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Ball is Life (So Are You)

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He’s seething. Hoseok doesn’t need to see to know that the short guy behind him is flaming mad and shooting red hot lasers at his back with his eyeballs. Hoseok can feel the holes he’s burning into his skin and it’s not mildly uncomfortable, it’s pretty agonizing. What’s worse is that he can’t even try to stop him because Hoseok honestly does deserve it.


He’s getting the stank eye from the rest of his team and the only thing he can do about it is feel sorry for himself and pout. Even the coach is shaking his head, wondering why their other player had to get injured, because that is the only way Hoseok gets out onto the court to play.


Hoseok is bad at basketball. Understatement. He’s deplorable. He himself wonders, after long grueling practices that make his legs hurts and his arms weak, why he even got onto the team in the first place. What was their coach thinking during tryouts? Oh right, because this is a small school and only a few people came to tryouts to begin with. It doesn’t help that the captain of the team, the one frying Hoseok’s back, is actually five feet and seven inches of pure evil. Really cute evil.


Right now he’s not cute though. Right now he could literally rip the head clean off of Hoseok’s shoulder without breaking a sweat. Right now he’s pissed at Hoseok for throwing the game without even trying, which was another problem, Hoseok didn’t even try to get the ball. At all.


“Jung.” Hoseok’s surname is growled out through gritted teeth and if it was a different situation, Hoseok would think it was beyond sexy. He slowly turns around to face his captain, sheepish grin on his face. “Wipe that fucking smile off your goddamn face before I do.” And the smile is gone before anyone can snap their fingers.


“Please, Yoongi, can’t you at least wait until the opposing team has left the building?” Hoseok tries to buy himself some time, sparing a glance at their rival school's team who has stopped packing and started watching the scene they’re causing.


“Not falling for that again, Jung. You aren’t running away this time.” Yoongi grabs Hoseok by the ear and shakes him, Hoseok’s screams of agony echoing through the gym and for christ’s sake there are parents still in the building. “Why are you so goddamn awful at basketball?”


Hoseok doesn’t have an answer for that. Or well, he does, but it sure isn’t going to make his captain any happier. He can hear Namjoon behind mutter something about Yoongi actually killing him this time. Hoseok thinks he’s right. Think, Hoseok, think.


“Um, I’ll try harder next time?” Hoseok offers, hands up in surrender. Yoongi lets out an awful scoff and really Hoseok does think he’s hot, but he sure is scary as hell when he’s pissed.


“You fucking said that last time. No, this time, I’m fucking giving you lessons. Every damn day after school until you get your act together. I am going to nationals, whether I have to kill you or not.” Yoongi threatens and Hoseok believes every word coming out of his pretty little mouth.


“You really don’t have to, Jimin and Taehyung can help me. Right guys?”


“You’re hopeless.” Jimin shakes his head.


“Potatoes are kind of ugly.” Taehyung says, holding a rather large brown potato in his hand and where the hell did he even get that?


Hoseok takes that brief distraction and makes a run to the double doors, forgoing the locker room and all of his belongings because he can taste the fresh air of freedom and life.


“Thank you, Taehyung’s potato!” He calls out before bursting through the doors. He doesn’t stop running until he’s made it home and he’s collapsing on the sidewalk in front of his house. He’s gasping for air, large gulps not enough to sate his abused lungs.


“Again?” His neighbor, Jungkook, is perched on Hoseok’s porch, shaking his head as Hoseok holds his arm out to him. He stares at the puddle of Hoseok on the sidewalk. With a dejected sigh, he slowly gets up from his spot.


“I’ll go get the wheelbarrow.”



The hair on Hoseok’s arms and neck rises in recognition. Quickly, he slams his locker door and makes a break for it down the hallway. But there’s a crushing grip on his arm and he’s forcefully yanked around.


“Quit fucking running away.” Yoongi’s pissed already for so early in the morning. When Hoseok makes to run again, he grabs Hoseok by the shoulders and slams him into the row of lockers. He doesn’t even apologize for the painful groan from Hoseok. Evil.


