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So... Text me maybe?

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[2:31 pm- From: Unknown]
[2:32 pm- From: Unknown]
[2:33 pm- From: Unknown]
So… Aren’t you going to answer me Mikey? I need that comics bro! C’moooon!
[2:35 pm- From: Unknown]
Okay… Wrong number… I’m not ‘Mikey’
[2:36 pm- From: Unknown]
Fuck. Sorry. I was talking to my brother… I must have sent this to you by mistake.
[2:37 pm- From: Unknown]
‘s cool. I’m Frank
[2:38 pm- From: Unknown]
I’m Gerard

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[2:25 pm- From: Gerard]
So… Hi Frank
[2:30 pm- From: Frank]
… Hi… Gerard…?
[2:31 pm- From: Gerard]
‘m bored :(
[2:34 pm- From: Frank]
[2:35pm- From: Frank]
Why are you texting me again?
[2:37pm- From: Gerard]
1) ’m bored 2) I dreamed with you tonight!
[3:00pm- From: Gerard]
Frank? Are you there?
[3:30 pm- From: Gerard]
Heeeeelllloooo! Okay, you must be thinking I’m a weirdo because I dreamed with you… But it was with your texts, not with you.
[3:45 pm- From: Gerard]
Fine. Bye. Nice to meet you
[5:30 pm- From: Frank]
Sorry… Hi. You scared me
[5:33 pm- From: Gerard]
Hi! So… How old are you? Where do you live? What you do for a living!?
[5:34 pm- From: Gerard]
Sorry… Too creepy right?
[5:35 pm- From: Frank]
I’m 17
[5:36 pm- From: Gerard]
Cool! I’m 20 s:
[5:37pm- From: Frank]

Chapter Text

[5:30 pm- From: Gerard]
I’m gonna kill myself
[5:31 pm- From: Frank]
Trolling is not cool bro
[5:32 pm- From: Gerard]
I’m not trolling. It’s all over for me. I can’t take this anymore! I hate my life!
[5:32 pm- From: Gerard]
I hate myself.
[5: 33 pm- From: Frank]
Dude. You are scaring me okay? Can you please stop texting me like this?
[5:40 pm- From: Frank]
[5:44 pm- From: Frank]
[5:50 pm- From: Frank]
This is not funny dude. Answer my texts now
[5:55 pm- From: Frank]
[5:56 pm- From: Frank]
Fuck. Please. Answer the fucking texts!

Chapter Text

[4:41 pm- From: Gerard]
Hi Frank.
[4:45 pm- From: Frank]
[4:46 pm- From: Gerard]
No need to yell at me
[4:47 pm- From: Frank]
Fuck you. I don’t even know you and I freaked out!
[4:49 pm- From: Gerard]
Sorry… I tried to kill myself… But I’m alive… hehe…
[4:51 pm- From: Frank]
Go fuck yourself.
[4:52 pm- From Gerard]
Sorry for the texts…
[10:55 pm- From: Frank]
You up? My mom was home.
[10:56 pm- From: Gerard]
Oh… I thought you didn’t want to talk to me anymore…
[10:58 pm- From: Frank]
Wanna talk about something? I’m here if you need anything
[11:00 pm- From: Gerard]
I’m going to bed. Talk to you tomorrow. Xoxo
[11:03 pm- From: Frank]
Bye Gerard

