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I am @SurroundedByIdiots, @NotEvenGlamping. Now, even virtually.

Ha, bloody ha, @SurroundedByIdiots. That won't do for a pleasant, polite, and professional shopkeeper.

No, @NotEvenGlamping, it wouldn't. What then, is the problem?

Alienating your tech-savvy customers won't earn you anything, and I wish to be paid for my part in this venture, @SurroundedByIdiots.

Your minimal part, @NotEvenGlamping.

That's not what OUR investors said, @SurroundedByIdiots.

Did you, or did you not, @NotEvenGlamping, indicate my rather large part in your satisfaction with matters between us last night?

Do you speak 'sofa', @SurroundedByIdiots?

@NotEvenGlamping, I propose a shared shop account: @Brews_and_Books.

@SurroundedByIdiots: Yes!