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Seed Collecting

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Luna enjoyed collecting seeds.

And there were so many wonderful kinds of seeds too!  Daddy taught her that at a young age.

When she was 10 years old, Daddy taught her all about how human males grow seeds in their bodies.  Very special seeds that could grow special things.  And these seeds could be used for many purposes: feeding magical creatures, powerful potions, and other powerful magic.

He showed her his "Nuts", and explained that inside each Nut were many seeds.  He also showed her his "Stalk", and explained the best techniques on how to retrieve the precious seeds from the delicate Nuts.

"You have to grasp my stalk like this, child.  Yes....oooohhh, yes, good girl..."

Daddy was very good at explaining things.  He instructed her on different "shaking" techniques, and how massaging the stalk rhythmically with her hands was the best way to retrieve the seeds for collection.

And as her Daddy groaned and cursed, his seeds spilled into her hands in several hard pulses.  But one hard spasm sent a bit of the seed splashing across her cheek.

But she didn't mind.  She had found a new hobby.

And she was hooked.

She started by practicing with the boys she knew near home in her village.  It took a little while, but with patience, she was soon collecting all kinds of different seeds.  And Daddy was right: each seed was different.  Some were very white, others a little more yellowish.  And some seeds were thicker in texture, while others were more watery and runny.  Some seeds had funny smells, but most of them smelled nice.  And still: some seeds were soft and gooey, while others were sticky and harsh against her soft hands.

When Daddy saw that she had a knack for collecting seeds and how much she enjoyed it, he helped her assemble a "Seed Kit".  The kit consisted of magically-protected jars, a magnifying glass, a microscope, a dropper, and a small locked cabinet to keep all of her seeds in.

Oh, and Daddy also taught her a spell: Viventium Mortuorum, or "Living Dead".

He promised her that this would not hurt anyone she used it on.  It would simply render their minds blank, but keep their bodies functioning.

This was perfect for what she had in mind.  And when the Fourth Year of her Hogwarts Education started, she decided to make her move and put the kit to good use.  By this point, she had lots of practice on Daddy and other men and boys around her village.  Luna was quite confident she could succeed in collecting new seeds once she returned to Hogwarts.

And when she laid eyes on the new First Year Student during the Sorting Ceremony, she knew that he would be her first subject.


-To be continued in Chapter 1.