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Hot Summer

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„Oh, come on, Sherlock! It's gonna be fun!", said John as he was digging restlessly in one of the drawers in their bedroom.

„I'm not so sure about it…", replied Sherlock, still staring at what John was doing.

„Well, if you're not willing to do it for me, then do it for the kids, please." John stopped and held up what he was looking for. A pair of dark blue Speedos with lighter blue patterns in his right hand and in the other hand a smaller pair in emerald green.

„I'm not putting those on, not even for the sake of the kids". Sherlock's voice was flat, a bit sulky.

„I'm not arguing about it. You'll put them on and you'll come with us to the pool. It's unbearably hot and the kids are bustling to get out of the house.", John said in a commanding tone.

„I'd like to see you make me", Sherlock answered with a smug smile.

"I'm not fighting with you over it. God, you're supposed to be an adult. Put these on" John tossed the blue Speedos to Sherlock "and get ready. I know you hate changing clothes in public places. We're leaving in 20 minutes." John looked at Sherlock then took a glance at the swimwear in Sherlock's hands and left the room. "I'll help the kids with their packing" he said as he was climbing the stairs.

Sherlock couldn't quite believe that John was making him do this. He was supposed to know how he hated going out in the sun and even more than that, how he hated putting on swimwear. Sherlock's skin was incredibly sensitive and could burn very easily. Sherlock, though generally self-confident, was less so when only a slip of fabric was covering his genitals. John had never understood this and said that Sherlock had a body worth killing for (the pale white skin, those cheekbones, the fragile looking but muscular torso) but Sherlock didn't believe him.

„We're ready here, Sherlock. Do you need some help in there?", shouted John from the living room, which was also ringing with the sound of their children's laughter.

„No, thank you. I'm doing just fine on my own", said Sherlock and put those damn things on with a heavy sigh. He looked at his reflection in the mirror, his lips twitching in disgust as he put the rest of his clothes on quickly to cover the Speedos.

He grabbed the bag with the towels in it and went to the living room. John was in the kitchen putting a bottle of water and four cups in his rucksack. Hamish looked as annoyed as Sherlock himself, but little Berneen seemed on the verge of jumping around the room in happiness.

Hamish was very much like Sherlock, going by the looks. He wasn't as tall as Sherlock was in his teens but Hamish hadn't hit puberty yet. He was really frustrated about his height, he said he's not taken seriously because of his short. He hoped this summer will end with him growing 10 centimeters. At least. But nothing of that happened yet. Of course, he knew he wouldn't see the difference but he wished he could match his height to his intimidating intellect. At the age of 10 it wasn't as intimidating as he thought but he still could verbally smash them.

Berneen, on the other hand, couldn't care less about height and all this. She didn't pay too much attention to her looks. Not that she didn't like clothes and shoes. They just weren't so important. She loved to run around in the back garden, climb trees and play hide-and-seek. And for those activities fancy, girly, pinky and crinkly clothes just weren't suitable. So she always chose comfortable clothes in which she looked cute. Her dads always told her that. And there was this boy in the nursery school, too… He also said that her golden curls look like ribbons on a Christmas present. And her eyes are as blue as the sky. That's why she asked John to buy a pale blue bathing suit which was in her elephant-shaped bag now, waiting to be put on for the first time. She ran into the kitchen where John was packing, looked at her dad urging him to pack faster. When he finished, he took Berneen's hand, left the kitchen, looked around for anything he might have forgotten to pack in and when he didn't find anything they started down the stairs.

„Bring the other bag, please, and close the door, Sherlock.", instructed as he left the room.

Sherlock looked for the keys, put the bag on his shoulder and pushed Hamish out of the door.


John hailed a cab and all four of them got in. John behind the driver with Berneen in his lap. Hamish was sitting next to them, hands tucked between his thighs. Sherlock sat next to his son and looked out of the window. The kids were talking and laughing, all excited about the slides they would try once they got there. Sherlock was sulking, and he knew John was enjoying seeing him like that. None of them spoke a word. John was listening the children who were gesturing heavily while they were telling each other about their favourite slides. John unconsciously stroke their heads a few times. He reached out and touched Sherlock's nape with the fingers of his hand. Sherlock jumped a little in his seat and looked at him. John smiled at him and winked. Sherlock rolled his eyes and John laughed a little at the sight. The rest of the drive was in complete silence.

When they got there, Sherlock paid the driver and took one bag in his hand. He held out the other and Hamish took it reluctantly. He wasn't a kid anymore! He was 10 years old after all. John took the other bag and closed the trunk of the car and tapped it twice to signal that the cabbie can drive off. Berneen grabbed his free hand and almost dragged him to the entrance. John put the bag down and lifted her up so she could see the woman sitting behind the counter.

The woman smiled at her and asked, „What can I do for you, little lady?"

„I would like to go to the slides with Daddy, Father and my brother", she said all seriously and waved her hand towards the door and then at her family.

„Alright.", smiled the woman at her. „Could you tell me how old are you?"

„I'm 4."

„And how old is you brother?"

„He's 10."

„Thank you, sweetie. I'll do the rest", said John as he kissed the girl on the cheek and put her down. He paid for the tickets and put the band on Berneen's wrist. She pushed John's tighs to make him move as he tried to pass the bands to the others. Sherlock took them and put one on John's wrist, one on Hamish's (who was rolling his eyes - not a kid anymore, thank you) and one on his.


They entered the building and headed to the changing rooms where they left their bags in a locker. John and the children went to change while Sherlock just stripped quickly. When John came out of the stall, Sherlock couldn't help staring. John's thighs were muscular and slightly tanned from spending afternoons in the park with the children. The swimsuit was covering only the most vital parts of John's body. His bulge was very pronounced and the fabric was barely above the line of John's pubic hair. His chest was broad and his hair there was curly and barely visible. His neck was deliciously twisting as he was looking down at his abdomen and tried to rearrange his light blue Speedos on his body. His hair was slightly rumpled. Sherlock swallowed loudly and hoped that their kids didn't see him like this, taking in as much of the sight of John as possible. He totally forgot how naked he felt in his own Speedos. John went to his locker and brushed Sherlock's buttocks slightly as he passed him. Sherlock just stood there trying to get his train of thoughts back on track.

„Hamish, Berneen, put your stuff in here" John told the children to put their clothes back in the bag and then locked it in the locker. Sherlock did the same with his clothes.

„Are you ready?" John looked at him mirthfully and herded all three of them out to the pools.

The sun was shining brightly after the dimness of the changing room. Families and couples were lying on the grass, eating ice creams and talking happily. John put their towels down next to a tree and unfolded a blanket. The kids sat down and John started to apply sun cream on their backs.

„Are you going to move or do you plan to stand there all afternoon?", asked John as he glanced up at Sherlock. Sherlock was looking around analyzing every movement of the people around them. John lightly touched Sherlock's calf. The light brush of fingers made him twitch a little and but he looked at him.

„Mmm?", he asked like someone who just woke up.

„I said you should sit down and let me put some cream on you before you before you turn into a lobster.", answered John and pulled Sherlock to a sitting position. „Hamish, could you inflate Berneen's armbands?"

„Sure, Dad", answered the young boy, and started doing as he was asked to while making funny faces at Berneen who was picking grass and laughing at her brother.

When he finished they started to look at the couple next to them. Hamish was deducing where they were from, what their jobs were. Berneen didn't seem too persuaded and interrupted his chain of deductions to tell him how she saw the things Hamish was mentioning.