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Love in Fine Print

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You staggered backwards. The oni continued her advance, swinging her sword with all the savage force her muscles could muster. Your ward faltered. The blade passed through at an awkward angle, grazing your arm. The oni followed the strike by flicking a kunai at you. You were too slow to block the projectile. The realm silver dart impaled your shoulder. You yelped, pulling it free. Mana flowed out of your wound, shimmering in the moonlight.

A throaty chuckle rumbled out of the oni. You blasted away the ground at her feet. The oni anticipated your attack. Before the bolt could vaporize the dirt beneath her, she leapt into the air. Landing with catlike grace, she followed up with a brutal stab leveled at your abdomen. You channeled all the magic you had into your hands, creating a concentrated shield to block the tip of the blade. The impact forced you backwards onto your back. You wheezed. Your arms were starting to grow weak. The oni tried to pounce on you. You flicked her aside into a tree. She grunted in pain. Shaking off the blow, she glared at you. This wasn’t good. Your attacks were growing weaker by the second. It wouldn’t be long before you were too enervated to protect yourself.

The oni pulled a small ball out of her belt. She whipped it at your feet. Smoke billowed out of the paper into the air. You coughed, trying to protect your eyes from the stinging gas. A kunai whistled out of the haze. You were able to catch it with the ward you had erected in front of you, but the second kunai caught you by surprise. Your ward shattered. The kunai tumbled into you, leaving a cut in your thigh. The oni appeared through the mist, her sword was poised for a strike. You gasped, raising your hand in a futile attempt to deflect the blow. The sword pierced through your magic with ease. It slid past your hand and into your body. You gasped. The frigid sensation of the realm silver permeated your body. The oni continued her charge, carrying you backward until you were pinned to a tree by the sword. Your head bounced off the bark. Stars appeared in your eyes. Heat began to radiate out from the wound in your chest in time with your heartbeat. You weakly put your hands around the sword, fumbling to pull it from your chest.

The oni chuckled. “That was some fight, prey. I can see how you slipped through my sisters’ fingers.” She grabbed your face in her hand, smooshing your cheeks together. “I wonder which one of them mother will give you to when we get back to Kamaka?” The oni twisted your head back and forth, inspecting her handiwork. “Hmm… Maybe I’ll keep you for myself. You’d make quite the trophy~”

You gingerly grasped at her, trying to force her away. Mana was hemorrhaging out from your gut. Darkness crept into the corners of your vision.

“Hmm? What’s that? No clever remarks? Noko’s goons said you had all sorts of brilliant quips to make. How disappointing. We’ll see what you have to say when you’re trussed up in front of mother.”

The oni pulled her sword free. She caught you before you could slump to the ground.

“Just sleep. We’ll be back in Kamaka before you know-“

The oni’s head snapped up. She whipped around, pointing her sword at something.

“Leave. This is my prey,” growled the oni.

“Anything that has to do with that man is my business as well.”

You recognized the voice. It was comforting. Even lying in the grass, bleeding out the last of your mana into the dew, you felt better knowing the voice was near. Who was it again? You couldn’t remember. Thinking was becoming impossible.

The clamor between the two monsters continued. Through the ringing in your ears, you could hear a fight break out. Heat from an explosion washed over your face. With herculean effort, you twisted your head towards the brawl. Two fuzzy figures were clashing with each other. One of them spread her wings and flew back, bathing the other in a gout of fire. The luminance made your eyes water. When you opened them again, the forest before you had been transformed into a battle-scarred wasteland. One of the figures approached you. Vertigo gripped you when she reached down to pluck you out of the grass.

“Oh, Anon, look what she did to you…” lamented the figure.

Your head came to rest against the crook of her arm. You couldn’t stay awake any longer.

“That’s it, just rest. I’ll take care of everything~”


The first thing you noticed as you regained consciousness was a gentle swaying. Your head was being pushed back and forth in an alien but not unpleasant sensation. You adjusted yourself. Slowly, your body took inventory with your senses, each one bringing in more information about your current whereabouts. Wherever you were, it was warm, smooth, and filled with an enchanting aroma. A small candle was the only source of light your weary eyes could find. As you squirmed, the mass your face was pressed against moved in kind. A hand gently caressed your back.

“Oh! You’re awake,” a voice said softly.

You craned your neck back to see the source of the voice. Two purple eyes nestled in onyx sclera stared down at you, glimmering in the faint light of the candle.

“Voso?” you croaked.

Voso smiled. She brushed your hair out of your face, letting her fingers flow across your scalp. “Who else?”