“You aren’t getting out of this. Today, after school, you better be at the park down the block or I’ll skin you alive tomorrow and hang it out to dry like laundry on the flagpole outside.” Yoongi’s threat lies heavy in the air between them. Hoseok gulps rather loudly, causing Yoongi to smirk.


He leaves without a word.


“Wow, if I were you I’d go. He was really pissed last night, called me and ranted for three hours about you.” Namjoon says, shoving his shithole with apple slices.


“Great, he really does hate me.” Hoseok groans and drops his head with a thud onto the cafeteria’s dirty little table. Jimin pats his shoulder, trying his best to console his poor doomed to death friend.


“Looks like you’ll never get to suck his dick now.”


Seokjin chokes on his gulp of milk, sputtering as it dribbles out of his nose. Namjoon laughs until he can’t breathe. Hoseok just sags, because, yeah, it’s true.


“Maybe that’ll change, you’re going to have a shit ton of one on one time with him anyway. Maybe he’ll get so pissed that you’ll have hot angry sex.” Seokjin suggests, gingerly dabbing his nose to soak up his snotty milk trail.


“That’s true.” Taehyung says, dropping his lunch tray onto the table next to Seokjin. “He seems like the type to like rough sex.” He pops a cherry tomato into his mouth and bites on it with his mouth open, squirting it’s lovely juices onto Seokjin’s cheek.


“God, why can’t you sit next to Jimin?” Seokjin frowns.


“Because I know you secretly like me and I secretly like you, too.” Taehyung says.


The other three stare at the two and when Taehyung leans over to lick the tomato fluids from Seokjin’s cheek, they all return to eating their lunch.


“Oh, speaking of the devil.” Hoseok grumbles as Yoongi makes his way to their table.


“Hoseok called you a demon overlord!” Jimin shouts with a cheery hoorah. Yoongi rolls his eyes as he takes his seat next to Hoseok. The latter scoots away until he’s actually sitting on Jimin. Partly out of revenge, but mostly because Satan is sitting next to him.


“We were just talking about you, actually.” Namjoon pipes up.


“Yeah, Hoseok is sad because he can’t hop on your-”


“Taehyung confessed his undying love for Seokjin.” Hoseok blurts loudly over Taehyung’s unwanted information. Yoongi looks surprised at this information.


“Yeah, you missed the gross part.” Yoongi makes a face as Namjoon tells him this.


“What? I thought that was pretty normal.” Taehyung says and he’s just too innocent for this goddamn world. Seokjin sighs and pats his hand.


“You’ve got your hands full.” Yoongi says, stealing a spoonful of applesauce from Hoseok’s untouched plate. “Hey, you need to eat so you can practice this afternoon.” Yoongi says and Hoseok is taken aback by Yoongi’s show of genuine concern for Hoseok’s health.


Yoongi looks up at him. “I’m going to work you so hard you won’t be able to stand tomorrow, so eat.”


The rest of the table snickers because really, who doesn’t love dirty connotations of seemingly innocent words?

But Yoongi wasn’t kidding and Hoseok should have known because Yoongi does not mess around when it comes to basketball. Hoseok is admittedly late, stalling his walk to the park because he is walking straight to hell and he really doesn’t want to be there.


Hoseok can just see Yoongi when he approaches the park. He’s shooting hoops already and it’s actually really breathtaking to see him fly through the air with grace unlike his temper. And it’s like time stops for Hoseok. He takes this moment to really look at Yoongi, to really watch him do what he does best. He dribbles the play like it works for him, like it wants to do whatever it takes to make Yoongi happy, to make Yoongi win. He dances around the court with quick steps unlike his lethargic ways off of the court.


Hoseok can’t help the amazed whoa that escapes him with Yoongi does this crazy fake and turn thing around an invisible opponent. And then Yoongi notices him and shit, Hoseok can feel his rage all the way over here.


“You’re late fucker!” And gosh, Yoongi, there are children everywhere, watch your fucking mouth. “Twenty laps around the court, now.” Hoseok holds back a sob of agony and dashes over to get to work on his penalty. He doesn’t even bother to defend himself, anything to appease the demon overlord that is Min Yoongi.


