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His new Quartermaster was a cheeky little bugger, James concluded. He had no doubt the young man had picked meeting in front of Turner’s The Fighting Temeraire as a not so subtle dig at James’ age. He had yet to trip over his fortieth year, though it was close and granted he took M’s assurance of his readiness for the mission with a grain of salt. He was nowhere near ready after escaping into drink, gambling and women for his three-month convalescence on Turkey’s golden shores.

As they bantered back and forth about Q’s spots and James usefulness in the field, he unrepentantly thinned his empathic barriers to scan his Quartermaster’s aura and motivations. He didn’t get much of a read, which surprised him, only a sense of high intellect with an abundance of creativity. Q had a lovely aura of swirling purples, yellows, and greens in a balanced combination surrounding his being. He abruptly turned dark jade eyes on James, as if he had felt Bond’s scan. Curiosity and amusement flowed over James’ mental touch and he suddenly realized he was sitting next to a powerful unbonded Sentinel.

It was distressing to have not immediately determined what Q was as he approached for their first meeting. James was a strong Guide; able to use his empathic abilities to better influence his marks during missions and pinpoint potential threats. The Sentinel had complete control of his mind and had a misleading persona. Why else, James pondered would he be wearing glasses, dressed in checked trousers and corduroy jacket topped off with a wrinkled Anorak coat? Either it was a deflection or Q just didn’t have any fashion sense.

They finished their ribbing of each other; James satisfied the little snot recognized his usefulness in the end.

“Q,” James said gruffly smirking as he held out his hand.

“007,” was Q’s gracious reply as their hands met.

A ribbon of blue burst from James’ empty bonding space in the core of his mind, meeting with a bright ribbon of yellow from Q’s. They braided together in a cornucopia of perfect green; the bond snapped taunt between their minds.


Q’s nose was buried in the back of James’ neck, arms around the Guide like an octopus, as he fumbled with the key card to open his hotel suite. The bond was pulsing between them in time with their heartbeats and the ache in their groins. The need to consummate it was intolerable. James finally got the door to open and the pair practically fell into the room.

Breathing heavily James manhandled Q against the wall burying his hands in the Sentinel’s dark flyaway locks. The kiss they shared consumed them. Q’s taste was ambrosia on James’ tongue a dizzying combination of citrus and honey. The Sentinel was working to get James’ pea coat off his shoulders, muttering in displeasure at the delay as his lips were released.

“007, off, off, OFF!” Q demanded making James take his hands out of his Quartermaster’s soft hair.

“James,” he replied.

He received a distracted, “What?” As James applied his lips to the Sentinel’s long pale throat and shrugged his coat off his shoulders leaving it in a heap on the floor.

“My name is James,” he said pulling off Q’s Anorak and jacket; they landed on the floor with a thump. He then gripped a pair of small pert buttocks in his hands, encouraging the lanky man to wrap his legs around James’ hips.

“Oh, fuck yes!” Q hissed their cocks ground together as James bodily pressed the Sentinel against the wall. He chuckled softly against Q’s throat at hearing that posh voice swear.

“It’s not funny, you twat,” Q stated making James groan as a pale long fingered hand boldly reached down to grasp his hot prick through is trousers. No it wasn’t funny at all. James’ smile diminished as want, both his and Q’s rose in a wave between their minds. With his empathic barriers down James was revealing his true self to another person for the first time. He was laid bare before the Sentinel, whose mind was a beautiful array of mathematics and code in churning tones of imagination and instinct.

Q’s lips took his again in a deep kiss, tongues caressing each other as James was squeezed between lean thighs. He tightened his hold on Q’s behind as he pulled them off the wall to stagger to the bed. The Sentinel was unsuccessful in clutching James to himself as he was thrown onto the bed. His Quartermaster was the picture of debauched with lips swollen, cheeks red, and glasses askew.

“Take your clothes off Q,” James rumbled as he started to discard his bespoke suit. He got as far as opening his tie and the buttons of his shirt, when Q scooted to the edge of the bed to bury his nose in James’ groin, taking in his scent while his hands explored the taunt muscles of the Guide’s chest. James buried his hands in Q’s hair as his head tipped back in pleasure as another wave of lust from the Sentinel’s mind burned into his own.