Voso giggled. “You’re not as subtle as you think, Anon. All I have to do is follow the craters.”

You squeezed your eyes shut. “Is this real?”

“As real as it can get.”

Your hand gently groped at her wrist. Voso adjusted her hand to lace her fingers through yours.

“How are you feeling?” asked Voso.

“Tired,” you murmured.

“I should think so, after all you’ve been through. Why don’t you rest a little longer?” said Voso.

You hummed in agreement. Voso draped an arm around your back, drawing you closer to her body. Her breath slowed to match your own. You shut your eyes and allowed yourself to be lulled to sleep by the rhythm of her breathing.



Your eyes fluttered open. Voso was staring down at you. “Rise and shine!”

Wiping your face with your hands, you looked around. The room was a simple Zipangunese room, replete with a few simple pieces of furniture and the futon you now rested in. You squinted at Voso. She gave you a quizzical look.

“What’s that look for?” asked Voso.

You rubbed your forehead. “This feels like a dream…”

Voso’s tail flicked contentedly. “I’ll take that as a compliment~”

Same old Voso. “How did you get here?”

Voso groaned and rolled her eyes. “Again with the interrogation? You haven’t eaten in days. How about you get some breakfast and a bath, and then you can ask all the questions your little heart desires.”

Days? Your stomach rumbled. Voso snorted and prodded your stomach with her tail. “Almost as empty as your head.”

You shoved her tail away. “Fine. I’ll eat.”

After a few fruitless attempts to rise from your bedding, Voso helped you to your feet. Your legs were so weak you had to rely on her to support you. Voso slowly guided you out of the room and down the hall.

“I let the mistress know you were coming. You’re going to love the food here. So much better than the slop they served back at Valisias.”

“Is this an inn?” you asked.

“Yeah. Nice little place I found. I think you’re going to like it.”

This place looked familiar. Rounding the corner, you came face to face with a wall of fluff. The tails twitched. The inari turned around and beamed at you.

“Foreigner! Back so soon?”

“You!” you said incredulously.

“We really have to stop meeting like this,” chortled the fox woman. “Though, word is that Moegara’s forces are indisposed this time.”

You looked at Voso. She nodded. “The powers-that-be finally got off their seats to deal with Kamaka’s forces. Their armies are being beaten back through the pass.”
You sighed in relief. The last thing you wanted was to repeat the mistake you made at Heida.

The inari continued to smugly appraise you. “Hmm~ And I see that your journey was successful~ Ah, she may not be the woman you expected, but I can see that you two will make a wonderful couple!”

Voso’s face tinged purple. She squirmed beside you, trying to contain her happiness. “Why thank you, ma’am.”

“Oh, call me Urosya,” gushed the inari.

The dining area of the inn was empty save for the innkeeper. The war must have put a damper on people’s travel plans. Voso helped you hobble over to a table and sit down. Urosya quickly set down a tray of food in front of you.

“And the tea, just how you like it~” she said, setting a cup down. Before you could thank her, she had seated herself across from you and Voso and rested her chin in her hands. “Now, tell me everything! I want to know all the details!”

You just wanted to eat your meal in peace. Getting your mana cut out of your body was an exhausting experience, and you were still feeling groggy from the ordeal. You looked at Voso for support. Voso was smiling broadly at your host. She put a hand over yours.

“Well, this whole thing actually began a few months ago…”


You finished the last of your meal and wiped your face. Voso and Urosya had been chattering back and forth for what felt like hours about all the minutia that had collated into you sitting here with her. Is this what being married was like?

“He put up a hell of a fight, but she was well trained. Anon doesn’t give up, you know?” said Voso.

Urosya grunted in agreement. “The fool insisted on limping all the way to Hedia with a chest full of broken ribs.”

Voso tutted and rolled her eyes. “I cannot believe he did something so stupid. Well, that’s what I’m here for. Anyways, I flew in to finish her off, and dragged him back here.”

Urosya inhaled and sighed. “How romantic! The dashing heroine swooping in to save the man she loves! Just like the classics.”

Voso chuckled. “Anything but. You don’t know what I had to go through just to keep up with him~”

Her tail coiled around your wrist, giving it an affectionate squeeze. You pinched the tip of her tail, making her yelp. Voso pouted and retracted her tail, giving the back of your hand a slap for good measure. The inari laughed.

“Ah, it does the heart good to see a young couple like yourselves,” she opined wistfully.

“Eros certainly blessed us,” said Voso.

