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Chaos or Crawford's Hideously Awful Operational Screw-up

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Where there was one Schwarz there were often more and Aya discovered he had even more available brain power when he'd finished with Schuldig, so he began to think that the more partners he had the better. The hunger was dimming as well, but he was well aware he was not finished yet and he knew just how to get what he needed.

"Schuldig," he said, taking the telepath's face by the chin and turning Schuldig's head so that the man's dazed eyes were looking at him, "how many of you are watching us?"

Schuldig's pupils were blown as if the telepath was high, but Aya knew he had been heard.

"Three," was the eventual reply, "all but Crawford."

Aya couldn't help smiling; that meant there was more prey close by.

"Call one of them," he said shortly and for the first time since Schuldig had surrendered the man looked torn.

Leaning over the other redhead, Aya stared Schuldig straight in the eye and rubbed his hand firmly over the telepath's cock while broadcasting the sexual need he was feeling. Schuldig actually whimpered.

"Call one of them," Aya repeated.

"Yes," Schuldig moaned out and closed his eyes.

For a moment Aya let the telepath be, not wishing to interrupt whatever his captive was doing and, seemingly by his will, all other activity stilled on the bed as well. Only when Schuldig opened his eyes again did movement restart.

"He's coming," Schuldig said, seemingly far too far gone for guilt now and Aya leaned over and kissed him.

"Good boy," he said, pulling back again.

He really didn't care which one was on his way, all that mattered was that fresh prey would arrive soon.

Looking back at the pile of bodies on the bed he decided it was becoming too crowded. It had been a group effort to subjugate Schuldig, but the others were beginning to become involved in each other again and there just wasn't enough room. Reaching over his naked companions he removed the pillows first, throwing them onto the floor and they were quickly followed by the covers which had become bunched up in the corner of the bed. That left only people.

"Yoji, go play over there," he said shortly and indicated the pile of bedding now on the floor.

The instruction didn't seem to faze the playboy at all as he pulled Omi off the bed with him and onto the sheets and pillows. Ken was left sitting next to where Schuldig was still lying looking rather unsure now that he had neither of the others with him. He looked thoroughly edible, but Aya held himself back since he knew their next guest would be here very shortly.

"Schuldig," he said, running a finger over the telepath's abdomen and bringing the man out of the daze Schuldig had fallen into, "Ken-chan's lonely."

Schuldig looked over at where Ken was sitting and the sight of Ken looking at him nervously seemed to wake the telepath up. The smile that graced Schuldig's features would have been scary in most situations; the fact that everyone was naked made it even more so. Aya took hold of Schuldig's chin again before the man could move.

"Don't hurt him," Aya said firmly and then glanced at Ken, "unless he wants you to," he added as an after thought.

That made Schuldig grin even more and the arousal Aya felt coming off both men as the telepath crawled onto his knees to tower over Ken was quite incredible. Aya almost wasn't paying attention when his door banged inwards.

He turned to see Prodigy standing in the gap, clearly ready for a fight, and he left Ken and Schuldig to it, climbing off the bed to confront the newcomer. The youngest member of Schwarz swung a cold gaze around the room with eyes that were far older than the teenage body in which they resided. There was no innocence here even though Nagi was younger than Omi, Aya could tell that at just a glance and he had no qualms about focusing on his prey.

"Schuldig," Nagi snapped, clearly trying to attract his team mate's attention, but Aya knew the telepath was far too busy to reply.

"He's mine now," Aya said, taking a few steps across the room, but stopping before he was close enough to Nagi to set the youth into action.

Nagi frowned at that, this was clearly not what the telekinetic had been expecting.

"Come in, Nagi-san," Aya invited in a reasonable tone, "you are already caught."

Aya wasn't clear on how he hooked his prey, but he knew it was fast and he could sense the effects in others. It had taken only seconds for Nagi to be affected and now all Aya had to do was reel the youngest Schwarz in. To his credit Nagi held up his hand to use his power, but Aya crossed the rest of the distance between himself and Nagi before the youth could do anything.

