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Ice and Fire Timeline

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Some of these details are simply headcanon, not MCU canon, and I haven't worked all of them them into the Ice and Fire stories, but they are here for reference. I have a lot of birthday references in here to remind me of just how young some of these characters are. 


March 10 1917  Bucky Barnes born

July 4 1918        Steve Rogers born

Dec 1941           Both men try to enlist after the Pearl Harbor attack, only Bucky gets in. (From the comics, Steve and Bucky were in an art class when they heard about Pearl Harbor, and they immediately tried to enlist.) 

Dec 1942           Steve joins the Army at the '43 Stark Expo. (CA: TFA)

1945                  Steve Rogers lands in the Arctic Ocean; Bucky Barnes is taken prisoner by Hydra. (CA:TFA)

May 29 1970  Tony Stark is born

May 31 1988  Darcy Stark is born.   When Tony Met Darcy: Ch 1/Introductions

Since Darcy's birthdate isn't specified in the MCU, I placed it in May, just after Tony’s birthday of May 29.  He was barely eighteen when she was born on May 31, 1988.  He’d graduated MIT at 17--per MCU, James Rhodes attended the Air Force Academy and attended MIT on grad school scholarship--Tony and Rhodey became best friends until graduation. Deprived of his closest friend, Tony spent the summer partying afterward--thus Darcy’s conception the following September. 

September 1988  Hidden: Ch 1/Parental Units

Dec 16 1991        Howard and Maria Stark die. 

Howard and Maria Stark died (according to the paper in both Iron Man and CA:TWS and the events in CA:CW) on December 16, 1991 in a car accident that we later find out was engineered by the Winter Soldier at HYDRA's behest. Obadiah Stane took over the company for six months.

May 29, 1992       Tony inherits Stark Industries (Darcy is nearly 4).  Stane runs the company while Tony invents new technology and partied (Iron Man) for the next 16 years. 

Feb 1992              Hidden: Ch 2/Rhodey

Fall 1992              Hidden: Ch 3/JARVIS             

August 1993        Hidden: Ch 4/Stane

1994 Tony is 24 when Peggy Carter convinces S.H.I.E.L.D. applicant Pepper Potts to be Tony’s assistant. As she is fresh out of college with her MBA, that makes Pepper 24 as well. Darcy is 6.

June 1996            Hidden: Ch 5/Pepper   

Tony moves the Stark Industries headquarters to LA, California, though Stark Tower is still a major part of the company in New York. The Starks have had a long history in California, so this isn't a difficult move.  Darcy is 8. 1996    

1996                    Ice and Fire: Chapter 1/Prologue    Darcy is 8 when she has a very important conversation with Peggy Carter.

2002                    When Tony Met Darcy: Ch 2/Cleaning up Messes

At age 14, Darcy leaves California to follow in her father’s footsteps at MIT.  Darcy’s leaving makes Tony goes a little nuts. He parties too hard, drinks too much, and generally leaves his messes to Pepper to clean up. As Tony's best friend, Rhodey does his fair share of clean up, though he is quite busy with the Air Force.  He and Tony have remained friends through the years, and the Air Force is smart enough to keep the MIT friends in close contact--which is how Rhodes ended up in the Air Force Weapons Division, where he keeps tabs on Tony's new developments. 

Darcy is well aware that she is going to head up a company with significant influence and designs a comprehensive degree plan to support that effort.  She graduates from MIT in 2006, at age 18, with an degree in Mechanical Engineering. She stays an extra year to finish her MBA (2007), and then moves on to Culver University.  She works on a doctorate in Political Science, though this requires undergraduate work as well.  (Yes, I know this isn't a likely situation, but work with me here. I have a timetable to keep and it's not entirely outside the realm of possibility, given that Stark money is involved and, well, this is the USA we are talking about.)

2008                    Tony is kidnapped. (Iron Man). 

When he comes home, he changes the course of Stark Industries away from weapons manufacturing.  DUM-E (Darcy’s invention) saved his life. Obadiah Stane is killed in a battle between Stark and Stan, and Tony Stark is fully in charge of SI.

2010                     Tony appoints Pepper as CEO of Stark Industries (Iron Man 2)

2011                     Hidden Ch. 6/S.H.I.E.L.D. is on a Need to Know Basis

Note: In Iron Man 2, Coulson mentions going to New Mexico, which would put the events of IM 2 and Thor back-to-back.  That would actually make Tony appointing Pepper as a CEO in 2011—even though Iron Man 2 was released in 2010.  It's more important in this story that Darcy is about to graduate from Culver, so the 2011 timeframe is more logical for Ice and Fire. In the spring of 2011, Darcy is nearly finished with her PhD, but Jane Foster’s work attracts Tony’s attention and he convinces Darcy to take Jane’s internship. (Thor) Around this time, Tony and Pepper move Stark Industries headquarters back to New York, where Tony begins work on the new arc reactor that will power Stark Tower.

(Note: I don’t buy into the comic timeline, “Fury’s Big Week.”  In that comic, Iron Man 2, Thor, and Hulk all fall the week prior to the Avengers, with Steve waking up from the Arctic ice during that week as well.  I can’t get on board with this, primarily because in Avengers, Thor tells Loki that they “mourned” his death, and Loki has obviously has had time to build alliances with the Chitauri and Thanos.  Loki mentions, “I’ve grown. I’ve seen worlds you’ve never even imagined.”  All that speaks of months, if not years, between “Thor” and “Avengers.”  Therefore, I’ve used the U.S. movie release dates to build my timeline for Ice and Fire.)

