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Last call for Vodka

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Myka hurried behind Helena to an open spot at the bar.

“Barkeep,” Helena shouted with a grin. “Two Jack and Cokes!”

“Just regular Coke for me,” Myka added.

“Nonsense,” Helena shook her head. “It’s Saturday night in San Junipero.” She turned back to the bartender who set down the drinks in front of them.

“Thanks Duncan.”

“My pleasure as always,” with a wink at Myka he moved down to the other end of the bar.


“So,” Helena took a sip of her drink. “Tell me all about Myka Bering.”

Myka blushed. “Well, there’s not much to tell.”

“Nonsense, everyone has a story,” Helena reached up and touched the frame of her glasses. “These for instance, you don’t need them but you wear them anyway.”

“I’ve always had them,” Myka shrugged, “I figured why change now.”

“An interesting choice,” Helena smiled again. “I like it.”

Myka looked over Helena’s mix of bangles, scarves and necklaces all over a low cut bustier.  “I like your look too.”

“It fits the time,” Helena glanced around the room. “So you’re friend,” she nodded towards Pete who had a mixed fan club of men and women surrounding him on the dance floor.  “Are you two?”

“Oh no,” Myka chocked on her drink, “never in a million years. Pete’s just a friend and offered to come with me tonight. It’s my first time in San Junipero.”

“So you’re a tourist then, not a resident?”

“Yes. And you?”


Suddenly the music swelled and shouts came from the dance floor.

“Oh we have to dance to this song,” Helena grabbed Myka by the hand and began to drag her out into the crowd.

“I can’t dance,” Myka protested.

“Neither can your friend. Nobody cares.”

“But won’t it be weird for two women to dance together? Everyone will be looking.”

Helena paused with confused look. “Times have changed quite a bit. Don’t worry darling.”

She positioned Myka in front of her.  “Just do what I do.”


And for five painful and awkward minutes Myka did her best to follow Helena’s lead. She even noticed Pete give her a big grin and a thumbs up but she couldn’t keep going.  It was all too overwhelming.  When Helena turned to dance with her back to Myka, she fled from the floor and out into the alley.


“Great,” she sighed as rain began to soak her.  Myka quickly headed for a small overhang and sat down on one of the crates below it.

“So stupid,” she said in frustration.

“Hey!” Helena appeared in the alley. “So this is where you ran off too.”

“Sorry to leave you like that.”

Helena plopped down on the crate next to hers.  “You were right. You can’t dance at all.” She chuckled.

“It was my first time.”

“Your first time dancing?” Helena’s brows rose in surprise. Myka found it adorable.

“Yeah. Tonight was a first for a lot of things.”

Helena slid a little closer. “Did you like those things?”

“Very much.”

Myka felt a cool hand on her thigh. “Would you like to go back to my place? We still have a couple of hours before midnight.”

“I um,” Myka was frozen. “I don’t,” she sputtered.

“Fair enough,” Helena removed her hand. “No harm, no foul.”

“I really should get going,” Myka stood quickly. “Pete will be wondering where I am and he really is only here for tonight so.”

She offered her hand to shake.

Helena laughed and accepted the handshake. “You are an unusual creature Myka Bering.”


Myka hurried down the alley. After a few feet she turned to glance back at Helena.

She was gone.

“So stupid,” Myka grumbled and headed off to find Pete.