Q had a dazed look in his eyes as James lifted his face up to encourage him to get undressed. James undid the button and flies on his trousers looking into jade eyes hazy with want as he removed the rest of his clothes.

“You’re beautiful James,” he said as his eyes focused enough to run up and down the length of James’ physique. The possessive tone and touch made James’ shuddered in bliss as Q gently explored his hard cock working fingers around the sensitive head and down the shaft to cup the silky balls beneath in his hands.

James was tired of waiting for Q to get over being lust addled in order to undress and pushed the Sentinel’s hands away kneeling down to start removing Q’s shoes and socks. Running his hands up slender thighs to slim hips, James reached up to gently removed Q’s glasses setting them out of the way on top of his suit jacket on the floor. Q’s eyes were distracted as he caressed James’ torso, paying no attention as the Guide removed his tie and shirt. He cupped Q’s cheeks in his hands to kiss swollen lips and bring the Sentinel’s attention away from his touch sense and back to James through taste.

They kissed for what seemed an age to James, immersed in the taste of each other. The bond was rippling in anticipation between them as their arousal grew. James wrapped his arms around Q’s naked torso enjoying the feel of satin skin under his palms and pulled the young man up further onto the bed. He groaned at the feel of the lean body beneath his, the heat rising between them as he worked to get Q naked. He finally released the Sentinel’s lips to pull off Q’s trousers and pants.

He was gorgeous, pale and lightly muscled, bones delicate with a wiry strength to his frame. James’ cock throbbed as he perused Q, massaging the splayed thighs as he leaned down to nuzzle the lovely full cock displayed before him. Q’s skin was fragrant at his core, musky and sweet. James gave in to the temptation to taste; licking a strip up the side from base to head gently sucking around the glands to be rewarded with a taste of salty pre-cum. Q gave a high pitched squeak his hands flailing around James’ shoulders to finally grip his prominent ears as he took the cock deep into his throat though not quite able to bury his nose in the silky black curls at its root.

James closed his eyes enjoying the taste and feel of the cock in his mouth. His hands fondled Q’s trunk stopping to pluck at pink nipples for a moment before continuing one handed up the long neck to map out the shape of the jaw and face under his palm. Silken skin under the start of evening stubble teased his fingers, before an agile tongue and lips wrapped around their tips. James had to stop his worship of Q’s prick to catch some air. He groaned loudly at the feel of those lips and tongue dancing over and around his digits.

Q tugged more forcefully at James’ ears, pulling him up to ravish his mouth. The Sentinel was mindless with lust, clutching James’ back and buttocks to encourage contact as he writhed underneath the Guide. He moved his grip under Q’s shoulders to better rub his body against soft skin dusted in fine hair his nipples peaking at the friction.

“My Guide,” Q stated and abruptly wrapped his long legs further up James’ sides flipping him over onto his back with a swing of his hips. He pushed James’ hands away from his shoulders holding them against the bed, sitting astride the Guide. Breathing heavily his eyes glowed with resolve to imprint on his Guide.

James internally recoiled from the possessive words. “No!” he didn’t belong to anyone! The bond strained for a moment with his resistance, pain lancing through his head before the instinct to preserve the connection took over and allowed James to calm easing the ache. Q released his hands and sat back on James’ thighs and waited.

Breathing was heavy between them in the quiet of the room as Q awaited James’ decision to continue. The arousal hadn’t faded and the need to finish their communion hadn’t lessened. As he gazed up at Q, James’ realized his spirit wasn’t strong enough the resist the call of the binding. His solitary life was over the moment the bond had coalesced between them at the gallery. Q’s beautiful aura glowed purple and gold with threads of green throughout as he sat naked in body and mind on James. Q was James’ perfect match and how could he resist that.

“Yes,” James whispered in defeat more to himself than to Q placing his hands on his Sentinel’s slim flanks. He sat up to wrap his arms around Q, softly kissing the pale neck in acceptance. Q took a shuddering breath and returned the embrace his hands caressing the back of James’ neck and shoulders before taking his Guide’s head in hands lifting it for a soft kiss.

