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hang up your pup habit, hang it up daddy

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"But why can't I gooo-oooo?" Stiles drew out the whine as far as he could while Derek shoved more clothes into a duffle.


"This is for alpha werewolves and a very specific kind of guest, and you don't meet the guest requirement. So, scram." He shooed Stiles with a hand, which was ignored as Stiles followed him from his apartment.


"What kind of guest? I could be a guest! I could even promise to behave. Probably." Stiles offered a winning smile, and Derek wanted to cave, but...




"I don't think so. You wouldn't be able to handle it." Derek smirked and tossed his bag into the trunk.


"I've handled crazy, maniacal, and/or completely evil creatures of the night for awhile now, I think I can handle whatever super secret werewolf thing you can throw at me." Stiles bounced on his heels and bit his lip. The way his teeth dug into the plump flesh held Derek's attention for long enough to reconsider.


"You'd have to do everything I said. You're not known for obedience, Stiles." The thought of an obedient Stiles gave him pause, and he swung the keys around his finger.


"I can try. I mean, what's the worst you could do to me?" Stiles groaned. "No, don't answer that. But still. I'm going."


Several hours of Stiles singing off-key, flailing in his seat, and getting his feet knocked off the Camaro’s dash definitely kept Derek from getting bored on their road trip. Also, the three pit stops for snacks, two for the bathroom, and one to vacuum out the car, filled in the rest of the time until they reached Pup Habit.


Derek hauled his and Stiles' packs with one hand, and Stiles himself with the other. "They'll know you're new, but you're going to have to do as I say, cooperate, or else I'm going to trap you in a room for the whole damn thing."


"Okay, okay, jeez, what is this place?" Stiles at least seemed impressed with the size of the house and the surrounding land.


"You'll see." A frisson of anticipation zinged down his spine at the thought. This would be the first time he'd brought his own pup with him. Well, Stiles wasn't his pup yet, but he soon would be.


Mere moments after using the wolf head doorknocker, the door swung open to reveal Jeremiah. His eyes flashed red, and Derek flashed his in return, turned his head to the side to acknowledge Jeremiah’s dominance, and then offered his hand after shouldering the bags.


Jeremiah grinned and clasped his hand. "Hey, brother, good to see you! It's been too long, though I see your status has changed since your last visit."

Derek laughed. "Good to see you too. And I know it has, sorry I wasn’t in touch about it before. Things got busy back home." He squeezed the back of Stiles' neck, and enjoyed the whiff of frustrated arousal that drifted over.


"Hi, I'm Stiles, don't mind me, I'll just be over here." Stiles gave an awkward wave and a smile as full of nerves as his scent.


Jeremiah raised one blond brow. "I take it he doesn't know."


Derek ducked his head, then looked at Jeremiah through his lashes. "He insisted on coming along. If I hadn't brought him, he'd probably have tried to follow me in his POS jeep--"


"Hey! Roscoe is perfection!" Stiles interjected. “Wait, what don’t I know? Derek, you didn’t say I had to know stuff, just that I had to behave.”


Derek ignored him. "--and wound up stranded on the interstate with no one to rescue him."


"Ah. Rambunctious pup, this one?" Jeremiah flicked his gaze across Stiles' body, and Derek rumbled out a growl. "Oh, I see how it is. Well, by all means, let's get his training underway. You know the rules once you get inside. I look forward to watching him learn them."


Derek followed Jeremiah in and shut the door behind them. "Yeah, me too."


He turned, and Stiles looked in every direction except his. Derek dropped their things to the ground, crossed his arms, and waited until Stiles met his gaze. "Stiles, rule number one. Pups don't wear clothes."


Confusion wrinkled Stiles' brow, and he tilted his head. He would make such a perfect little wolf. "Okaay. Pups?"


Derek nodded and pasted an innocent-ish smile on his own face. "Yep. Pups. As in, whomever isn't an Alpha werewolf in this house is a pup."


Stiles whipped around. "Why are you telling me this? I'm fine if there are naked wolves around, I’m not a pru--wait. You mean me?" His scent took on an acrid tinge, more fear than arousal this time.


Derek prowled over to Stiles, and sliced through the thin cotton of his shirt with his claws. "Yes. You. I told you that you'd have to do as I say, do you remember that?"


Stiles nodded, wide-eyed. "Y-yes." He gulped, and Derek followed the motion with the sharp tip of his nail.


"Good boy. Now, will you take off your pants, or do I have to ruin those too?" A low, guttural noise rippled out of him.


"I-I-I'll be good." Stiles held his hands up in surrender. Then they crept to his ruined shirt, which fell to the ground, and slid his pants down until they hobbled his ankles. He toed off his shoes, slipped off the pants, and stood there in boxers.


"I thought I said pups were naked, boy." Derek pointed to the boxers, and Stiles' ridiculous socks.


Another gulp, and he still smelled of fear, but arousal teased at the edges of it. He pulled off his socks first, paused at the waistband of his boxers, and then pushed them down too. He flushed and covered his groin with his hands.


"Arms at your sides, Stiles." Derek walked closer and slapped them away from Stiles' growing erection.


"S-sorry, I just, I'm naked, and you're all, you know, you, with the stubble, and the alpha...ness. And I'm not sure if this is a nightmare or a wet dream yet." He laughed, but it was high pitched and shaky.


Derek pursed his lips, watched as Stiles shifted from foot to foot and his hands twitched at his sides.


