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Kira's Trials

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I always liked Kira, the first main SRU dispatcher. I mean, no offence to Winnie but Kira, portrayed by Pascale Hutton, is the sexiest SRU dispatcher. Of course, characters disappear and not mentioned later because actors and actresses wish to pursue other projects. But the Flashpoint writers opened the story by saying Kira moved to attend the “Basic Tactical Operations Course) (Episode: Planets Aligned). So I added Kira to Team One in my first Flashpoint story “Babycakes Breaksdown.” Now, I present to you, “Kira’s Trials.”


This all take place sometime after “Keep the Peace II”.


Author’s note: Story updated.


SRU Headquarters

0800 local


 The blonde hair was the first to enter through door. “Excuse me,” Constable Winne Camden called, “please sign…Kira?!”


“Morning Winnie, nice to see you again,” Kira Marlowe replied. She was dressed in a sweater, blue jeans and boots. “It looks al the same as before, maybe a bit more tidy.”


“What bring you back here? I thought you were at the Basic Tactical Operations…”


“Course. Yes I was, then I attended the Advanced Course then I stopped to look at my career options. I wasn’t interested in many departments so I applied for the SRU and here I am.”


“Applied for SRU?!” Winnie’s eyes widened in surprise. “Wow…that’s great. Which Team are you posted to?”


“That’s why I’m here. The SRU Sergeants are going to send me through….”


“The SRU course,” Sergeant Ed Lane completed the sentence. Both females spun around and snapped to attention. “Relax,” he said shaking Kira’s hand. “Nice to see you again Kira.”


“You too Sergeant and congratulations on the promotion.”


“Well, why don’t you suit up? Roland and Troy are waiting.”


“Right now?”


“This is the SRU, Constable Marlowe. We don’t laze around.”


Minutes later, Kira was suited up in a SRU utility uniform and just outside the range. “Ten rounds, ten targets,” Team Leader Julianna Callaghan said passing her a loaded Glock 17. “Some will be in darkness as well. We’re timing.” She also handed her a pair of night vision googles.


“Right,” was Kira’s only answer. Immediately a target board swung around and she got off a shot. Target boards swung open but the newbie managed to quickly react. “Time to go to night mode,” Sergeant Roland Cray ordered and the room plunged into darkness. No worries, Kira thought, with her googles on. A target board swung around but she quickly noticed it was painted with a civilian face. Three more targets, she thought and she shot here three last targets. “Congratulations,” Jules called. “3 minutes 2 seconds. But you just killed a hostage and his hostage taker.” Kira spun around and noticed the bullet hole through the board with the image of a masked man and a civilian.


“Shit,” she called out loud.


The next station was a normal weapons firing range. “I don’t want to see just bullet holes, I was to see targets meeting their mark,” Troy, the Team Leader of Team 4 told her before she inserted her ear plugs. “The targets will be moving out to distances of 400 metres, so you have three weapons: the Glock 17, the MP5A3 and the C8A2.”


The C8? Kira thought. I’m still not so friendly with that carbine, she thought. Taking a deep breath, she hit the first few targets with the Glock, then as the machine moved them, she fired rounds using the MP5. Suddenly the next target jerked back. Ok, too far for the sub-machine gun. Hoisting up the C8, she squinted and...


“Damnit, fire!” But the carbine was jammed. “Dammnit,” she pulled again but beforeshe knew it, the lights snapped back on. “Don’t know how to unjamm a C8, Constable?”


“Uh...” she hesitated.


“It could cost you your life.” Troy showed her how to but before she wanted to practice, Kira was ushered outside where Team 3’ Team Leader Samuel Braddock was waiting. “The situation is critical. It’s ten minutes before the bandit inside blows himself up with the hostages and negotiations have broken down. Where should the tactical team enter?”


“The book would say through the skylight but that is also covered by one of the bandits. I say the ventilation shaft. It’s a tight squeeze but that can help us jump on them behind,” Kira pointed at the blueprints.


“Right, let’s test it out.” Eight minutes and fourteen seconds later, both of them carried the dummy hostages out. “Pretty good, let’s do that again,” Sam announced.




“You got an appointment?”


Kira shook her head and once more entered the building via her plan. As both of them took down the dummy hostage takers, Sam calmly pressed a button on his belt. “Hey!” Kira cried as jet of ink squirted on her mask.


“Situation: You’ve been blinded by shrapnel but the bomb is ticking away. EOD can’t diffuse it in time and there’s one more hostage to rescue. The other team members are occupied.”


“But I can’t see,” Kira complained.


“2 minutes till explosion.” Groping around, Kira managed to feel the dummy hostage and hosted it on her back. With her sight curtailed, she felt around and finally managed to find the main exit.”Ah,” she cried, yanking off the mask.