He did not touch the telekinetic, but just stood there and looked Nagi directly in the eye. He did not challenge and he did not try and coax Nagi any further, he simply waited. Eventually Nagi let his hand drop and Aya stepped back to let the youngest Schwarz step into the room.

"This was not supposed to happen," Nagi said as the telekinetic looked around the room.

"I don't doubt it," Aya replied, treating Nagi as the adult he knew him to be rather than the teenager his stature suggested, "and yet it has and is happening. You were caught the moment you opened the door. What caused this?"

"An experimental serum," Nagi replied, still taking in the other two couples in the room, "but I only know this was not the prescribed outcome not its complete effects."

"I will show you the effects," Aya said and found himself the soul focus of Nagi's attention again.

Something in him knew that if he pushed too hard too fast the results would be disastrous and he had to land this prey carefully. Nagi appeared as drawn as the others had been, but also very wary. He could feel the heat of the other's stare as Nagi looked him up and down and he liked it. There was no way out of this for Nagi now. Stepping up to the younger man he reached out slowly and tilted Nagi's head up slightly, leaning in and claiming an almost chaste kiss.

Nagi just stood there blinking at him when he stood back again. He had Nagi confused now, which was exactly how he wanted him. Soon his latest catch would surrender and he would have what he wanted.

"I can feel your power," he said and he honestly could; just like he had felt Schuldig's attempt to brush his mind before he had gone to find him, even though that should have been impossible; "use it to remove your clothes."

Nagi again just looked at him.

"Why should I?" the youth asked in as cold a tone as ever.

"Because you want to," Aya replied simply.

He knew Nagi was aroused; he had sensed it happening and the uniform the youngest Schwarz wore did nothing to hide Nagi's burgeoning erection. Nagi clearly considered this statement carefully and must have decided he was right because Aya felt the atmosphere in the room shift and Nagi's clothes began to unfasten themselves. He watched in wrapt fascination as button after button released and slowly the Nagi underneath the neat clothes was revealed.

Nagi was even more delicately built than Omi, but Aya could feel the strength inside the slight body. Nagi's power was of the mind, not of the flesh and as Nagi stepped out of the pool of material now around the young man's feet Aya moved in. Nagi was small, no weight at all and he lifted him with ease, walking to the wall and pushing Nagi against it. Nagi's weight settled around his waist as the youngest Schwarz figured out what was going on and wrapped slender legs around him.

The raw power he could feel inside the frail human shell was an incredible turn on and he knew that it would be his to command. He was going to claim Nagi for his own and then that power would protect them all.

"I could kill you," Nagi said, even as they were skin to skin.

"No you couldn't," Aya replied with perfect certainty and kissed his captive.

Nagi moaned, but cut off the moan and when Aya pulled back the youth almost appeared affronted by his own actions.

"You are caught," Aya pointed out, "let go and enjoy it."

A loud moan from Ken made Nagi look over and Aya felt Nagi's physical reaction almost instantly as the cock resting against him twitched.

"I can never let go," Nagi managed to say with only a little stammering.

"Then use it to enjoy yourself," Aya urged, rubbing his body against Nagi's.

For the first time Nagi looked unsure and perplexed.

"There is oil in that bottle," Aya said and indicated the rose oil with a nod; "prepare yourself for me while I enjoy the rest of you."

Nagi still didn't seem particularly sure about everything, but, when the oil bottle began to float across the room, Aya knew he would be getting exactly what he wanted. He set about leaving a mark on Nagi's pale, perfect skin as Nagi did as he was told. It took a few minutes and Nagi squirmed against him several times as he lavished attention of what he could see and Nagi lavished attention on what he couldn't, but he knew when Nagi was ready. He wondered what it was like to be prepared by invisible fingers, but he was really more interested in other things at that moment.

He looked into Nagi's eyes and they acknowledged each other and then he lifted Nagi's smaller body a little more. He felt Nagi help as he lined them up, but he was fully in control as he slowly pushed up and slowly lowered Nagi at the same time. It was very clear this was not the first time Nagi had done this as they came together easily.

