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What She Finds There

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There was a screech as the subway jolted to a stop, stirring Setsuna from her quiet reflection. She flicked her eyes open, mustering all the resolve that she could. This was it; the big day. It was time to return to that place that had filled her with so many emotions: sadness, pain, joy…love. She had left them like a silent wave, and she hoped to return much the same way.

As she gathered her belongings and stepped off the subway train, the old feelings began to weld in her again. The separation had made them fairly easy to repress, but here, in this place that held so many memories, they fermented into something so strong that she nearly fled back to the safety of the subway train. Her desire to see her friend—who had ceased even to text her in the last few days—again in person was the only thing that prevented her from doing so. She needed to assure that their friendship still stood through all this. An image of Makoto flashed in her mind. He was smiling warmly.

No. She would leave him alone. It was too great a risk that he might pull her back into his web. She must stay away from him for Sekai’s sake. Even now, Sekai was the most important person in her life, and she would give up anything—even love—in order to make sure that she was as happy as possible. She just needed to find her first.