"Good enough for now. Let's get to our room and I'll explain the rest to you." Derek grabbed the clothes from the ground, lifted their bags, and went to his usual room.


"There's only one bed." He sounded shocked, which amused Derek to no end.


"Yep. Though, if you have some objection, you can always sleep in the kennel with the other pups." Derek began to put their things away.


Once done with that task, he opened a large wardrobe, and the sound of Stiles choking behind him was sweet. He picked out knee pads, a face harness with attached ears, and leather mitts. He set those on the bed, snuck a peek at Stiles, and chuckled at his flushed face and flagging boner.


“Don’t worry, we’ll get you perked up again. You should enjoy this experience, really. Now, you took your meds today right? And brought enough for your time here?” Derek turned back to the wardrobe and got out one more thing: a strap-on dog tail with enough whippy stiffness to wag with every bounce of Stiles’ butt.


“I. What?” Stiles tore his gaze from the objects on the bed and stared at Derek with wide eyes. “What?”


Derek shook his head. “I’m going to make some allowances, since this was a bit of a surprise to you. But for the duration of our stay here, you’re going to be my pup, and I’m going to be your Daddy. Your Wolf Daddy, if you will.”


He waited, but Stiles only nodded, so he went on, “I need to know that we have everything here that you’ll need. So, I ask again, do you have your meds?”


Stiles swallowed hard. “Y-yeah, I do, in my bag. Wrapped in some socks.” His blush splotched his cheeks and chest with color, and Derek couldn’t wait to follow the mottled path with his tongue. Patience was a virtue though, and he’d have Stiles panting for it first.


“I thought I said I wanted your arms at your sides.” Derek glided over and grabbed Stiles’ wrists to hold them in place. Stiles shivered against him, skin only a tiny bit cooler than Derek’s own.


“Look at me, pup.” Derek waited until his pup obeyed the soft order, watched as his pupils dilated in amber-flecked eyes. “Good boy. You’re going to be a very good boy for me this week, aren’t you?”


Arousal engulfed them and Stiles whimpered. “Yeah.”


Derek pressed him for more. “Yeah what?”


Stiles cleared his throat twice and licked his lips three times before he answered. “Yeah, Daddy.” He just about glowed he was so red, but as Derek had promised, he was definitely turned on again.


Such a pretty pup had to be rewarded, especially since he was so new. “Good boy, pup. Such an obedient pup.”


A broken moan left Stiles when he thrust against Derek’s rough clothing. Desperation and embarrassment warred in his expression, his lips pulling down into a frown.


“No, no, no frowning. This isn’t a bad thing. You’re a good pup.” He gentled his stance, ran his hands up to Stiles’ shoulders and then back down in a comforting caress. “Now, I’m going to get you outfitted so that you fit in with the other pups.”


The only response he received came in the form of a bit lip, and fisted hands at Stiles’ sides. It would do for now.


The face harness came with cute little puppy ears attached and snaps for a gag, should he need it. Stiles jerked his head as Derek buckled it into place right under his chin, but he shushed him, which quieted the spooked pup down. He knelt down with the knee pads and the tail harness in hand. He slid the padding up one leg, then the other.


Next came the tail harness, which he had Stiles step into. As he secured it, he spoke. “I was going to use an insertable tail, but I wasn’t sure how much experience you had with anal play. I don’t want to overwhelm you with this.” He tugged the adjustable straps until they tightened and the tail rested at the very base of Stiles’ spine.


He grabbed up the leather mitts, looked at them, then looked at Stiles’ hands. It was time for a bit of a check-in, no matter how turned on he seemed, how perfect for the role. “C’mere.”


Stiles walked over and stood in front of where Derek sat on the bed. Their eyes locked, and Derek blew a hard breath through his nose. “Look, I couldn’t tell you much about this place at home. It’s not common knowledge, certainly not within our pack, and you don’t really get it until you experience it somehow. I won’t be--I refuse to be a complete dick about this.”


Derek couldn’t contain the little smile when Stiles tilted his head. “I know that I have you all dressed up for puppy-hood, but if you really don’t want to do this, you don’t have to. Keep in mind that you wouldn’t be able to come and go as you please. You’d have to amuse yourself in here somehow.”


Stiles made a face and opened his mouth as if to complain.


“You’re the one who insisted on coming here,” Derek pointed out. “I’d bring you food and water, you wouldn’t starve. To be honest, if you’re not into this, then I’d rather stay in another room, maybe share with another Daddy and pup if they’d let me.”


Stiles scowled. “I don’t want to share you.” His teeth clicked and his eyes bugged out when he registered the words that’d come out of his mouth. “I-I mean, not that you belong to me. Or something. This is weird. So weird. I’m naked, dude.”


“Yeah, I noticed.” Derek smirked and squeezed Stiles’ hips between his knees.


“Look, this might be strange, which is saying something given our lives, but I still...I want you. And if this is how I can get you, if this is how you want me, I’ll take it.” He waved his hands as he talked and Derek grabbed one.


“Okay. Well, after we leave here, we can have a discussion about how this can go further at home. This is something I like, but I don’t know that I’ll need it all the time.” He slid one mitt onto Stiles’ left hand, pulled the closure, and secured it into place. He did the same with the right hand, and watched as Stiles flapped them.


“How’m I supposed to, y’know, do anything, with these things on?” He nosed at them, gnawed a little on the leather, and that gave Derek confirmation that he’d made the right choice.


His boy was a pup, he just hadn’t had the chance presented to him to embody that role. Until now.