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Artwork for Out with the Old, In with the New

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The original prompts

Old world

New world

And now for more, here's the cover

Banners and dividers

The manips

Here are first the silly manips of Danneel as a 40's socialite I had so much fun doing even though I didn't use them all in the fic fanart. One of the base-pics was an Ava Gardner one but I don't really remember who were the other beautiful women. I imagined that maybe the Danneel of this story had wanted to be an actress once, maybe she was even a starlet for a while although her family disapproved, but she gave up those dreams once she got married to old money.

As for Aldis, Annie asked me if I had more ideas around my original prompt that I'd like her to work in, and yes, I had this sub-plot in mind about Aldis being a buddy of Jensen during the war ; they had saved each other's lives and become close friends, and Jared would feel threatened by their relationship.

I need to add a warning about the manip : my knowledge of all things military is very limited at best so I'm sure there's a lot of historical inaccuracies going on if someone wants to pick on details. Don't hesitate to tell me but I certainly meant no offence, I just wished to portray a courageous character who lived and fought during terrible times.

And finally two icons I made, which is a rarity as I'm not very good at it, see for yourself !