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Rose and Alec's passionate weekend

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Rose and Jackie checked into The Trader's hotel in Broadchurch late Friday afternoon, just for the weekend as Rose was waiting for a transfer at work to go through so she'd persuaded her mother to take a look around with her. They'd booked a twin room to save money and Jackie was a heavy sleeper anyway and never woke before eight so she told Rose when they arrived if she wanted to stay out for a drink after they'd watched TV then she wouldn't be disturbing her.

They went down to dinner, Jackie talking away as usual, mostly about Rose moving, when Rose glanced across to see a man sitting on his own. She noticed he was tall, had brown hair, brown eyes and what she would call a scruffy designer beard. He was looking at the menu and looking quite sexy in a pair of rimless glasses and wasn't paying her any attention but he had caught hers. She wasn't looking for anyone, she could barely go out on a dinner date with anyone but had tried to take her mind off her loss by getting out a bit more and making an effort.

After dinner, Rose and her mother went to watch some TV but Rose didn't like the programmes her mother watched so she told her she was going to go down to the bar and have a drink and talk to the hotel owner about when she was coming back and ask about the area. Becca was a bit busy, the small bar was quite full so Rose ordered a tonic water with ice and lemon and took her drink into the lounge across the hallway. The man from the dining room was sat on a leather sofa by the window reading a newspaper. He nodded to her as she entered, there was a man and a woman sat near the door so Rose made her way to the window and sat down opposite the man and said hello.

He grunted a reply and went back to reading his paper but she could see he wasn't paying much attention to it now by the way he was turning the pages. Rose sipped her drink slowly and waited until he had run out of pages and he put the newspaper down and picked up his drink, taking a long sip from it. Rose was lounged in the chair, wearing a long flowing skirt and a white buttoned down shirt, which she had unbuttoned two of them sneakily while he was reading his paper and he smiled across at her as he put his drink down. The couple in the corner left, closing the door behind them.

Rose was unsure whether to speak or not but he had already noticed they were alone in the room and also noticed her shirt was unfastened. He seemed a bit fidgety like he was debating whether to move over to her side of the table to the other chair or ask her to join him on the sofa. Rose just looked at him, waiting to see what he'd do. She didn't have to wait long. He spoke first.

"I saw you in the dining room earlier, I'm Alec," he said.

"Rose," she replied, picking up her drink and finishing it, hoping he'd ask her if she wanted another but she wasn't going to order another tonic water. He did.

He finished his drink and got up, then pointed to her empty glass.

"So what are you drinking?" he asked, "I hope it's something a bit stronger than the one you just finished."

She held her glass up and said, "A glass of sparking white wine please," smiled at him and shifting slightly in her seat so her shirt came away where it was unfastened, giving him a very good view from where he was standing.

He stared for a few seconds then took her glass and said, "White wine it is then, back in a tick," as he smiled back.

He left the room and Rose took the opportunity to move and sat down on the sofa where he had been sitting, unbuttoning another two buttons, thinking better not get too far.

He was back in a few minutes, put the drinks down, getting an even better view of her cleavage and sat down beside her, casually putting his arm around the top of the sofa and moved up nearer to her, Rose was getting carried away with herself by now, she'd not done anything like this for a long time, well, when she thought about it was actually never because her last and only romance had turned into marriage and she'd not had to work at it.

Alec struck up the conversation. "So, Rose, on holiday? Weekend break? I saw you with someone, your mother maybe?"

"You ask a lot of questions, Alec. Yes, it's my mother. We just fancied a weekend away, going back home Sunday afternoon. What about you? It's a long way to come for a holiday. Been here long?"

"No, I'm sort of inbetween places, looking for somewhere permanent to live. Been here a while though. Don't know how long I'll be staying, who knows?"

They both picked up their drinks as they realised they had been instantly attracted to each other and were both trying their best to ignore the fact. Neither of them were into casual encounters but both were resolved into getting into one in a very short space of time as there was definitely sexual tension in the air between them. They were trying to avoid each other's stares as they picked their glasses up at the same time. Rose put hers down first and Alec caught her arm and said, "Why don't we finish our drinks, I'll get us a bottle of wine and we can continue this in your room?"