The inari looked you over. “How are you feeling, young man? Did a nice respite with your wife revitalize you?”

You nodded nervously. “Uh, yeah…”

The inari tittered. “No need to be shy~ I’ll take your plates. In the meantime, why don’t you two go out to the spring and enjoy yourselves?”

“I don’t know if-“

“That sounds like a lovely idea!” interjected Voso. She grabbed your wrist. “A good soak is just what you need. Besides, you were marinating in that bed for days.”
The inari waved goodbye as Voso dragged you away to the spring.


Voso dipped her foot into the water. “Oh! Amazing! Some of the Zipangunese girls bragged about these things at Valisias; looks like it was well warranted.”

She began to disrobe. You turned away. Her tail prodded your butt. “What are you blushing for, cutie? Afraid of seeing your wife naked?~”

You glanced at her. Voso had completely disrobed. She proudly displayed her body with her hands on her hips, chin tilted up triumphantly. “Come on, strip. The water isn’t getting any cooler.”

She took a step towards you. You got the message and quickly stripped off your underwear. Voso bit her lip, inhaling slowly. “I have to say, it’s much better to see you from this distance instead of through your window.”

“What?!” You covered yourself up.

“Nothing I haven’t seen before, babe,” Voso winked. “Now are you going to get in, or am I going to have to toss you in there?”

You shuffled over to the edge of the spring and draped your legs into the water. The heat nipped at your skin. You let yourself adjust for a few seconds and slid in. At once, the salubrious powers of the spring began to course through you. Voso dipped in as well, gliding through the water towards you. You swam to the far side of the spring until the volcanic rocks lining the spring blocked your escape. Voso chased you down, straddling you and draping her arms around your shoulders.
“Hmm~ Don’t think you can run before the honeymoon, lover boy~” Voso purred.

“Hey, give me some space. I just got out of a coma,” you said, trying to push her off.

Voso latched on tighter, determined not to be pushed away. Your hands prodded and shoved at her body to no avail. As your fingers brushed over her abs, Voso flexed her core. You readjusted your grip one last time and gave up. Voso chortled happily. You squirmed beneath her. Where were you supposed to look now?
Voso answered the question for you. “Hey.” She grabbed your chin, forcing you to look her in the eye. Her red irises glinted sadistically. “Look at me, would you? It’s been too long since I’ve been able to look at these gorgeous eyes.”

You gazed back into the abyss of Voso’s eyes. The cloying tension didn’t leave your body. Voso stroked your cheek with her thumb.


“What’s wrong, Anon? You’re so tense,” said Voso softly.

“I don’t know. It’s just- you’re here. With me. I mean, I thought I might never see you again,” you said.

A strand of wet hair fell down in front of her eyes. Voso flicked her head to cast it aside. “Are you upset that I am?”


“No! It’s just… I don’t know…” you said.

Voso swung herself out of your lap. She sat next to you, leaning you forward enough to slip a wing behind your back to hold you with. “I can only imagine. The journey a year in the making came to an end, and the woman you turned down all those months ago whom you haven’t heard from since is suddenly here to pull you out of the fire when you were minutes away from becoming something’s chew toy.”

You slumped over a bit. She was right. All your bravado and courage for what? Just to wind up needing Voso to save you again.

Voso rubbed your back. “Aww, it’s okay. You made it farther than most humans could ever dream. The odds were stacked against you every step of the way. And besides, maybe this isn’t the worst outcome.”

You nodded. Turning to Voso, you could see her face was a bit darker than usual. This time, it was her who distracted herself with the puffs of steam rising from the surface.

“I mean, there’s someone out there for everyone. And I think Eros is doing her best to make sure that we find that person. I mean, I prayed to her every night, and now here I am. So, maybe this was… meant to be.” Voso peeked at you. Seeing that you were still looking at her, her head snapped away. “Or something like that…”

You snorted. Voso pouted at you. “What’s so funny?”

“I just think it’s endearing to see you like this, that’s all. Truth be told, I thought you might just move on with your life,” you said.

Voso smiled. “I think I would have a hard time finding a guy like you.”

“I’m sure Lussazan is on the verge of cracking back into my world.”

“Everyone I’m interested in meeting from that world is in this spring,” said Voso.

“You wouldn’t want to meet my family?” you asked.

Voso’s eyebrows raised. “Oh! Good point. I suppose I should meet my in-laws. Do you think they would like me?” Voso stared at you eagerly.