While he jogs around, Yoongi takes this time to fully stretch. His arms are first, stretching them left and right and up and down. They’re tan and slender and Hoseok has never really noticed how beautiful his hands are.


As Hoseok makes this twelfth lap, Yoongi stretches out his legs. He’s not wearing his usual under armour leggings he loves today and Hoseok thinks this is a treat. The team teased him during the beginning of the year about his beautifully shaped lady legs, resulting in him being so embarrassed that he bought fifty pairs of those legging things. But then Yoongi’s skills have all shut them up and they never bother him about it anymore. Yoongi, however, has grown fond of his leggings.


Yoongi grips the hem of his white tee and brings it up to his swipe at the sweat collecting at his hairline. Hoseok stares at the pale of Yoongi’s stomach and it must not see the light of day often because it’s a different shade compared to his arms and legs and Hoseok is purely fascinated by this like it’s science or something and then-


He runs into the basketball hoop’s post, crumpling into an embarrassed heap, desperately clutching at his head as if it’ll make the pain subside faster (we’ve all done it, okay). He hears Yoongi swear and runs over to check on him. Hoseok can’t believe it when he feels cool fingertips lift his head up. There are tears in Hoseok’s eyes and he wants to run away because that’s not endearing at all.


“What the hell were you thinking?” And it doesn’t sound as mean as when he usually says that phrase. Yoongi’s features are soft and hinted with concern, eyebrows close together and lips parted and just wow.


“You’re really beautiful.” Hoseok blurts. Yoongi drops his hands quickly, blush quickly rising up his neck to his cheeks.


“You hit your head pretty good. Why don’t we just call it a day and try again tomorrow?” And this time Yoongi is running away, leaving an injured man who could probably possibly have a concussion on the ground at some park a way’s away from his house.


“Well. That was odd.” Hoseok says to no one.

“How was the devil’s workshop?” Jimin asks before Yoongi joins their table.


“It didn’t actually happen? I kind of got distracted by his stomach and ran into a pole.” Hoseok says, slowly chewing on a carrot.


“And he just called it off? He’s growing soft.” Namjoon laughs.


“Maybe he’s just soft for Hoseok. Or hard, if you know what I mean.” Seokjin grins and they all obnoxiously laugh.


“I’ll have you know, he ran away. I think I called him beautiful and he just bolted. Faster than when I usually do.” Hoseok sucks on his milk’s straw as the others begin to process this new information.


Yoongi meanders on over, taking his time with lazy strides. He plops down next to Hoseok and the table is eerily quiet which is wrong because Taehyung and Jimin are in the same vicinity. Deciding it’s a pleasant change, Yoongi continues on with his meal.


“Feeling better?” Yoongi asks Hoseok without looking up from his food.


“Yeah. I had Jungkook get the wheelbarrow again.”




“I had to pay him fifty dollars and treat him to steak, I swear that kid practices witchcraft.” Hoseok frowns down at the remnants of his lunch. Yoongi hums and it almost sounds like an apology. Hoseok knows that’s all he’ll get so he nods and takes it.


“Show up on time and don’t run into any poles today, for the love of basketball.” Yoongi gripes and Hoseok nods once more.


He does show up on time and therefore is rewarded with only ten laps around the court. He makes it with Yoongi keeping a keen eye on him. They stretch afterwards and as long as Hoseok doesn’t see Yoongi’s stomach again, he should be able to survive hell’s training today.


“Here.” Yoongi says and Hoseok looks up to see a basketball hurling it’s way at him. All he can do it put his arms up in defense and let out a rather wimpy noise. The ball hits his arms and happily bounces away from him. Satan’s spawn, hoseok swears. Yoongi is giving him a rather unimpressed look and Hoseok is laughing sheepishly. He really is horrible at basketball. Or any ball sport. Though he’s pretty decent at tennis, but that’s a spring sport and it’s fall.


“I have a lot of work to do.” Yoongi groans.


And they really do a lot. By the end of the practice, Hoseok is able to catch the ball without squeezing his eyes shut in fear. He managed to get one swish.


