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When the Stars Fall

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Chapter One



Lista Di Nevella strode sluggishly through the front door of Quatre’s estate, her fingers hardly able to grip the handles of her briefcase. Either it was full of papers or she was far too tired to keep it from weighing her arm down.


She barely heard one of the maids amiably greet her and relieve her of the heavy briefcase. Her arm cried out in gratitude, and she rolled her shoulder as she made her way up the grand staircase. She fought back a yawn, her fingers fumbling with the buttons on her uniform jacket. She released a heavy sigh of relief as the stiffness from her uniform faded away with every plastic button, revealing the white tank top underneath.


She pulled the pin holding her hair up, allowing it to cascade freely down her back in an ebony tumble as she walked through her open bedroom door. Her eyes widened, noticing quickly the flickering flames of vanilla-scented candles scattered about the room. The red-orange glow played upon the face of a familiar male figure sitting at the edge of her bed in patience, a bouquet of flowers rested carefully in his hands. His blonde hair seemed like gold against the strewn light, his blue eyes glittering in the darkness.


Lista took several steps forward as if pleasantly mesmerized. “Quatre?”


The former pilot of Sandrock stood from the bed and quickly closed the distance between them, handing her the bundle of flora in his arms. “Welcome home, love. How was your day?” He leaned in and pressed his lips against her cheek before pulling away, smile spread cheek to cheek.


Lista gazed down at the flowers in her hands: pink calla lilies, one of her very favorites. “Busy. Tiring. But better now that I’m here.” She lifted the bouquet to her nose, taking in their sweet aroma. “They’re beautiful, Quatre. Thank you.” She studied the ambience of the room. The candles were the first obvious change, but as her eyes skimmed across the room, she noticed the chilled wine on the nightstand and the calla lily petals, both pink and white, scattered on her neatly made bed. “What is the occasion for all of this?”


“Do I need a specific reason to dote upon you?” Quatre asked, brushing the back of his knuckles against her cheek. He didn’t give her a chance to respond. “I figured you would need some relaxation after such a taxing day.” He took the flowers from her arms and laid them carefully on one of her red-oak dressers. “Come and sit down. I’ll get you a glass of wine. Tell me about your day.” He took one of her hands and guided her to the bed, his teal eyes never leaving her emerald ones.


Lista smiled and sat down while Quatre poured her a glass of red wine. “My day was cluttered with meetings with my top military leaders. Same as always. Some of them have been lobbying for the reconstruction of mobile suits for the sake of ‘protection’” – she made air quotes with her fingers – “but I’m not hearing it. I pushed hard to have all suits destroyed as a sign of good faith towards Earth. Some of them just won’t let it go.”


Quatre handed her the glass of wine and poured himself one before sitting down next to her. His weight on the bed caused her body to sink against his, much to her contentment. “There is always competition among humans, sweetheart. They should be looking toward making the colonists’ lives safer in every way, and as the Colonies’ secretary of defense, it’s your call in the end.”


Lista tapped her glass against his in a single clink before taking a small sip. “Maybe you should tell them that. I don’t think they’d like it so much if they heard it from me.”


Quatre’s smile faded and he pulled the glass away from his mouth before taking a full drink himself, the wine tasting sweet against his lips. “Why would you say that? Has there been a problem?”


Lista lowered her head and circled the rim of her glass with her finger. “Well, no, not exactly.” She sighed deeply and shook her head. “I have been in this position for a year, and I still feel as if they think I’m too young for this job. Sometimes I wonder if they still think I’m some kind of child.”


“You are no child,” Quatre added sternly. He grabbed her free hand with his, giving it a comforting squeeze that seemed to draw her attention to him. “You are a wondrous woman capable of many things. I have seen you accomplish a great deal since I have known you. They would not have asked you to take the position if they did not think you capable of the responsibility.”


Lista shook her head. “Maybe they overestimated me.”


“Perhaps you are underestimating yourself,” Quatre suggested gently. He took the glass from her hands and put both his and hers back on the nightstand. He quickly grabbed both of her hands, pulling them up to his mouth so he could brush his lips against them. “You undermine yourself far too much. They did not select you so lightly. They took note of your leadership skills, as well as your personal strengths. You are a strong, kind, and passionate woman who wants nothing but the happiness of others. They admired the characteristics you embody, and you more than proved your worth during the wars. Never forget that.”