Nagi was obviously bracing himself with more than muscle as Aya began to slowly thrust into him and Aya started to see more and more advantages to this arrangement. They were perfectly arranged now and he began to move in earnest, finding Nagi's prostate with his third thrust. Nagi's eyes were intense, boring into him even as he heard the passion and arousal in the moans and little cries from Nagi's mouth. It was like staring into a hurricane encased in a brittle glass jar and it excited him.

When he finally reached for Nagi's cock, he knew it was true that Nagi could never completely let go; he had seen it in that gaze the whole time, but he was determined to at least make Nagi release just a little. He moved his hand in time with his thrusts, feeling for the arousal in Nagi's thin frame and building on it, movement by movement. Nagi would be his and would come apart, just a little; he was going to make sure of it.

When it hit it was glorious.

Nagi's head went back, hitting the wall, and the youth keened long and loud, coming between them as Aya pumped his cock. Wonderful sensation ran through Aya as he raised his fifth prey to orgasm and he enjoyed every second. The only thing he wasn't expecting was the vase he had on the shelf next to where they were engaged to implode and turn into a pile of dust. Nagi looked strung out and just slightly apologetic when he looked into the youngest Schwarz's face, but it dawned on him that this was what he had been trying for so it wasn't really Nagi's fault. He could have stayed where he was and questioned what had just happened, but he was far more interested in sex and there was plenty more in Nagi. Pushing them off the wall he carried his latest prize to the bed and tried to decide how to proceed next.


Once Nagi was thoroughly subdued and part of the group, Aya had Schuldig call the last member of Schwarz in the vicinity. Farfarello, always guaranteed to be odd, came in through the window rather than the door. Aya calmly kicked the man in the jaw from his position on the bed and then leaned over to see where Schwarz's Berserker had fallen. Surprisingly Farfarello was just lying there looking dazed and Aya noted that his kick appeared to be more affective than before, possibly it was a combination of the atmosphere in the room and the attack.

Climbing over the edge of the bed, he left Nagi to his own devices and stood over the still prone Farfarello.

"Welcome to the second circle of hell," he said, looking down at the one golden eye he could see.

"Lust," Farfarello said with something akin to reverence.

Aya smiled; this was going to be as easy as he had thought. When he reached down and removed the stiletto from Farfarello's hand, the mad Irishman just let him and Aya used it to slice straight through the material of Farfarello's top; so much easier.


Crawford opened his eyes slowly and was instantly assaulted by images of Weiß, or more specifically Fujimiya and he swore loudly until he ran out of languages to use. Of course Weiß would be at the centre of chaos' game and Crawford was of the firm impression that Weiß were in fact nothing more than agents of chaos set free to wreck his perfectly orderly universe. If only Kudou had been delayed as was supposed to happen then Tsukiyono would have been first home and Fujimiya would have attacked him and the resulting reaction would have destroyed Weiß and proved the serum in one simple stroke. Instead Kudou the slut had made it back first and the energy had made Fujimiya all the stronger. Crawford was cursed, he was sure of it.

Every path he considered there was Fujimiya all violet eyes and red hair like an avenging angel; even in the timeline where he dressed as a woman and changed his name to Belinda, Fujimiya was there looking back at him. With a sigh he picked himself up off the floor and wondered who on high he had pissed off quite enough to be singled out so completely.

He knew his team were lost because he had what they had all been doing, or possibly that should have been who was doing them, written on his brain in graphic detail thanks to the rearranging of his visions, and reluctantly he picked up his keys. There really was nothing he could do but accept his destiny and, with the small comfort that he knew the sex was going to be good, he prepared to leave the house.


Crawford walked through the already open door into Weiß's residence, closing it behind him and bolting it against the assault it would have to bear later in the day. He never left the house without a gun, but he knew he wasn't going to need one here, so he pulled out the weapon and left it on the kitchen table; he didn't want to tempt himself that much. Part of him wanted to walk up the stairs and calmly blow Fujimiya's brains out in a fit of pique, but at this stage that would be detrimental to just about everything and he was nothing if not practical.

