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Last call for Vodka

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I only love it when you touch me, not feel me, when I’m fucked up that’s the real me

Abigail woke slowly.  It was the middle of the night and the B&B was mostly quiet. 

She opened her eyes allowing them to adjust to the dim light.  HG was pressed tight behind her, an arm heavily resting on her waist.  Another rough mission full of tension between the team had driven the Victorian to a (too often) late night in the sun room.

And Abigail was there with a bottle in hand for them to share which always led to this.

Professionally she knew this was bad for both of them. HG clearly had issues she needed to work through, mostly with Myka, but others from her time in the Bronze.  The current owner was quite fond of her sometimes lover but what they shared was far from love.

Distraction.  A moment of oblivion.  An addiction that was on the path to destruction.

That was probably more accurate.

She began to feel herself slip back into sleep.  But something-a noise, a feeling-caused her to look over her shoulder towards HG’s reading chair.

Silhouetted by the widow she could make out the piece of furniture. In it she recognized the frame of Myka Bering.

Abigail felt a chill run through her.


Mama talking that real life

 “This,” she frowned, “this isn’t working.”

“I know,” he replied. “I had hoped with time things would resolve themselves.”

“But they haven’t.”

“No,” she had never seen him look so defeated. “they certainly haven’t.”

“Perhaps we should revisit the possibility of Warehouse 14.”

His scowl deepened. “Absolutely not. China is far from ready to host the Warehouse.”

“That is one location but there are other possibilities.”

Silence filled the office. The rest of the team was scattered across the building doing inventory.

“Are any of the new recruits ready? It’s been nearly a year…”

“Almost. But do you think this is the best environment for them to enter?”

“They could help cut the tension.”

“Or escalate it.” She sighed. “I had hoped that Miss Cho would have the same positive effect on Agent Wells as she had with you.”

“Oh she’s had an affect all right.” He mumbled.

“Really Arthur,” she shook her head.

“Pardon my gallows humor.”

Mrs. Fredric sighed. This is why Agents who became romantically entangled were asked to leave the Warehouse.  It had only happened once before, in the 1930s and both took the news well.  Jack Secord had gone missing before she had been forced to act again.

But the Warehouse had Agents to spare during those years. The wonders of the 21st century had not done anything to increase the potential candidate pool and time was of the essence.  She had felt the rumblings of another great foe on the horizon.

But unlike MacPherson, Wells, Sykes and Paracelsus they were not ready to deal with the situation.


In my dark time, baby this is all I could be, only my mother can love me for me

HG watched from the alley as the two men entered the bar. She was on special assignment for The Regents tracking one of the henchmen for the Warehouse’s latest large threat.  She had dealt with her fair share during her tenure at twelve but had only found herself as one of the most wanted so far in this new century.

She’d been away from the Warehouse for two months trailing a shady organization through South America and then into Europe.  Claudia had been assigned as her handler, traveling with her for most of the time, doing research and the like. The young woman’s most important assignment was to attempt to pull her from the dark brooding that was now a part of her daily existence.

The results were mixed at best.

“That bar is a front for the Irish mob,” Claudia’s voice chirped in her ear. “I know what you’re thinking. You know your accent won’t go over well, even with your swagger.”

“Are we not here to gather information?” she reached down to double check that all of her interrogation aids were in place. 

“We are. But not like that.”

“Duly noted.” She pushed off from her wall and trotted across the street.

“HG,” Claudia growled in her ear. “There are seven men in that bar, plus the two you are tailing.”

She didn’t reply. Her hands were full with the guard at the door.


“Did you get what you needed?”  Claudia growled.  She didn’t bother to look up from her laptop. 

HG shut the door to their safe house. “For now.” She handed over a USB.

“Thanks.” Claudia looked up, cringing at the bruises and blood.

“It’s theirs. Mostly.” HG shrugged. “I need a shower.”


As the blood swirled into the drain Helena realized that the red wasn’t as bright as she remembered.


And everybody ‘round you is so basic

Myka stood with her arms crossed in the doorway. She had seen Pete doze off hundreds of times during their partnership.  His strength had never been case research.

She knew that. Had accepted that. And had ways to work around it.

So watching him sleep with an open file on his chest shouldn’t have caused her blood to boil over. But it did.  For once she needed him to work on her level. To help her work through some of the information she’d been given (thanks to the USB that HG and Claudia had found.)

But here he was. Asleep.  As usual.

She already knew he’d be ready with an excuse as to why and would try to make it up to her one way or another.  There was a time, even before they’d stared dating, that she would have fallen for his pitch.

But not anymore.

With a sigh she turned and left her boyfriend sleeping on the couch. Steve was on the patio. He wasn’t who she really wanted (needed) but would have to do.

(And a solid step up.)


Pete opened his eyes as Myka’s footsteps faded.  He had heard her come in the room and thought she’d wake him up since he had just shut his eyes.

But she didn’t. And his vibes had been overwhelming.

He wasn’t stupid. He could see the change since Claude and HG had left. And every call that Claude made home without any sort of input from HG had grated on his love more and more.

(His love, he snorted. Had she ever really been his?)

But they never talked about it and the sex had gotten even better so was there really a problem?


All the misery was necessary when we’re deep in love

The fact that the Warehouse was safe was the least of their concerns.  And after some time had passed they could reflect on just how close they’d come and just how amazing their victory had been.

Again the blood was (mostly) their adversaries and the deadliest of artifacts had been secured.

So when Pete pointed his gun on HG they all had thought it was thanks to an outside force.

And when HG pulled out her own weapon they were sure that a curiosity had been involved. Yes, there was tension between them and it had only gotten worse with HG being in the field. Myka had stopped talking to Pete and HG had stopped talking to Myka but what was happening was impossible without being whammied.

They were sure. So sure.

Later they could recall Pete’s words on the porch. How cold and empty his face had been. 

Claudia would think of how blank HG’s eyes were when she’d handed over the first of three USBs. Her eyes darker and her clothes more blood soaked each time she handed another over.

When the assessment came and the small role that Abigail had played came to light they would understand why she didn’t return to the B&B and took up photography again full time.


Claudia as Caretaker of Warehouse 14 would keep a close eye out for any signs of more than platonic feelings between her Agents thanks to what they now knew. It might have been 78 years since that dark day but time didn’t heal that wound. 

She would pull the Agents in question aside and find out what was happening. She would tell the tale of how they had lost three of the best Agents the Warehouse had ever seen thanks to love gone wrong.  (Well two that day and a third not long after.)  How that kind of happy ever after was not in the cards for anyone who was involved with the Warehouse.

(If ever there was a moment that Claudia understood why HG wanted to use the Trident, it was when she collapsed into Steve’s arms after what Pete had done.)

Almost every Agent cooled it after that. Hook ups might still happen but she could overlook those.  One pair did leave for a time with one coming back a couple of years later after the divorce.


Her memory of that day was the fourth thing she’d show her successor. Two centuries might have passed but it didn’t matter.  Agent Korra had to know just how seriously the policy had to be taken.  Claudia relived the moment when Pete had (she still told herself it had been unintentional) shot Myka and how HG had shot him right after.  About how the Victorian Agent had fled the scene and disappeared for months until Claudia had found her as a Jane Doe in a morgue in Brno, dead due to overdose.

At least she didn’t try to destroy the world Artie had said when they buried Helena Wells next to Myka Bering in Colorado Springs.

The one out there she replied.