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[7:00 am- From: Frank]
Morning Gerard!
[7:01 am- From: Frank]
Morning Gerard!
[7:02 am- From: Frank]
Morning Gerard!
[7:03 am- From: Frank]
Morning Gerard!
[7:04 am- From: Frank]
Morning Gerard!
[7:05 am- From: Frank]
Morning Gerard!
[7:06 am- From: Gerard]
Go fuck yourself kid.
[7:07 am- From: Frank]
I’m a morning person!
[7:10 am- From: Gerard]
Well… I’m not. Go to school Frank…
[7:12 am- From: Frank]
No school for me today. I’ll go shopping with my mom because my 18th b-day is Monday!
[7:12 am- From: Gerard]
Good to you.
[10:40 am- From: Frank]
[10:42 am- From: Gerard]
Are you bored?
[10:42 am- From: Frank]
AS HELL! Jamia and mom are choosing party decoration and I’m just sitting here like ‘I hate my life’
[10:45 am- From: Gerard]
LOL! Normal. They are girls. That’s what they do
[10:46 am- From: Frank]
Let’s talk about something. I just can’t get over those texts…
[10:48 am- From: Gerard]
Yeh… Sorry about that Frank…
[10:50 am- From: Frank]
So… What happened…?
[10:52 am- From: Gerard]
Well… I had a fight with my boyfriend and… He said I should kill myself because I was a fucking fag and not worth living.
[10:53 am- From: Gerard]
I got really high on pills and booze and kind of cut my wrists… I’m fine now though
[10:54 am- From: Frank]
Wow… That was heavy
[10:54 am- From: Gerard]
Sorry Frank…
[10:55 am- From: Frank]
No need to call me Frank. You can call me Frankie (: And… If you need someone to talk… I’m always here
[10:56 am- From: Frank]
[10:58 am- From: Gerard]
lol Thank you Frankie… So… I have to go now because I do have classes today… Talk to you later?
[10:59 am- From: Frank]
Sure. Bye Gee!

[7:31 pm- From: Gerard]
[7:32 pm- From: Frankie]
I can’t talk now Gee… Daddy’s home. I’ll be right back
[8:45 pm- From: Frankie]
[8:46 pm- From: Gerard]
You called me Gee… hihi
[8:48 pm- From: Frankie]
Oh! Sorry!
[8:49 pm- From: Gerard]
Nah, it’s okay. You can call me Gee! (:
[8:50 pm- From: Gerard]
How was your day? Did you have fun with the girls? Haha
[8:52 pm- From: Frankie]
My day sucked s: But at least I’ll get my fucking tattoo on Tuesday!
[8:53 pm- From: Gerard]
I hate needles *shivers*
[8:54 pm- From: Frankie]
I fucking love needles. I have piercings and I can’t believe I’ll finally get my tattoo! Gerard… Can I ask you something?
[8:56 pm- From: Gerard]
[8:57 pm- From: Frankie]
Are you gay?
[8:59 pm- From: Gerard]
HAHA yeh! I’m gay!
[9:02 pm- From: Frankie]
Why are you laughing…?
[9:03 pm- From: Gerard]
I thought it was a big deal like… My last name. Which by the way is ‘Way’
[9:05 pm- From: Frankie]
Way? Gerard Way? Good to know lol! Mine is ‘Iero’ and how can… Being gay be not a big deal?
[9:07 pm- From: Gerard]
Well… It’s not a big deal because I’m… used to it…? It’s just who I am. A guy who likes other guys. Why the question?
[9:15 pm- From: Frankie]
Nothing! Nothing! Well… Night Gerard.
[9:15 pm- From: Gerard]
Night Frankie! Xoxo G

Chapter Text

[5:00 am- From: Gerard]
Goodmorning sunshine!
[5:04 am- From: Frankie]
We barely know each other
[5:04 am- From: Frankie]
And it’s five am
[5:05 am- From: Frankie]
So go fuck yourself
[5:05 am- From: Frankie]
And let me sleep asshole
[5:06 am- From: Gerard]
Hehe… Isn’t it nice having someone waking you up at this time in the morning?
[5:10 am- From: Frankie]
Asshole. Troll. I’m fucking knocked out. I hate you.
[5:10 am- From: Frankie]
By the way, your name on my phone now is asshole
[5:12 am- From: Asshole]
You have my number saved? AWSOME! I have yours too, but your name is ‘Frankie’

