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Dear Dean

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Chapter 1 – Prologue


Sam pulled out his phone as it started to ring, raising an eyebrow when he read Cas’s name on the display. He looked around to see if Dean was nearby (he wasn't) before answering the phone.


“Hey Cas. What's up?”


“Hello Sam. I'm still on my mission, finding the last rogue angels. I just wanted to call to ask how you're both doing.” It could be Sam's imagination but he thought Cas sounded tired.


“Thanks Cas. We're fine. How are you?”


Cas was quiet for a few seconds before answering in a low voice: “I'm okay... Is Dean really okay?”


Sam grinned: “He's on vacation and only doing non-hunting related things. I actually persuaded him to try online dating or looking for pen pals to get in contact with normal people. I think it will do him a little good to connect with the human world again.”


“That sounds like a really good idea. Is there a website for something like that?”


“Yes. The one Dean is on is called ''. Why?” Sam asked curiously.


Cas didn't answer Sam's question: “Well, I hope it will help.”


“Not that I'm not happy you called, Cas but why are you calling me instead of him?”


He heard the angel shuffle on the other side before answering in a low voice: “So much has happened between him and me and I... I don't know... Sometimes I don't feel like he wants to talk to me anymore... And I can understand that... I did a lot of bad things... and I let him down.”


Sam exhaled deeply and looked up at the ceiling: “Cas, maybe he doesn't say it but I know he misses you. And yeah maybe on some level he's still pissed at you but you're his best friend. You should spend more time together maybe. I don't know – rekindle your friendship.”


“I will try that. Thank you, Sam.”