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Kingdom of the Cursed Mask

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Louisiana, 1866...

There was a colored man in his rags, trying to escape through the desert.

"Find him!" a voice snapped as the man tried to make his great escape. "Bring the dogs!"

The man heard a nearby train and thought maybe that would help him get out of this horrible place. He then ran to the railroad tracks as there were bad white men on horses.

"There he is!" the man in purple called out.

The slave kept running and running, never looking back. He kept running with all his might and ended up in a boxcar, now free at last, thank God almighty, he was free at last.

However, he wasn't as lucky as he thought as the man who wanted him grinned evilly and had found him. "I've got you this time..." he then held out his hand, viciously demanding as always. "Give me the map, slave!"

"Never!" the slave rebelled. "It's mine!"

"And you are mine!" the man sneered. "You are my slave. Everything you have is mine!"

The slave thought quick, grabbing one of the flour sacks and smacking the man right out of the car to make his getaway a success. The man fell right out of the car right then and ended up in the sand of the deserts.

"You will regret this!" the white man promised. "I shall have no rest until I get the mask!"

The slave tried to relax now after he had escaped his wretched master.


The slave got out of the train and was now stumbling around until he would find a place to now call his own. "This looks like a safe place..." he whispered in relief. He had found a big town for civilization.

Present Day...

It's a quite and peaceful day in the town so far, until Buttercup the Powerpuff Girl was flung by the buildings. There was an evil one-eyed monster with fists and tentacles trying to take down the superhero girls, but he was surely going to lose.

"Mr. President!" Blossom called into her ear piece. "Permission for maneuver Alpha-3!"

'Wait a sec,' the President replied. 'I'll ask my staff.'

The monster then pounded his fist right into a building.

"It's destroying the city," Blossom reminded the most powerful man in the country. "We don't have--" she then growled in frustration and impatience. "Just be quick!"

The monster looked confused as a jet came with a laser blast against its chest. The monster roared in pain and hit more public property from the impact.

"It's destroyed a poster of yours." Blossom then told the president.

"Do whatever you must," Chris told her from his office. "Just save my posters!"

"Roger that, sir!" Blossom replied respectively. "Girls, initiate maneuver Alpha-3/Sling-Shot!"

Buttercup and Bubbles looked to her then before flying off to do their battle plan. Bubbles gripped onto Buttercup's feet and spun her around and around as quickly as she could and then released Buttercup to leave this to her then. Buttercup sky-rocketed through the air and pounded the monster with a slap and made it timber down to the road, defeating it at last. Once it was down for the count, Blossom blew her ice breath all over it to make it literally freeze.

"This sucks..." Buttercup scoffed after saving the town from the hideous monster.

"I know, Buttercup, but at least we're allowed to be superheroes." Blossom coaxed.

Members of the press rushed over to interview the Girls for their programs, flashing their cameras and forced microphones to their mouths.

'Nice job, Girls, I saw it all on TV," Chris smirked. 'But haven't you forgotten something?' he then prompted with their deal of them being heroes for the town with him as president.

Buttercup put on a button and waved American flags.

"Citizens of Megaville, once again the day is saved thanks to the Powerpuff Girls," Blossom forced herself to say to the crowd. "And their sponsor, the devilishly handsome president, Chris McLean."

"Vote for him," Bubbles added as she held a poster of Chris and a flag in her other hand. "We will..."

"I hate that guy." Buttercup grunted once the press left.

"We have no choice," Blossom reminded him. "We have to accept his conditions."

"I just love election periods." Chris smirked.


A famous musician who was known as Sunny Bridges was going into his dressing room after another preformance for his darling fans. "All right, people... That's enough for today..." he told them and shut the door to have some privacy. "Phew..." he then walked over, but he triggered a string and a mallet was coming to knock him out. "What the--"


"Wakey-Wakey, Sunny..." a menacing voice of an evil racecar driver told the musician.

"Dick Dastardly..." Sunny recognized him once he woke up, tied to a chair.

Dick grinned and stood over the musician. "I see you're enjoying the fame and fortune you have while I'm hiding in the shadows... Where is the map?" he then demanded.

"We've been playing this game for years, Dick, and as previously, I'll say it again," Sunny glanced to him. "I don't know where the map is. My father never told me."

"You think I'm a fool?" Dick just kept grinning dastardly as his family name. "I've spent all my family's wealth to find the map. This is too important, even for your family to take this secret to the grave."

"You can torture me all you want, I still know nothing."

"Oh, you will..." Dick grinned to his animal sidekick. "Muttley?"

The evil dog grabbed Sunny's prized musical instrument.

"My saxophone!" Sunny grew angry. "Don't you dare..."

"Muttley..." Dick called to his dog.

Muttley grinned and started to scratch the golden sax.

"Okay, stop it!" Sunny gave in. "I'll talk, just stop it! You're detuning her. Take the third book on the upper shelf from the left." he then instructed.

