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Homecoming: Nino & Noriko Side.

Chapter 2

“What baby?”

Nino’s head snapped behind him towards the front door and Noriko just looked wide eyed at the entrance of her roommate. When no one spoke for a couple of minutes, Aiba asked again “What baby?” he questioned the couple. Nino looked at Aiba, then at his shocked girlfriend and then back at Aiba. He opened his mouth to explain, but nothing came out.

Aiba walked closer to the pair and decided to ask another question “Is Noriko-chan pregnant, Are you pregnant Noriko-chan?” he asked seriously, looking straight at the couple. Noriko looked at Nino who nodded “We gotta tell everyone sooner or later Riko-chan…” He said with a sigh, and then turned towards Aiba “Yes Masaki, she’s pregnant.” Aiba’s Eyes grew wide, and no sooner than Nino gave him the confirmation, he was over enveloping Noriko in a hug.

“Uwaaa~! I’m so happy for you two!” he cried out, permanent grin now set in place. Noriko smiled back and hugged him in return.  Moved back and turned to him, who was giving him a look that pretty much said ‘if you hug me I WILL kill you’ Regardless of the unspoken threat, As Aiba knew that Nino was more bark than bite, he rushed over and gave the younger man a hug too.  Nino sighed but let a small smiled tug at his lips. If there was anyone to make the best of a situation it was Aiba.

Once Aiba had come down off of his excited high, he frowned “Ano… Nino-kun, are you gonna tell Johnny-san about this?” Noriko’s gaze became sad again at the thought of the trouble Nino would more than likely get into because of her, but she became less tense when she felt Nino’s hand slip into hers and squeeze gently. “Hai, I have to Aiba-chan, this is a bit too big not to inform him about, He already knows about Me and Noriko and the fact that Noriko is Jun sister, So hopefully there won’t be too much agro.” Nino said, his own frown taking place on his face.

Aiba plonked down in front of the pair on the floor, and placed a hand on both of their knees “What about if we go together, as Arashi and inform him. If he can see that we all support you and will help you both out, then everything should be fine.” Noriko placed her hand over Aiba’s hand. She was thankful for the idea, and if it were possible then she would love for it to happen, however…”Demo Ma-kun… Toshi-kun, Sho-kun and Aniki, don’t know yet… not only that, but I don’t know how Aniki and Sho-kun will take the news. I mean you know how Jun Nii-chan is at the best of times when it comes to me and Kazu-kun, and Sho-kun….Well Sho-kun seems to not like me anymore.” Noriko’s expression fell even further and both men could tell that she was close to crying.

Nino placed his arms around Noriko and brought him to her. Whilst Aiba patted and stroked her head. “Ano…Noriko-chan, It’s not that Sho-chan doesn’t like you, He’s just going through a bit of a tough time at the moment, you know with preparing for the Olympics and such.” Aiba said, trying to make himself sound convincing, which lucky enough worked for Noriko, but by the look Nino gave him, he could tell he didn’t believe it.

Noriko nodded into Nino’s chest in acceptance. Nino kissed her forehead in return, then looked over at Aiba. “Aiba-chan, Noriko and myself want to tell the others ourselves, so please don’t go and do what you usually do and blurt this out to everyone.” Aiba pouted “Mou…. I don’t always do that! Its just by accident most of the times anyways…” Nino rolled his eyes “Well then take extra care to make sure this one doesn’t come out by accident.” Nino finalised with a glare in Aiba’s direction, making the older boy continue pouting but nod.

After a while things settled down in the apartment, and Noriko set out to make dinner for the 3 of them, only to realise she had forgotten to buy something this morning. Quickly grabbing her purse and jacket she told the boy’s she would be back in 5 minutes and to keep an eye on the oven.

