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It was late at night when my life changed. It was a dim-lit alley, a shortcut to avoid having Guren yelling at me. I felt someone following me, but mentally reminding myself of all the harsh training my uncle had put me through over the years so I could defend myself, did little to ease the ever-growing fear inside me. Can you blame me? A seventeen year old student walking home late at night, having to cut through an alleyway of all places?

I felt a hand grab my shoulder and before I knew it, I was pushed against the brick wall of the nearest building. My head connected and I was just barely able to register what the person in front of me was saying.

The moon lit just enough of the other person for me to conclude that they must have been the pervert I overheard about on the news. I tried to push him away, but he pushed himself closer until he was pinning me with his whole body.

“You shouldn’t be out so late, kid… Something might happen to that pretty face of yours,” The pervert’s voice grated against my ear as he leaned closer, a pocket knife shined from my peripheral.

I slammed my eyes shut and moments later, I felt the blade against my cheek and the fear inside me was becoming too much. I needed help. Guren would kill me for not fighting him off, but Yoichi would give me the worst if he saw I got injured by a knife. For some reason, my mind wandered onto my best friend and how he felt about knives since his sister’s death.

I was so in-tuned to my thoughts that I didn’t hear someone call out to us. Nor did I hear the newcomer run towards us and hit the pervert, making both of us fall to the ground. I fought against the tears that were threatening to spill, but when I felt another set of hands on me: I lost.

“Hey, are you okay?” The voice I heard wasn’t soaked in perverse intent nor did it reek with alcohol. No, this new voice was different. It was warm like the sun.

I slowly opened my eyes, warm tears sliding down my cheeks, and the first thing I saw were a pair of deep blue eyes, framed painstakingly beautiful by curly blond hair. The person in front of me was nothing at all like the grizzly pervert from before.

“Are you hurt? What’s your name?” The blond continued on with his questions, appearing slightly alarmed from my lack of answers.

His hands softly patted my arms and sides before traveling up to my face, his hands felt smooth against my cheeks as he gently turned my head to check for any cuts. He sighed before his hands dropped: “Looks like I arrived in time… I’m glad you’re okay,”

“Who are you?” Finally I found my voice, I watched as he stood up and dusted himself off before offering his hand out to me.

I accepted his help getting back onto my feet as he replied: “I’m a police officer... Mikaela Shindo and would you mind giving me your name?”

“Yuuichiro. Yuuichiro Hyakuya,” With that new info, Mikaela pulled out his cell phone from his pant pocket and after a few keystroke, he put the device to his ear.

“Hey Lacus, it’s me, Mika… Listen, can you send a few officers down to the alleyway between McKruld’s and HFC? I think I might have found the pervert you’ve been after… Yeah, I found his next victim before anything happened… I’m going to take him home and have him answer the questions there,” Mikaela –erm, Mika- ended his conversation before turning to meet my eyes with an unreadable look in his gaze.

Motioning for the end of alleyway, “How about we get you home? How far do you live from here?” He asked.

“About a block and a half… I was cutting through here to shave off some time,” I pointed to the other end.

He nodded before he began walking and I followed closely behind him, hoping another pervert wouldn’t be appearing. As we drew closer to the lamp-lit streets, I could see more and more of the officer. His skin was smooth and we were close to the same height, I had noticed it before, but with the additional lighting it became clearer. Officer Mikaela had to be a new officer on the force, he looked way too young to even have a year under his belt. He was even wearing normal clothes, the only thing backing up his story that he was with the police was the badge that hung from his front pant pocket.

“It’s just up ahead,” I pointed out, raising my hand to point at the apartment complex a few yards away.

“Lead the way, Yuuichiro” Mikaela smiled over at me before motioning me to do so.

We headed up two flights of stairs before turning the corner and stopping after three doors. I dug into my back pocket before fishing out my keys, but before I could turn them in the lock: the front door swung open and standing looking beyond pissed off was my uncle. Great.

“Where the hell have you been?? And who the hell is this?” I was slightly surprised by the lack of question, but at the same time a little scared.

Before I could reply, Mikaela bowed: “Mr. Hyakuya, my name is Mikaela Shindo. I am an officer with the Tokyo Metropolitan-”

“Police? What the hell did you do this time, brat?!” It came as no surprise that my uncle automatically assumed I was guilty of something. After all, I didn’t exactly have a clean track record.

Mikaela immediately went to work lifting the situation: “Oh, no… Yuuichiro hasn’t done anything wrong,” waving his hands as he chuckled, “Actually he helped us catch a pervert tonight, Mr. Hyakuya”

“Ichinose… I’m just this brat’s uncle,” I watched as Guren quickly corrected him before squaring his shoulder adding: “So how on Earth was this fucking brat useful?”

“Well I’m sure you’ve heard about the pervert attacking high school students-”

“I’m pretty sure the news reported that the pervert was going after high school girls,” Guren cut him off before a smug smirk spread across his face, but that broke into a snide laugh when I glared over at him.

Despite the obvious tension in the air, Mikaela seemed unfazed as he went on with his previous explanation: “Well if it weren’t for your cute nephew, we never would have caught such a dangerous man… I just happened to be heading home when I noticed there was something going on in an alleyway,”

My jaw went slack, had he really just called me, another guy, cute?!

Apparently I wasn’t the only one, who was in shock: “Actually I don’t think I need to hear anymore” I watched as my uncle stormed away in a huff, of course he would do that. Any time anything got further than a simple formal gesture, he would walk away.

“Guess I better get on with the questioning, is there a place you would be comfortable doing that?” My gaze traveled back onto Mikaela, who was fishing out a small notepad and pen from his back pocket.

I felt my shoulder shrug instinctively before I muttered, “The living room should be fine,” then headed inside with him behind me in pursuit.

The moment we took a seat on the couch, Mikaela dove straight into his questions. I answered them as best as I could and towards the end, I could feel fatigue taking over.

Yawning loudly, “How much more do you need to ask?” I hadn’t meant for my question to come out as rude as it did, but I was beginning to doze off.

Instead of being offended, Mikaela chuckled: “Sorry, just one more if that’s fine…”


“Do you have someone special?” I blearily peered over at him, I couldn’t see how answering that question had anything to do with the incident tonight, but nonetheless I replied.

“No, I’m single”