“Holy shit.” Hoseok says, eyes wide in disbelief as the the ball meets the ground and rolls away. “I did it.” He turns to Yoongi who looks rather proud of himself and not Hoseok, but Hoseok’s too stoked to even mind. “Yoongi! I made a basket! That’s my first basket.” And then Hoseok is running over to bring Yoongi into a bone crushing hug, picking him up (he’s surprisingly light, wow) and spinning him around until he receives a smack against his head.


“Thank you so much. I should take you out sometime.” Hoseok says, smile too wide it hurts. Yoongi looks shocked by the proposal. “Want to get some coffee?”


Yoongi stutters over his meager response of having homework and then he’s gathering his belongings and hurrying away from the court.


“See you tomorrow!” Hoseok calls, far too cheery to even feel dejected.

“Hoseok get out there.” Their coach sounds beyond reluctant when he says this. But Hoseok is feeling a lot more confident and jumps right up off the bench, struggling out of his jacket and then he’s bounding off to join his team.


Yoongi sends him a look and Hoseok doesn’t know exactly what it means, but he nods none the less. Yoongi fucking smiles. And then Hoseok feels so energized he’s all over the court. He hasn’t learned anything about stealing yet, but when the ball manages to miraculously end up in his sweaty hands, he takes a deep breath and remembers everything Yoongi told him in the past three days about shooting.


He angles his hands the way Yoongi had (forcefully) shown him and then he pushes the ball up and over. He sends it sailing to the basket and swoosh. Hoseok did it, he scored a point in a real game and all he can do is stand real still as he tries to process this. The game is still going but Hoseok doesn’t even register movement around him, too shocked by his major accomplishment.


“Move dick weasel!” Comes a voice from the crowd. Hoseok snaps his head towards the direction of the sound.


“Jeon Jungkook, don’t you dare say that again! You’re mother doesn’t like that!” And then the buzzer cuts him off from the rest of his rant.


Oh, they lost. Because Hoseok was too distracted and when they needed him, Hoseok let his teammates down. By accident.


“Jung.” Comes Satan’s voice. Hoseok gulps and turns around, ready to kneel and beg for forgiveness. “I’m not going to yell today, because you scored, which was fucking unbelievable. But next time, fucking keeping moving. The game does not end until the buzzer sounds.” He angry but it’s subdued and Hoseok is grateful.


“Nice job, Hoseok!” Namjoon calls and Hoseok doesn’t know if he’s being sincere or sarcastic.


“We’re going to work on moving tomorrow.” Yoongi shoves past Hoseok and stalks to the locker rooms.


“He really is a hot head, huh?” Jungkook says, hopping down the bleachers. Hoseok shakes his head, breathing a heavy sigh of relief for having escaped death.


“Yeah, but I mean, it’s kinda hot.” Hoseok scratches the back of his neck and it takes everything Jungkook has to not throw up his soda and popcorn onto Hoseok’s shoes.


“Gross.” Hoseok shrugs with a smile.


“Anyway, I can’t believe I actually scored, though. I feel so skilled now.” Hoseok raises his fist into the air, a victory punch.


“And then you stood there like the smart young man you are.” Jungkook says rather bluntly.


“Yeah, well, you win some, you lose some.”


“You’ve lost a lot. Now let’s go buy me some ice cream.”

“You’re all wrong, Jung. I’ve showed you how to do it three times are ready. Step by step and slow. I’ll show you one more time, got it? Watch.”


Hoseok nods and stands in defense mode, bent at the knees and back with his hands up in front of him.


“Like this.” Yoongi dribbles the ball slowly, fakes a left and then rushes by Hoseok who doesn’t even have time to comprehend. “You can do it. I know you can.” Yoongi encourages as he comes back to take Hoseok stance. “Show me what you got.”


Hoseok takes a deep breath and nods. “Just do it slowly.” Yoongi says so Hoseok follows orders, beginning to dribble the ball. He fakes left and runs as fast as he can away from Yoongi, reminding himself to not travel and actually bounce the ball. He shoots for the hoop and manages to make it in.


