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Gaze Upon You

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I have a problem.  I think.

Well...I mean, I guess I do?

I mean, it's not really that...odd, is it?

And it's not like I'm not used to being odd.  I'm Harry James Potter, for Merlin's Sake.

But....I don't think I could ever tell Ron th...

Oh hell.  Now you know who it is.


Alright, so you know.  It's Ron.

And I don't have a crush on him or anything!  Honestly, I don't.

But...I just...don't know what this is.

It started about three months ago.  We're both in our 5th Year, you see.  And one day during class, I just....found myself staring off into space.  I don't even remember who was teaching class. I was staring off into space, I found that I was Ron.

When I shook my head and turned my attention back to class, he glanced over at me with a brief smile.

And that was it.  And I didn't think anything more of it.

Until the next time it happened.

But this time, we were in Professor Binns "History Of Magic" class.  And everyone stares off into space in that class.

He was sitting to my left, and the window was too my right.  And the sun was streaming through and shining directly onto him.

I just...I didn't know.  I...there was...something about him....I just couldn't place my finger on it.

But as I was staring off into space again, I found myself staring at Ron.  Again.

But this time, I was staring at his arm.  It was laying on his desk, and a bright stream of sunlight was illuminating his limb.

He really does have very pale skin.  But it's not "sickly" looking.  Rather, his skin-tone looks very.....soft?  Yeah, soft.

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks...

Ron has freckles.

Lots of freckles.

Oooohhh.... I felt a blush creeping into my cheeks, and I wanted to bury my face in my hands.

It's his freckles.

No, surely it can't be? was.  And there was no getting around the embarrassing fact: I liked them.  A lot.

What am I going to do?

Blushing in shame, I casually glanced over at Ron's arm again.

His freckles were becoming darker as the sun stayed in place.  They were pale and scarce up towards his bicep and triceps, but bunched together into a dense, speckled mass just below the crook of his arm, and scattered themselves down his forearm to his pale hands.  His hands weren't as heavily freckled; they seemed to stop mainly at his wrist.  But his hands did have a healthy scattering of the pale spots; as did his fingers.

Subconsciously, another realization came to me.

I wanted to touch him.

Not in a "naughty manner"....just...his skin.

His freckles.

As this thought occurred to an erection.

I couldn't help it!  It just....yeah.

I sighed and turned away from Ron.  Focus on something else, I thought.

What the hell am I going to do?


So this has been going on now for three months.  And as the winter months closed in, and the Castle became more cool, he started covering up his skin more and more.

So I began to focus on the freckles that dot his face.

He has quite a few of them.  They are mostly brown, but not too dark.  Closer to a....dark beige color.  Yeah.  But they're still massed together on his cheeks.

But not so dense that you can't see many of the individual spots.  They are less dense around either side of his eyes, which only make the bright-blue orbs stand out.  But they are still scattered back towards his temples.

And his

On the left side of his nose, there are three pale freckles of equal size and color.  They look incredibly cute....and soft.

On the right side of his nose is a dark smudge of pigment just below the bridge.  Which, of course, merges to the densely-scattered freckles on his cheek.

I....I can't....I can't take it anymore.

I have to see more of him.


So I watched him carefully when the Boy's Dorm went to bed.  And finally one night....jackpot.

He took his shirt off before he laid down and closed the curtains around his bed.

I guess he was hot?

I waited for two solid hours.  Then...I made my move.

Retrieving my wand, I silently crawled out of bed.  Looking around the dorm carefully for any signs of wakefulness, I was relieved to see that there was none.  And the only sounds came from Neville's loud snoring in the far corner of the room.

Quietly pulling back the curtains to Ron's bed, I peeked in to make sure that he was asleep.  He was.  His freckled face was peaceful and was turned my direction as he slept on his stomach.  Both of his freckled arms were pushed under the pillow that his head rested upon.  And the thick white blanket was pulled up to his shoulders.

He looked very comfortable.  And very cute.

Very carefully, I crawled onto his bed and closed the curtain.  I quietly lit my wand and placed it in a holder that hung above the bed, that was designed to hold a wand in place while it provided light.  Hermione got him that.

Careful still, I gently pulled the thick blanket slowly down off of his back until it reached his upper thighs.

And gasped.

Ron's back! was covered in freckles!  I mean...covered!

Jackpot!  This was exactly what I wanted!

All mine!  All mine for looking.  And...touching.

I had waited patiently and diligently for this moment.  And now it was here.

Carefully, I gently straddled his his buttocks with a knee on either side of his hips.  He was still wearing pajama bottoms, so I wasn't concerned about skin-on-freckled skin-contact.

Slowly, I relaxed myself against him.  And waited.

I softly called out his name and bent down to look at his adorable freckled face, but he was still fast asleep.

Good.  Now...where to begin?

I gazed at his back; bathed in the soft glow of wand light.  I mean, really....every single inch of his back had a tanned dot of pigment on it.  So...I guess...his shoulders?

They were darker here; probably evident by how much sun he'd gotten on his pale skin during the summer months.

I leaned down and gently touched his shoulder.  And watched.

Nothing.  He was still asleep.

With my whole hand this time, I laid my palm upon his freckled skin.

It was warm.  But more than that, it was incredibly soft.  And as I glided my hand across his skin, it was smooth as well.

Very smooth.

I traced his freckled skin with my other hand as well, careful not to wake him up.  His breathing was soft, and his back rose faintly with each breath.

Occasionally, my fingers came across a slightly-raised freckle, which was usually darker than the other surrounding spots.  He should probably have those looked at.

But I expected a bit of texture with his skin.  I mean, when you look at a person's freckles, they usually look like you can feel them; as if they have some sort of pattern or something.

But not Ron's.

I tried to pick out which freckles I liked best.  But it was very difficult.

As I sat there studying them, I started to get hard.  Again.

Then an idea occurred to me as I was scolding my traitorous penis.

But...I can't do that...

Oh yes you can.

Unsnapping the fly of my pajama bottoms, I freed my aching erection.  The damn thing was absolutely throbbing, and precum was practically pouring from my piss slit.

Suppressing a moan, I stroked the quivering flesh, and steadied myself with the other hand on Ron's freckled back.

I wish I could say that I lasted a long time.  But the truth of the matter is....I was so goddamn horny that it's a wonder I didn't pass out when I climaxed.

I lasted a minute.  One freaking minute.

It was absolutely all I could do not to scream when my cock pulsed out numerous thick, sticky streams of hot cum, which splattered audibly across Ron's freckled spine.  From his covered buttocks, I shot as far as his shoulder blades.  And I lost count after the first five shots of silky cum.

As the twitches died down, and my breathing returned to mere gasps, I looked down at Ron's back.  Numerous freckles were splattered with my soft sperm.

Yes!  I had marked him!

Shaking off the remnants of my orgasm, I gently wiped my spermy cock-head across his lower back, then tucked my flaccid penis back into my pajamas.

Carefully, I climbed off of him and retrieved my wand from the overhead hang.  Then I covered him back up with the blanket, and closed his curtains.

But as I laid back down in my own bed, I couldn't help but start to feel ashamed.  But before I could ponder this further, I was asleep.

And my biggest mistake of all...

I had never even thought about banishing my sperm from his freckled back.


-End of chapter 1.