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Special Touch - Southern Girls

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Country music blaring, takeout food boxes strewn across the coffee table, an empty bottle of peach schnapps tipped over on its side, Eye hiding behind the stuffed deer that stood in the corner and me and Annabelle dancing and laughing. That’s what Norman walked into Monday night. To say we were drunk would have been an understatement.

“BABY!!” I screamed unnecessarily over the music, past Annabelle who hadn’t seen him come in the house. Norman was smiling ear to ear as he dropped his motorcycle helmet and his back pack on the island and picked up a cold hushpuppy from the metal to-go container. Annabelle turned, too quickly for her own good and toppled toward me. I wrapped my arms around her to keep her standing but I was no more sober than she was and we both ended up in a heap on the living room floor. She started with an apology but the laughter over took us both as he hugged and I tried to explain our situation to an amused Norman.

“We picked up food over at that roadside place… Anna cut my hair…” I could feel her body shake against mine as she laughed, “There’s cooler in the fridge if you want some.” I had made a batch of my watermelon cooler but at some point we had switched to Peachtree schnapps. Anna mumbled against me neck which made me laugh even harder before I tried to tell Norman what she had said, “Yeah, there’s schnapps too.” My legs were heavy, I knew that we should get up and untangle ourselves from each other but was comfortable right there on the floor with my new friend.

We quieted and watched as the sexiest man alive stalked across the floor to the coffee table, picked up the empty bottle and sat down on it. “Um… no. I don’t think there’s any schnapps left ladies.” He was still a bit grubby from work, stage blood and dirt covered his neck and hands. I leaned on Annabelle and toward Norman with my lips puckered and my arm reaching for him. He took my hand and let me pull him close till we kissed, Annabelle’s body between us as I tried to kiss him passionately, but it ended up quick as he helped to keep me from falling over.

Norman pushed me back to a sitting position as Annabelle held me tight. He ran his fingers through my hair and stood up. “I like the haircut. And this.” It took a moment for me to remember the few streaks of purple that Annabelle had added to my hair, the first real flair I had added in a while. He left us there in a heap and we watched as he went back to the kitchen and grab himself a beer.

It took a minute but Annabelle and I finally righted ourselves and stood up, still moving together to keep ourselves from falling over we caught up with Norman as he gulped back his beer. I let go, leaning against the island and resting my cheek on his back pack.

“Hi, I’m Annabelle.” The pretty red head, well, she was red now anyways, reached to shake Norman’s hand. Her hair seemed ever changing, I liked that about her.

He pulled her in and hugged her, “Yeah, I remember you.” They had met twice now and though she didn’t think that either visit had been significant, Norman had remembered them both, later more distinctly. “You’re the one with the kickass coleslaw.” She had brought a huge batch of it to Mandy’s summer kick off party. He held her close, keeping her from falling over, she was drunker than I was, and that was saying a lot. Norman smiled at me, “Looks like you two have been havin’ fun.”

We had been, I had gotten my hair done at 2:30 and three hours later we were drinking and laughing here at my place. Mandy had sent me to see her when I called and whined that I needed a haircut and I didn’t want to wait to get back to New York City. Annabelle took walk-in’s and we just started chatting. About the weather, Norman, friends we had in common, clothes, family, small town life and everything else. When her stomach started to rumble, we decided to go grab some southern fried roadside goodness and we bring it back here to eat. Watermelon coolers lead way to some very open conversation and just like she had indicated at Mandy’s party a month ago, she was a complicated woman when it came to relationships.

I nodded my head feeling the material of his back pack on my cheek, “Yeah, she’s a lot of fun.” And then I mumbled, “Our kinda fun.”


The house was pretty well cleaned up when I tucked Annabelle into bed in the guest room and shut the door. Norman was leaning against our door frame waiting for me, “Did you kiss her goodnight?” He smiled and reached for my hand. It was the same question I had asked him that night in our New York City home when Andy had slept over and Norman had gone into the guest room to say goodnight.

“She’s out cold.” Annabelle had still been awake when we moved her into the bedroom, but by time I got her out of her shoes and pulled the blanket over her, she was asleep. I seemed to have sobered up faster than she did. I gave Norman a dirty look for his question; she was a guest in our home, I wouldn’t go kissing her when she was drunk like that. We got ready for bed, I realized that he had a script to review which he would have done earlier but my drunken evening had kept him from it. He had sat in the living room with us, swapping stories, drinking some beer and watching us dance some more as her favorite Kenny Chesney song had come on the radio.