Her eyes glazing over against the candles’ flames, sighing. “I don’t know. Maybe I’m just not supposed to have this job.”


Quatre couldn’t help but chuckle and cup her face in his smooth palms. His hands bore no calluses, no flaws whatsoever. “Sweetheart, stop trying to make yourself seem unworthy. You are doing a poor job of doing so, not to mention I am the last person who would ever think such negativity towards you,” he pointed out. His smile spiraled through her, warming the pit of her stomach. “It is a moot point to convince the man who loves you that you are incapable of greatness.”


Lista could not control the smile that surfaced on her pink lips, nor the cherry blush overcoming her cheeks. “Thank you, Quatre. I guess I can’t argue my worth with you.”


The former pilot shook his head and leaned in, pressing his slightly open mouth against the corner of her smile. “No, certainly not. My decision on your worth is final. You are priceless. I feel like a king with the most bountiful treasure in the world, and even that description fails in comparison to how I feel for you.”


Lista’s face fell and she rested her forehead against his chest, listening to the steady thumping of his heart. “Sometimes I wonder where you get those kind of ideas about me.”


“It is not hard when it is the truth,” Quatre replied with a smile as he released her hands to wrap his arms around her back. He sighed against her, relishing in the feel of her body heat radiating against him. “I have come to surrender to the words of my heart when it comes to you, sweetheart. I thought you knew that by now.”


Lista’s gentle laughter rang in his ears, calming his worries for her and causing his smile to widen in contentment.


She pulled away from him, lifting her head to gaze into his star-dusted eyes. “You are too sweet for your own good, Quatre.” She rubbed her hands against his chest, her face heating up as the possibilities swarmed her mind. She knew where this would eventually lead.


Her theory was confirmed with the heat of his gentle kiss, such pliable skin touching against hers in a way that meant to spark electricity through her blood. And it did just that. She moaned into his mouth against her will, falling against his chest and deepening their kiss. She shifted her body against his without breaking their contact, boldly crawling over his body until her legs were draped on either side of his hips. Her hands trailed up his chest, grazed the sensitive flesh of his neck, and cradled his jaw with her fingers.


Quatre leaned away from her, sensing the constriction in her chest from the ongoing lip-lock. Lista gasped for air and rubbed her nose against his, sighing contently. “I don’t mind coming home if this is what I can look forward to.”


“You can have whatever it is you wish,” Quatre rasped, his throat suddenly dry. “All you have to do is ask, and I’ll do everything in my power to give it to you.”


“I know that,” she whispered, her fingers stretching up to play with the back of his hair. “You already do.” The scent of vanilla from the candles wafted around them again. Her attention perked to the ambience of the room once more. It was quite fitting that the atmosphere was swathed with flower petals and carefully lit candles. She looked to him, a glint in her eye and a curious brow raised. “Was this planned?”


Quatre smiled and chuckled softly. “All I planned was for a romantic evening with you. The specifics were left to the imagination.”


Lista giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him close enough to taste his sweet breath, slightly hinting the red wine he’d been sipping. “That’s pretty dangerous for you. The both of us have quite a creative imagination.”


“And a passionate one at that,” Quatre added with an unfamiliar twinkle in his eyes. “It is not so difficult to let my mind wander during the day when I am away from you. It is such a trying task to begin with. I have to resort to my imagination to get me through.”


Lista let one of her hands trail away from the back of his head, gently tracing a circle over his heart. “I know what that’s like. I hate that we’re away from each other for so long. I don’t know how I manage to stay sane.”


Quatre was sifting his fingers through the silken locks of her hair as she spoke, his attention cemented on her as if nothing else existed around them. “It is the lives we lead. We have always been in the limelight, much to our annoyance, I suppose. It is our duty.”


Lista nodded numbly in agreement. That was one of the things that had grown tiresome for her. She had grown up in a militaristic family with a pacifist belief embedded into her education. Becoming an officer in ESUN at sixteen, not to mention becoming the Secretary of Defense upon the Barton Foundation’s fall, were all great honors to her family.


But she wanted more than that. Sometimes she craved a normal life, one that was not dictated with military and politics. She wanted a life filled with love, children, Quatre. But she felt her duties to the Colonies were a hindrance.


“Sweetheart? Are you all right?” Quatre’s gentle voice cracked through her thought process, causing her to jerk back into reality and stare into his eyes. “You were quiet for a moment. What were you thinking about that had you so concentrative?”