[8:11 am- From: Frankie]
Why? I mean… Why we have each other’s numbers saved? I mean… We don’t even know each other!
[8:25 am- From: Asshole]
We are… raising a friendship or something… Why you have my number saved?
[8:26 am- From: Asshole]
I have yours because I think you can be a nice person
[8:30 am- From: Frankie]
I don’t know why I have yours… I like saving people’s numbers so I know who it is
[8:33 am- From: Frankie]
So you are up!
[8:34 am- From: Asshole]
I didn’t sleep s:
[8:35 am- From: Frankie]
Are you okay? What’s going on?
[8:36 am- From: Gerard]
Nothing… I wasn’t in the mood to sleep, so I just sat there and painted a little
[8:37 am- From: Frankie]
I changed your name back. You are not an asshole
[8:37 am- From: Frankie]
So… You painted?
[8:39 am- From: Gerard]
Yep. I did. I go to NYSVA
[8:40 am- From: Frankie]
I heard of that school! It’s pretty good! You are an artist then! Wow! Awsome!
[8:41 am- From: Gerard]
What about you?
[8:42 am- From: Frankie]
I’m a senior if that’s what you wanna know
[8:42 am- From: Frankie]
I’m not comfortable with this kind of personal information to be honest Gerard
[8:43 am- From: Gerard]
Sorry. Hey… Don’t your parents wonder who you text all the time?
[8:47 am- From: Frankie]
Mom asked yesterday during dinner. I said ‘a guy I met’
[8:47 am- From: Frankie]
They don’t really care… They asked your name though
[8:48 am- From: Gerard]
What did you say?
[8:49 am- From: Frankie]
Gerard. Did I say something wrong?
[8:51 am- From: Gerard]
No, it’s good you didn’t lie! Maybe we can meet someday
[9:05 am- From: Gerard]
I was a creep again right?
[09:25 am- From: Gerard creepie]
Cool. I thought we were fine
[10:00 am- From: Gerard creepie]
Bye Frankie

Chapter Text

[8:00 am- From: Gerard creepie]
Happy birthday to you!
[8:00 am- From: Gerard creepie]
Happy birthday to you!
[8:01 am- From: Gerard creepie]
Happy birthday! Little Frankie!
[08:01 am- From: Gerard creepie]
Happy birthday to you!
[08:03 am- From: Gerard creepie]
Today is that special day when you can finally take care of yourself and get out of home!
[08:05 am- From: Frankie]
You remember!
[08:06 am- From: Gerard creepie]
I did! It’s your special day! And it’s Halloween! Nice birthday man!
[08:07 am- From: Frankie]
Thank you!
[08:08 am- From: Frankie]
Sorry I left the other day. I didn’t know what to say to that
[8:09 am- From: Gerard creepie]
Let me guess… You changed my name in your phone? Gee Creeper, stalker, weirdo…
[08:09 am- From: Frankie]
LOL no! Gerard creepie! That’s your name
[08:10 am- From: Gerard creepie]
So childish Frankie! I’m almost done with your birthday gift.
[08:11 Am- From: Frankie]
A birthday gift? You don’t have to!
[08:13 am- From: Gerard just Gerard]
I want to! I hope you like it by the way. Do you have any hobbies?
[08:16 am- From: Frankie]
I play guitar if that counts
[08:17 am- From: Gerard just Gerard]
Good :D I knew you liked guitars!
[08:18 am- From: Frankie]
Are you painting or drawing a guitar?
[08:19 am- From: Gerard just Gerard]
Wait and you will see! I’ll send you a picture today after you are back from school okay?
[08:20 am- From: Frankie]
It’s my birthday. No school for me!
[08:21 am- From: Gerard just Gerard]
You never go to school?
[8:21 am- From: Gerard just Gerard]
Well, I do xoxo Frankie
[8:22 am- From: Frankie]
Have a good day guy I barely know!


[04:02 pm- From: Gerard just Gerard]
Hey, I just met you
[04:02 pm- From: Frankie]
[04:02 pm- From: Frankie]
[04:03 pm- From: Frankie]
[04:03 pm- From: Gerard just Gerard]
And this is crazy
[04:03 pm- From: Frankie]
[04:04 pm- From: Gerard just Gerard]
LOOOOOOOL just kidding Frankie!
[04:05 pm- From: Gerard just Gerard]
By the way, I just finished your birthday gift!
[04:06 pm- From: Frankie]
You didn’t have to Gerard!
[04:07 pm- From: Gerard]
But I wanted to. So… I’ll send you a picture of it later okay?
[04:08 pm- From: Frankie]
Why later? D:
[04:09 pm- From: Gerard]
I’m going to my brother’s now s:
[04:10 pm- From: Frankie]
If you are texting and driving I’ll kill you!
[04:20 pm- From: Frankie]
I knew you were texting and driving u.u


[08:00 pm- From: Gerard]
So… Here it is
[08:00pm- From: Gerard]
[08:01 pm- From: Gerard]
Hope you like it


