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Outdoor Fun

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“Stiles” Scott moans when the teen wouldn’t stop kissing him.

“What?” Stiles pants pulling away.

“Were out in the open” Scott moans trying to pull away when he feels Stiles popping his shorts button open and grab his half hard dick.

“Stop moaning, its our summer cabin nobody is around” Stiles laughs pushing Scott up against the picnic table.

“Butttt” Scott attempts but it comes out in a moan when Stiles grabs his dick again and kisses him until their both breathless.

“Can we at least go into the cabin? Its like ten feet away” Scott tells him.

“Scott were twenty three stop being so uptight” Stiles laughs grabbing his ass and attempting to hoist him onto the table.

Stiles laughs when Scott has to jump a little get onto the table.

“Okay we can do it! Just be quick!” Scott moans when Stiles reaches into his shorts again.

“Scott its me your always quick when it comes to my mouth” Stiles laughs kissing him again.

“You mean I’m always quick to come in your mouth” Scott quips back and Stiles can’t help squeezing Scott’s dick to make him moan again.

“Shut up so I can suck you off” Stiles laughs.