Lista sighed deeply and shook her head. “Nothing. Nothing at all.”


Quatre could sense she was lying but did not press the matter in favor of returning to their prior intimate embrace. “If you say so, love. Would you like your wine? It will help lull you into a restful sleep tonight.”


Lista shook her head, breaking eye contact with him in order to gaze down at a random point of the wall behind him. “No, that’s okay. I don’t need any more. Staying here like this with you is relaxing enough. I don’t want to waste any time with you. It’s precious enough as it is, what with your duties to the Winner Corporation and mine to the Colonies.”


Quatre’s face fell, the sadness obvious in her voice. “I wish there were something more I could do. I don’t like to see you so sad.”


Lista shook her head and stroked her hand against his face. He took it and pressed his mouth against the middle of her palm. “It could be worse. I know that. I just…miss you all day.”


His fingers were in her hair, fanning out the soft locks through his fingers. “I miss you, too. Perhaps we can go away together soon. We haven’t had a proper trip, just you and I. Even if it’s just for a few days. I would love nothing more than to whisk you away, wherever you wish.”


Lista laughed and knocked him onto his back, settling her full weight upon him. “Oh, Quatre, I would love that.” She pressed her mouth against his in a thankful kiss. “Just when I think I’m complete, you turn around and do something to prove me wrong.”


Quatre wrapped his arms around her lower back, silently savoring the sensation of her clothed curves pressing against his. “I’ll be complete so long as you’re by my side, love. As long as you’re happy, I’m happy.”


Lista giggled and shook her head. “You’re far too sweet. Keep it up and you’ll have me swooning like a little girl.”


Quatre pushed her hair behind her shoulders, keeping them away from her eyes so he could gaze into their green, bottomless depths. “Well, I suppose I will have to put forth greater effort.”


The pit of Lista’s stomach fluttered with butterflies as Quatre gently turned her around, placing her on the soft mattress beneath him. He drew a path along the line from her ear to her chin with his finger, and then retraced his steps with his mouth. Lista craned her head to the side, her fingers digging into the soft bed of his golden hair.


“I have never felt as blessed as I do now,” Quatre whispered against her flesh. “I love you, Lista. I do not know how I lived my life before you were in it.”


Lista smiled against him and wriggled under him teasingly before wrapping one of her legs around his. “And I wonder if you’ll ever not have a compliment for me. Your well has to be going dry of them by now.”


He chuckled and shook his head, leaning back to capture her flame-emblazoned eyes in his own. “Do not expect such an absurdity to occur, sweetheart. You deserve every single compliment I give you.”


Lista lifted her head and placed a fair, gentle kiss on his mouth in thanks. Her jacket was loose on her shoulders, baring them to him in her new position beneath him. She enjoyed the fact his body was blanketed over hers, his body heat swarming around her in a way that seemed to lull her into an impassioned glaze.


“Are you tired?” Quatre’s soft voice broke through the silence, jarring her from her stupor. He folded a stray lock of hair behind her ear.


“No,” she yawned. Her eyes were drooping against her will, instantly refuting her answer.


Quatre chuckled at her and shook his head. “Somehow I am not so convinced. Perhaps it would be best to get some sleep. You have certainly earned it, love.” He leaned down and pressed a kiss against the center of her forehead. “I suppose the wine is taking its toll on you quicker than I’d hoped.”


Lista’s brow curved in curiosity, a smile stretching across her face. “And what do you mean by that?” Her grin was wily, knowing, and almost wicked.


Quatre swallowed the growing lump in his throat, only for it to resurface just as quick. “I did not mean anything significant, of course. I merely meant that I was hoping to enjoy more of your company before going to sleep. But I see it’s been far too long a day for you.”


Lista shook her head, her grin widening. “I know what you meant, Mr. Winner.” Her giggle was playful. “I think I can manage to stay awake long enough to enjoy your…company.”


“You’re certainly enticing, sweetheart,” Quatre said, cupping her chin with his thumb and forefinger. “I was hoping I would be the one to seduce you tonight, but I suppose such roles are reversed.”


Lista slowly dragged her tongue against her lips, moistening them with care in order to further tempt the former pilot hovering above her. “Aren’t they always?”


He chuckled. “Perhaps I should start furthering my efforts,” Quatre replied with a contented smile, his mind reeling with provocative images that used to make him blush like a schoolboy. Of course, he’d be lying if sometimes they still didn’t, but it was for a different reason entirely. He’d stepped full force from boyhood to manhood the moment he realized this woman held his heart within her unrelenting grasp.