Next he slipped out of his jacket and hung it over the back of a chair followed by his shoes and socks and then his pants, which he folded carefully and left in a neat pile on the same chair. He loosened his tie, but decided not to take it off completely as a possible use for it flashed through his peculiar mind and then he placed his glasses on the table. There was no point in running the danger of them being broken, since he could see well enough without them, just not perfectly, and he shuddered to think what state his suit would be in if he wore it into the room upstairs.

He turned off the oven since he was well aware no one would be seeking the food it contained for several hours and then, wearing only his shirt, tie and boxer shorts, he padded into the hallway. It was simple logistics to give in to the more powerful force; he had been doing so for a very long time and he felt no embarrassment as he walked towards Fujimiya's room. A small voice at the back of his mind pointed out in an annoying chant that he had lost again to Weiß, but he refused to listen to it; violence in this case might be balm to his soul, but it would solve nothing.

Opening the door onto his goal he did have to stop for a moment and just stare. Long ago he had learned to view what his gift showed him dispassionately and reality was a rather more heady experience. Schuldig and Kudou had Hidaka pinned between them on the floor and were well on their way into subjugating their prey into taking both of them at the same time. The gasps and moans from Hidaka did not seem to be in any way discouraging and on closer inspection Crawford's assessment went from 'prey' to 'willing victim'.

To their right Nagi had Tsukiyono on his back almost bent double and was fucking the youngest member of Weiß with a fervour and skill that belied Nagi's youth. Being Rosenkreuz trained, Nagi had not been innocent in a very long time and Crawford was vaguely proud that his protégé was clearly no one's cowering uke.

However, the most captivating sight in the room was occurring on the bed where Farfarello was sprawled on his back over the remnants of the bandages he usually wore all over his body. Farfarello's scars were on show for all to see and there were some new wounds scratched on his chest along one of which Fujimiya was running his tongue while he clearly had Farfarello impaled firmly on his cock. The only time Crawford had ever seen Farfarello in such ecstasy was during a kill, but it was clearly Farfarello who was dying here, not anyone else.

"I am the devil and you are mine," he heard Fujimiya whisper and then Farfarello was bucking under the redhead, coming with a silent cry and an expression of pure bliss.

Crawford felt himself hardening at the pure eroticism of what he was seeing. He was always the calm controlled one, nothing moved him, but that did. Fujimiya sat back slightly, but keeping his lower body joined with Farfarello and languidly ran a finger through the creamy white mess all over Farfarello's stomach. Half way through the gesture it changed and Crawford watched in fascination as Fujimiya drew blood with his finger nail turning the cum ever so slightly pink. Farfarello followed all of this with his one good eye and Crawford couldn't take his gaze off either of them as Fujimiya lifted his finger to his mouth and licked it, humming in the back of his throat as if it was the most wonderful thing in the world.

In response Farfarello moved his hips, which was enough to trigger Fujimiya into leaning over him, thrusting once and coming with a low moan. It was quite honestly one of the most erotic things Crawford had ever seen and it did not surprise him in the slightest when Fujimiya pulled out of Farfarello and then bent to claim the rest of the prize spread over the Irishman's scarred body.

The serum had been designed to turn a man into a sexual predator, dependent on the sexual highs of other human beings and it seemed Fujimiya knew exactly how to get what he needed. It had been created as a method of silent assassination as a trusted employee or friend became a sex fiend and literally fucked to death the victim, who was instantly addicted to their pheromones. Slightly altered body chemistry guaranteed mutual participation and since the human body could only take so much stimulation before the heart gave out or a stroke would occur it was an elaborate, but effective method of killing.

Given the random variable of Kudou Yoji, the world's greatest slut, however, it seemed other outcomes were possible. In earlier tests subjects had only ever fixated on one victim; Fujimiya, however was going for a stable of lovers and Crawford already knew it was a workable solution. Who could have guessed that seven was the magic number; ironic really, but he had long since given up arguing with the universe when it came to anything to do with Weiß. A supreme being somewhere was laughing his or her arse off, but there wasn't anything he could do about it now.

