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It's just one of those days...

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"I feel so pretty! Oh so pretty! Oh so pretty, and witty! AND GAAAAAAAAAY!" I sang, prancing from English class with the very amused Hamish, David and Kate.
"Georgia, you're crazy." Kate shot me a weird look. We had just watched part of West side story.
"I have no idea how I became friends with you." Hamish almost doubled over with laughter.
"I think it was black mail." David laughed.
"PSH, NO! It's because I'm unbelievably amazing in every way." I sniffed. They rolled their eyes and Hamish pushed me into a bush.
"FUCK YOU MOTHER FUCKER!" When we finally reached the lockers, they were as crowded as always. I quickly grabbed my art things and Lunch and followed Kate, David and Hamish out the door. I suddenly crashed to the ground, a heavy form encircling my waist. My books went sprawling across the ground.
"B-but America~"
"DON'T YOU 'AMERICA~' ME!" I hit her over the head several times and she detached herself to go hug a different girl, my friend China.
"IYA!" China squeaked. Her black hair flicked Russia in the face and China rushed away.
"Better you than me, Steffi!" I called, Stephanie being her real name. I returned to David and Hamish as Kate rushed to join us. My jeans and hoddie were now slightly dirty and there's a hole in my converse now. I was receiving weird and confused looks from other students as they too grabbed their lunches, but most people were used to Russia attack-glomping me. She may be in a different grade, but they knew her well anyway.
"OI! DAVID!" I heard a male voice behind me. It was our friend Oliver, or more commonly known as Itachi. Probably because he also had pretty black hair.
"Hey 'Tachi." Kiffy sang.
"Oh hey Kiffy. Oh, did you get attacked again?" He asked me. I shot him a look and he backed off to instead go tell Kate Naruto spoilers. I saw two smaller figures emerging from the same building our lockers were in. It was Victoria and Marshal, returning from Japanese class. They were younger, but still an integral part of our group. Victoria had her ever-present strawberry pocky, hence her nickname 'Pocky-Chan'.
"Ah, Onee-San~!" She cried, shoving her stuff into Marshal's arms and glomping me. Marshal sighed and followed us to the mosaic statues on which we always sat at lunch. Surprisingly comfy for tiles and concrete. My books were willed with grass from being dropped.
"AMERICAAAAAAAAA~!" I turned to see my lovely blond friend Jessica open her arms and I rushed to hug her. "Ouch, be careful on the arms, 'Merica…" I gingerly let them go.
"FRANCEY-NEECHAN!" Victoria, Kate, Marshal and I hugged her tightly. I must admit, we looked like her harem. But we don't care, 'Cuz we're cool like that. Russia and China from before joined us shortly after. My brown hair decided to be a douche and blow all up in my face, making it very hard to be fed pocky by Pocky-Chan. Itachi rolled his eyes at us and had an involved conversation with David about who would win in a fight; Itachi or Tobi.
"No, you see, Itachi would win because Itachi is a sex God." Itachi argued.
"No, no. Tobi would. Look how far he's come! He's a freakin' genius!" David countered. Hamish and Marshal got into a Pokémon battle on their DS consoles, so they were completely disconnected from conversation.
"Hey Kiffy? Darling? Dearest?" I cooed. She gave me another look. I shot up from where I was laying and attempted to grope her.
"OMG NOOOOOOO GETS OFF ME NO NO FUCK YOOOOOUUU!" She hurried to cover her chest.
"Calm down, Kiffy. You're so fun to tease~" The guys were all rather amused by it all.
"Are you sure you're not lesbian?" Marshal sniggered. I gave him a fake shocked and appalled look.
"HOW DARE YOU INSINUATE SUCH A THING!" Jess laughed sweetly and fell backwards suddenly, asleep in my lap. I played with her hair.
"HOLY MOTHER FUCKER LOOK." Pocky screamed. Jess shot up from her nap from the sudden noise. We all covered our ears at the fangirl's screams of shock and delight. I looked to where she was pointing and saw a boy with raven hair and onyx eyes walking towards the main school building.
"Oh my… OH MY… IS THAT COSPLAY OR AM I…! " Kate couldn't form proper sentences. Hamish was silently mouthing the foulest curses under the sun while David and Itachi just stared. Pocky and Marshal were running towards him and Jess was having a conflicting fangirl moment.
"Should I hug him or beat the shit out of him?" She muttered furiously. I slowly walked towards Uchiha Sasuke and removed Marshal and Victoria from his confused and angry body.
"Thanks. Who the hell are you?"
"I'm… I'm… Georgia…" My voice got more and more faint. I could see Suigetsu running towards us.
"Hey Sasuke! We've- Wait, who're they?" He frowned menacingly and slung an arm over Sasuke's shoulder. OOOOOOH MYYYYYY GOOOOOOD! FANGIRLING!Pocky-Chan had a fangirl moment and fell to the ground dramatically.
"Right, could you show us to the principal's office?" Sasuke sighed. I nodded dumbly as the bell for next class rung.
"Georgie!" Hamish called. I waved him away.
