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Cool for The Summer

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The last day of school, Arya managed to get herself into detention, because of her stupid sister and her stupid friend, they kept calling her horseface in front of the entire school and then her stupid boyfriend Joffrey decided to make it worse by cutting in as well. She lost her temper and karate kicked him straight in the face so hard he fell from the stupid table he sat on, causing him to hit his head on the ground and knocked out straight away.

So now she sat in the class of Syrio Forel, her hockey teacher, sitting the hour out with a bored expression on her face, while he made a call, probably to someone's mother. She prayed it wasn't hers. She just wanted to go home and celebrate the fact that her sister would go on summer camp in a few days so she would have the lake house all for herself, since Robb would also go on that summer camp and her younger brothers too. Her favorite brother Jon would have to 'share' the lake house with her but he would be with one of his many fuck buddies.

Only five minutes left on the clock she started to pack her things in her black leather backpack. "Wait, girl" Syrio said out loud.

"Why?" She questioned.

"I just spoke to your mother" Fuck.

"What about? "

"Your bad grades, behavior and absent periods" Shit.


"You are going on summer camp" What the shit.

"No" She replied stubbornly.

"You don't have a choice, well except repeating this year" Fuck this shit.

"Why do I have to go to some stupid summer camp, it doesn't make any sense"

"To catch up in the time you missed"

"Fine, I'll repeat this year"

"You won't play hockey next year, you don't have the credit"

"So I can only play sports if I go to this stupid summer camp with my stupid sister and her stupid friends?"

"Yes" he replied.

"Fine" She gave in, stomping out of the room, swinging her backpack over her shoulder, her mood destroyed and her life ruined.


She wasn't amused, after another fight with Sansa, packing her stuff and her mood darkening even more when she found out Sansa’s best friend Margaery was driving with them to this stupid summer camp. She blocked out the conversation with the love of her life: music, praying to the old gods and the new for a little bit of fun. Maybe one of her 'friends' would be there. She couldn't be the only one of her school forced to go on this nightmare.

The sun already started to lower, she knew they would arrive in the dark. And her mother would want to send her to her room, meet her roommate, something she definitely wanted to avoid. Especially if one of her friends would be there. After half an hour her mother pulled into a gas station, leaving the car.

She felt a tap on her shoulder, a hand with long fake nails painted a bright pink with glitters. She took out one earbud, annoyed she turned to the hand, belonging to Sansa. face betrayed her excitement. "What?" She asked.

"I just wanted to say that Joffrey is gonna be on the camp and you can't ruin anything" Sansa said.

"Ruin what?" She replied, her sister looked down a flush on her cheeks. Arya frowned.

"Just my relationship"

"Trust me, I won't even be around you"



The conversation ended, she continued listening to her life saver. Hoping the ride would end soon so she could sleep through the entire camp. Or at least try to sleep as much as she possibly could. Play some sports and try to survive her sister and boyfriend. She could do that. It didn't take long at the gas stop. When her mother started driving again, she noticed something odd about her. As if she wanted to tell something but didn't know how, it was clearly burdening her. She wasn't the only one who noticed. She decided to leave it and rested her head against the window, her eyes became heavy and sleep took over.

After her small nap, Sansa was blushing furiously, Margaery kept her head down, her cheeks red as well. "Mom!" Sansa protested.

"I just want you to keep safe" her mother explained, then it hit her. Her mother was giving the talk to her sister, who turned to Arya.

"What about Arya! You didn't tell her any of this"

"Is she awake?"


"Arya?" Catelyn asked gently.

"Yeah?" She answered, putting the earbuds out her ear.

"I know you're a young woman now and you're going to feel things..."

"Mom you know I'm on the pill and I always keep a condom on me just to be sure, like Aunt Lysa told me to"

"Okay, i was just making sure"

"I know"

"Anyway are we there yet? "

"No, but the highway is close"

She was right after five minutes they arrived at the highway. She was literally going Highway to Hell.


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