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Was it really one-sided?

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When did this heavy feeling in his heart start burdening him so much? Oh yes. It was that day. The day the resident ‘little fox’ had announced that he was now together with a certain Mikazuki Munechika. The so-called old man. Nakigitsune wasn’t quite sure why he was nicknamed such a thing.

Who knew? The seemingly rough Kogitsunemaru and the prim and proper Mikazuki. It had been almost a month since their announcement of getting together. Almost every night, there would be the sounds of moaning and groaning followed by wood creaking down the hallway. Nakigitsune would know. His room was just a few steps down. It wasn’t that hard to understand what was happening. No one wanted to stop them from making love each and every night. Well, it was more like no one was brave enough to call them out for making a racket each night.

Unbeknownst to anyone besides his fox companion, Nakigitsune had always had a crush on the fox-like tachi. Is it because of his tendency to be sympathetic towards those with the word ‘fox’ in their name or was it something else? He didn’t know. It was certainly troublesome as his fox would say. The uchigatana had been so infatuated with the gentle giant since the day he arrived at the citadel that he felt absolutely crushed when it came to light that the tachi would never be his. Never cuddle him out of nowhere like he does with Mikazuki. Never give him kisses like he does with Mikazuki. Never make love to him like he does with Mikazuki. Never anything.

That feeling of longing was slowly eating him from the inside. He had hoped for far too much. Far too much from a man that he had not even held a conversation with yet. The most they had ever talked was when they exchanged pleasantries in the morning. Well, in his case, his chatter box fox did the talking for him while he remained silent. Kogitsunemaru would always look at him with an odd look in his blood red eyes though he could never pinpoint what it was he was seeing.

There was no point figuring it out now. The masked boy could only watched from afar as the tachi he so loved pressing another chaste kiss against his lover’s lips. Golden eyes shifted away. He left the place in hastened steps, unable to watch any longer. Had the silver haired boy been paying more attention, he would realised a certain pair of red orbs lingered on his retreating figure.



Was that him? What was happening? Honey gold orbs flickered upward and met with lust-filled crimson. Large hands ran down the front of his bare chest, caressing the tensed body ever so softly, as if to ease the tension. When had he gotten undressed? Why was the man he had a crush on touching him so intimately? Questions ran through his mind in a frenzied mess until a husky voice sounded beside his ear. 

“Relax…. Surrender yourself to me…”

It was as if those words were a spell. Or was it the the voice that commanded him were laced with drugs. He didn’t care. Just for tonight, he wanted to forget the harsh reality of his one-sided love. Embrace his beloved. Just for tonight.

A slick and lively muscle licked his ear and bit down ever so gently which had him unintentionally gasp. The palm of his hand went up to his mouth to stifle whatever sounds he makes later. Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the uchigatana to end up in a squirming, red-faced mess. Before he even realised what was happening, the masked boy was now looking down at the smirking tachi who poked his sinful tongue out and licked a long strip up his hard on, paying special attention to the sensitive and leaking head.

Was this a dream? Oh, that’s right.

It is a dream.

This kind of thing. This would never happen in real life.

Not now.

Not ever.


Tired gold eyes stared up at the ceiling. Nakigitsune had awoken in the dead of night in cold sweat once again. His heart pounded as if he had been told to run a marathon which he obediently did. Without the aid of his eye make-up, his bags under his eyes were prominent even in the dark. He hadn’t been getting a lot of rest lately. The dreams kept coming his way.

All was dead silent tonight. Ah, perhaps 'they' took a break from all that love-making. All he could hear was the sound of his own heart pounding in his ears and his fox companion sleep talking about having mountains of fried tofu.

He needed a walk to clear his head.


Now, the uchigatana wasn’t quite sure how he ended up inside Kogitsunemaru’s sleeping quarters.

