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Pop-Punk Takes Hogwarts

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On the 17th of August Gerard Way received his 6th consecutive booklist from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. His immediate response was to pick up the phone and call Frank Iero.
“Alright Frankie, it’s that time of year again.” Gerard grabbed the keys to his car and knocked vigorously on his little brother’s door. “Let’s get the gang together.” He hung up dragging Mikey outside. It only took 15 minutes for them to arrive at Frank’s house but he had not let them down. Five boys of varying ages and height stood outside. Frank managed to snag shotgun and the rest piled into the back. Ray the only one making it through the pile up with a free lap. Jack and Alex badly sang along to the radio. They quickly arrived at The Leaky Cauldron and made their way into Diagon Alley. Mikey, Alex and Jack all ventured off buying things for their fourth year. Pete wandered away with Ray. Gerard and Frank stuck together wandering between the whimsical shops browsing book and finding the things they needed. In a little under an hour the boys reunited at The Leaky Cauldron.
“Hey Lex.” Alex turned to Jack who was wearing all of the other 5 boy’s ties and his own at the same time. “Can I have your tie?” Alex laughed at him but handed over the tie. Jack put it on quickly. “I am Hogwarts.” He said dramatically in a fake deep voice. Ray just sighed and returned to his book. Mikey rolled his eyes but Pete laughed uncontrollably. Jack had a big goofy grin on his face.
“Can I have my tie back?” Alex asked. Jack returned all the ties. They all piled into the car again. Mikey ended up slapping Gerard for some awful reason halfway through the drive.
“Don’t distract the driver.” Frank batted Mikey’s hand away.
“You’re just saying that because the driver is your boyfriend.” Mikey complained.
“No, I’m saying that because I don’t want to die.” Frank retorted. They continued in peace. The boys went their separate ways all equally giddy for the impending school year.
A very similar reunion occurs not a month later on the 1st of September. The boys arrive at King’s Cross Station.
“Alex! Alex! Please can I?” Alex nods and Jack climbs on top of his cart. Alex pushes them both through the wall and onto platform 9 3/4. The rest of the boys dawdle onto the train.
Alex and Gerard check into the prefect carriage.
“Hey Alex!” It’s Tay Jardine and she’s standing uncomfortably close.
“Oh, hi.” Alex replies awkwardly. Gerard rolls his eyes and walks ahead of them. Tay is still following Alex when he returns to the carriage. Frank raises his eyebrows as she follows him in. “Um, this is Tay.” He sits down and so does she. Jack, thankfully, enters a few minutes later. Tay looks away and Alex mouths ‘help me’ to Jack his eyes wide in fear. Jack smirks and promptly sits on Alex lap. Tay’s mouth drops as Jack kisses Alex.
“Hey Tay. What’s up?” Jack asks his voice sweet. Pete has a hand shoved in his mouth to stop his laughing.
“Ummm… I was just leaving,” Tay says getting up to leave. Once Tay exits the car everyone except Alex bursts out laughing.
“But… me… I’m… not…straight…why?” This triggers another bout of laughter. “Don’t laugh at me I was going to die!” Jack kisses Alex again and hands him a chocolate frog. Alex opens it excitedly but sighs. “It’s just another Hoppus.” The ride continues in a comfortable quiet, Pete’s ramblings and the consistent patter of rain drowns out the other students. When the train finally pulls to a stop Gerard’s hair is elaborately braided (thanks Alex) and Pete is laying on the floor doodling in a children’s coloring book.
They make their way onto the carriages. They arrive at the great hall sitting at their respective tables to watch this year’s first years be sorted.