“Perhaps you should,” Lista spoke up coaxingly after several seconds of silence.


No sooner did the words leave her mouth was she sent spiraling to another world with Quatre’s passionate kiss. She sighed against his supple, moist lips, eager to taste him, to feel him filling her, completing her like he always did. She felt whole, revitalized after a single round of lovemaking. He was the only one who could make her feel this way. He was the only one she wanted to make her feel this way, to feel pleasure from another world, to see faraway stars in her eyes when she came, calling out his name in gratitude.


She shrugged out of her uniform jacket while deepening their kiss, her tongue boldly entering his mouth to taste him. Quatre’s hands intrepidly molded against her sides, dragging the bottom of her tank top up her torso. One of his hands stayed behind to relish in the feel of her satiny skin, circling his finger around her bare bellybutton. She moaned into his mouth before breaking away, gasping for a much-needed drink of air.


Quatre took that opportunity to pull her tank top over her head with swift care, leaving her in her lacy rose-pink bra. Lista reached forward, fingering the button on his khaki slacks. She bit on her bottom lip and unbuttoned him, quickly taking his zipper and pulling it down. He groaned deep in his throat at the relief it gave him, his appreciative smile warming her to the core.


He pulled away just long enough to unbutton his red dress shirt, shrugging it from his shoulders and tossing it on the floor next to their bed. He slid his thumbs under the top of his undone slacks, pulling them down his hips until the only boundary of fabric left on him was his navy blue boxers.


Lista followed suit, swiftly but calmly wriggling out of her dress pants, carelessly flinging the article to the side with the rest of their discarded clothing. And just as quick as she’d shed half of her clothing, she pressed her hands against either side of his face, pulling him down upon her in another soul-soaring kiss that was amplified by their touching of flesh. The contact ignited a burning flame in both their stomachs, testing their own control, testing just how long foreplay would continue before Quatre would eventually take her, fill her wholly with his being.


His control waned as his groan reverberated into her mouth. His palms gingerly caressed the soft fabric covering her breasts, candidly stroking and rolling her nipples in the center of his palms. Every caress was different than the last, like he was touching her for the very first time all over again.


He was throbbing under his boxers, valiantly trying to fight it off in favor of giving Lista the full adoration she deserved. But she beamed impatience, her hungry kiss nearly blinding him to the fact her hands were gliding down the center of his stomach, reaching dangerously close to the apex of his legs.


He snapped a hand over her wrist, stopping her in fear of what his own control entailed. She immediately broke off the kiss, shooting him a questioning stare as to why he stopped her. But he said nothing—at least nothing out loud. Instead, he rested his hands on the front snap of her bra, silently thanking the easy alternative to removing the sometimes tricky undergarment. He licked his lips almost hungrily as the bra snapped free, releasing her perfectly-sized breasts to him.


Her nipples were hard and achy from the sexual tension coursing through every inch of her body, stretching to the tips of her fingers and toes. She badly wanted his hands on her, no boundaries to stop either of them. She got her wish, as he rested his palms on her breasts, stroking and molding over her as if they were cast from a mold of his hands. She arched her back into his caresses, biting her bottom lip to keep from moaning too loud.


The once timid pilot of Sandrock murmured another profound “I love you” before bending down to capture a nipple in his mouth. He suckled gently, teasingly, until her moaning became coherent and the syllables that made his name finally came together. Her sweet voice softly calling his name was like music filling his ears, music he wanted to continue playing for as long as possible.


“Please don’t stop,” she begged in a broken mumble. She closed her eyes and let her senses take over, listening to the sound of his quickening breath, concentrating on the growing expertise of his hands over her breasts. To answer her plea, his tongue lapped over her nipple again, tenderly nibbling her, riling another long moan from between her lips.


And then his hands rested on her hips, sliding his fingers under the strings of her underwear while trailing his mouth up to her collarbone, gently suckling the sensitive flesh there. He wriggled the undergarments down her well-tanned legs, lightly skimming his fingers against her silken skin. Lista lifted one leg, then the other, to help him remove the final garment masking her alluring body.


Quatre drew in a deep breath. Lista’s natural form never disappointed him. Every time was like a journey into unfamiliar territory. His memory of her never did her justice, a good incentive that he make love to her often to keep her fresh in his thoughts, the smooth feel of her skin, the taste of her kiss, the smell of her arousal. His erection responded as his eyes scoped her several times, Lista’s face flushed from the overwhelming passion swimming around them, the knowledge that he was taking in her nakedness.