When Hoseok turns around there’s a smile on Yoongi’s face that matches Hoseok’s.


“Great, let’s take a break. I’m exhausted.” Hoseok isn’t one to say no to that so he joins Yoongi at the basketball hoop pole where they discarded their school bags. “You’re getting better. A long way to go, but much better than before.”


Hoseok melts at the praise, making sure to store each word away in his mind because Satan does not praise Hoseok very often. “It’s all because of you. You’re a bit mean, but you’re a pretty great coach. And captain. And friend.” Hoseok adds on, eyeballing Yoongi for any signs of a negative reaction. But Yoongi looks flustered or maybe it’s the heat of the afternoon sun.


“Don’t mention it.” He picks at the lint clinging to his leggings.


“Okay.” Hoseok agrees easily. “Yoongi, I’ve been meaning to tell you this since the beginning of the year. I think your legs are pretty sexy.” Yoongi looks up, astounded by the words that came out of his mouth. “You’re pretty sexy in general. But you shouldn’t be ashamed of those legs. I’m jealous.” Hoseok pouts.


Yoongi’s face is red but he’s laughing and Hoseok isn’t sure he remembers the last tie Yoongi laughed because of him. He thinks it’s beautiful.


“Although it’s not sexy when you threaten to kill me.” Yoongi scoffs and turns to look at him.


“You deserve it sometimes though.”


“Maybe instead of threatening me, you should try rewarding me with kisses.” Hoseok blurts out and he feels so grossly cheesy. Yoongi just stares at him, cheeks still so pink and Hoseok kind of wants to touch them, to see how hot they feel.




It’s quiet but the park is empty and there isn’t a car passing so Hoseok definitely hears it. He didn’t think Yoongi would be so agreeable about the proposal and now he isn’t sure about this. It could be a trap.


“Do I get one now?” Hoseok tests. The silence between them is stifling.


“Close your eyes.”




“Do you want me to fucking kiss you or not?” Yoongi snaps and Hoseok immediately does as he’s told, squeezing them shut. There’s a beat of silence and he can hear Yoongi moving next to him. “You look so stupid.” But it doesn’t sound at all like it bothers him.


It’s a brief kiss that makes them feel like they’re in middle school again. Yoongi’s lips are like sticky clouds and he’s reeling from the pleasant pressure. Yoongi pulls away all too soon, Hoseok can hold his breath for a long time, you see. But Yoongi is burying his face into his hands, groaning quietly.


Hoseok just laughs and drapes an arm over his shoulders, pulling him close.

“So you guys are dating?” Seokjin questions, twisting bits of Taehyung’s hair into braids.


Yoongi looks at Hoseok. “Are we?”


“Do you want to?”


“Sure, why not? You’re hot.”


“Just hot?”


Yoongi pauses. “When not pissing me off, you’re pretty nice and sweet. But you’re a pain in my ass.”


“Well, I think you’re gorgeous, even when you’re glaring at me trying to make my body combust.” Hoseok grins and it’s so cheeky. Yoongi blushes and mutters something along the lines of not being cute.


“There’s a weirder couple than Seokjin and Taehyung now.” Jimin sighs.


“Does that mean we should get together?” Namjoon looks at Jimin. Jimin looks at Namjoon. “Nah.”


“No way.” Jimin dismisses the idea with a wave of his hand (they end up making out in the bathroom two hours later).


“Oh, Hoseok, we’re going to practice in the gym today. I got the keys from coach.” Yoongi says, pilfering a slice of cucumber from Hoseok’s plate.


It’s a lot better in the gym, that’s cool and away from the harsh sun. Yoongi doesn’t have his leggings on and Hoseok doesn’t try to pretend he isn’t staring.


“Pay attention, fucker.” Yoongi commands, throwing a ball at him. Hoseok catches it and pouts from over top of it. “Okay, for today…” He goes off into a spiel about the lesson and he demonstrates. Hoseok’s mouth is open in awe as Yoongi flitters down the court and with the grace of a ballerina, he soars into the air, delivering the ball safely to it’s cradle.


“Are you sure I can do that?” Hoseok asks when Yoongi makes his way over.