No one in the room seemed to care that he was standing there, so he stepped further into the room, closed the door behind him and waited for an invitation. Fujimiya spent a good few minutes playing with Farfarello while he just stood there, cock becoming more and more interested in proceedings, but he was well aware that Japan's newest incubus was no where near as oblivious as he seemed.

"Not willing to destroy your handiwork?" Fujimiya finally asked, and looked up at him for the first time.

Attempting to maintain as much dignity as he possibly could when wearing only a shirt and boxer shorts, Crawford simply looked back for a moment.

"That would have been detrimental and quite possibly fatal," he replied in his usual calm tone; "and at this point is a moot question."

"I take it Kudou was the uncalculated variable?" Fujimiya said next, standing up and walking over.

They both looked over at the man in question who was far to involved in Hidaka and Schuldig to be paying any attention to them at all. The wanton moans really said it all.

"You're brighter than I gave you credit for," Crawford admitted as he turned back and gave the naked Weiß an up and down.

That made Fujimiya laugh, a sound Crawford had, quite frankly, never expected to hear from the man in his presence. It was usually more a matter of snarling, but then before the whole cock up he had never expected to be in the presence of Fujimiya while one of them was naked either.

"My brain has been somewhat occupied this afternoon," the other assassin told him, "but I would be very dead by now if I couldn't work out something so obvious. Who was I supposed to get first; Omichi?"

Crawford just nodded; there was no point denying it now and he was really quite surprised his mental functions were still working so well.

"You're at my mercy," Fujimiya pointed out, "give me a good reason why I shouldn't just kill you for what you've done to us."

It was his turn to smile and he used his best cold, calculating one because they both knew the point was already decided.

"You need a seventh unless you plan to gradually kill the others," he pointed out, "your pheromones will only be affective in addicting others for another half an hour, and I am far more valuable to you alive and under your control than dead."

If he had been talking to Kudou or Hidaka he knew his argument might have been met with petulance, but he was well aware that Fujimiya was almost as practical as he was. Hence he was very unsurprised when his companion took him by the tie and dragged him towards the bed.

"And why shouldn't I just rape you like you wanted me to do to Omi?" was the next question as he let himself be thrown onto the bed.

"Because you get off on the pleasure," Crawford replied simply.

Fujimiya gave a rather worryingly manic grin at that point; it was not an expression he had expected to see on the man's face. Unexpected things worried him because they were so rare and the earlier events of the day had already upset his delicate equilibrium. For once in his life he was left feeling rather unsure and vulnerable and he discovered it was not a pleasant experience. He was actually almost nervous, which, quite frankly, was an affront to his own sensibilities.

"Are you just going to let me have you, Crawford?" Fujimiya asked. "That's not like you. Is the great Oracle just going to surrender and be fucked?"

He hadn't thought of it quite like that and it began to dawn on him that maybe Fujimiya had a few anger management issues and didn't want him to simply surrender. He sat up from where he was sprawled on the bed.

"Are you sure it is me who will end up being fucked?" he responded, still not sure what the outcome would be, but playing the game never the less.

How Fujimiya had managed to sidestep his visions again he had no idea, but suddenly it was rather exciting. When Fujimiya leapt at him he was only just ready.

"We'll see," the Weiß said as the redhead pinned him to the bed.

With a flick of his hips and a roll Crawford swapped their positions as Farfarello quickly moved out of the way. There was something alive and animalistic in Fujimiya's eyes as he was given a quick glimpse before they were wrestling in earnest. He knew who would win, he knew it as soon as they started to battle properly, but he also knew that wasn't the point. It was so primitive that his higher brain could barely grasp it and part of him really didn't want to play the game.

"Fight me," Fujimiya hissed at him as he almost surrendered and it spurred him back into action.

Underneath the pristine suit and perfectly controlled exterior, Brad discovered that he was in fact a real human being and pushing his shock away he began to fight in earnest.

By the time Fujimiya had him completely pinned they both had bleeding lips, he had a black eye and his opponent was sporting the beginnings of a lovely bruise all along his left cheek. Crawford was well aware that every other person in the room was watching them even as Fujimiya bound his wrists using his tie. He had pictured it being used for such a purpose, but the run up had been quite a surprise.

