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커피 숍 연인

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There were probably about 20 excuses Yoongi gave out on the regular for having such a weird sleep schedule. Even Jimin and Taehyung had agreed that he was a vampire, and, although not entirely true, (Yoongi is positive there's another explanation for his ridiculously pale skin) Yoongi will honestly take any help he can get coming up with literally anything to get Namjoon to stop asking him why he insists on hour and a half catnaps throughout the day instead of the whole 16/8 hour ratio of awake/asleep like everyone else.

(It certainly has nothing to do with the coffee breaks Yoongi used to take at strategic times throughout the day, that maybe happened to land at the same time as that cute boy in his rap poetics class. And Yoongi might've sat in the same corner booth every day, stealing glances at a certain Jung Hoseok; that is, of course, until Yoongi happens to trip over that same Jung Hoseok's chair, face-planting into his lap, busting his lip open and somehow managing to spill both Hoseok's and his own coffee all over Hoseok's lap. The whole situation was a mess of apologies and napkins but that doesn't mean Yoongi has forgotten any minuscule details of the event whatsoever. And maybe he just so happened to decide to change his sleep/living schedule shortly after that event. Maybe it was completely coincidental and maybe it was done specifically so Yoongi would never have to show his face at that coffee shop in front of Hoseok ever again.

But Namjoon doesn't need to know that.)


It was kind of nice, actually. Yoongi hates Seoul, honestly, it'll never compare to the homey streets of Daegu, not even close. But here, at 3:20-something in the morning and there's only 5 cars on the road and street lights are leading him to his favorite 24-hour coffee shop, it really, really is kind of nice. Kind of.

The roads are quiet enough for him to hear himself think, and he wonders absently what Hoseok is doing right now. Peppy, fresh-faced, dazzling Hoseok, with his sunshine smile and his long legs and an uncanny sense of rhythm. Probably sleeping, Yoongi thinks, rounding the corner of sidewalk that leads up his destination.

He doesn't have to wonder much longer, though, because exiting the café in all his 3 a.m. glory, holding a medium sized cup, is Jung Hoseok.

Yoongi might've been gaping, just a little bit, but Hoseok reacts before he does, and all Yoongi can do is watch from a few yards away as Hoseok reaches a hand up to wave, open-palmed, at Yoongi, sunny smile spread across his face, an excited shout of 'Yoongi hyung!' ringing across the empty streets. Coincidentally, this is the same hand he was using to hold his caramel macchiato, (it's really not important /why/ Yoongi knows Hoseok's order, okay?) and it's almost comical the way the cup slips inevitably out of his hand, down, down, down to the sidewalk.

The roads are deathly silent for a moment, and the way Hoseok is staring down pitifully as his coffee trickles across the cracks of sidewalk is almost sad enough to have Yoongi bolting home, similar to their last run-in. But in the light of the street lamp above them, Yoongi swears he sees Hoseok's lip tremble, and it's no trick of the light (or the late hour) when a tear rolls down his cheek. Then another one, and another one, and Yoongi rushes forward to catch him without another thought before a sobbing Hoseok soaks his knees in his own spilled coffee.

"Hey, hey, don't cry, I can-I can get you another coffee, it's okay, shhh, we'll fix this." Yoongi isn't sure when he became comfortable (or capable) comforting crying people, but it seems to be working, and Hoseok melts into his arms as Yoongi strokes a hand down his back, whispering god-knows-what into Hoseok's ear that has his sobs quieting, nodding into the crook of his neck.

"I'm sorry, hyung," Hoseok croaks, after a full 3 minutes, still gripping Yoongi's shoulders like a lifeline. "I'm so-sorry, I don't know what's wrong with me."

The whole situation finally catches up with Yoongi when Hoseok pulls back, cheeks spotted red and eyelashes matted together with tears, and his voice only cracks once or twice when he finally manages to find it again. "It's-it's okay, man. Rough day?"

Hoseok chuckles a little and the sound has Yoongi subconsciously leaning in a little closer. Right around now Yoongi realizes his hands are still wrapped around Hoseok's hips, and he drops them quickly, hands dangling awkwardly by his side for a moment before he curls them into fists and shoves them in the pocket of his hoodie. "I've been up studying for like thr-" (Hoseok pauses here, peeking at a watch he doesn't have on and tilting his head back to count it out in his head.) "A long time."

Yoongi furrows his eyebrows suspiciously. "How long?" He doesn't mean for his tone to come out so scolding, but it does. So.

Hoseok smiles sheepishly, wiping the wetness from his eyes with his sleeves curled around his fists. "47 hours. And a half."

Yoongi also doesn't mean to punch him in the arm, hard, but he does. So. "And you walked here? In the dead of night? You could've been- I don't know, hit by a car or, or worse, god, Hoseok."

Hoseok doesn't seem upset by Yoongi's (endearing) concern, just smiling bashfully up at him, and he waits for Yoongi to catch his breath before responding softly. "I only walked from the library."

"Where do you live?"

Hoseok gnaws at his lip uncertainly, and his response is barely above a whisper. "Across town."

Yoongi sighs, running a hand through his hair, a grin spreading across his face at the smile Hoseok shoots back at him. "I live just down the block, yeah? Let's get you some sleep."

5 minutes later, Yoongi heads home, a sleepy Hoseok in tow, a cup of coffee in both their hands. (Decaf for Hoseok; a full tummy will help him sleep, the caffeine will not.)

"You know, I'm really lucky you happened to be up for a coffee run at 3 in the morning," Hoseok says inbetween sips of his drink, his sleeve wrapped over his hands to protect him from the heat.

Yoongi laughs softly next to him, holding the door to his apartment building open for the two of them, taking a sip of his own coffee. "Yeah," Yoongi chuckles, letting the door fall shut behind them. "Lucky."