Norman washed up while I laid down, I was too tired to care about getting ready for bed. I had yanked my dress over my head and was curled up when he came back from the bathroom.

“Holly,” He knelt next to the bed and kissed the top of my head, “You are so beautiful.” I looked at him and smiled. “So she cut your hair and you thanked her by bringing her home and getting her drunk?” I still hadn’t told him how it all happened today. He stripped naked dropping his clothes on the floor and taking the pillow off the bed so he could lay down. I tried to sit up but the room spun a little, I laid back down, this time with my head on his chest looking up at him.

I played with the smattering of chest hair he had. “It’s okay right? I mean, that I brought her over here?” I hadn’t asked him but he was pretty private when it came to his home, it wasn’t often we brought random people over.

He twirled the purple lock of my shortened hair, “Your house baby, bring home whoever you want.” He picked up the script and started to flip through it finding the pages he needed and read for a while. I dozed in and out as he breathing evened out and he ran lines. I woke when he shifted and grabbed his phone texting someone and then getting a quick reply. “Go back to sleep baby.” He was still working and though my drunk had gone down to a buzz, I was still pretty light headed from the booze.

I turned till all he could see was the back of my head and I slid my hand under the blanket and found his semi hard dick. Norman made a hissing sound as I pulled him out. I knew I should let him work but I was horny, there was no two ways about it. Between the conversations I had shared with Annabelle tonight, lying in bed with this sexy man and the fact that we hadn’t had sex in days, I wanted him. My hand glided over the shaft as I felt him shift around me, dropping his script, putting down his phone. When my tongue started playing with the tip he exhaled and his hands threaded into my hair. I sucked him deep, feeling the tip of him in my throat as my tongue worked his shaft. It didn’t matter how long we had been together or how many times I had done this, the feel of his dick in my mouth always made me giddy. The way his stomach tightened and he ran my fingers through my hair, grasping locks of it so he could watch me suck. That gentle way he slowly started to rock his hips pushing his dick deeper into my mouth and the occasion hitch of breath he would get when something felt particularly good.

My mouth could have made love to his dick all night but he wanted more, his hand slid down my back, grabbed my ass then kept lower till his fingers edged between my legs. I moved to make things easier for him and his long fingers edged inside of me. I was wet for him and he slid so easily inside of me it made him laugh a little. “Dirty girl, all wet already.” I nodded with a mouth full and he fingered me a little while longer. His voice was low and he shuddered a bit when he spoke, “So fucking hot… god your pussy… my dick needs to be here baby.” He was right, his fingers weren’t going to be enough.

He moved around the bed as I got on my hands and knees, my head still spun a bit but once I was in place and I felt his hands on my hips, things had evened out. “Gonna bang you with your new friend in the next room.” He said it quietly as he rubbed the tip of his cock on my wet opening. He smacked his dick against my clit, “Tell me ya want it.”

Norman’s love for dirty talk was always good for both of us. “Yeah. I want it. Want you inside me even with her right there.” Only one wall separated us from our house guest. But that wasn’t the complete truth. I didn’t just him with her in the house, I wanted her in the room. Annabelle was a beautiful girl with more sexually complex layers to her than I ever knew a woman to have. She had shared some personal things with me as the drinks flowed and honestly, it had my head spinning, wondering and curious.

I felt him edge into me, he leaned over, pressing his chest to my back and whispering, “She hot. Got a cute ass.” I nodded feeling him tease me. “Saw her looking at you.” He slowly pushed inside of me, his mouth clamping down on my shoulder as he felt my heat envelop him. He was right, she had been looking at me most of the night. I caught her looking at my breasts on a few occasions but it was mutual. He noticed her ass, but I was fixated on her tits. They were huge, bigger than me. She had told me that they were fake but I wasn’t sure I would have been able to tell, they looked very natural from I could see.

I tried not to think about her right now, that sexy, sassy red head sleeping just feet away. “Shut up and fuck me.” I shifted back, pushing so that he was deep inside of me. He groaned out and I held my breath as he gripped at my hips and began to bang into me. I loved when Norman got all primal. In my still tipsy state I had to close my eyes and rest my head on the bed to keep the room from spinning but it all felt so good. His dick sliding in and out, the way he bruised one hip and one shoulder with his grip, the feel of his balls slapping against me as he thrusted. I knew he wouldn’t last long and neither would I. It was perfect. His arm wrapped around me, playing with my nipples, pulling and twisting as he talked dirty in my ear and warned me how close to cumming he was.