"Well, there's a slight problem with your question, Alec, I'm sharing with my mum and I'm not sure you should be inviting me to your room when you don't know me," she said, trying to lead him on.

He took the bait. "Well if you come to my room, you can tell me all about yourself then I'll know you, won't I? Then I can tell you all about me and we'll know each other, deal?" Rose nodded and finished her drink.

"You wait here and I'll go get a bottle, there are some glasses in my room. Won't be long. Don't leave without me will you?" She shook her head.

While she was waiting she was debating whether to actually go through with this. It had been a long time since she had been with a man, two years in fact. Two years since her husband had died and she'd never even looked at another man except for now. This Alec was different to the few men she'd been out to dinner with and she thought, to hell with it, she was on a weekend break, going to be moving here and he'd probably be gone in two weeks time, he'd practically told her so. If he was here when she got back, she'd have to either avoid him, depending on how things went or take up with him again. Still, no harm in a bit of fun, it was only one or two nights. They may hate each other in the morning but she'd not had sex in two years and she needed this - tonight.

Alec came back a few minutes later and Rose got up to leave with him. They took the stairs and discovered they both had rooms on the same floor so Rose had to quietly pass the room she was sharing with her mother in case she heard them and opened the door. Not that Rose was trying to sneak past like a schoolgirl, she was certainly old enough to do as she wished but she wanted to avoid her mother's questions at all costs. Two doors down on the opposite side, they reached Alec's room and he opened the door. Once inside, he put the bottle down and took off his jacket and indicated for Rose to sit on a chair by the window but she opted to sit on the bed and held out her hand as he poured the wine and passed her a glass.

He sat down beside her as they drank, a few inches away and with his free hand, pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear and ran one of his fingers down her unbuttoned shirt, all the way up and down the gap of her bra, feeling around her breasts. She took his hand and he took her glass and put both glasses down and then put both his hands on her face and pulled her towards him. She hesitated for a split second as he edged his lips towards hers as he angled his face to meet hers then their lips brushed together then pressed harder until they sank into each other like they couldn't get enough. As they kissed, his hand reached to unfasten the rest of her shirt buttons and feel her breasts then unbuttoned his own shirt until he felt her pressing close to him.

They stopped for a few minutes while they both took off each other's shirts then he laid her across the bed, pulling her long skirt down and tossing it onto the floor as he started to unfasten her bra with his other hand. Rose tried to unfasten his trousers but couldn't get to them until he moved slightly, pulling them off, wriggling out of them and half taking his shorts with them as one of his hands pulled her knickers down part of the way as he climbed onto her, his legs either side of hers as he put his hands on her breasts and leaned down to kiss them both then bit them hungrily as she let out a soft moan, his hands on her hips. She reached around his shoulders, pulling him and making him bite even harder, then he looked up and reached her lips as they kissed deeply, now laid on her as his hand reached down to pull her knickers all the way down then pulling his shorts all the way off and scrambling out of them.

They crept towards the pillows, Alec hurriedly pulling back the duvet, Rose going backwards as he hovered above her, kissing at the same time as he landed on top of her and pulled the duvet over them, then he spread her legs wide open, feeling her wetness of anticipation with both hands, he leaned down to kiss her intimate area as she let out another moan, grabbing his neck and pulling him down, saying his name. He came up for breath then positioned himself over her, ready to take her as he looked at her, begging her to let him as she told him she wants him. She clings hold of him as he pushes on her hips, both moving together as one as he thrusts harder and deeper bringing her to her climax, following seconds after her as they both gasp for breath as he let go and brought his mouth around to kiss her, her arms tightly around his neck.

They looked at each other and both laughed as the last of their climax washed over them, Rose feeling giddy and light headed, Alec like the cat who got the cream as he kissed her again then pulled her into an embrace. They held onto each other as he whispered her name. Both were panting for breath as he kissed her neck and nibbled her ear, saying she was amazing.

