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(dis)honorable discharm

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My name is Jensen Ackles and I’m a wizard. That might not be true for much longer if the White Council has any say in this. They take offense when wizards get mixed up with dark arts, or Faerie Queens, and they especially don’t like it when a wizard upsets the Vampire Courts.

Then there’s Jared. My boyfriend, for lack of a better word. Turns out he’s not human, and I don’t mind.

That might have something to do with his vampire charm and the ability to melt away my inhibitions. I don’t know for sure. Like with almost everything connected with Jared, I have to play it by ear.

I used to think I had a relatively normal life. If you consider crawling through sewers and hunting banshees normal. It is-- it was normal for me. That and being on the retainer with the NYPD Special Investigation Unit, helping with their paranormal cases.

I'm on a first name basis with Chris Kane, their best detective. We might even be friends if you call Chris insulting me on a daily basis friendship. Not to mention having me perform magic tricks so that he can close cases.

It works for us.

I just hope he up to finding and training a new supernatural consultant.


It all started like any other day - with a dead body in Central Park. Then there was a race to recover a powerful amulet based in blood magic, a feud with the Red Court vampires. Not to mention the long stay in a hospital. Twice.

Jensen had no idea if Kane had closed any of the murder cases that had started it all. He was only involved with the supernatural part of them. When you were worried about dying because a Red Court vampire was angry with you for stealing her toy, or because Faerie Queen was disappointed you didn't bow down and did everything she demanded... Let's just say it didn't leave much time to keep track of other things.

That's why he and Kane met frequently during cases - to fill each other in on their progress.

Jensen had accompanied Kane on a case once, at the beginning of their partnership. The hours the detective put in, the amount of research and interviews, just to check out one lead that might as well be pointless -- Jensen was frustrated after one day. He couldn't imagine doing it every day for the rest of his natural life.

Kane had been pretty irritated with Jensen that day as well. Jensen could recall something being said, in the argument that followed, about him being in a way. After that they agreed to work separately and keep each other in the loop.

If he was completely honest, Jensen was surprised they had managed to work together in the first place, since they tried to kill each other when they met and after they both landed in the hospital, things didn't pick up right away.

There might've been talk about arresting Jensen for obstruction of justice, or something. They had managed to find common ground and years later understood each other perfectly. They knew what to expect from each other and were good at predicting each other's behavior.

He might have denied it if asked, but Jensen really considered Chris a friend, and wizards didn't have many. There were moments spent with Chris and his partner, Steve, that were probably the happiest of his life, even as they filled him with longing for the kind of partnership Kane had with Steve.

Of all the things he regretted about his current situation, not being able to tell Chris what was going on hurt him the most, but he couldn’t risk his friend trying to take on the White Council.