Lista tried again to remove his last line of clothed defense. This time, he made no move to stop her. He worked around her hands, his sleek, responsive erection springing out of his boxers as soon as the article of clothing cleared his hips. Lista swallowed, her overactive imagination swarming with thoughts of their previous encounters, how Quatre had taken her ever-so lovingly and assured she reach her completion before he did, how he stretched and filled her with perfection.


Oh, how she wanted to feel that again. Her patience was all but nonexistent now. But she tried to take her time as she finished removing the article of clothing from Quatre’s body. As soon as she ridded him of it, he immediately blanketed his nakedness against hers, pressing a soft, quick kiss on her lips. A chill shook her spine as his hands found her hair, raking her bangs from her closed eyes and reached to massage her scalp. She found it hard to ignore the fact his erection was pressed so firmly against the curve of her inner thigh, dangerously close to her aching, wet center.


And just as soon as the thought exited her mind, Quatre’s fingers were absent from her hair and reappeared in between her legs, testing her readiness. He was silently exuberant that she was hot and wet; he didn’t think he could wait much longer to join their bodies as one.


He grazed his fingers against her, groaning to himself as several droplets of her arousal trickled down his digits. He kissed a string of kisses along her neck as he carefully spread her legs, resting himself between them like a hand fit a glove. He gazed down upon her, their eyes connecting, as he slowly moved forward, sliding into her wet heat. Her body responded almost instantly; she arched herself into his first thrust, a satisfactory groan escaping from her throat.


He thrust twice, three times, before leaning down to capture her lips in his as if trying to sate his hunger lest it take him over wildly. She kissed back, meeting his thrusts with ones of her own. Her hands grasped the petal-covered sheets beneath them, using them as her anchor as he rode her steadily, his length reaching into the very pit of her soul with every passionate thrust. She moaned loudly into his kiss, unable to keep her voice low. Carnal desires unfurled within her like a fist in her stomach, and she broke the kiss to call out his name in the darkness.


Quatre relished in the sound of her fervor-laced voice calling his name, spurring him into a faster pace as he moved within her. He closed his eyes and gripped her hips, silently asking for her to wrap her legs around him. And she did, locking them tight around his lower back, bringing them closer together. Their flesh had since become sticky with perspiration, their bodies rubbing against one another with every ravenous thrust, each one deeper and desperate than the last.


Lista called his name again, this time louder and with no reservations of who heard. The only other occupants in the house were the servants, and she no longer cared about what they thought or what they heard going on in the privacy of their bedroom. Quatre gave no care, either, as he arched himself into her with speed that would rival the wind in a storm, his long, heavy grunts echoing against the walls.


She watched the expressions on his face, the way his eyes lidded with desire, the way his mouth hung open and breathed heavy, moaning, groaning, grunting her name as if claiming possession over her. He maintained a quick rhythm over her, pumping himself into her as if tomorrow would not come. He swore to himself that he would spiral them both into a world that did not exist to anyone other than themselves, a world of intense bliss reserved only for the two of them.


He watched her fingers quickly uncurl from the bedding, reaching up to shakily stroke the dripping bangs from his eyes. She cupped his cheek for several seconds before tying both her arms around his neck, closing the empty space between them. Her breathing was erratic, her moans accompanying every one of his thrusts. She was getting close.


“Quatre,” Lista breathed, her eyes boring into his. She licked her lips before leaning up to kiss him, eager to taste him again. He collapsed against her body, not faltering his thrusts but impatient to feel her nakedness against him, to feel her hardened nipples rubbing against his own.


“I know, love,” he brokenly groaned against her mouth. “I will get you there.”


Lista bit her bottom lip, feeling a cry barrel up her throat. It came out as a squeal of delight, his promise echoing in her ears against the sound of his quickened heartbeat, his breathing erratic as it heated her neck. She buried her face under his chin, pressing open-mouthed kisses there in hopes to push him to the edge. Just as she craved her release, she craved his. She wanted to feel him let go inside of her, become even more a part of her than before.


Her muscles began to clench around him. Her hands slid from his neck and clutched his back, her fingers nearly digging into his flesh. Quatre thrust again, causing her to cry out against him. She jerked away, craning her neck as she felt herself pulse.