"That was more than good, it was fantastic, I nearly couldn't keep up with you there for a minute if you hadn't stopped when you did, then I'd have made a fool of myself. As it is, I thought you wanted to keep going even afterwards. Just exactly when was the last time you did that, I can tell it's been a while the way you reacted. It's nothing to be ashamed of, it's been a while for me too, only I've never met a woman I wanted to have sex with like this or I've been too drunk to actually do it."

He moved onto one elbow and propped himself up, looking at her and tracing his finger over her breasts.

Rose was feeling a bit embarrassed that she had made it so obvious it had been a while and thought about just getting up and leaving but she had more than enjoyed it and she definitely wanted a second taste the next night even if she never did it again in another two years, she would always remember this.

"I thought it was pretty amazing too, I've not felt like that for a long time, more than I care to admit. Let's say I had some issues with just doing it with the first man I meet in a bar or go out to dinner with and leave it at that? You don't want to be bored with my problems. I have been asked before you know, it's just I always turned them down, that is until I met you. I'd better go now unless..?" She was about to say unless he wanted to do it again, either right now or invite her to stay and do it again in the morning or tomorrow night.

He took the hint, not wanting her to leave just yet, he definitely wanted another taste of her, the first time in over eighteen months. "Rose, don't leave yet, please," he said as he reached over to kiss her again, rolling over onto his back and pulling her with him until she was laid on him.

Rose sat up slightly on him, her breasts touching his chest when she suddenly noticed a scar and looked concerned.

He noticed and took her hand and said, "It's ok, I had an operation to have a pacemaker fitted, it's fine. I'm not going to collapse on you or anything, that's why I've not had sex with anyone for a while. I got ill and collapsed twice until I had to do something about it. It put a lot of women off when they saw my scar. Are you ok with it?"

Rose nodded, then lay down against his chest, glancing up to ask if it was ok. He nodded as she listened to his heartbeat. She moved away but he moved her back. "Please stay there Rose, it doesn't hurt. I have my alarm set for six forty five, I'll wake you then you can go back to your room before you're missed in the morning. We'll talk when you wake up, it you want?" He realised he'd been talking to himself as she was asleep.

Rose had already snuggled into him and fallen asleep. She felt better than she had done in two years. She didn't even dream like she had been doing about her husband, thinking back as to how he'd died and the times they'd had together. She woke up, hearing an alarm going off somewhere, knowing it wasn't hers and opened one eye. She was laid on a man's hairy chest, one arm wrapped around her and she knew instantly it wasn't her husband as she became more aware. The alarm had stopped and a Scottish voice was whispering her name. She glanced up to see a friendly bearded face looking down at her as she moved.

"Morning sleepy, how are you today?" he enquired, kissing her forehead.

She managed a 'hi' and snuggled back down again, forgetting she had to get back to her room before her mother woke up, then looked up suddenly looking alarmed.

"What time is it? If I'm not back in my room before eight, I'll be facing the Spanish inquisition or the firing squad, or possibly both."

"Calm down, it's only ten to seven, I only woke early so you had time to get back and I have to go to work for a few hours. Can I see you later, Rose, can we meet for lunch or something or will you have to face awkward questions? If you do, then I can just meet you in the lounge tonight after dinner but I'd really like to spend some more time with you, if that's ok?"

He reached down to kiss her as she turned to meet his lips. The kiss was even deeper than Rose expected as he felt for her tongue and she found herself responding by finding his as she melted into him. They parted and Rose started to move away from his body, not really wanting to but out of necessity as she found she needed to dash into his bathroom. He wondered what he'd done wrong as she got up in such a rush and she pulled her knickers on hurriedly and slipped her shirt on but when she headed for the bathroom he just smiled to himself, she wasn't running away.

When she came out she just muttered a 'sorry' and grinned at him and crossed back to the bed, climbed on top of him and sank into his lips again. They finally parted and she said she really had to go. He looked disappointed. He asked about meeting later and she said she'd try and get away for lunch but doubted it but promised she would meet him at eight in the lounge. Satisfied, they kissed once more and Rose left his room. After she left, he wondered what exactly Rose had done to him to make him feel so good after all this time and was already more than looking forward to their next meeting and if after tonight he'd ever see her again, the first time in a long time, he'd regret going for a one or two night stand.