Your eyes roamed over her dark eyes, horns, and blue skin. “It uh… might take some getting used to…”

Voso pursed her lips. “I see. I suppose that’s understandable.”

She splashed some water over her face. You watched the rivulets trickle down her body over her breasts. Voso smirked. “You don’t mind my body, do you?~” Voso squeezed you closer with her wing. Wrapping her arm around your neck, she pulled you closer for a kiss on the cheek.

“You know I don’t,” you said.

“Hmm~ But you’re always so reluctant to compliment me,” Voso lamented playfully.

“I compliment you plenty,” you retorted.

“Oh? I still haven’t heard a thank you for saving your skin back in the forest,” said Voso.

You shut your mouth. A fresh bout of shame and humiliation bubbled up into the forefront of your mind. Voso tensed.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that…” she said softly.

“No, you’re right. I don’t even want to think about what would have happened to me if you hadn’t been there. I just don’t quite know what to do with myself anymore. I mean, this was supposed to be it. Now it’s over.”

Voso squeezed your hand. “Hey, we’ll figure out what to do next. You aren’t alone anymore. From now on, you’ll always have me.”

You smiled at her. Voso smiled in kind, but you could see pain in her eyes.

“Are you alright?” you asked.

“Me?” Voso said quizzically.

“You looked upset.”

Voso squeezed your hand tighter and looked down at the water. “I want you to know that I’ll meet whatever expectations you set for me. Even if I wasn’t the mamono you hoped for I still-“

“I don’t regret this!” you blurted. Voso jumped. “Or you. As embarrassing as it is to say, I- I really missed you. Hell, somedays I wanted to turn around and go find you again. It was easy to leave when I thought that I was on some grand quest that was guaranteed to end with love. But the longer I was away from you, the more I realized what I had lost. I’ve traveled across the world, and I’ve never had any monster treat me as well as you have. So please, don’t ever think that my love is so conditional…”

Voso’s lip quivered. “Then… can I have a hug?”

You opened your arms. Voso quickly leaned in, throwing her own arms around you along with her other wing. She squeezed you tightly, gently rocking back and forth. You rubbed her back while she sniffled.

“To tell you the truth, I was worried that this might not happen,” Voso said softly. “While you were asleep, I was beside myself. I kept playing out a scenario in my head over and over, one where you would wake up and hate me for taking you away. If you had done that, I don’t-“ Voso’s voice trailed off. Her hands tightened around you, fingers digging into your skin.

“It’s alright. It’s over,” you said. It felt good to say that. Finally. The conundrum that had haunted you since your arrival in this world was resolved at last.

Voso tilted her head up to kiss you. “I promise that things won’t change between us. Whatever time and space you need, I’ll respect that. I lifted the curse, so there’s no need to worry about attracting any undue attention. You’re not technically claimed yet, but most mamono will respect the amount of my mana I’ve rubbed into you.”

“I mean, I’m not opposed to loving you, or anything. I just needed some time to get to know you and acclimate to this world, you know?” you said.

Voso’s devious smirk returned. “Is that so?~” she chortled.

“W-well, to an extent,” you coughed.

“Mmhmm. And what ‘extent’ would that be?” purred Voso. She squeezed your thigh, eliciting a jolt from you.

“Not here, for one thing,” you said.

The water behind Voso stirred as her tail waggled back and forth. “Are you sure? No one around, the warm water all around us, the fresh air…” Voso waggled her eyebrows at you, sliding her hand up your thigh.

“Who want’s sake?~”

You and Voso jumped. The inari emerged from the in carrying a bottle of rice wine and two cups. “I thought you two lovebirds might like a drink.”

Voso’s face lit up. You breathed a sigh of relief, safe from her predatory advances, if just for a moment.

“Thank you so much!” exclaimed Voso.

“Of course, of course! You two enjoy yourselves. Just let us know if you need anything,” said Urosya.

“We will, thank you!” Voso waded back over, carrying the tray. She set it down on the rocks behind you and grabbed the sake bottle. Humming to herself, she poured some into each cup and handed one to you. She lifted her own. “To us?”

You smiled. “Sure. To us.”

You each swallowed your cup. The mellow taste of the alcohol teased your mouth. It was smooth as silk. This could be dangerous.

“Wow! This must be the good stuff,” said Voso, looking at the paper label on the bottle. “Want another?”

“Hit me.”

Voso poured the sake into your cup and helped herself to a second. The two of you sipped your drinks.

“So uh, I don’t mean to rush you or anything, but what do you want to do now? I mean, now now. Do you want to stay in Zipangu, or do you want to return to the mainland?” asked Voso.

