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Past Comes Back

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Gay stuff goin' on, some foul language to an extent, maybe some mediocre gore later on 

  “Arthur…” A tall young man with dark hair, stunningly blue eyes, and ears the poke out a bit to either side of his head, stares at a taller man with dirty blond hair and blue eyes wearing chainmail. The shorter man’s mouth opens and closes soundlessly as he tries to find words.
  “Are you going to say something or just stand there gaping like a fish all day? Come on Merlin, we've got to regroup with the others.” Arthur smirks lightly at Merlin and goes to turn away again.
  “W-wait! A-Arthur, th-there’s something I-I want to tell you first, a-and you can hit m-me as much a-as you l-like afterwards b-because y-you’ll p-probably th-think I-I’m being stupid again, or th-that I’m d-disgusting, o-or that I’m wasting your time, or…” Merlin stutters and rambles before Arthur interrupts him.
  “Yes, you are wasting my time unless you get on with it already!” Arthur stares at Merlin making him swallow thickly.
  “A-Arthur, I-I’m in love with you…”Merlin stares at his feet and rings his hands. “I-I’ve been in l-love with y-you for a-a wh-while now…” His words are met with only silence and he takes it as Arthur’s rejection of him. “I-I won’t blame you i-if you are angry w-with me or i-if you order m-me a-away…” Merlin’s stuttering is cut off as Arthur wraps his arm around Merlin’s waist and tilts his head up so that their lips meet. Merlin stiffens at first but relaxes and soon returns Arthur’s kiss. After a few minutes they finally part, both panting heatedly.
  “Why the hell would I ever send you away from my side?” Arthur holds Merlin close and Merlin stares up into his eyes clinging to him lightly.
  “I-I thought you’d be angry or disgusted when I-I told you.”
  “The only reason I’d be angry is that you’ve taken this long to tell me!” Arthur pulls Merlin in closer to himself. “And how can I be disgusted with you… when I love you too.”
  Morning light shines in through Bradley’s apartment window. He groans lightly and lifts his head just enough to see the clock. The digital numbers show 7:05 a.m. and he sighs as he rolls over in his bed almost falling out. Bradley slowly sits up and rubs his face before sliding out of his bed. The cold touch of the wood flooring on the bottoms of his feet send shivers up his spin.
  His eyes wander around the room as he remembers his dream. The floor is a deep brown wood, the walls are a painted on tan, his dresser is white and the closet standing next to it matches with the same shiny coating of paint. Underneath of his small room’s window is his computer desk with papers strewn across it and over his keyboard. Old coffee cups lay around it as well and articles of trash can be seen. His dirty clothes are strewn about the place hanging from the half open closet door, off the side of his chair, on his door knob, and even all across the floor including peeking out from under his bed.
  Bradley pops his back as he stretches out his stiff muscles and exits his room into the hallway of his apartment before slipping into the bathroom. The floor tiles are white-ish-cream and stand out against the off white walls. The counter and sink stand off to his left with his reflection staring back at him and just beyond them down the wall in front of him is the toilet. The shower stands small and just across from the toilet and to Bradley’s right is a rather nicely sized white bathtub up on four legs that look like an animal’s.
  The feel of the chilled air on his almost completely bare skin makes him quickly strip the rest of the way and step into the shower before turning the water onto a nicely steamy hot temperature. Not even ten minutes after he turns on the water he hears a knock at the bathroom door.
  “I’m sorry Bradley but it’s me Colin and I really need to hurry and brush my teeth before heading off to my classes, can I come in?” Bradley rolls his eyes.
  “Just hurry up, and you’d better not try that flushing the toilet trick on me again you little prat.” Bradley turns his face into the water in hopes of chasing away the cold numbness left in his nose.
  “I swear on my life I won’t do it this time.” Colin steps into the bathroom and up to the sink. “Thanks so much, and sorry again.” He starts brushing his teeth and Bradley glances at the blurred shape of his dark haired friend through the glass.
  *“A-Arthur, I-I’m in love with you…”* the memory of his dream claws at him mind as he stares at Colin.
  “Colin…” Bradley’s voice sounds a bit off and the shape moves in indication that Colin had turned to look at him.
  “Yes?” His voice clearly shows that he still has the toothbrush in his mouth and Bradley chuckles and shakes his head.
  “Never mind, it’s nothing.” Bradley turns back into the water.
  “Alright, if you say so.” Colin easily shakes it off and finishes his prepping. “Oh and what time will you be back from work?”
  “I don’t know, probably nine tonight. Why?” Bradley starts actually cleaning himself with soap now rather than just wasting water.
  “Angel wants to stop by tonight and hang out with us like old times.” Colin turns towards the shower and leans on the counter lightly.
  “Really? Alright, I’ll try to make sure I bring some snacks and stuff with me when I come home tonight.”
  “Why don’t you just get a bottle of wine and some nice smelling candles instead?”
  “What? Why?” Bradley lets the water wash all of the bubbles from his hair and skin.
  “Because I won’t be here so the two of you can have some alone time.”
  “I thought she wanted to hang out like old times.” Bradley turns off the water and pokes his head out of the shower door.
  “You and I both know that she’s just looking for a good reason to see you again.” Colin smirks and hands Bradley a towel.
  “Yeah, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave me alone with her. Besides, what on earth will I tell her about where you’ve run off to?” Bradley takes the towel and wraps it around his lower half before stepping fully out of the shower.
  “Just tell her I went to the pub, or something.” Colin shrugs and Bradley rubs his face.
  “You’ve never even been to a pub in your life!”
  “So? You wanted something to tell her so I gave you an excuse. Take it or leave it.”
  “Fine, fine, I’ll take it now off with you before you’re late to your class. Hurt’s lectures are always your favorite anyway.” Bradley shoohs Colin off and Colin laughs as he leaves Bradley to finish drying off.