Dick browsed through Sunny's books and found a book, taking a paper out of it, but was anything but pleased. "What is this...?" he then showed the paper, feeling betrayed. "This is just a bunch of meaningless letters!"

"I hope you haven't thought that it'll be easy," Sunny retorted. "You need a key to decode the location."

"Which is?" Dick demanded.

"I really don't know that, honestly." Sunny insisted.

"Muttley..." Dick grinned to his dog again. "Would you?"

Muttley grinned back and smashed the saxophone on the floor.

Sunny flinched in horror and worry, then gave in yet again. "Okay! Okay... I'll tell you..." he meant it this time.

Dick grinned in eager anticipation.

"The key word is 'retrorsum'." Sunny admitted.

"See?" Dick grinned as he held the paper in the air. "That wasn't so hard after all. Come, Muttley... We are leaving..."

Muttley snickered as he went to follow his villainous master.

The next day, the Professor was doing his chores, such as vacuuming and humming, feeling today was a day where nothing could go wrong. Someone had rang the doorbell and he went to answer it, but surprised to see who it had been.

"Good afternoon," Sunny greeted politely. "Can I talk with the Powerpuff Girls?"

"Whoa!" the Professor was delighted. "Mr. Sunny Bridges, come on in!"

In the Girls' room, they were just hanging out lazily and doing their own thing. Buttercup was making a block tower, Blossom was reading a book on their bed, and Bubbles was coloring.

"Girls, could you come on down?" the Professor called for them.

The Girls came down, hoping they weren't in trouble for something.

"This is Sunny Bridges," the Professor explained to his daughters. "He would like to with you."

"I've heard about you," Blossom said to the famed musician. "What do you want?"

"I need your help." Sunny replied, urgently.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Bridges, according to the new law, we are no longer in a position to grant individual favors." Blossom explained, apologetically.

"Yes, I heard about the new hero law too, but listen to me first," Sunny still wanted their help, deciding to tell a story for their help. "The Pre-Colombian Cities had many treasures. A long time ago, there were 13 Masks. These masks are invaluable. The Gods gave them their most fateful followers, but long after that, ancient people became jealous and greedy, so the Gods decided to take the masks back. Every city gave their mask back, except Paititi, the Incan capitol. So the Gods sank the city into the ground with all its people and treasure as punishment. All the treasures and its mask have been there ever since, hoping that nobody finds them."

"That's a lovely story." Buttercup smirked in approval.

"What if I told you that this isn't a myth?" Sunny smirked back.

"What if?" Bubbles added.

Sunny glanced to her in confusion. "What if what?"

"What if it's not a myth?" Bubbles then asked.

"It is not a myth, I just told you so," Sunny looked at her. "Is she nuts or what?"

"That's not the right question, Bubbles." Blossom replied.

Bubbles cupped her mouth, feeling foolish now.

"Why are you telling us this?" Blossom then asked Sunny.

"I see you're sharp," Sunny smiled coolly. "It's Dick Dastardly, a sneaky villain who is determined to find the mask. My family possesses the secret finding Paititi, and since the last century, the Dastardly family has been determined to get this knowledge from my family. As for today, he always lost, but now he managed to make me reveal the map."

"So, what do you want from us?" Buttercup asked then.

"Simple, find the city before him." Sunny answered simply.

"I suspect you know where to find Paititi." Blossom assumed.

"How should I know?" Sunny sat down on the family couch. "The map is encrypted. I don't know what it says and I never really cared. My passion is music."

"Have you told him how to decode the map?" Blossom asked then.

"I gave him a false key," Sunny shrugged innocently. "To give you a little advantage."

"Do you remember what was on the map?"

"I told you, it's complicated."

"How can we find Paititi then?" Bubbles asked.

"Well, the map is just a copy," Sunny tilted his straw hat. "The original is on the Emerald Tablet."

"And where is the Emerald Tablet?" Blossom asked then.

"I know!" a scratchy voice called to them.

Blossom turned to the source of the voice. "Who are you?"

A strange blue humanoid man dressed in red pirate clothing walked in then. "The name's K'Nuckles," he stepped into the house, leaving the dark. "Captain K'Nuckles: Greatest adventurer in the world."

"Why are you so sure you know where it is?" Blossom was dubious of him.

'Can everybody just walk in here now?' Courage shivered in front of K'Nuckles.

"Because I've seen it!" K'Nuckles nudged Blossom. "It's on the Island of Hy-Brazil!"

"There isn't such an island." Blossom knew that.

"Oh, there is, I've been there a couple of times," K'Nuckles assured her. "This is a magical land."

"TEAM CONFERENCE!" Blossom called for her to huddle with her sisters. "Listen, Girls... We're in a very delicate position right now. We work for the President, if we get caught, we'll be banned from superheroing for good."

"I say go for it." Buttercup was determined.

"Magical Island, Blossom." Bubbles reminded her.

They then broke apart.

"Okay Captain, let's roll!" Blossom was up for it now too if Bubbles and Buttercup were on board with this.