You shrugged. “I don’t know. I don’t have a home, and I’m not attached to any place in particular. Any ideas?”

Voso swirled her sake around her cup. “Well, I have a house. Sort of…”

“You ‘sort of’ own a house?”

“It’s more of a shack,” Voso conceded.

You snorted. Voso pouted over the rim of her cup.

“What are you laughing at? You live in a tent,” huffed Voso.

“I always thought you came from money,” you said.

“Is that why you were interested in me?”

“You’re the one who chased me across the continent.”

Voso snorted. “Touché. You’re partially correct. My mother and father have done very well for themselves, but I wanted to make my own name. And, truth be told, I wasn’t expecting to fall in love so soon.”

“You had a plan to fall in love?” you asked.

Voso giggled. “Yes, I suppose that is a rather silly notion in hindsight. Ever since I was little, I fantasized about finding a man that I could corrupt over to the side of the Demon Lord.”

“That’s oddly specific,” you said.

“Lots of demons dream about that!” Voso retorted. “Finding a kind, innocent paladin who has been led astray his whole life and baptizing him in pleasure…”
“And you settled for me?”

“It isn’t settling. When I heard the rumors about you, I was curious. I read the literature that Admaz had distributed, and I still wasn’t quite sure what to make of you. Then, lo and behold, you appeared on the doorstep of Valisias Academy looking like you were going to shake yourself out of your boots.”

“I didn’t look like that,” you said.

Voso shot you a condescending smirk. “A mamono knows, Anon. Especially ones like amazons, dark elves, and hellhounds. Honestly, what was that dhampir thinking bringing you there? I expected you to last as long as a steak at a werewolf family reunion.”

“And this plays into your fantasy how?” you asked.

Voso took another sip of her alcohol. “Well, I thought you were pretty cute, just like all the other girls. Then, next thing anyone knows, you’re slinging fully grown mamono around like ragdolls. And you’re making it known to everyone to keep their mitts off and that you’re not interested in becoming someone’s little spoon. At first, I thought it was kind of amusing. Just another human who hadn’t learned the way the mamono world worked. Then you would find someone and fall in love, or they would find you, and you would be married within a month. But as I watched you struggle, I found it strangely endearing. So I decided I had to have you.”

“Yeah, I remember. You almost got us both fucked,” you said.

Voso coughed. “Er, yes, I suppose that charm spell was a bit ill conceived, but I had to improvise!”

“I think everyone at that school was improvising something.”

Voso nodded. “Half the admittances to the infirmary were related to you in one way or another. Anyways, I think that the botched charm spell was where I really fell. At first, I was bitter because it failed. I thought that I needed more practice to get a man. Then I started to think about why I cast the spell in the first place. And the more I thought about you, and what the other monsters wanted to do to you, the more I realized that what I felt may be more than just curiosity.”

“That was fast,” you said.

Voso scoffed. “Falling in love was by no means extemporaneous, Anon. I laid awake in bed for days trying to sort out my feelings. But after I hit Rhodon with that knife and held you close…” Voso shut her eyes and sighed. “I knew that that was where you belonged. Safe in my arms. And there was no way in hell that any monster was going to take you away from me.”

You watched her sip her sake. She was staring off into the distance with a furrowed brow. You put a hand on her shoulder. Voso perked up and relaxed her face.

“Well, I’m glad that you had the drive to see it through. Though, I have to ask, why let me wander the world if you were so hell bent on having me?”

Voso sighed. “I did my homework on your world. That’s when I really understood all the trepidation you were having. And I knew that no matter how cogent an argument I presented, you just weren’t going to accept fate and settle down with a demon you had met only a few months ago. Truthfully, I’m surprised that you even tolerated me given how your people view demons. So, I uttered a prayer to Eros, and cut you loose. I figured that if it was meant to be, it would work itself out in the end.”

You nursed your drink. “Sorry for making you wait. I uh… There’s a saying from Earth: ‘you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.’ If I had been more reasonable…”
Voso smiled, ticking your side with her tail. “Ah, but that obstinate attitude is part of your charm~”

You laughed and pushed her tail away. “I’m glad someone appreciates it.”

Voso looked you over again. “You know, I can think of a few ways to show that appreciation…”

“Here? Now?” you stammered.

“Well, maybe not in the water. I’d feel bad for any other patrons,” Voso cupped some water into her hand and let it trickle back into the spring. Her face lit up. “I know! We should have a wedding!”

“A wedding?” you snorted.