“Moan baby.” Norman was panting in my ear. “Let her hear you cum.” It started as a loud sigh and turned into a screaming pant as I begged him to fuck me. I knew I shouldn’t try and be heard, even if she was most likely passed out, but I couldn’t help myself. It had been a while since it had been more than just me and Norman involved in our play, and I missed it more than I ever realized.

Norman’s weight on top of me, he pushed me down and bucked fast and hard, he was as needy as I was and when he came he dragged me along with him, my scream muffled by the pillow but far from hidden. We panted and laughed, heavy breathing and sexy clean up. He was well past bed time considering he needed to be on set relatively early and I fell asleep in his arms, the best place I could ever think to be.


I had gotten up early, made Norman a cup of coffee for the road and was finding him an apple when he came into the kitchen, “She’s not dead in a pile of her own vomit.” I laughed when he said it because I had checked on Annabelle as well when I had gotten up. She had been pretty drunk and I was almost worried about her. “I gotta pack for San Diego tonight, but I wanna talk.” I nodded. He was going to be gone for a few days to the biggest comic book event of the year.

“I’ll having dinner waiting and I’ll get your laundry all set.” The spa had been slow lately and I had more free time than I was used to. He wrapped himself around me, licked at my neck and whispered ‘mine’ in my ear.

He backed his bike from around my car then started it up and headed down the road drinking coffee and waving to a neighbor. I leaned on the railing enjoying the cool air and I jumped when Annabelle opened the back door, “Mornin’.” She stood in the doorway, dressed and cleaned up from the night before, as if she hadn’t drunk down a bottle of schnapps and too many watermelon coolers to count. Her red hair was pulled back and though she was in the same clothes as yesterday she looked beautiful, I think it was the way her face lit up when she smiled.

“Good morning.” I turned and met her at the door way.

She stepped back to let me into the house, “Thank you for letting me stay last night.” We went into the kitchen and I turned on the tea kettle for myself.

“Can I get you some coffee or tea? How are you feeling?” I was sure she had a hang over, I was wasn’t feeling great myself.

She sat on the island stool, “Coffee would be wonderful. And some aspirin if you have any.” I started up Norman’s fancy coffee maker then went and got her some aspirin from the medicine cabinet. “Thank you.”

We talked a while, I had known that today was her day off from work and I made us both a light breakfast of dry toast and fruit. Hang over mornings were the worst.

“I want to thank you for letting me unload on you yesterday. I don’t think I’ve told anyone as much as I told you yesterday.” She seemed a little embarrassed but she didn’t need to be.

I felt as if she had come to the right person to unload such a tale to. “Anna, really, it’s fine.” She had shared some very personal things with me last night once the drinks were flowing. Things that a small town girl might not normally share with someone, and I could appreciate her candor mixed with hesitation. Though I didn’t share back as much as I could have, we were similar creatures when it came to being small town girls with adventurous souls. “And if you want to talk more, I’m happy to listen. Like I said, Norman and I are pretty open when it comes to sex and our relationship. Not everything is black and white and we know that.”

“Not everything has a volume control knob either.” She laughed as she sipped at her coffee.

Her statement made me blush, I instantly knew what she was talking about, “Oh god. I am so sorry.” I knew he had encouraged me to be loud last night but I’m not sure I knew the full effect of it in my drunken state. “I…”

She held up her ring covered hand and laughed, “Don’t be sorry. It was very sexy.” She smiled, her green eyes lighting up as she did it. “Really sexy. Besides, now I can say that I heard a famous person having sex.” She sipped again then laughed.

“Oh please, I wouldn’t say I was famous.” I tried to lighten the mood with poorly placed humor. We were both laughing. “Norman’s out of town for a few days, why don’t we plan to have dinner?” I didn’t know where the invite came from, I had been looking forward to a few days of quiet and family time. Now that Mandy was making wedding plans, she was pretty busy with her mom and her sister all time.

“I’d like that.” She was a little shy when she responded. I think she was still overwhelmed from everything she had told me the night before.