The Sandrock pilot wrapped one of his arms around her back, keeping her still against him as he drove into her. She dug her fingers into his back and hid her face in the crook of his neck just as he thrust two more times, throwing her over the edge. The joy was overwhelming, causing her body to tremble violently as she came around him. She screamed his name against his body, convulsing in bliss.


Quatre cried out her name in gratitude after three more plunges inside her, his own release following right after. He jerked and held her fast against him, gently easing her back to the mattress, both coming down from their climaxes together as one, just as Quatre hoped it would be. He slowly pulled himself from her depths, rolling on his back and pulling her along with him, wanting to keep her close.


They lay in silence, Quatre raking his fingers through her dampened hair while rubbing his palm along her back, coaxing her to breathe steadily. She moaned contently against him, dragging her hand back and forth on his chest.


“You lied to me, mister,” Lista finally murmured in the silence. She kept her head settled on his chest, her hand continuing its ministrations.


He moved his head to look upon her disheveled form, enjoying the way her untidy hair played about her flushed face. “How so, love? I don’t quite understand what you mean.”


Her giggle resonated in the room. “You told me you didn’t have any of this planned, but I definitely don’t believe you now.”


Quatre chuckled and pressed his lips against her temple before answering. “I suppose you’ve caught me. I was planning on making love to you like this, but again, I was not sure if you would be fit for it after such a trying day.”


Lista lifted her head from his chest, gazing tiredly at him with a weak smile. “You must not know me very well, then. I am always fit for…that. Sometimes I think I could live on you.”


“If only that were true,” Quatre sighed, squeezing her against him. “If such were the case, I would have no reservations in not allowing you out of this bed.”


“That sounds tempting,” she mumbled back, wriggling her naked body against his, seeking comfort through his body heat. “I wouldn’t mind that in the least, if you and I weren’t such important figures. You have your family’s business to run, and, well, I have the Colonies to run.”


Quatre drew in a breath through his nose, taking in the scent of the aftermath of their passionate lovemaking mixed with the still-lit vanilla candles throughout the room. “Well, I could easily remedy that, sweetheart.”


Lista stared a hole through him, knowing immediately what he was suggesting. “Absolutely not. You’re not giving up your family’s company for me. It’s out of the question, and despite what you may think, it would not make me happy. Winner Corporation means a lot to you, and it means a lot to me. End of story.”


“I knew you would say that,” Quatre said with a smile. He moaned contently and rested his chin on the top of her head. “You have nothing to fear. I’m not going to do something without consulting with you first. My decisions affect you as they do me.” He pressed a reassuring kiss at her brow. “Now, go to sleep, love.”


Lista was already halfway lulled to sleep by the calming heat emanating off his body. Exhaustion pegged her, threatened to take her from reality with every blissful passing second as she lay in Quatre’s protective arms. She answered with a satisfied sigh and nuzzled against his chest, candidly kissing the damp flesh there before finally giving in to her fatigue, both from her hectic day and her passion-filled evening.


She wouldn’t have her days end any other way, so long as she was with the man she loved with every fiber of her being.





The rising sun beat down on Lista’s face as she came to, exhaustion assaulting her body as soon as she tried moving. She knew she had to get up for work but would have preferred staying in bed with Quatre.


She turned on her side, hoping to curl into his body, but found herself alone. She forced her eyes open and pushed herself up against the headboard, surveying the room. The barely-drank wine was gone from the nightstand, the discarded clothing now tossed in the hamper in the corner of the room. The full bouquet of pink calla lilies was now arranged in a fancy glass vase on one of her dressers.


Wishing to be near him, she quickly crawled out of bed and grabbed her white plush bathrobe from the back of the bathroom door. She reveled in the feel of the fabric against her skin, especially after such a taxing night with her beloved.


She quietly opened the bedroom door, immediately faced with the tantalizing smell of pancakes and bacon wafting around her. With a smile, she walked to the kitchen to investigate, nearly ecstatic to find Quatre at the stove pulling the bacon out of the skillet and resting it on a ceramic plate covered with a two layers of paper towel. She leaned against the doorframe and folded her arms over her chest, watching him prepare two plates—one for her and one for him—with complete adoration. She thought he looked amazingly adorable cooking breakfast in his red flannel pants and gray t-shirt, his hair still unkempt from sleep.


“You just never stop, do you?” Lista finally spoke up, her smile apparent in her voice.