[09:33 pm- From: Frankie]
OMFG! That’s beautiful! Thank you Gee!!
[09:33 pm- From: Gerard]
Really? I had those things around and I though… Well… Why not (:
[09:34 pm- From: Frankie]
Maybe someday I’ll wear it!
[09:35 pm- From: Gerard]
Does that means that we will meet in person?
[09:36 pm- From: Frankie]
MAYBE someday :D
[09:37 pm- From: Frankie]
I have to go. Goodnight!
[09:38 pm- From: Gerard]
Happy birthday and goodbye Frankie xoxo G

Chapter Text

[08:00 am- From: Frankie]
[08:01 am- From: Gerard]
[08:02 am- From: Frankie]
Are you okay? You didn’t text me since my birthday
[08:05 am- From: Gerard]
‘m ok
[08:06 am- From: Frankie]
How’s it going?! Is it weird that I missed you?
[08:10 am- From: Gerard]
Fuck off kid! Stop texting me!
[08:11 am- From: Frankie]


[10:43 am- From: Asshole Way]
Frankie? Hey!
[10:50 am- From: Asshole Way]
I just wanted you to know that, those texts, they weren’t mine. My boyfriend Bert was with my phone
[10:52 am- From: Asshole Way]
He spent a few nights here and was kinda jelous of you
[10:53 am- From: Asshole Way]
He texted you back, not me


[12:55 pm- From: Frankie]
Ok. How’s it going?
[12:56 pm- From: Way]
Normal. I’m back with Bert. He said sorry and bought me flowers and shit like that
[12:57 pm- From: Frankie]
Did you have ‘I love you ’ sex?
[12:58 pm- From: Way]
More of ‘Hey fucker, I want you tight ass back around my dick’ sex
[12:59 pm- From: Frankie]
[01:02 pm- From: Way]
Sorry... That’s the kind of guy he is though... Strong, ‘macho’, he thinks he’s the best... What can I do? I love him
[01:06 pm- From: Frankie]
That’s weird... I mean, I thought gays were all kind of... girly and shit...
[01:07 pm- From: Way]
Hahaha not all of them are. And you? How’s your life buddy?
[01:08 pm- From: Frankie]
Pretty much the same. I still have to go to school... Only diference is that now I’m in and out of home whenever I want
[01:10 pm- From: Way]
Are you working now?
[01:12 pm- From: Frankie]
I’m playing some shows in dirty midnight clubs since I was 16 if that’s what you call ‘work’
[01:14 pm- From: Way]
Really? That’s really cool! What’s your band’s name?
[01:15 pm- From: Frankie]
Pencey Prep
[01:16 pm- From: Way]
Really cool Frankie, maybe I’ll go see you playing some day (:
[01:17 pm- From: Gerard]
Fuck. Bert’s home. Xoxo
[01:20 pm- From: Frankie]
Bye Gee... s:


[02:33 am- From: Gerard]
Hi Frankie!
[02:40 am- From: Frankie]
It’s 2 in the fucking morning!
[02:41 am- From: Gerard]
Sorry... I just can’t sleep...
[02:43 am- From: Frankie]
Did Bert keep you up all night? Hehe...
[02:44 am- From: Gerard]
My ass is kinda sore actually... s:
[02:45 am- From: Frankie]
Did he hurt you?
[02:46 am- From: Gerard]
Relax Frankie, I’m fine... It was kinda ‘Rawr’ today, nothing much
[02:47 am- From: Frankie]
Does it... Hurt?
[02:48 am- From: Gerard]
Not as much as in the begining! Anyway, how was your day?
[02:50 am- From: Frankie]
[03:00 am- From: Gerard]
Sleep well Frankie

Chapter Text

[08:00 am- From: Frankie]
Morning Gee!


[10:00 am- From: Gerard]
Sorry Frankie... Bert was around
[10:01 am- From: Frankie]
I don’t like your boyfriend u.u
[10:03 am- From: Gerard]
You don’t even know him!
[10:05 am- From: Frankie]
When he’s around you can’t text me! What the fuck!?
[10:07 am- From: Gerard]
Well... You don’t have to like him!He’s not your boyfriend!
[10:10 am- From: Frankie]
That’s cause I’m not a fag! Thank you very much
[10:12 am- From: Gerard]
Thanks for calling me fag!
[10:13 am- From: Frankie]
You know I didn’t mean that
[10:15 am- From: Gerard]
Well... Maybe Bert’s right. I shouldn’t be talking to you
[10:16 am- From: Frankie]
Wow! Go there with your little boyfriend then fag! You both should record porn. Rough porn where he turns your ‘tight ass’ to pieces and cum in your face
[10:17 am- From: Gerard]
Well! He likes my ass! Bye kid!
[10:19 am- From: Frankie]
Text me again when you decide to be a man for once

