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More Than Meets the Eye

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            Hello people! This is my first Avengers’ fic, it’s been in my head a long long time, as in, I think it cropped up the moment I saw the movie. I read some theory on Tumblr I believe that said Loki was brainwashed, tortured, and of course I believe this too. So this is my take on the outcome of the invasion of New York. Characters might be a little OOC sometimes as I ease into this, I might fix it later, and again, yeah, this is how I wish it would have panned out  That Loki isn’t immediately taken back to Asgard, and Tony and Loki had a relationship in the past. Of course because of the whole ‘falling into the void thing’ Tony just thinks Loki left and he hadn’t seen him since. This is the first, very long chapter, if anyone is interested I shall add more! Just to be safe I’m rating it M because there will be mentions of torture and rape later on, so I don’t wanna trigger anybody. And as always I don’t own ANYTHING by Marvel, this is just my interpretation. Reviews are greatly appreciated!!!


            Tony hesitantly turned the monitors on that accessed viewing to the various labs in his tower. He hadn’t exactly been forthcoming to his new team mates about his knowledge of Loki, hell he didn’t even let on that he knew the guy. That he had been just as equally shocked at the flood of aliens coming down in the sky as he was seeing the green eyed man he’d met a year ago, leading their way. Tony Stark wasn’t one to choose genders, when he liked a person he liked a person and when they met at a bar almost two years ago, he was instantly struck by the man. But at some point in time the mindless fucking formed into something else, something deeper with the man/alien/god, whatever.

            When they’d spoken finally, both men on the ground and Loki wielding that scepter of his, he was shocked that Loki didn’t seem to remember him. Absolutely no recognition, and it was in that moment that Tony wondered if Clint wasn’t the only one to be under some kind of control. He wore a crazed look in his eye and a vacant expression Tony couldn’t pinpoint let alone properly describe, because it was so unlike the soft eyes that Tony had come to know. Loki certainly wasn’t any kind of puppy, but he didn’t know who this person was. So after the Hulk’s beating of the god, he was curious as to how S.H.I.E.L.D’s team would get any information out of him. Also, he wanted an explanation because of the nagging voice in his hyper active brain that insisted something was very wrong. At this point he expected some villainous speech, what he didn’t expect was the sudden sound of pleading echoing out of the speakers of the monitors. When the actual video feed came to life, the pleading was the result of the staff removing his clothes, taking a blade and freeing him of the thin, loose tunic that had been underneath all that armor. Given that he was bolted to the exam table, there was little he could do about it. Loki breathed heavily through this process, head turned to the side, eyes shut tightly, he wasn’t happy about it by any means, his sudden panting testament to this.

            When latex covered fingers moved to his pants, Tony was shocked to see Loki lose it, more than just pleading, his voice was unusually high pitched, “Anything but this please! I have nothing, nothing I can tell you!”

            And Tony couldn't describe the reasons for why his heart was thumping painfully or why he was devising a voice command that requested the staff currently disrobing Loki to vacate the room, but as soon as the room cleared Tony was bursting through the laboratory door.

            The voice Tony recognized arrived so quickly it gave him shivers, “Anthony!”

            “Lokes,” the nickname slipped out before he could catch it, “You know me? You recognize me? Cause about twelve hours ago man, you had no idea who I was.”

            “What-what happened? I don’t know,” Loki panted, his green eyes blown wide and drenched in what seemed to be genuine confusion.

            “You threw me out a fucking window, that’s what happened, you waged war on an entire city,” Tony added, his tone gruff and short.

            “I-I didn’t want to…I didn’t…” his eyes were darting around as if he were only now truly aware of his surroundings, “Tony please… they made me, I couldn’t refuse, I tried Tony, don’t let them hurt me please, I can’t, I can’t anymore I don’t think I can handle any of it anymore. Let them kill me, don’t let them take me anywhere, don’t let them send me back! Just kill me!”

            “Loki,” Tony began, but was stopped short when he noticed the scars across his chest. Tons of them, white hot and painful looking, more than he could count, angry and prominent, near screaming against the porcelain perfection of his skin.

            “Tony, please don’t let them touch me, please!” he fought his restraints, back arched from the cold table, sobs leaping forth like gunshots, something Tony had never heard from the usually perfectly composed god.

            Before the logical part of Tony's brain could take over he was undoing the metal restraints and like lightening he suddenly had an armful of Norse god, sobbing loudly and grossly into his shoulder, clinging so tightly it hurt.

            “Okay, okay, I’m going to take you to my personal floor, alright? You hear me?” Tony soothed, running one hand carefully over the equally ruined back, “We’ll get you cleaned up.”       As carefully as possible he pulled one of his arms around his shoulders and with the other tucked it underneath Loki’s knees, and lifted the trembling god from the table. And he was shockingly light, so much so Tony’s heart bounced. He never remembered him being this thin. Loki groaned against the tug of gravity, tucking his face against the warm neck provided.