“Of course you can, helps that you’re taller too.” Yoongi plops down on the floor, motioning for Hoseok to try. “If you want a kiss, you’ll have no choice but to do it.” He’s mumbling but Hoseok has pretty great hearing so he bounds over to the court, ball in hand.


He definitely does not get it. Oh no, not the first time, the second time, or the thirteenth time.


“Is it really important that I know this one?” Hoseok asks, panting and crushing his empty water bottle before recycling it.


“It’s a great and useful technique.”


“I just, I don’t know if I can get it. Having to jump just right and aim too. I can barely aim standing still.”


Yoongi rolls his eyes and grabs him by the collar of his sweat soaked tee. He brings Hoseok in for a wet kiss. “Now can you do it?”


Hoseok blinks like he’s in a daze and can’t even think about getting out of it. “Yeah.”


Yoongi’s blushing furiously over the reaction. “Get your ass out there then.” He’s all bashful, looking away and Hoseok really can’t believe this is the same demon overlord that commands the worst drills during practice.


Hoseok manages to get one in three tries after that. The first thing he does is immediately charge for Yoongi. He sweeps Yoongi into a hug and lands his lips haphazardly onto his. It’s really not a proper kiss at all, but what does Hoseok care? Yoongi’s kissing him and Hoseok’s kissing Yoongi, it’s pretty fucking great.


“Set me down.” Yoongi grates out. And Hoseok doesn’t want to completely ruin this sweet coupley moment so he sets him down onto the bleacher. From this angle, Yoongi is taller and he seems to thoroughly enjoy this.


Hoseok takes a moment to look at him, his pretty features, his eyelashes are incredible. Yoongi fidgets under the intense stare. “Sorry, but you really are gorgeous.”


“You need to stop saying those kinds of things.” Yoongi doesn’t like it, uncomfortable with affection, but that only makes Hoseok want to do it more.


“My boyfriend is flawless!” Hoseok shouts, echoing in the gymnasium.


“Get a room!”


“Namjoon?” Yoongi questions. Hoseok shrugs and takes this opportunity to kiss Yoongi’s chin. Yoongi turns his head and tilts down for Hoseok to kiss his nose and his forehead and his cheeks and his lips.


“They’re fucking gross.” Jimin’s voice echoes back.


“Shut up and suck.”


Well, that’s uncomfortable.

“Block me, Hoseok!” Yoongi shouts, particularly pissed this afternoon.


“I’m trying!” Hoseok is only getting more frustrated as the time ticks on. Yoongi is is fast, okay, he’s quick on his feet and honestly he doesn’t seem like he would be, but fuck he is. And Hoseok? He’s not slow but he’s not Satan on wheels either.


Yoongi easily ducks under Hoseok’s awkward outstretched arm, avoiding any horrid attempt of blocking from Hoseok’s part.


“God damnit, Hoseok, it’s not that difficult.”


“It is when you’re so fucking good and I’m so fucking awful.” And Hoseok is actually upset right now which is surprising to Yoongi. He doesn’t know what to do with an upset Hoseok because he’s never encountered one. Ever. He’s been annoyed, irritated, cranky, and overall unpleasant. But never actually upset.


Yoongi approaches him cautiously. Hoseok eyeballs him wearily.


“Look, uh, you can do it. There, there. I mean, I thought you were a lost cause three months ago, look at you now.” Yoongi stretches up and pats Hoseok’s head. But the latter is unamused, face alarming down.


“Let’s just call it a day. I obviously can’t do this. You’re just too good at it.” Hoseok heaves his bag over his shoulder and makes for his house. Yoongi stands there staring after him, really not wanting to comfort someone when he has assignments (read: basketball) to tend to. But Hoseok is his man and his man shouldn’t be sad. Especially if his man is Hoseok.


So he collects his belongings and dashes after him. Catching up, he grabs onto Hoseok’s elbow. It surprises him and he jumps maybe three feet into the air, Hoseok’s always been a scaredy cat.


“Yoongi, what are you doing?”


