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Goodbyes Are Never Easy

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Sara looked over at Nyssa, who was sleeping peacefully, wrapped against her side. Sara had been wishing for hours now that she could also drift away but her mind was much too occupied. She had gone out on an assignment that weekend. When she'd entered her mark's residence, he'd been sitting in front of the television with the news on.


Professionally, as always, she’d slit his throat, but as she had been turning to leave, she'd heard the words 'Starling City’ and she’d turned back to the TV. There, she saw what looked like a warzone but she'd recognized some of the familiar landmarks of the Glades.


“In a horrific turn of events last week, a large portion of Starling City, known as The Glades, was brought to the ground by an earthquake device. Moira Queen, the CEO of Queen Consolidated, came on live television a short while before the disaster and told the press of her involvement in this plot. The mastermind of this plot was Malcom Merlyn. Merlyn, the CEO of Merlyn Global Group, lost his wife in a robbery gone wrong in the Glades many years ago. While police tried to rescue those in the Glades, Merlyn was apprehended by the vigilante known as The Hood. Around three hundred people lost their lives in the Glades that night and over two thousand were injured. The Mayor of Starling City is calling on all citizens of the city to help one another as they try to recover from this horrible tragedy. More on this story, later.”


Sara had stared at the screen as it switched to a commercial. Malcom Merlyn. He had been in the League. Nyssa had told her all about Al Sa-Her. And now he had done this. He had destroyed her city.


When she’d returned to Nanda Parbat, she had meant to tell Nyssa what she’d seen, but at the last second had decided not to. Now, as she watched her sleep, she knew why. Her subconscious had already been hatching this plan from the moment she’d seen the news program.


Sara moved carefully, untangling herself from Nyssa and slipping on her clothes as quietly as she could. Using all of the skills she had learned in the last five years, Sara quickly gathered her uniform, bo staff and money reserves and slipped out into the night.