He had just been walking down the hallway. The floor boards creaked with each step. And there was the shoji doors leading to his crush’s room. And it wasn’t even closed all the way. His chest felt heavy. He had to talk to the tachi. Perhaps hearing the rejection from the man’s lips himself would make everything better and he wouldn’t feel this way anymore. And it was a good time, seeing that Mikazuki might not be inside tonight. Nakigitsune gently slid open the door and took a step into the darkened room. His eyes adjusted to the darkness inside. And there he was. Kogitsunemaru in all his glory. The large man was fast asleep on his futon, his back to the door. Had Nakigitsune paid more attention, he would have noticed the slight twitch in the gentle giant’s fluffy ear as he walked in.

Well, there was no way he could talk to the tachi at this current moment. That much was for sure. But he really wanted this feeling off his chest. No point turning back now that he had gathered enough courage to come here. He took a deep breath and parted his lips.

"I've always loved you... But... You love Munechika and I don't want to break you both apart. After all, you look so happy with him, and he makes you happy, more than I ever could. Well I guess what I'm trying to say is, as long as you're happy then I'm happy too. I know that you can't hear me but it's okay. I just really needed to get this off my chest even if you weren't listening to me. I know I don't talk much but Kogitsunemaru, I love you.”

That was the most anyone would have heard him say. But the one he was saying this to, wasn’t even awake to hear it. The boy then turned to leave the room. His gold eyes reflected sadness but he smiled bravely. His confession never to be heard, or, at least, that's what it seems.

“I heard that…”

The familiar baritone voice stopped Nakigitsune in his tracks.

“Did you think you could walk away after saying something like that?”

His eyes went wide in surprised and his face was painted such a deep red it would put Kashuu’s nail polish to shame. He didn’t know how to reply to the man who was awake and obviously heard every word he said. The smaller of the two was just about to make his escape when a certain someone had stopped him from even taking another step by wrapping their large arms around his lithe waist. His back hit a warm and broad chest. His heart was frantically beating again. This time it seemed as though it might just pop out of his chest. Nakigitsune started to panic and tried to wrench himself from the larger man’s iron grip to no avail. Kogitsunemaru was far larger and stronger than him.

"Oh silly Naki~ I've been waiting forever for you to say that"

Kogitsunemaru smirked at the blush that painted Naki's face. Even the tips of his ears were red. How cute.


Naki was seriously confused by the larger male's antics.

"You have such a beautiful voice that I just wanted to hear you say that you love me~”

He did not meet those red eyes out of embarrassment. What on earth was the tachi even talking about? He didn’t have time to think though. Next thing he knew, his mask had been removed. He didn’t even have time to protest when his lips were captured in a soft kiss. A kiss that started out an innocent press of lips but quickly became a kiss filled with lust. A thin string of saliva connected their moistened lips as they parted. Nakigitsune’s mind was in such a haze he had not realised when a wet muscle licked the shell of his ear.

“Let me hear your confession again, ‘big fox’…”

 The larger of the two whispered sensually into his ear. And that certainly broke him out of his trance. Naki sputtered, unable to find a good response when the so-called ‘small fox’ dived down to kiss his pale neck and gently sucked on a sensitive spot. Well, it certainly prompted a soft moan out of him. Far from the confession Kogitsunemaru was demanding. But it was a start.

One large, warm hand slowly trailed down his chest and further down to his clothed crotch that was obviously straining against his loose pants. The uchigatana shivered and unconsciously bucked into his hand. Naki moans as the tachi trailed ghost circles around his crotch.

"Come on. Say it.”

Kogi smirked as Naki began to look so desperate. Desperate for what again? To get out his grasp? For Kogitsunemaru to touch him more? He didn’t quite know. All coherent thoughts had been pushed far behind his mind. To feel so intoxicated and drugged just from a few touches. Is it supposed to be that way?


Naki muttered under his breath quickly in an almost inaudible voice.

"Huh~? What's that~? I can't hear you"

Ah he was taunting him. Naki gritted his teeth as he couldn't take it anymore.