“It’ll be alright,” he murmured against James’ lips. James really didn’t believe it would be, but didn’t reply knowing Q could sense his trepidation anyway.

They held each other for a time exploring skin starting to shimmer with sweat. Q felt wonderful in his arms, the sleek build a compliment to James’ solid frame. He felt Q’s need to imprint his senses onto his Guide surge within his mind. The boffin’s inquisitiveness to explore James’ body titillated his empathic senses stroking the center of his psyche. The feeling was at once blissful and amusing.

James’ smiled against Q’s skin before he said, “You need to imprint.” He gave Q a squeeze before he released him to lay back on the bed in supplication.

“Finally!” Q replied tartly. James could tell his Sentinel was not a patient man and had been restraining himself for to long. The jade eyes were at half-mast gazing at him as if he was a feast. He supposed he was, James mused a feast of the senses for his Sentinel.

The slight body shifted as Q started his imprint at the top of James’ head inhaling deeply along his hairline and behind his ears. Little expressions of satisfaction were rumbling out of Q’s throat as he worked his hands and lips over the contours of James’ face and down his neck nuzzling into the crook under his left ear to take in more of his scent.

Having a partner so focused on him was a novelty. The bulk of James’ conquests had been women on and off mission who expected to receive his undivided ministrations with little acknowledgement of his needs in return. He’d had the occasional man, but those encounters had been rough and quickly done with little pleasure to be had.

Q worked to explore every inch of him, taking special care to explore the many scars James’ had acquired. The fresh scab on his right shoulder from the removal of shrapnel received in Turkey got a lick and a kiss before the musk of James’ armpit distracted his Sentinel. The cock rubbing against his abdomen hardened further as Q enjoyed the scent. His nose ticking James’ caused his muscles to clench to keep still for the boffin to continue. Q moved away from the fragrant nook and continued down James’ body, his long fingers petting everywhere as he worked his way down.

James clenched his eyes closed, fists clutching the pillow under his head as waves of pleasure from Q’s hands, lips and tongue built a fever of need radiating from the core of his mind to the root of his cock throbbing in time with his heartbeat. He felt a warm tongue dip into his belly button and the proximity to the head of his cock made his back bow trying to bring that smart mouth where it belonged. The long fingers where gliding bands of heat from his hips around to this buttocks as Q’s mouth finally settled on his prick with a satisfied hum.

James’ eyes popped open to take in the image of Q’s lips and tongue exploring his cock while dark locks brushed the sensitive creases at the top of his thighs. It was an exquisite sight and James’ couldn’t resist placing his hands in the soft curls.

“Oh, God,” he gasped as Q’s mouth took his cock almost to its base and pleasure streaked from the tip through the shaft into his balls drawing them up tight against his body.

Q abruptly pulled off and clamped his fingers around the base of James’ cock to stave off the crest of orgasm. Taking in great gulps of air to calm himself, he was slightly embarrassed. James’ glowered as he took in the smug look of satisfaction his cheeky Sentinel was giving him. He hadn’t prematurely come since he was a teenager.

“Get on with it, Q” he growled.

Q hummed in contentment as he released James’ prick to rub his hands down and up the Guide’s strong thighs. The admiration and delight his Sentinel was taking in his body washed over him. It was a gratifying feeling to receive and James’ was amenable to Q’s insistence on spreading his thighs, opening himself further for the imprinting to continue.

His breath hitch as Q leaned down to tongue his balls while brushing over his sensitive perineum and entrance with his fingertips. Q’s tongue followed and the pleasure of it was perfect. His Sentinel spent time exploring James’ cleft and the nerve endings thrummed unbearably to the point he was writhing under Q’s hands and mouth. Finger’s clenched in fine hair as moans erupted from his throat around the gasps bursting from his lungs. He was no longer able to keep still.

Q removed James’ hands from his hair holding them in his as he retreated to sit primly between the splayed thighs. His Sentinel was such a little cock tease, James reckoned as Q’s smile curled from a slight grin to a full on laugh at James’ frustration. James’ grabbed the slighter man flipping him over onto his back to take that sassy mouth in his for a deep kiss enjoying the taste of himself on Q’s tongue. He roughly spread Q’s thighs to settle between them cocks rubbing together slick with copious amounts of pre-cum.

