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Far, Far Away

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A galaxy's a star system, Harry thought, already bored with the speaker. Stars. Starshine. Moonshine. Mooning. Arse. "So horny."

Severus frowned at the metaphor-wielding imbecile on stage and cursed all Ministry functions. A galaxy. The galax plant. Galax urceolata. Wandlflower. Native to the Appala—is that Potter?

The hairs on the back of Harry's neck rose; he turned, stared. Snape. Snape's cock.

Severus noted the copper flecks in Potter's eyes. Wandflower turns copper.

The pull of Snape's gaze was taut, strong. "I want—"

Familiar with Potter's desires and completely willing to sate them again, Severus mouthed, "My room. Five minutes."