"Mine," Fujimiya said with a finality that had him sinking into the bed without question.

It was quite an experience, very heady in the fact that adrenaline was still pumping fast and his cock was so hard he felt fit to burst. Never in all his years had he ever lost out to his sex drive, but he didn't have much choice this time and, when Fujimiya reached out and ground a hand into his crotch, he moaned like a two-bit whore. The prim and proper aspect of his nature gave a wail of distress and promptly spontaneously combusted as anything but carnal lust left his mind. He was swamped by the many and varied things Fujimiya was going to do to him and his resistance caved completely.

His shirt went the way of the dinosaur in that the moment Fujimiya attacked it, it was very much extinct. It was possible to sew buttons back on, but not when they had been ripped out of the material leaving ragged holes behind. Fujimiya was nothing if not effective and that was why he had left his suit downstairs.

His boxers did not go next, in fact Fujimiya dribbled a little oil right onto them and began to rub him through the fabric. It made him moan again despite his attempts to control himself and that was the point where he decided that it just wasn't worth the effort. He was going to be subjugated and summarily fucked and testosterone or no testosterone he was going to have to live with the idea. When he had walked in, he had been quite happy with the idea, but the fight had rather riled him. He had to admit he was impressed; there weren't many people who could get under his skin like that.

As Fujimiya continued to play with him at least he had the small comfort that there was no ridiculous kissing. He moaned and writhed and reacted like a human being for once and when Fujimiya finally pulled off his underwear he couldn't help the sigh of relief.

"That is unnecessary," he said as he saw Fujimiya reach for the bottle of oil again.

That gained him a raised eyebrow.

"Prepared for every outcome?" Fujimiya asked even though they both knew the answer.

"Of course," he replied and was completely unsurprised when the Weiß reached up and unfastened the bond around his wrists.

They were both very clear on where this was going to go now.

Fujimiya did not wait for permission and appeared to just assume everything was already expected and Crawford very rapidly found himself being breached by a very insistent cock. Even though he had known it was going to happen there were just some things it was impossible to be completely prepared for and he groaned long and hard.

Reality was once again much more direct that his visions and for once he was simply along for the ride. It felt much more intense than he had let himself believe and was quite honestly rather mind-blowing as hormones overcame all sense. Logically he knew he was high on Fujimiya's pheromones, but logic had very little to do with how things were going.

Sex, everything was sex and he really didn't care. At that moment he just never wanted Fujimiya to stop touching him and he didn't care who knew it. Possibly he would regret that later, but he didn't have any brain power to argue with his libido just about then. Enjoying bottoming was another new experience to add to the growing list since he had done it before, but of necessity rather than anything to do with pleasure, but right then he was definitely enjoying it. So much so that, when Fujimiya pulled out after pounding into him for what could have been anything between a second and eternity, his first thought was that he had done something wrong and was about to pay for it.

He quickly found he was very wrong and shortly thereafter lost the ability to think again as Fujimiya's mouth clamped around his cock and two fingers were then employed to tease his prostrate. It seemed Fujimiya was hungry and was going about things directly and he managed to hold out for a little under thirty seconds. When his mind finally short circuited completely and he surrendered to his orgasm it was so intense that not even his visions could get through. All that existed was the moment and he was dazed and confused.

In fact he was so dazed, confused and thoroughly shagged out that he didn't catch up with the fact that Fujimiya wanted more until his legs had been forced up and back. Having a cock back inside him was almost too much and all he could do was gasp and cling on to the bed sheets as Fujimiya used him in an almost desperate manner.

Something was clearly going on in the Weiß's head to which Crawford was not privy and he had no choice but to let things happen. When Fujimiya finally shuddered, collapsing over him and barely preventing falling onto him completely, his brain recorded it as a thing of debauched beauty and gave up trying to classify the whole situation as anything else. When the redhead shifted so they could see each other again, he wasn't quite sure what to expect.

