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The last of Liam's boys to walk into the shower room has a message, but it's not for Liam. He taps another boy on the shoulder and tilts his head back to the door, and all four of Liam's boys file out. That's never a good sign. Liam's sure his boys are loyal, but there are influences Liam can't match. And whatever that influence might be, it's better to be ready for a fight.

So he steps off the tile, out of the spray, and heads for the pile of his clothes on one of the benches. He's reaching for his eight-inch length of chain when his potential adversary walks in, and as soon as Liam sees him, he relaxes.

"Fichtner," he says, nodding at the guard. "You could've just told me you wanted to talk."

Bill glances over his shoulder at the door. It's flanked by four of Liam's boys, so he's confident no one's coming in until one or the other of them gives the word. He steps in further and starts unbuttoning his shirt, folding it up neatly and setting it down on the bench. "I like surprising you," he admits, grinning.

"You planning on making a habit of it?" Liam asks, heading back for the shower and getting under the spray again. He turns it up, getting the water hot enough to steam.

"Not really." The rest of Bill's clothes join his shirt, and he rummages through Liam's pile until he finds lube and a condom. He has to go back to his own pocket for a pair of latex gloves, though, and he gets the condom on, then the gloves, and then he's coming up behind Liam and pressing the length of his body up against Liam's back. "Now, we do need to talk, but first..."

"Of course." Liam reaches out and braces himself against the tile, bending over slightly and spreading his legs wide apart. It gets him far enough down that Bill can slick up his fingers and twist them into Liam's ass, and once Liam's stretched just enough, Bill pushes in, one slow steady inch at a time.

"Never gonna get over how fucking tight you are," Bill breathes, leaning over Liam's shoulder and scraping stubble against his back. "How's that feel?"

"Like I've got eight inches of cock up my arse," Liam murmurs, "how do you think it feels?" He tightens up hard around Bill's cock once Bill's all the way in. "You don't want it fast today?"

"Nah," Bill says, pulling out slowly and moving in again, leaning back so he can watch his cock disappearing into Liam's body. "Not unless you do."

Liam groans and lets his head drop between his arms. "Fuck it," he mutters. "This is all right."

"It's better than all right and you know it," Bill whispers. "You had anyone else fuck you since the last time?"

"No." Liam turns his head so he can look over his shoulder; the water hits the side of his face and runs down his cheek, down over his shoulder. "Come on, Fichtner; don't be such a fucking tease."

Bill laughs and gets both hands on Liam's hips. "If you insist," he says, speeding up to suit Liam. This is how Liam likes it best: not so fast it's meant to tear into him, not so slow it's going to drive him mad, but hard and solid -- the kind of sex that'll build up a sweat on both of them.

Liam comes first, shouting it out in broken gasps for breath; Bill's right there with him, snarling as he pulls Liam back into his last thrusts. "Fuck yeah," he pants, "oh, yeah, fuck, yeah, Liam..."

Liam groans and waits for Bill to pull back, which doesn't take long. And then he stands up and finishes with his shower, while Bill strips off the gloves and the condom and showers off himself.

"What was it you wanted to talk about?" Liam asks.

"I've got a new boy coming into the block, someone my hot little blond bitch knows pretty well. You keep an eye out for him and I'll make it worth your while."

"What's his name?"

"Isaacs. Jason."

Isaacs, Liam thinks, trying to place the name. "You let him know the rules when he gets in. He keeps his head down and his mouth shut and nobody's going to give him shit."


Liam turns off his shower and heads back onto the rubber mats, grabbing a towel and drying off. "How is your bitch these days?" he asks. "Well-behaved, still?"

"Don't sound so disappointed." Bill laughs. "He's doing fine. I'm a little worried, you want to know the truth; a bitch that well-behaved could find himself looking at parole."

"Well, if you want someone to get him into trouble..."

"I think that'd fall outside the spirit of our agreement," Bill says. He turns off the water and comes back out, taking a towel when Liam offers it to him so he can dry off and get dressed. "No, he'll fuck up eventually, don't worry. And when he does, you and your boys get to pull him back in line."

"Can't wait," Liam says, finishing with his shirt and going to the mirror to run a comb through his hair. "I'd have had that one if you hadn't gotten to him first."

"Anybody would've wanted that one," Bill says, and Liam glances up at the tone in Bill's voice; it's an odd sound coming from him. It takes Liam a few seconds to recognize it as pride, and by the time he's identified it, Bill's moved on. "Anyway, Isaacs ought to be here tomorrow afternoon."

"I'll look out for him," Liam promises. "Has he spent any time on the inside before?"

"Nope. He's a virgin."

Liam laughs. "Not for long."