Chapter Text

[03:30 am- From: Unknown]
Sos- G
[03:31 am- From: Frankie]
What you want?
[03:35 am- From: Unknown]
I need your help Frankie. Call my brother please... Tell him togo over to Bert’ mom. Please Frankie. Please.
[03:35 am- From: Frankie]
I don’t have his number...
[03:40 am- From: Unknown]
He’s with my phone

Chapter Text

-Err… Hello…?
-Sorry… It’s not Gerard… It’s Frank
-I thought that… What you want?
-He just sent me some messages asking for help… Go over to Bert’s mom… I don’t know…
-Bert’s mom? Fuck but…. Thank you “Frankie”


[08:30 am-From: Gerard]
Thank you Frankie

Chapter Text

[12:15 pm- From: Frankie]
You are welcome… What the fuck happened Gerard?
[12:18 pm- From: Gerard]
Long story. Let’s just say you were right not liking Bert.
[12:19 pm- From: Frankie]
I’m here if you wanna talk…
[12:20 pm- From: Gerard]
I know Frankie. Thank you


[04:30 pm- From: Frankie]
So… Sorry for what I said…
[04:35 pm- From: Gerard]
You were right. I was wrong. I was fucking stupid. Don’t need to be sorry
[04:36 pm- From: Frankie]
What happened?
[04:40 pm- From: Gerard]
Nothing important Frankie… Nothing important.
[04:41 pm- From: Frankie]
Okay… Why you texted me? Couldn’t you call your brother? He was with you phone
[04:45 pm- From: Gerard]
Well… Would you believe me if I said… That I don’t know my phone number but I know yours?
[04:46 pm- From: Frankie]
That’s… Creepy…
[04:49 pm- From: Gerard]
I know… Well… At least you helped… thank you
[04:50 pm- From: Frankie]
You don’t really wanna tell me what happened?
[04:55 pm- From: Gerard]
You don’t need to worry about it Frankie. It was nothing
[04:57 pm- From: Frankie]
That’s why you called me in the middle of the night right? Because it was nothing
[05:01 pm- From: Gerard]
I didn’t call you. I texted you
[05:05 pm- From: Frankie]
[05:05 pm- From: Frankie]
Sorry for calling you a fag. I felt bad about it later
[05:07 pm- From: Gerard]
I’m a fag. Don’t worry
[05:08 pm- From: Frankie]
You are not one
[05:14 pm- From: Gerard]
Hush. You don’t know what you are saying. I have to go… I have exams… xoxo
[05:15 pm- From: Frankie]
Exams? What kind? Why? Xo

[10:22 pm- From: Gerard]
Just some stupid exams the doctors wanted me to do before I went home
[10:23 pm- From: Frankie]
You were at a hospital!?
[10:25 pm- From: Gerard]
Don’t worry
[10:26 pm- From: Frankie]
Tell me what happened or I’ll… I’ll…
[10:28 pm- From: Gerard]
Bert was drunk. He kidnapped me. Dragged me over to his mom’s. Raped me. Kicked and punched me and left me without food or water for three days
[10:29 pm- From: Gerard]
Happy now?
[10:30 pm- From: Frankie]
I’m sorry Gee… I…
[10:32 pm- From: Gerard]
Don’t be sorry. It’s not your fault that right now I must have a shit load of blood illness and maybe even AIDS
[10:33 pm-From: Gerard]
I’m tired Frank. Good night.
[10:33 pm- Form: Frankie]
Good night Gee… xoxo

Chapter Text

[08:02 am-From: Gerard]
Morning Frank :D
[08:03 am- From: Frankie]
Morning Gee! Wazzup?
[08:04 am- From: Gerard]
Nothing much. You?
[08:05 am- From: Frankie]
Christmas’ coming!
[08:06 am- From: Gerard]
[08:07 am- From: Frankie]
And I know you are not a killer! So… What about… Maybe.. We could meet before Christmas…?
[08:08 am- From: Gerard]
Really? I’d like to Frankie… But I don’t think that… I could go out so soon… I mean… I need some results first and…
[08:09 am- From: Frankie]
Oh… Okay then… What are you doing up so early?
[08:11 am- From: Gerard]
I can’t sleep… You?
[08:14 am- From: Frankie]
I slept at Jamia’s. They wake up early here.
[08:16 am- From: Gerard]
We need a serious conversation little sir!
[08:20 am- From: Frankie]
Nothing much happened
[08:22 am- From: Gerard]
Well… Go give your girl some attention!
[08:30 am- From: Frankie]
Talk to you later Gee!