“Please tell me you’re a prepared agent who has lube,” Q snarked as James released his lips.

“Lube and condoms in the drawer on your right,” James replied as he moved to suckle Q’s left nipple while running his hands down the supple form of his Sentinel. He heard Q fumbling in the drawer for a moment before the necessities where unceremoniously shoved under his nose. He lifted himself to sit between Q’s long thighs admiring the pale form for a moment while green eyes glinted with want.

He explored the delicate skin of Q’s perineum with his fingers, the skin soft and supple below a pair of testicles that complimented the size of the cock above them. For such a slight man, Q had nothing to be ashamed of in that department. James used one hand to opening the bottle of slick as they both breathed heavily in anticipation. Q’s breath hitched as James’ slick fingers found his opening, pressing lightly to loosen the muscle enough to gain entrance with the tip of a finger.

His Sentinel was hot inside and James groaned at the feel of muscles clenching around his digit. Q was going to feel fantastic around his cock. He felt his own pulse as a drop of pre-cum beaded the head and shuddered as Q reached down with his fingers to take the drop from his cock into his mouth with a pleased murmur. It was a filthy and erotic sight. James continued to loosen his Sentinel’s entrance with his fingers breaching him with two in quick succession.

“Fuck!” Q swore as James worked to stretch him. A third finger was worked in with the rest. The muscles clamped down tight holding James’ inside for a moment before they relaxed enough to allow movement. Q was writhing as James worked him open clutching at his Guide’s broad shoulders to bring him down to ravish his mouth again. They panted into each other’s mouths as James’ fingers went deep to hit Q’s prostate.

Q threw his head back to gasp, “Now, Now, NOW.” Fingers scrambling for the condom that had fallen on the bed, he tore it open with his teeth and reached down to take James’ cock in hand. James’ was unable to resist pumping his cock into Q’s hands seeking much needed pressure before he was stilled for his Sentinel to roll the condom on.

James’ removed his fingers, wiping them on the covers before placing Q’s right leg over his shoulder to snug the head of his prick against the loosened hole. Q was ridiculously flexible and impatiently slapped James’ buttock with the bottom of his left foot.

“Little shit,” James grumbled as he gripped Q’s left flank and sunk into the soft heat. Q gave a grunt as James breached him to the hilt. His breath left him in a rush and his eyes clamped shut to removed the image of Q’s face soft with rapture. His Sentinel was enthralling and beautiful the image burned into his brain as he worked to stop from coming.

They were still--feeling each other’s heat--the bond pulsed between them at their joining. James opened his eyes as the need to thrust overwhelmed him. Q was hot and tight and perfect squeezing his cock in time to the pulse of the bond. He started to move gently, not wanting to hurt his Sentinel. But, Q had other ideas as he reached down with his left hand to grasp one of James’ plush buttocks pulling the Guide tight to him.

“Fuck, fuck,” James, swore under his breath leaning down to steal another kiss from Q’s agile mouth. He removed Q’s leg from his shoulder as he sat back on his heels, pulling his Sentinel onto his lap with a tight grip on slim hips. Q threw his arms back over his head in ecstasy as James’ started pumping into him with force, his thrusts going deep.

The pleasure built between them and James saw that Q’s aura had become a swirling mass of deep purple. He could see his own aura for the first time, an indigo blue. The colors were merging into a deep red at the base of their loins radiating up their torsos’ as the joining of both body and mind neared completion.

The slapping of their bodies was a distant sound as tingling set in behind his balls radiating upward through his cock. James reached down to take Q’s prick in hand. His Sentinel was making the loveliest noises—grunts, groans, and squeaks—he’d ever heard from a bedmate before as he wallowed in the pleasure he was receiving from his Guide. Q suddenly gasped back arched as his muscles went ridged and the crest of his orgasm flowed over James, interior muscles gripping his cock tight as cum erupted between them. James’ own orgasm burst from him and he shouted to the ceiling as he spilled into Q. His vision had gone red. Their aura’s combined as Q’s pleasure radiated in his brain.

Their communion as Sentinel and Guide was complete.