“I- I love you!!”

Kogi chuckled from amusement. He gave in to his touches after all. How endearing this boy was. He tilted the boy’s head to one side and bit down on the pale and tender flesh, marking him like he would a lover as he gave the uchigatana exactly what he wanted.

Naki's moans gets louder as he knees began to weaken and give way. His hands immediately shot up and tangled themselves around the larger man’s neck.

"Ngg... K-Kogitsunemaru-sama....”

The boy moaned, eyes half lidded. Kogi's head dipped down slightly as he let out a low growl. In a spur of the moment, all forms of clothing left their bodies and met the floor.

Naki's blushing face intensifies as the cool air hits and glides across their naked bodies. Everything that was hidden by cloth was now in their glory showing off to their opposite partners.

The silver haired boy shivered. The cold was not his forte.

"Shh... It's okay, I'll keep you warm"

Kogi leaned in closer in an attempt to keep the smaller male warm.

"Ah~ hugging another person in the nude truly feels different compared when we are clothed. Especially with the one you love~"

Kogi smirked as he felt Naki's heartbeat quicken at that. He skilfully flips the boy over to the long abandoned futon as they shared another intimate kiss. 


Tsurumaru walks in and sees Mika staring from a distance.

"Mikazuki, is there something wrong? You know you can always talk to me.”

Mikazuki’s uniquely coloured eyes slide over to meet Tsurumaru’s gaze before giving him a gentle smile.

"Ah? No it's nothing, don't worry.”

The crane’s face was evidently filled with confusion as he looked in the direction Mikazuki had been staring at and had the surprise of the century. For he knew that Kogitsunemaru and Mikazuki had a thing(who didn’t), but he always thought that Kogitsunemaru would have wanted Mikazuki by his side after living for so long. Even though, he too had feelings for the older male. But even from here, he could see Kogitsunemaru’s eyes were filled with love. More love than he had ever seen from the little fox when he was with the beautiful Mikazuki Munechika.

"Are you sure?"

The so-called old man kept smiling before returning his gaze to see Kogi and Naki sharing a kiss before things begun to get intimate between them.


With one last look over his shoulder, Mika began to walk away with a slightly sad smile as Tsurumaru trailed after him.


"Mikazuki, please wait for a moment"

The elegant tachi immediately stopped in his tracks upon hearing Tsurumaru’s voice.

"What is it?"

The elder turned around and met with Tsuru's gaze. His honey coloured eyes filled with determination.

"I love you.”

Mikazuki was rendered speechless. He always saw the small hints but never paid any mind to it because he always thought that he was merely over thinking it. And with the crane’s history of playing pranks, he did not even pay him any mind.

"Tsurumaru I-"

"Shh, it's okay, you don't have to say anything"

Tsurumaru flashed a sad smile at the floor. His bangs casting a shadow over his eyes as Mika only saw his smile, a smile that seemed very fake but real, a smile that pierced his heart deeply.

"I know that you still love Kogitsunemaru. I get that, but I didn't tell you this before because I didn't want to break the two of you apart. I'm sure Nakigitsune feels the same"

Tears began to fill the eyes of Tsurumaru, he has waited for so long for this moment that he could tell these feelings of his to him.

"Tsurumaru, I actually have some feelings for you but... I know that I won't be able to fully return your feelings-"

Tsurumaru was once again filled with a tiny bit of hope. He had some feelings for him. It was more than enough. Who’s to say these feelings won’t grow?

"That's okay! We can take it slow. Like one day or even one step at a time!”

Tsurumaru blinked his tears away, as Mikazuki intertwined their fingers together.

"Come, let's go"

Mikazuki gave a soft and genuine smile to Tsuru as the latter returned the smile as well.

“Of course!”

"We don't have to worry because we have all the time in the world.”

And with that the two men walked away hand in hand with smiles. The loud sounds from the fox’s room gradually faded from their ears as they left the hallway.