“Hoseok,” Yoongi starts, looking at the ground as they walk. “I don’t know why exactly you can’t do it right now, but I know with practice you can?” And damn it, Yoongi is shit at comforting. He did not sign up for this.


“I appreciate your effort, Yoongi, I really do. But I just need to relax right now. Grades are stressing me and my failures to the team are piling up too high.” Hoseok runs a hand through his hair and Yoongi hates it so much when he does that cause it’s so hot.


“But you’ve gotten a lot better. Coach doesn’t feel half as bad when he sends you out now. I’ve been training you well.” Yoongi nods, brimming with pride. Hoseok just sighs.


“My boyfriend gets scouted for college and I get laughed at by professionals.”


“They laughed at you?” Yoongi asks quietly. Hoseok bites his lip and that’s all the confirmation Yoongi needs. “Oh fuck no. No one laughs at my sunshine, hell no. I’m gonna fuck them up. I don’t care if they’re a good foot taller than me, I’ll mess their shit up so bad they won’t be able to play. I’m closer to their shins, I’ll bite them.” Yoongi is shouting threats left and right and Hoseok is laughing so he just keeps on doing it until a passing police officer pulls over and gives them a look.


“Oh no, Hoseok brought a boy home.”


Yoongi stares at some tweenie looking boy going through the phase sitting on Hoseok’s steps.


“The fuck are you?”


“Jungkook, my neighbor. Jungkook, this is Yoongi.” Hoseok introduces as they make their way closer.


“Yeah I know who you are.” He looks like he’s attempting to be menacing but really he looks like a misunderstood twelve year old. Yoongi wants to teach him a lesson so bad his knuckles itch. And then Jungshit stands up.


“I am Min Yoongi, it is an honor to be in your presence.” Yoongi bows. He looks up to see the shittiest cockiest smirk on his face and those teeth are so stupid looking. Jungkook soon leaves, too smug to say anything else. Hoseok shrugs off how weird that encounter was and turns to Yoongi.


“You walked all the way here, wanna come in? I have soda. Or juice.” Hoseok proposes and honestly who is Yoongi to pass up juice? So he accepts and they make way into the house’s kitchen.


“My room is upstairs, we can hang out there if you want.”


“Sure, I want to see your secret stash of stolen rainbows and sunshine, sunshine.” Yoongi hides a satisfied smile behind the can of soda, delighted by Hoseok’s blush. He had called him sunshine one day at lunch and the reaction was stunning, Yoongi immediately took to calling him that.


“I hid them too well for you to find them. They are stolen after all.”


“That’s where you hid my heart then, too, huh? Then I definitely don’t want to find them. You can keep them.” Yoongi says, cheesy lines seeping from him like poetry. He doesn’t see Hoseok’s face this time as their going up the stairs, but Hoseok does trip and Yoongi catches him by the waist.


It’s a little awkward after that, Hoseok fidgeting in the walls of his own room as Yoongi takes in the normalcy of it all.


“Can you imagine what Taehyung’s looks like?” Yoongi mumbles. He smiles when his eyes land on the frame perched on top of Hoseok’s night stand, the team with too many smiles to count after their semi-finals win.


“Like someone took acid and decided to interior decorate.”


“Sounds about right.”


They shift awkwardly.


“Well, it’s getting late and there’s school tomorrow.”


Hoseok frowns. “There’s no school tomorrow.”


“Oh. Right. Well, there’s practice tomorrow. We’ll keep practicing your blocking techniques. You might be better after resting.” Yoongi sets his can into the small trashbin under Hoseok’s desk.


“I don’t even know if I want to try. We ran through the same drill thirty or so times today. I didn’t even get it once.” And Hoseok’s got that upset look on his face again and his negativity is getting on Yoongi’s nerves. Even he’s not that negative.


“Hoseok, damnit, you can fucking do it, it takes practice dipshit. I didn’t just get this good because I like basketball.” Yoongi getting pissed now.


“Well I fucking wished it happened that way. My life would be so much easier right now.”


“Oh so it’s hard? Because you have a little bit of homework and a pretty fucking amazing boyfriend and you suck at basketball?”


“Fuck you.”


