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Last call for Vodka

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October 13th

“This,” Giselle waved her hand between the two of them. “This isn’t working.”

“I know,” HG sighed. She had tried. After Boone she had traveled more, drawing on accounts she had set up during her darkest days at Warehouse 12 as a contingency plan.  Then she had met Giselle and thought that perhaps she had found something.

A proper substitute at least.

“I’ll have your things boxed up,” Giselle continued. “Come by tomorrow and I’ll have everything ready.”


October 14th

“Early as usual,” the other woman greeted.

“Of course,” HG gave a slight grin.

“Let me grab you stuff. It’s in the bedroom.”

Helena turned to look out the large window as she waited. Of all the places she’d imagined herself  Dallas had not been one of them. Giselle had shown there was promise to the city but she would never be a fan of Texas.

A loud bang from the bedroom pulled her attention from the view.

“Are you all right?” HG called. “Do you need assistance?”

After a moment of silence, she pushed open the door to an empty room.



Helena stood off to the side while Pete and Myka spoke with the park rangers.  After a moment she moved away to stand at the edge of what had once been a vibrant spring. Now the smell of rotting fish filled the air and mixed with the chatter of law enforcement.  In her periphery she could see the volunteer check in where townspeople were gathering themselves for another sweep of the area.

Everyone looked shaken.


In the diner that morning she’d overhead two men talking about how there were “no miracles in Miracle” meaning that the reason behind the sudden disappearance of three popular teenage girls was far more sinister that what had occurred nearly four years ago.

As if the sudden disappearance of 2% of the world’s population had been a pleasant occurrence.


Pete had lost his mother, Claudia her best friend and Myka her father. Helena didn’t think she had much left to lose but she was proven wrong on that day.  But the people of this place, of Jarden Texas, had not known the suffering the rest of the world had gone through.

Until today.


“This is not artifact related,” Helena spoke without turning, knowing the gait of the person heading her direction by feel alone.

“Agreed,” Myka stood closer than propriety allowed.  Helena soaked up the familiar body heat in the summer sun.  “Pete’s calling Artie now.”

She sighed. “Do you think that this is..”

“That they have departed?” Helena glanced to her right. Myka’s vibrant eyes were hidden behind dark lenses.  “I suppose that is one option.”

“If they decided to take a late night swim,” Myka gestured to the huge fissure in front of them.

“A dreadful thought but none the less true.” She paused, “Though given the car was found running with all of the girls things inside, that method of disappearance seems unlikely.”

 “I have a friend of a friend in the DSD,” Myka’s face remained unreadable. “I’ll give him a call and see what they have to say. I’m sure someone is on their way to investigate.”


October 14th

“Not this again,” Myka rolled her eyes as she and Pete made their way down Saratoga 214.

“Come on,” Pete practically whined. “I need my best wing man for this gig. You know the town Halloween party is always a good time.”

“I am NOT your wing man,” Myka’s voice was stern but Pete could see the mirth in her eyes.  “Besides everyone in town knows that I work at the ‘IRS Warehouse’ just like you.  It’s been years and they still give us dirty looks at the grocery store.”

“Jinks and Claude are in,” Pete began his hard sell. “And Steve might even have a date! “

Myka narrowed her eyes.  Pete didn’t lie but he was known to exaggerate.

“What sort of date?”

Pete smirked. He had her. “Well,” he began.

Suddenly the Warehouse shook violently, cutting off Pete’s response.  They barely stayed on their feet, dodging artifacts as they flew off of the shelves.  As the trembling ending, Myka’s Farnsworth exploded into life.

“Artie,” Myka pushed a stray curl off of her face, “did you just feel that?”

“Yes,” his face was grim. “Get back to the office proto. There’s been a global event.” He scowled. “And I can’t get a hold of Mrs. Fredric.”


October 16th

The door to the Bed and Breakfast opened and closed softly.  Helena followed Artie into the living room and set her bag down.  Despite the grim circumstances it felt good to be back in the comfy confines of what would always be Leena’s residence.

Artie had filled her in. Many of the Regents and other Warehouse personal had vanished two days ago. Claudia was sick with worry and had been made temporary Caretaker since Mrs. Fredric was among the missing.  Pete had made a trip back to Ohio to see his sister and hopefully track down his mother.

Myka had remained, checking in with her sister and mother several times a day hoping for information on her father.

She was on the phone when Helena entered the living room.  She quickly ended the call.

“So they pulled you back,” she greeted, her countenance grim.

“Yes,” Helena replied. “It seems I am the only former Agent remaining.”

“Hmm,” Myka replied.


Pete had left them to their own devices for the afternoon and they quickly took advantage of the time alone.  Sweaty and sated they curled into one another on the well worn queen mattress their hotel room provided.

The chirp of Myka’s phone broke the moment.

Helena groaned has her lover turned away to pull the device from the nightstand.

“It’s from my pal at the DSD,” Myka scanned the text. “They’re sending one of their best from DC Secondary Departures  to check Jarden out.”

Helena followed Myka’s eyes as she read the rest of the text. She felt the tension of the body next to her increase.

Myka set her phone down and sank back into Helena.

“They think that this is a true secondary departure,” Helena didn’t ask.