[08:34 pm- From: Frankie]
[08:35 pm- From: Gerard]
Hey Frankie. How was your day?
[08:36 pm- From: Frankie]
Pretty normal. Your?
[08:45 pm- From: Gerard]
Yeh… Boring. Did you know Disney doesn’t air Lizzie anymore?
[08:46 pm- From: Frankie]
McGuire? Yeh… It’s been something like… 11 years or so…
[09:00 pm- From: Frankie]
[09:00 pm- From: Gerard]
Sorry, I was crying because TV programs… Wanna pizza? I found one on the fridge
[09:03 pm- From: Frankie]
Man… Is it green? If so, don’t eat it, trust me
[09:05 pm- From: Gerard]
Better order some… Hold on
[09:06 pm- From: Frankie]
[09:30 pm- From: Gerard]
Isn’t that… Good Charlotte?

[09:31 pm- From: Frankie]
You like *--*
[09:32 pm- From: Gerard]

[10:33 pm- From: Gerard]
[10:34 pm- From: Frankie]
Shower. How was your pizza?
[10:35 pm- From: Gerard]
Good…. Your shower?
[10:36 pm- From: Frankie]
[10:41 pm- From: Gerard]
[11:20 pm- From: Gerard]
[11:59 pm- From: Gerard]
I guess you slept… Good night xoxo

[03:25 pm- From: Frankie]
Night :*

Chapter Text

[08:10 am- From: Frankie]
Morning! What are you doing?
[08:15 am- From: Gerard]
Good morning Frankie! I’m just painting a little!
[08:16 am-From: Gerard]
You inspired me… Kind of…
[08:20 am- from: Frankie]
Really? What are you drawing?
[08:21 am- From: Gerard]
You and your girl cuddling on the couch… Well… What I think you and your girl look like cuddling on the couch
[08:22 am- From: Frankie]
Omfg this is so cute Gee!
[08:23 am-From: Gerard]
You know Frankie… I’d like to know how you look like…
[08:24 am- From: Frankie]
Me too… Are you still at the hospital…?
[08:25 am- From: Gerard]
No… I’m actually at My mom’s right now…Jersey…
[08:26 am- From: Frankie]
Really? Wow… We are kind of close man! So… If you send me a picture of you I can send you one of me!
[08:27 am- From: Gerard]
Sure, just hold on a second…
[08:50 am- From: Gerard]
Here it is… The best I could find, sorry…

[08:50 am- From: Gerard]
Your turn :D
[08:51 am- From: Frankie]
Omg you look SOOOOOO cute! Okay, hold on
[08:59 am- From: Frankie]
I only have ugly pictures or live ones so… Can it be one where I’m playing…?
[09:00 am- From: Gerard]
[09:02 am- From: Frankie]
Here it is!
[09:03 am- From: Gee]
I have no words. You look so… CUTE!
[09:04 am- From: Frankie]
Nah! You look much better. And that camera?
[09:05 am- From: Gee]
School project…
[09:06 am- From: Gee]
Frankie, I have to go okay? Talk to you later? Okay? Xoxo
[09:07 am- From: Frankie]

Chapter Text

[09:07 am- From: Gee]
‘m baaaaack!
[09:08 am- From: Frankie]
[09:09 am- From: Gee]
My Dick
[09:09 am- From: Gee]
[09:10 am- From: Frankie]
It’s nine in the fucking morning man....
[09:11 am- From: Gee]
Wow! Mr. Morning! Sorry! Nota t school?
[09:12 am- From: Frankie]
Nope. Sick at home s:
[09:13 am- From: Gee]
What’s wrong?
[09:14 am- From: Frankie]
My body sucks. Weather changes and I get sick
[09:15 am- From: Gee]
:( Sad… Well… I have a surprise for you. I hope you don’t think I’ve been stalking you or anything
[09:17 am- From: Frankie]
What’s that…?
[09:19 am- From: Gee]
So… If you go to the mail… Now you have a PO box and there’s a small surprise for you
[09:20 am- From: Frankie]
You are such a creep…. I’ll see if mom lets me go and I’ll check it out
[09:23 am- From: Gee]
Great. Call me if you need details. Gtg, cooking for Mikey. Xoxo
[09:24 am- From: Frankie]
Xoxo ily