“I’d rather fuck you.” Yoongi snaps without even a hint of hesitation.


“Suck my dick.”


“I will!”




And then Yoongi’s actually dropping to his knees and okay, Hoseok didn’t mean it, but who is he to complain about this sudden turn of events?


Yoongi practically claws at Hoseok’s pants and shoves the wretched things down to bony ankles. “Fuck you’re already hard.”


“Since you started yelling.” Hoseok admits unabashedly. Yoongi stares up at him with big eyes.


“Well, who knew angel Hoseok was so kinky?”


“Only with you, your accent is so fucking hot, okay?” Hoseok looks anywhere that isn’t Yoongi, face way too hot and uncomfortable.


“You are fucking irresistible.” Yoongi growls out, removing Hoseok’s briefs and makes quick work of attaching his mouth to Hoseok’s dick.


Hoseok’s moans do a good job of drowning out of the sounds of Yoongi going down on him. Fingers with a tight grip in his hair keeps him going at Hoseok’s desired speed, suction just right and utterly amazing.


Hoseok’s hips jump forward when Yoongi moans around him. “Shit, sorry.” Hoseok whimpers, looking down to check on Yoongi, movements halted. He watches Yoongi, eyes closed, slowly pull off of Hoseok’s dick, letting the head rest on his pretty bottom lip. He’s lazy and lethargic trying to peel his eyelids back.


“Fuck my mouth.” He commands, it’s soft and deep, reverberating against the walls with it’s power. Hoseok swallows hard and nods dumbly.


Yoongi tongues the head before taking the cock back into his mouth. Hoseok starts slow, allowing him to adjust to the feeling, but Yoongi is a very impatient young man who wants to not be able to even fucking talk. So he grabs Hoseok’s thighs and pushes him forward. Hoseok keens particularly loud at the incredible sensation and wants more, so he does exactly that. He fucks into Yoongi’s waiting mouth.


He reaches down and swipes away the drool that’s travelling down Yoongi’s chin. “You’re so fucking amazing.” Hoseok chokes out and he’s getting emotional suddenly. And Yoongi smiles around him and that’s it. Hoseok cums, pulling out a little from the waves of pleasure, his thighs twitching.


Yoongi moans and it’s so beautiful, swallowing most of Hoseok’s cum before leaning over to the wastebin and spitting the rest out. Hoseok takes a few seconds to calm down, shivers wracking his body.


“Let me.” Hoseok mumbles, pulling Yoongi up.


“Don’t need to.” Yoongi’s voice is abused and raspy. He teeters over to Hoseok’s messy bed and flops down, shedding his shorts and stained underwear. Hoseok feels his body thrum with lustful desire.


“Did you even touch yourself?” He asks quietly, shedding the rest of his clothes before taking his place next to Yoongi. His answer takes a while to be delivered, what with Yoongi staring at Hoseok’s stunning abdomen.






“I know.” Yoongi breathes out and then he’s yawning and stretching before cuddling right down against Hoseok. “Mind if I sleep here?”


“How could I ever?” Hoseok smiles and reaches behind Yoongi to pull the covers over them. “Can I say something cheesy?”


Yoongi has his eyes closed, drifting to sleep under the comforting pull of Hoseok’s fingers running through his hair. He hums in consent.


“If ball is your life and ball becomes my life, that means we become one.”


Yoongi is silent for a moment before he opens his eyes and looks up at him. “The fuck?”


“What I think I mean to say is that I might be in love with you?” Hoseok says, sheepish grin in place. Yoongi pouts and it’s beautiful, Hoseok can’t help but kiss him for a few minutes.


“You might?” Yoongi gasps out when they run out of oxygen between the two of them.


“I definitely lied, because I totally do.”


“Good, because I might have to kill you if you only might love me. I’m pretty fucking lovable thank you.” Yoongi smiles and snuggles his face into Hoseok’s neck. Hoseok feels him inhale Hoseok’s scent, but doesn’t say anything to embarrass him.


“We’re going to rule hell with an iron fist.”


“I love you, too.” Yoongi laughs out and it’s beautiful.