“One minute five nine seconds,” Sam announced. “And you threw down the civilian, meaning she’s injured.”


“Sorry...” Kira stammered.


“Ed, Jules and Leah are waiting for you,” was his only reply. Kira soon found them with Ed pointing a plastic gun at Leah who was kneeling on the ground. “He wants to negotiate,” was Jules only sentence and then stepped back.


“Hello,” Kira started but Ed only pushed he gun against Leah’s face.


“I want my drugs! Where are my drugs!” Ed screamed.


“Listen, we can all work this out if you put the gun down,” Kira began thne turned to look at Jules.


“Hey lady! You listening to me! I want my drugs! You’ve you two minutes left!”


“Listen, if you just the gun down,” Kira continued, and then saw Ed place it down. “That’s good...” but before she could say any more, Ed pressed something against Leah’s back and she dropped down. “She’s dead,” he announced.




“You just broke two parts of the SRU motto,” Jules began. “Connect and Protect.”




“There’s Spike waiting for you,” Jules failed to answer her query. Over at the table was Spike with a large parcel in front of him. “Tell me what’s wrong with this box, Kira.”


“Uh, there’s no... there’s no return address?”


“Besides that, you can see the sides aren’t bound naturally but glued in. Now, if you carefully remove it,” Spike did so with a sharp knife, “you’ll find one of the most standard IEDs ever. Clock as a timer and wires—red-red, red-blue, red-red and red-green. Now, not every SRU officer is an EOD expert or you’ll be putting me out of a job.” Kira didn’t laugh. “But imagine you find one of these. Which wire would you cut?”


“Red-green?” Spike did so and the timer stopped. “Congratulations, you diffused a bomb. Now, not everything is so simple so,” Spike lifted up another box, “Here, you check it out and diffuse it.”




“It’s ticking,” was all he said. Ok, box no return address. Kira gingerly cut it open to find the same layout before. Ok, the pattern is different but it should be the same... she cut the odd wire out and BOOM! Black dust splattered all over her face. “Haha, you’re dead,”Spike called.




“If you checked closely, this box didn’t have glued side linings and the real wire pattern is underneath.”




“Take five Kira,” Ed Lane appeared. “We’ll be making our decision shortly.”


“Kira? Kira?” Winnie called entering the ladies changing room. She found the former SRU dispatcher just in her jeans and sports bra, her hands covering her face. “You alright?”


“I…guess, thanks,” Kira drained the cup of water Winnie passed over and accepted the towel. “That was the worst test I’ve ever been through.”


“SRU selection is tough...”


“I ‘killed’ a hostage while in the practice round. I couldn’t un-jam a rifle in the range. In the CQB area, I was blinded and ‘dropped’ a hostage. Then, as I thought I managed to negotiate Leah to safety, Ed killed her. On top of all this, I had dust all of my face or would been killed trying to diffuse a bomb.”


“I better tell Spike never to try that again,” Winnie commented.


“I’m this close Winnie, I really want this post. Not Guns N’ Gangs, not Sex Crimes, Not Anti-Violence, I want the  SRU...”


“I know, I know...”she patted Kira.


“Kira? Decision’s out,” They both heard Jules call.


“Good luck sweetie; I’m sure you’ll make it.”


Moments later, Kira Marlowe stood before Sergeants Roland Cray, Troy and Ed Lane. “Troy? You want to announce the results?”


“First range. 9.0, Gun range, 8.0, CQB...”


“Let’s skip  formalities,” Roland interjected.


“Right, Constable Kira Marlowe, you  made it through into the elite team, the Strategic Response Unit,” Ed announced and had to lean forwards to as she dropped to her knees in shock.


“I...can’t believe it,” she cried. Then stand up straight, she shook hands with all three senior officers. “Thank you, thank you thank you!!!”


“Now comes the hard part,” Roland continued and her excited look disappeared to that of a query.


“There are as you know, several SRU Teams. Each of us—Team One, Team Four and Team Five—each have an opening. So we now open it to  you Constable to choose which SRU Team you wish to join.”


Kira looked at all three of them for a few seconds before announcing, “I know it may sound like favouritism, but may I join you, Sergeant Lane?”


“Well, I graciously accept. Welcome, Kira.”


“We better find our own team member soon. Good luck,” Roland and Troy shook her hand.


“Welcome aboard,” Jules greeted her.


“Welcome to Team One Kira, with you there’s another gal,” Leah greeted.


“Don’t worry, Ed and I together will form three guys,” Spike greeted her.


Team One, Hot Call, gear up,” Winnie’s voice broken the greetings and the siren blared. “Hostage taking, Woodbine Heights.”


To Be Continued.