            “I’m no expert but I think you’re running a pretty good fever,” Tony murmured against Loki’s temple, hurrying into the elevator that would bring them up to the penthouse. He received no verbal response, only a strangled cry. Tony carried him into the bathroom, setting him to the tub’s edge, keeping one arm around him as he fumbled for the first aid kit under the sink.

            “Tell me what happened, now,” Tony said gently but firmly, turning the knobs on the bathtub to run warm water, eyes searching for a wash cloth.

            Loki visibly gulped, eyes half-lidded with exhaustion, “I fell…from the bridge into the void…I-I was…ending my life. No one survives that. For reasons unknown I did. I fell a year ago, I think that is the appropriate Midgardian measurement, however it was much longer where I was held…they found me, horribly weakened. I was lost, in a realm, not even a realm, that was absent of sound and feeling…sight. Their leader, Thanos, knew who I was immediately and he took it to his advantage. Quite frankly I believed I was in Hel, I had been suspended in the void for so long…he knew that I was adopted…knew my family wouldn’t come looking for me…” he had purged, almost as if he were being tortured all over again, as if vomiting up all this information was merely on instinct. To give it up before he was harmed, “So many…horrible things I have endured…so many….”

            “Hey, hey, it’s alright, you’re safe here,” Tony said, trying to combine all his comforting skills, not that they were any good to begin with, in fact he felt at a loss here. What do you say to someone that has been obviously tortured, molded into a new person? After all he knew from experience, and he hadn’t found anyone yet that ‘got it’, so he dealt with it on his own, if alcohol counted, “When was the last time you ate, or slept?” he sighed, turning the water off.

            “I’m afraid I can’t recall,” Loki’s trembling breath replied.

            Tony scratched at his beard, running one hand over the entirety of his face, “You think you could get in the tub? It would be easier to clean you up, get you into bed.”

            “I-I think so…I’m not as steady on my feet as I would like.” Loki said, eyes on the floor, his long beautiful fingers fumbling with the ties of his loose fitting pants, failing miserably.

            “May I?” Tony asked quietly, abandoning any kind of feelings of embarrassment he might have, after all, it wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen the man naked before.

            Loki merely nodded, resting his shaking hands on the tub’s edge. Once freed of his tattered clothes, Tony helped lower him into the water. He sank happily into the enveloping warmth, drawing his knees tightly to his chest, resting his forehead to knees with a long sigh.

            Tony worked quickly, running the washcloth over his battered back, hoping that he wasn’t causing more discomfort as he washed away blood from around his neck and face. Some of it must have been days old as it took on a brownish tint, “Look here,” he said softly, tilting Loki’s face up by his chin, wetting the cloth again to remove the blood from his ridiculously perfect cheek bones, his eyes closed slowly with this action.

            The fairly large gash to his face must have still been throbbing. But Loki only flinched a handful of times before Tony was finished.

            “I’m so tired,” Loki’s increasingly weak voice broke the sound of sloshing water and the dripping faucet. “Whoa there kiddo, don’t fall asleep on me,” Tony answered a little louder then he meant to when Loki lulled forward, “Let me get ya out of here and into some clean clothes.” He pulled the plug on the tubs’ bottom and wrapped a large towel around Loki’s shoulders helping him stand, and instead of sitting him on the closed toilet he opted for the floor, propping him up against the wall, “Be right back, don’t move.”

            Loki let his head rest on the wall behind him, his mind that had been swimming earlier somewhat dulled by the warm bath. He couldn’t even recall the last time he was clean, magic can only do so much and nothing could beat bath water. Any other time he would be appalled with himself for needing such help, but he couldn’t find himself to care at the moment. He even thought he deserved it.

            “Okay, here we go,” Tony’s voice re-entered the room, without asking he slipped the pants over Loki’s lanky legs, squeezed the water from his hair with a smaller towel, “Look here,” this time he didn’t need to guide his head, as he applied a butterfly bandage to his wounded cheek. There wasn’t really anything he could do about the wounds to his back or chest, they had sealed up nicely at some point, still angry and red but all they could really do at this point was finish healing.

            After several more band aids and Neosporin Tony sat back to survey his work, “Come on,” he draped one of Loki’s arms around his shoulder and pulled him up from the floor, maneuvering him to his bed, setting him down on the sheets before pulling the duvet high up to his chin and thin shoulders.

            “They won’t find me here?” Loki rasped, fingers clutching in the bedding.

            Tony wasn’t sure who ‘they’ were but he decided to go ahead and say what should be said at the moment, “No one will, I promise, it’s alright, close your eyes,” Tony assured, before he could help himself he was carding fingers through the dark, damp locks of Loki’s disheveled hair, “You can rest, close your eyes,” he repeated, and surprisingly, although reluctantly Loki obeyed, but not before a hushed whispered request left his lips, “Please stay,” before slipping off into slumber.

            Tony complied, sitting on the bed’s edge, his head throbbing. The only thing he could process was Tony what have you gotten yourself into.

            REVIEWS ARE LIKE FOOD!!!! :) if anybody likes it, again, I will continue, and if you wanna see anything in particular let me know and I'll try to write what is wanted!!!