As soon as the door closed, Nino turned to Aiba. “What’s going on with Sho-chan?” Nino questioned Aiba, face much more serious than it was 2 seconds ago and making Aiba jump in surprise at the sudden question. Aiba shrugged his shoulders, “He’s busy with the Olympics and stuff…” Aiba tried again, not wanting to tell Nino the real reason. Nino stared at the man pointedly “Don’t give me that crap Masaki, I know that’s not the real reason, so spill!” Nino all but demanded, making Aiba sigh. “Okay…I’ll tell. Sho-chan… he’s…he’s…he likes Noriko-chan. A lot. But Noriko-chan has you, and as happy as he is to see the both of you happy, it hurts him. So he’s trying to avoid Noriko-chan the best he can because he thinks it will be better that way.” Aiba explained.

Nino’s expression was one of a person already in the know however, and that confused Aiba. “Okay, I got the feeling that Sho-chan had feelings for Noriko, however, that doesn’t explain why he feel the need to avoid her. If he likes her as much as you say he does he should know that avoiding her is only going to make things worse.” Aiba was once again confused by Nino’s weird acceptance of the situation. “Okay, One, I’ve already talked to him about that and he’s going to take up a hobby to distract him, and two, why are you taking this so well? If one of my friends told me that one of my other close friends had a crush on my girlfriend, I’m not sure I would be so accepting…” Nino raised an eyebrow as is to say ‘please who are you trying to kid, of course you would.’ To which Aiba just shrugged at.  Nino shrugged in return to the question “Wakanaiyo. Maybe its because I had an inkling that that was the situation, or maybe its because I know nothing would come of it anyway because I know Noriko would never cheat on me.”  Nino explained the best he could.

Aiba looked suspiciously at Nino for a second as he asked “You would never cheat on Noriko-chan right?” “No.” came the imitate response, until a smirk tugged at Nino lips and he continued “Unless it was with Oh-chan, but then Noriko would understand and I get the feeling her and Kuro-chan would be there taking pictures anyways.” Aiba chuckled at the response “Plus you really think I would want a death sentence from Jun-chan?” Aiba nodded understandingly. “Well seeing as we had to hold him back when you broke up with Noriko the first time, and he really wanted to kick your ass then, I can only imagine…” Nino cringed at the memory “Ugh… don’t remind me…” he said unconsciously rubbing his cheek where Jun had punched him.

The two friends chatted for a while longer until Noriko came home with more things than they expected. “Urm…Noriko-chan…? Whats with the load of bags?” Aiba looked rushing over with Nino to help the girl struggling with the bags. Noriko gave the boys a sheepish smile, “Ano… there was a sale on…” Both boys chuckled and placed the bags in the kitchen, helping the girl unpack.  


A Few days pasted, and Nino and Noriko still hadn’t figured out a way to tell Jun. Aiba had kept his promise although almost slipped up a few times. Usagi however, had let it slip to Ohno, who didn’t bother to bring the issue up with Nino or Noriko, so the couple didn’t actually know that he knew.

Jun had a photo shoot with Aiba and Ohno. Aiba was out getting his pictures taken and then it would be the group ones. Jun had decided that Ohno was being boring by searching up fishing news on his phone so he decided to drop on the sofa leader was on and started up a conversation. “Ne Riida, anything new in the world of Ohno Satoshi?” Ohno looked up from his phone and turned to look at Jun as if to say ‘really? your that bored?’ Jun just shrugged and waited to an answer, and Ohno sighed knowing there was no way out when Jun was bored.

“Nothing Much, thinking about asking Usagi to move in with me…” He said as if moving in with your girlfriend wasn’t a big deal. Jun rolled his eyes “Only Riida would think of something big like that as ‘nothing much’” Jun chucked shaking his head. “What about Nino? Have you spoken to him about it yet?” Ohno shrugged and shook his head “no, but I don’t think that he will be too bothered with the news, he’s more than likely gonna be trying to find a place for Noriko and him and the baby.”

Jun’s jaw tightened “What baby…?” Ohno didn’t notice the sharp tone that left Jun’s mouth so he continued “Noriko’s and Nino’s baby.” Ohno said as if Jun didn’t understand the first time. Jun’s fists clenched in anger.


Chapter 2 end.