial tone]


"Vig? You there?"

"I am. God, I hate this. I really- I really need to talk to you without yelling into the receiver for a change."

[Pause] "Aye, I do too. It's been too long since we've had a proper conversation."

[Pause] "And since we've seen each other. What you said about coming to Spain- is that more than wishful thinking? Do you really think you might be able to come?"

"Will you still be in Spain in two months?"

"Yes, but---" [Long pause] "In two months, Sean-- I-- we haven't seen each other in almost four months now, apart from that one weekend in London--" [Pause] "I don't think I can wait that long."

[Gently:] "I don't finish filming fer two months, luv, and I won't have the time until then."


"Vig? Did the reception cut off again?"

"No, I'm still here." [Pause] "There just isn't a good answer."

[Quietly:] "No, there ain't." [Pause] "I'm so damned sorry."

[Sigh] "I know."

"Are you mad at me, luv?"

[Long pause] "No. I'm disappointed. I really thought I might get to wake up next to you on Saturday, and that I'd-- stop hurting then." [Pause. Barely audible:] "I'm so tired of missing you, Sean, incredibly tired."

"Aye. It makes me ache all over."

[Shaky inhale. Swallows hard] "No, that's not- it's not what I mean. It's not the feeling I'm used to--" [Pause] "I don't know how to deal with this any more. I really don't." [Very quietly:] "I'm miserable, Sean."

[Long pause. Crackling] "Reception's breaking up, shite. What feeling were you saying?"

"Oh for God's sake." [Pause] "I can't have this conversation shouting. Not today, not when the line might go dead any second. How long will you be away shooting on location?"

"'Round three weeks." [Pause] "Will you write ta me what you just said?"

"I'd rather not. I'd rather talk to you about this." [Long pause] "Another three weeks?" [Pause] "Will you have a chance to check your emails?"

"Even if I don't, I will force a way to. They'll be having wireless because filming will be going on in two locations or so. I'll see if I can hijack a satellite dish or summat like that."

[Pause] "... Sean? Are you still there?"

[Louder:] "I said I'd find a way ta get ta me email even if I have ta kill somebody!"

"Okay. But give me some days. I can't do this straight away."

"Take as long as you need ta, luv." [Pause] "I ain't going anywhere."

"No." [Pause] "How's filming going?"

"It's good. Sharpe's me favourite, so it's like slipping back on an old skin again."

"That's great. You've been looking for this for quite some time. And India?"

"It's great. There are so many things I wish I can show you. So much history's here, Vig, and I think you'd enjoy the culture so much more than I am."

"Did you-" [Clears his throat] "Did you get the chance to take some pictures?"

"Aye, I have. I've taken ta bringing a camera everywhere, and I blame you fer that." [Soft laugh]

"Send me some?"

"Of course, luv. Which address?"

"Send them to my agent in LA. She'll forward my mail to Spain." [Softly:] "I'd love to see some pictures."

"Alright." [Pause] "You'd have ta tell me what you think of 'em, yeah?"

"I'm looking forward to seeing them."

"Good." [Pause] "What are you doing right now?"

"I was on the porch, reading, when you called."

"What were you reading?"

"A novel by a Spanish author, Ruiz Zafón. 'The Shadow of the Wind'. I like it. It's very atmospheric. Quite dark, too. Read it, if it crosses your way."

"The Shadow of the Wind, eh? I'll see if I can manage ta find a translation 'round here."

"I'd send you a copy but it's probably just going to get lost in the mail." [Pause] "As my letters usually are."

"... They weren't lost, luv."

"I thought that the ones I sent to India... did you get any of them?"

"I haven't read 'em yet, because I hadn't the chance. But I know the post office's keeping 'em."

[Pause] "Do you want me to keep writing, then, if you can't collect them? Maybe it'll be a bit much if you have to plough through weeks and weeks of my ramblings all at once?"

"If you'd rather keep writing, I'd keep reading." [Soft chuckle] "It's what you write; it's always great to read."

"Writing has been a little difficult lately. But maybe knowing that you'll actually get to read them at some point will help. I thought they'd just disappeared." [Pause] "Speaking of which, Mel called me because she couldn't get a hold of you. I promised to tell you to call her back. Lorna has skipped a couple of days at school and she needs you to talk to her."

"Lorna what?" [Pause] "Damnit. Sorry, luv, fer making you play messenger between us. I'll call 'em soon as I can get a better connection." [Pause] "I'll read yer letters. I promise."

"Don't worry about it, I don't mind if Mel calls me, not at all. It's probably less dramatic than it sounds now. It was just that James is away for two weeks or so and she was furious and needed to vent before she talked to Lorna. We talked for a while actually, and she was a little calmer already when we hung up."

[Gently:] "I'm always glad that you two get along so well."

"She's great. I like her a lot." [Pause] "Sean?"


[Hoarsely:] "Make time to come see me in Spain, yeah?"

"I will." [Pause] "You get a promise fer that."

"Spain's beautiful this time of year, I'd like you to see that."

[Soft chuckle] "I saw it once with you, remember?"

[Quietly:] "Of course I do. I got to wake up next to you with a view onto the Alhambra and met Lorna and Molly."

"I can't make guarantees on Alhambra or Lorna and Molly, but I'll try me best ta at least wake up next ta you soon, aye?"

"Yes." [Pause] "And bring your schedule, we need to find more time to spend together."

"Yessir." [Chuckles]


"Vig? Did the reception cut off again?"

"No, no." [Clears his throat] "I'm still here."

[Pause] "I said something wrong, didn't I?"

"It's-- can you please not sign up for five more projects before we've had time to sit down together and look at our schedules?"

[Longer pause] "Aye. I've been working too much, haven't I."

"Can you remember how I'm feeling in your arms?"

"Aye." [Long exhale] "I can remember yer warmth too, and yer scent."

"I'm weighing 15 pounds less than when we saw each other and I'm growing a moustache." [Pause] "It's almost June, Sean. We've just seen each other once this year, when I was in London for your birthday, and we didn't have much time alone then." [Pause] "I miss you."

"I know the moustache is fer a role." [Pause] "Take care of yerself, luv. I don't want ta see a waif when I come ta see you in August, alright?"

"Yeah." [Pause] "I think I need to go now."

"Alrigh'. I-" [Pause. Swallow] "Take care of yerself, luv."

[Softly:] "No, tell me- what were you going to say?"

"I was going ta apologise, but I realised it won't be of much use."

"It won't make me wake up next to you any sooner but I appreciate the sentiment." [Pause] "Look, I know you can't just take some days off now, don't feel bad about this now. Just don't make me wait once you're back in Europe, okay?"

"Mm." [Pause] "Okay."

"I'll let you sleep now, it must be in the middle of the night on your end."

"It is. But- Vig-"


"Just- take care of yerself, alright? I'll worry."

"I'll try to. They'll make sure that I'm eating regularly on set, don't worry about that."

"Good." [Pause] "Goodnight, luv."

"Sleep well. And have fun shooting on all these locations." [Softly:] "Call me as soon as you're back, hm?"

"I will."