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I Write Sins, Not Tragedies

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 It was a little before dawn, and Killian Jones was already awake and preparing for what was soon to be the best day of his life- his wedding day. It had been a little over three years since he met Milah, his fiancé, and one year since she had accepted his proposal in marriage. Although the ceremony wasn’t to start until two p.m. that afternoon, he could not help but wake with the sun as he’d done for years. Killian was a florist who took much pride in his work, so much so that he would arrive at work every morning at 6:30am. Although he had an amazing staff, he preferred to handle the majority of the work himself. Every morning he would go in at the same time and receive the daily flower deliveries and hand-craft the bouquets that he wished to display, on his hand crafted wood shelves no less.


His love of flowers was not something he thought would become his career, but life had a funny way of working out. His shop, Once Upon a Flower, was located right in the middle of the town of Storybrooke. It sat next to a vacant shop that had been unoccupied for as long as he had been next door. His location was prime realty for attracting customers and he found that his shop was never lagging in interest. As he was dressing in a pair of sung black jeans, a soft navy colored cotton t-shirt, and black boots, his mind drifted towards the flowers he would be working with this morning. He had ordered the flowers for his wedding weeks ago, and today he was going to finish unloading them and putting the bouquets together. Milah hadn’t let him decide on much, but he had insisted that he do the arrangements for their reception hall. Milah had acquiesced on his request, but had said she wanted blue violets. He decided to pair them with pure white roses and baby’s breath. They were simple, but striking together.


He walked outside and headed to his sedan when he noticed that the weather was perfect for outdoors. His wedding was to be held in the town chapel, much to his dismay of the perfect weather, but Milah had wanted the ceremony held in the midst of pews and tradition. He drove the 10 minutes it took to get to his shop and pulled into his usual parking spot behind the building. Once inside he took a deep breath and started to go about his usual routine. Once the lights were on, blinds open, and inventory was taken for the day, did Killian start pulling the crates out of the cooler.


His best employee, William Smee, would be running the shop in his absence, so all he had to do was finish his arrangements and transport them to the reception hall. While Killian was putting his final bouquet together Smee had walked into the back room. “Killian?” Smee called from the back. “In here, Smee, I’m just finishing up the last of my bouquets”. Smee walked up to the counter and looked over his work with approval. “They’re lovely, I’m sure Milah will love them”. Killian wiped his hands on a towel and stepped back from the counter. “Thanks, they turned out better than I had hoped. Will you and Will be okay today during the rush?” Smee grabbed the inventory list from where Killian had laid it on his desk. “It looks like we have all the necessary flowers, so we should be perfectly fine. Saturday’s are usually busy, but considering that half the town is coming to your wedding it’s not going to be that crazy”. Killian chuckled and patted Smee on the back. He looked at his watch and realized it was already 10:30 a.m. “I better get going. I can’t afford to be late to my own wedding, and I still have to drop these off and pick up my tux. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, yeah?” Killian said with smirk on his face. He started grabbing crates with Smee following behind him. After the car was loaded Smee began with a tone of seriousness “Congratulations, Killian. You deserve to be happy today of all days. I’ll see you in a few days”. With that the men shook hands and Killian turned to get in his car and leave for the reception hall.


About 20 minutes later Killian was parked and getting ready to unload the crates. He started placing vases on all the guests’ tables and around the room on assorted pillars. When he was finally finished he stopped for a moment to take a good look at the room- “perfect”, Killian thought out loud with a sigh. It was now a quarter to noon and Killian realized he had to hurry and go grab his tux and head toward the chapel to get dressed along side his best mates for the ceremony. This was going to be his best day, and he wasn’t about to spoil it by his own lateness.