They stared at each other, both breathing hard and he noted that, for the first time, Fujimiya looked as dazed as he felt. As Fujimiya pulled out of him and looked down at himself rather stupidly, Crawford thought the other man might have finally broken something. It only latterly occurred to him, as his brain started to function again that his bed partner seemed to be staring at his own erection, which was slowly deflating.

"Oh thank god," he heard Fujimiya say and was somewhat shocked to find the Weiß lying down on the bed beside him and all but draping across him.

He had never been one for cuddling after sex and he hadn't really expected to start now.

"Sleep now," were the semi-coherent words that confirmed his suspicions and he had a nasty suspicion that Fujimiya went to sleep directly after uttering them.

It left him feeling more awkward than when he'd had his feet around his ears and Fujimiya pounding into him like a sex maniac. The fact that Schuldig giggled madly shortly after these thoughts had travelled through his mind reminded him that there was a telepath in the room and he was probably broadcasting loudly. He gave Schuldig a glare, but from the way the giggles continued he had a feeling he was not as imposing naked with an armful of Weiß as he might want to be.

"Brad's got commitment issues," Schuldig chortled through the laughter.

"Shut up, Schuldig," he said in his best commanding tone, but the giggling just became louder, especially when Farfarello, who had just been sitting in the very corner of the bed watching, decided to lie down behind Fujimiya as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

He closed his eyes and counted to ten, doing his best to ignore the irritating laughter that Nagi seemed to have caught onto as well. He began to regret that he had left his gun downstairs.


Aya was dozing lightly when he heard the front door slam in downstairs and he opened his eyes with a frown. From the thundering of feet up the stairs he came to the conclusion that the cavalry had arrived a few hours too late. He shared a look with Crawford and then put his head back on the man's chest to continue what he had been doing.

"Nagi," Crawford said in an almost offhand manner, "deal with our guests, please."

"But don't hurt them ... much," Aya added as his door gave in to a superior force from the outside.

That drew a laugh from somewhere in the room that Aya couldn't be bothered to follow.

"Why don't you let him do what you really want him to, Oh Glorious Leader?" Schuldig asked, still laughing.

"Economics," Aya replied, not exactly pleased that he couldn't go back to sleep, "they'll be paying our wages."

Even as the interlopers aimed guns around the room, two of them flew backwards, carefully missing Aya's bookcases and hitting the wall and the others were succinctly relieved of their weapons.

"Good god," Aya heard another familiar voice say and decided to look up again and saw Manx standing in the doorway. "You've all been contaminated with an experimental serum," the woman said, quickly regaining her composure, "but we can help you."

Aya just lifted an eyebrow at that; he knew he had been right to worry about the something else with the tranquilizer, but nobody had bothered to listen to him when it could have done some good. He was unimpressed with the show of force now.

"No you can't" Crawford said with the cold certainty Aya always associated with the precog, "but none of us are contagious anymore so you can cancel the quarantine. You are, however, stuck with a team of eight rather than four so you might want to adjust your records accordingly."

Manx did a rather fair impression of a fish when she was surprised it seemed.

"But you're the enemy," Manx said clearly at a loss to explain what she was seeing.

"They're mine," Aya found himself growling out before his higher brain caught up with his instinctive one. "Now go away," he said snappishly, annoyed by having his nap interrupted, "and take the toy soldiers with you."

Then he dismissed her from his mind and put his head down again.

"Schuldig, no," he said without bothering to look up again as some sixth sense in the back of his mind that he didn't understand informed him that it was the right thing to do.

"Scheiße," Schuldig responded in a sulky tone, "you're even less fun than our ex-Glorious Leader."

"And moodier I'll bet," that was from Yoji, so Aya picked up a cushion from behind him and accurately threw it at Yoji's head without even bothering to look up.

There was a very satisfying thump.

"Bastard," was the half-hearted response.

Aya really was tired; he had just had sex with seven people, nearly all of them several times in fact and he wanted to sleep. It seemed to him to be very impolite not to let a man rest when he'd been working that hard and if people weren't careful he was going to get cranky.

The End