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Rules (For Living in the Avengers Tower)

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Rules for living in the Avengers Mansion:

  1. The guy with The Other Guy may be able to handle being poked with pointy objects. This does not make it safe to prank him. --BB
    1. The person who creates the problem gets to sleep where the property damage occurred while repairs are underway. --SR
  2. Do NOT shoot at, wrestle with, or otherwise assault Dummy. He has feelings too, you know. --TS
    1. If Dummy is waggling a target in your face and basically daring you to break Rule 2, on the other hand, go for it. --TS
    2. Management is not responsible for injuries resulting from punching, kicking, tangling with, insulting, or otherwise molesting any robots or AIs on the premises. --TS
  3. If you blow up the kitchen, you are responsible for take-out until repairs are complete. No, Clint, Tony, and/or Clint and Tony, nobody cares HOW you blew up the kitchen this time. --BB, NR, & PP
    1. All future potentially explosive experiments are to be confined to the laboratory. Not the lavatory.--SR
    2. 3a applies to any experiment which has the potential to meet any definition of the word "explosive." --SR
  4. No target practice after drinking. --JARVIS
    1. No shield practice after drinking. --JARVIS
    2. No weapons practice after drinking. --JARVIS
    3. No alcohol. -- JARVIS
  5. All laboratories are off-limits to anyone without a science degree for the forseeable future. --TS, PP, & BB
    1. Asgardians not exempted. --PP & BB
  6. Sex is to be restricted to bedrooms or other locations with lockable doors. --NR, CB, TO, BB, & SR
    1. co-signed. --PP