[04:13 pm- From: Frankie]
You little fucker ilysm omfg!!!!
[04:13 pm- From: Frankie]
[04:13 pm- From: Frankie]
[04:13 pm- From: Frankie]
[04:13 pm- From: Frankie]
[04:14 pm- From: Gee]
Frankie did you get my gift for you?
[04:15 pm- From: Frankie]
I’m wearing it right now. Thank you so much Gee!!!
[04:16 pm- From: Gee]
Really? Welcome. I thought it ended up a little girly but… Yeh…
[04:17 pm- From: Frankie]
No no no I loved it. So much! I’m never taking it off! So.. Hey… Do you have plans for Christmas?
[04:20 pm- From: Gee]
Nah… I would probably go back to NY… Why?
[04:24 pm- From: Frankie]
Just… Wanted to know…Like… We should go out… Buy Christmas stuff maybe…?
[04:25 pm- From: Gee]
Your family will think I’m a pedo
[04:26 pm- From: Frankie]
Are you one?
[04:26 pm- From: Gee]
[04:27 pm- From: Frankie]
That’s what a pedo would say lol
[04:28 pm- From: Gee]
Well then. We can set the details later. I gtg to a party with Mikey xoxo
[04:30 pm- From: Frankie]
Xoxo… I’ll be home bored then ):

Chapter Text

[09:00 am- From: Gee]
I’m thankful for texting you
[09:08 am- From: Frankie]
You call it texting me!? It’s been weeks since we last spoke! What the fuck happened to you!?
[09:10 am- From: Gee]
Sorry Frankie... Stuff at home...
[09:11 am- From: Frankie]

[10:12 am- From: Gee]
Wanna go shopping on Black Friday with me?
[10:22 am- From: Gee]
[10:45 am- From: Gee]
Black Friday. Shopping. You and Me. Wanna go?
[10:50 am- From: Frankie]
What’s the deal? You gonna rape me?
[10:51 am- From: Gee]
Lol no. Just wanted to... Hang out
[10:52 am-From: Frankie]
[10:53 am- From: Gee]
Great. Monroeville Mall tomorrow. See you at 12pm.
[10:55 am- From: Frankie]
You going now?
[10:56 am- From: Gee]
Sorry Frankie, I have my own life… I can’t text you all day
[10:57 am- From: Frankie]
12 pm

[3:03 pm- From: Gee]
Frankie? Hey! I can talk now!
[03:55 pm- From: Gee]
Ignoring me?
[04:30 pm- From: Gee]
You are so fucking childish Frank… oh my god!
[04:35 pm- From: Frankie]
^^ yup. I saw your text and thought I’d answer after a long shower… And some shaving and cleaning my lip ring and guitar :D
[04:36 pm- From: Gee]
You are a fucking asshole and I hate you u.u
[04:37 pm- From: Frankie]
Owwwww! I love you too
[04:50 pm- From: Gee]
Dress nice tomorrow?
[04:51 pm- From: Frankie]
[04:51 pm- From: Gee]
I’m gonna rape you :)
[04:53 pm- From: Frankie]
Oh! Yeh! Of course! It’s not rape if I’m willing!
[04:55 pm- From: Frankie]
Oh my God… What are we even saying!? O.o
[04:56 pm- From: Gee]
Lol I have no idea!! Delete those texts or someone will think shit
[05:00 pm- From: Frankie]
Deleted :D
[05:01 pm- From: Gee]
Here too
[05:01 pm- From: Gee]
[05:02 pm- From: Frankie]
Texting you
[05:03 pm- From: Gee]
I gotta go :(
[05:04 pm- From: Frankie]
I hate you and I hope you run out of cigarettes
[05:05 pm- From: Gee]
First: that was mean. Second: Bye bye, love you too