"Tell Mr Jarvis I'll be late, okay Hammy?" He muttered something under his breath and walked away. Itachi lingered before following Kiffy, David and China to music class.
"Pocky and Marsh, go to class." I told them shakily. I was still in slight shock over the whole matter. They walked to PE sulkily which left Russia, Jess and I.
"Mm, I need to go to wood work…" Russia whined with a pained look. She hated skipping class.
"I'm staying with my sweetie!" Jess proclaimed, hugging me around my shoulders. I smiled and relaxed slightly at her comforting touch.
"Okay guys, this way. Are there any more of you?"
"Oh, Yeah, but um we got… Separated a little while back. You're school is uh, really huge." Said Suigetsu.
"I bet they're already there. This is Jess, by the way."
"Oh right, hi. I'm Suigetsu and this is Sasuke."
"I know." I blurted out. They looked at me sidelong and I realised my mistake.
"How do you know?" Sasuke asked slowly.
"I mean, well… It's not that I… That's not what I meant…" I stuttered. Sasuke rolled his eyes.
"Right so, it's just here…" Jess said when I found myself unable to speak. A sense of cold dread seeped into me, leaving me nervous.
"Oh thanks, great. Sorry about this." Suigetsu said brightly with a razor sharp grin. Suddenly Jess let go of me and before I could turn and run, cold metal touched my throat. I let out a surprised noise and narrowed my eyes at them.
"Who's holding me right now? Jugo or Karin?" Sasuke visibly stiffened.
"How does she know us, Sasuke?" Karin asked sharply, her grip on my kunai tightened and I could feel the smallest drop of blood slide down my neck. My pulse quickened.
"I don't know yet, just wait here." He sighed wearily. He walked into the principal's office and Suigetsu closed the door behind him. I forced myself to be calm.
"Hello, Karin. How are you today?"
"Who wants to know?"
"I'm Georgia."
"Well Georgie girl, it's none of your business." I sighed. I could see Jess out the corner of my eye now, she looked devoid of fear. I wouldn't expect her to fear a little knife. I heard commotion as I presumed my principal Ms Timbs was killed. There was a transmission-like noise from, I'm assuming to be, Karin's ear-piece.
"Karin, is the office secure?"
"Yes Tobi-San." Karin whispered. I almost made a noise.
"Good. We've secured the perimeter. The school will disappear in 5. Tell Sasuke."
"Rodger." Karin lowered the kunai and turned me around. "If you run away we'll kill you." She warned me.
"Thanks for the warning, but I wasn't planning on going anywhere." I leaned against the wall and took in the scene. Jugo was holding Jess loosely with a kunai to her throat. Karin walked into the office and when she returned, she tracked blood.
"Suigetsu always makes it so messy… Look at my new shoes…" She swore and wiped the soles of her shoes with a handkerchief.
"Should we kill them?" Jugo asked quietly.
"Nah, Suigetsu liked them, apparently." Karin looked at me. "I can't see why."
"If you're talking about my boobs I'll slap you. I will disregard the fact that I rather like you and slap you silly, woman. Don't think I won't." I warned. Karin laughed.
"Maybe Suigetsu was, but not Sasuke. He's too cool for that." She smiled at me. I smiled in return.
"You sure can pick 'em."
"Don't mention it. Oh look, my friends have come to rescue me." I mentally swore as those from earlier walked to us slowly, taking in Jugo and Karin.
"Guys, I don't think right now is a good time. Our principal just got killed, by the way." Pocky-Chan gasped and some of them looked shocked and sick.
"Who're these guys?" Karin sneered.
"These are our friends. Aren't they lovely?" Jess told her happily.
"C'mon now guys, go back to class now." I said, letting the fear show in my eyes. Itachi looked at me carefully and pulled the others away.
"Russia, apocalypse plan." Russia whimpered but ran away with Victoria and Marshal towards the woodwork classrooms. Hamish and Kate lingered but followed. Itachi and David stood their ground.
"Now now 'Tachi, don't be a hero." I said sweetly. He didn't move. "Get the fuck out of here before I make sure you never have children." He sighed and left as Karin pulled out a star. David raised his hands in surrender and walked away slowly with a ticked-off expression.
"You should have given them a proper farewell." Jugo told me.
"Because not many people are gonna be alive soon."
"What do you mean!"
"What's with the commotion over here?" Asked Sasuke. I glared at them.
"What's going on around here! What are you doing to my school!" Sasuke scowled.
"Suigetsu, you deal with them."
"TELL ME!" I yelled. Karin pinned my arms to my back.
"Tobi wants us to wait in some conference room. Show us the way." Jess started flipping out when she saw how I was being treated.
"Calm down or I'll break your arm." Jugo grunted.
"GET OFF MY SWEETIE, JERK!" She yelled. I shook my head and she stopped kicking. Mr Brain was in the conference room when we arrived.
"Georgia, what's going on here!" He cried in outrage,
"Sorry Duncan." I said quietly as Suigetsu swung down his massive blade. There was the smell of tangy iron around us. I felt something warm splash my cheek as Karin sat me down on a chair.
"3… 2… 1… 0." Jugo counted down and then they were there in a flurry of black and crimson.