December 2011     Ice and Fire Ch 2/ Girl Meets Boy   In the Ice and Fire timeline, Steve wakes up from the Arctic ice in late December 2011, about six months before the events of the Avengers. 

January 2012         Ice and Fire Ch 3/Boy Meets Girl (through Chapter 4)   Darcy and Steve meet when she is 23, and he is 93 (or 26 years in his experience).

Hidden Ch 7/Steve (takes place before and after Chapter 5 of Ice and Fire)

Ink Ch 1/James Buchanan Barnes 

Ice and Fire Ch 5/Rationed, or Whatever They Call it Now

Ice and Fire Ch 6/War is Hell (through Chapter 7)

May 2012                (Avengers) Darcy is in the Tower, witnessing the Battle of New York.

June 2015               Steve joins S.H.I.E.L.D.

Ice and Fire Ch 8/Families Always Know

Dec 2012                (Iron Man 3) – Darcy takes control of Stark Industries when their house in Malibu is destroyed, Tony goes missing, and Pepper is kidnapped.  

TImeline Flaw: IM3's release date was May 2013 (which was my mental placement in this story), but since the movie takes place at Christmas/New Years, we have to go with Dec 2012. (Thank you, ananova, for pointing this out.) This actually creates a little hiccup in the Ice and Fire timeline, because I had not intended for Chapter 8 to cover such a long period of time--from Dec 2012 to Darcy flying to London approx 4 months before Thor (August 2013) to the events of Thor itself (Nov 2013).

It's not a deal-breaker in the story line, but I should have written another chapter to address the repercussions of IM3 and expound on Steve and Darcy's relationship at that point.  I filled in a few gaps with Clint's story in Hidden. 

March 2012             Clint's story picks up the fallout from IM3.   Hidden: Ch 8/Friends Part 1 Bruce & 2 Clint

Nov 2013                (Thor 2) Darcy is in London with Jane.

Dec 2013                Hidden: Ch 8/Friends Part 3 Jane

                               Ice and Fire Ch 9/Advice From an Earlier Generation (through Chapter 10)


March 2014             You Know How to Whistle, Don't You, Steve?

April 2014                (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

                                Hidden: Ch 8/Friends Part 4 Natasha

                                Ice and Fire Ch 11/Interlude/Promises  

                                Hidden: Ch 8/Friends Part 5 Friendship

Post CA:TWS Bucky had just turned 97 (30-31 in attained age by his own calculations) that March. Darcy has her 26th birthday in May, and Steve turns 96 actual/29 experienced years old that July.

                                 Ice and Fire Ch 12/Shiny Objects are Closer Than They Appear (through Chapter 33)

                                 Flight Plans May Change

                                 Hidden Ch 9/Bucky Part One

                                 Ink Ch 2: Darcy Maria Stark

                                 Ice and Fire: Ch 34/The Heart Knows What it Wants (through Chapter 48)

                                 Say Hey, I Love You   This story isn't in any particular chapter, but occurs somewhere in the post-London time frame. 

                                 Ice and Fire: Ch 49/Housekeeping Matters


                                 Ice and Fire: Ch 50-74


April 2015                 Hidden: Chapter 9/Bucky Part 2  Bucky has been home one year.  Bucky is 98 (31), Darcy is 26, and Steve is 96(29). Darcy and Steve have been dating for three years at this point. 

May 2015                  (Avengers: Age of Ultron) Ice and Fire: Ch 75/Pinocchio (Age of Ultron arc through Chapter 78; post Ultron through 83) 

                                 Ice and Fire: Ch 84/This Thing Called Love


Summer 2015            90 Days to a Whole New World: Chapters 1-10

                                  Ice and Fire: Ch 85/Coming Out

                                  90 Days to a Whole New World: Chapter 11

                                  Hidden: Ch 10/Darcy Stark (except last section)

                                 90 Days to a Whole New World Chapters: 11-23


                                 Greased Lightning


In Strands of Yggdrasil, we see two timelines, one is the Ice and Fire timeline, one is the MCU timeline.  I'll note where we are in the MCU in italics. 


August 2015            Strands of Yggdrasil Ch 2/Moving On

                                About Sundays

                                Ink: Ch 83/Ink

September 2015       Strands of Yggdrasil Ch 3/A Beginning

October 2015           Strands of Yggdrasil Ch 4/Glitter & Gold

November 2015       Strands of Yggdrasil Ch 5/Children of the Gods

                                Last section of Hidden: Ch 10/Darcy Stark "Stark Expo" 


January 2016            When Tony Met Darcy Ch. 3/Darcy's Call 

                                Good Intentions

                                Strands of Yggdrasil Ch 6/Discord


February 2016          Strands of Yggdrasil Ch 7/Announcements

April 2016                Strands of Yggdrasil Ch 8/Integrity      (MCU: Captain America Civil War)

May 2016                 Strands of Yggdrasil Ch 9/Spawn         (MCU: Captain America Civil War)/Closing scene in Wakanda)