Quatre spun on his heel as soon as Lista’s melodious voice rang in his ears. A smile beamed across his face. “Oh, Lista, I didn’t know you were awake. How did you sleep?”


Lista pushed herself off the frame of the door to walk over to him. She wrapped her arms around his waist, rubbing the tip of her nose to his. “Wonderful. But then again, I normally do since you’re there next to me.” She looked over his shoulder at the steaming food. “Where’s the cook?”


“I gave him the morning off. I wanted to cook breakfast for you myself before you left for work,” Quatre replied with a smile. He went to press his lips against hers, but she pulled away. He looked at her confusedly. “What is it?”


“I haven’t brushed my teeth yet,” Lista said with a faint blush.


Quatre shook his head and cupped her cheek in his palm, chuckling lightly at her embarrassment. “That’s certainly not going to stop me.” And he proved it to her, pulling her face towards his in an intimate kiss. She rested her hands on his chest, surrendering to his kiss as if Quatre never had to convince her otherwise.


“Ahh, what a wonderful way to wake up,” Quatre sighed as he pulled away, smiling contentedly. “Shall we eat now? I want you to have a nice, warm breakfast before going off to work. You need to eat a good meal, and this was yet another excuse to dote upon you.”


“As if you don’t do that enough already,” Lista pointed out with a knowing smile as he led her to the island. He pulled out a barstool, helped her sit down, and pushed it in for her. He hurriedly finished preparing a plate with several pancakes and a couple slices of bacon, both drenched with syrup. He put the plate in front of her, along with a napkin, a fork, and a knife. Lista couldn’t help but lick her lips. “This looks great, Quatre. And I’m so hungry.” Her eyes lidded and she smirked slyly. “But I suppose that’s what happens after a night with you.”


Quatre couldn’t help the blush overcoming his cheeks. He chuckled lightly and scratched the side of his face with a finger. “Well, I’m happy you approve, love. That’s what I’m here for.” He poured a glass of milk and set it next to her plate, then prepared a plate for himself. “So, tell me what your plans are for today.” He pushed his own stool close to her before sitting down.


“Well, I’m expecting someone from Preventer today,” Lista replied before taking a quick bite of pancake. “They come once a week to update me on matters. Lady Une normally sends one of the Gundam pilots since she knows I see them so rarely anymore.” She sighed deeply and rested back against her chair. “I miss them terribly.”


Quatre’s face fell. “I know, love. I do, too. Perhaps we will have to arrange a dinner of sorts so we can spend time with one another again. It’s uncalled for to think we should wait for something to happen that would bring us all together again.”


Lista nodded, her eyes burning a hole through her overfilled plate. “I hate to think that a war is what’s needed to keep us close. I know we’ve all been doing our own things to keep busy in the peace. I suppose that was fate for all of us since we were all so active during the war. The people looked up to the Gundams for reassurance. It was only natural that the people want all of you to continue to be active in order to maintain the peace we fought for.”


“I’m sorry I didn’t realize how important this was to you,” Quatre said softly. He placed his palm over her hand, gripping it comfortingly. “I’ll do what I can to arrange something with all of us. Perhaps Lady Une will give them some time off so we can get together.”


Lista picked her fork back up, cut a large bite of pancake, and stuffed it in her mouth, chewing slow so she had time to ponder Quatre’s words.


“I will begin making arrangements and try to talk to Lady Une in scheduling a day off for Wufei, Heero, and Trowa. I am sure Duo will be able to free some time up, seeing as he’s practically his own boss. He always said that was one of the perks of being a salvager.” He chuckled and took another bite of his breakfast.


Lista only nodded in agreement and quickly finished her breakfast after catching a glimpse of the clock above the sink. She had limited time to prepare for work. She delicately dabbed her mouth with a napkin—a respectful habit learned from having meals with other world leaders—and stood from her barstool. “I should go and shower, especially after what happened last night. I don’t have much time to get ready.” She smiled and leaned over, kissing Quatre quickly on the cheek. “But being a little late is worth spending this time with you.”


Quatre’s smile widened. “I am so glad to hear that, sweetheart. I’ll clean up here while you get ready. I’ll meet you in the bedroom to help you dress.”


Lista didn’t refute him, since she knew it was a moot point. She merely nodded and headed back to her bathroom to shower, a contagious smile stuck on her face. She was sure her good mood could only be surgically removed at that point, and since that was deemed impossible, she knew today would be one of the better days of her work week.