Voso pouted. “Don’t laugh at me. Your people were just as interested in weddings as mamono. We can head back home, plan it out, send invitations… Oh, this is going to be perfect!”

“Are you sure? I don’t need-“

“Let me have this,” Voso said sternly.

You put your hands up defensively. “Alright, wedding it is then. But, uh, I don’t have any money. And everything from my world that I could sell to collectors is back in Apliseline. Planning has never been my forte either, as you already know. Most of the monsters I’ve encountered want to strangle me too, so I don’t have many people I can rely on…”

Voso laughed. “You really are hopeless, you know that? Don’t worry about any of those things. I’m a demon, scheming is what I’m best at~”

“You just said you were broke.”

“Not broke. And we don’t need much for a wedding. The disciples of Eros are always willing to chip in for a wedding. As for a venue, we’re spoiled for choice. I suspect we could get married in any city we choose. Do you have any preference?”

You shrugged. “Admaz, I suppose.”

“Oh, Admaz! What a lovely city. That would be perfect! Ah, a nice evening wedding with the sun shining over the lake…” Voso said wistfully.

“I’ll contact Oroba when I get there. She’s the headmistress of the college; she’ll have some ideas.”

Voso stretched. “Then I suppose we should get going after we finish up here. If we’re lucky, we can hire a portal service to warp back.”

“It’s not going to be too expensive, is it?”

“That’s where your celebrity status comes in,” said Voso.

“You mean mooching,” you corrected.

“Ah, well, mooching is such a rude word. But yeah, that’s the idea.”

You stretched. “Then we’d better get mooching.”


After saying your goodbyes to the innkeeper and promising to send her an invitation to the wedding, you and Voso headed for the nearest teleportation circle in Soheya. Traveling was a breeze now that you had someone to talk to. The two of you conversed the entire way about all the things that had happened while you were apart. She insisted on holding your hand the entire trip, only releasing you if you agreed to let her tail wrap around your wrist instead. Whenever another monster passed you on the road, she instinctively drew closer and put herself between you and the traveler. The cool nights were spent cuddled together in a bedroll, left open to keep you two from overheating. It was maddening to lie with her. Whether it was intentional or instinctual, Voso had a habit of grinding her butt into you whenever you spooned her. When she was behind you, she would mumble obscene fantasies in her sleep, narrating all the ways she was devouring you in her dreams. Your arrival at Soheya couldn’t come fast enough.

Voso was a bundle of nerves by the time you did arrive. Despite the city’s tranquil atmosphere and genial populace, Voso kept a hand close to her daggers at all times, and you on a short leash. Whenever anyone addressed you, she made sure to speak first. Her proficiency in Zipangunese was a godsend. In no time at all, you were sitting with her in an office waiting for the clerk to approve your teleportation tickets. A baphomet behind the desk looked over the paperwork the two of you had presented.

“Traveling together?” asked the baphomet.

“Yes,” said Voso.

The baphomet looked at you. You nodded.

“I see. And are the two of you married?”

“Engaged,” said Voso proudly.

The baphomet nodded. “Does he have any identification papers?”

Voso coughed. “Not exactly. He’s a special case.” The clerk didn’t look amused. Voso chuckled nervously and continued. “Have you heard of the human that got sucked into our world?”

The goat woman looked you over. “That’s him?”

“Yes! Isn’t he wonderful?” exclaimed Voso.

The baphomet pinched the bridge of her nose. “That’s your way of saying he’s got no papers or money, isn’t it?”

Voso lowered her head. “Yes…”

The baphomet sighed. She opened her mouth to say something when someone knocked on the door. A familiar poked her head in.

“What is it?” asked the baphomet.

The familiar scurried inside and whispered something into the baphomet’s ear. Her eyes went wide.

“What, them? Seriously?” asked the goat woman incredulously. The familiar nodded. The baphomet shook her head. “There’s going to be so much paperwork to file after this… Well, you two are cleared to go. Someone paid your fare. I don’t know who you know that has pockets deep enough to get you to Admaz, but you’re going to have to send them a nice letter after you arrive.”

Voso gawked at her. “Someone paid for us?”

“Yep. Even put in the extra to pay his fine for not having his papers.” The baphomet stamped your tickets and handed them to you.

“Who was it?” you asked.

The familiar shrugged. “It was just some houri.”

Voso looked at you with a wry grin. “Looks like we have a few more names to add to the list.”

The baphomet pulled out a fresh ticket. “Take those papers to the circle and present them to the conductor. NEXT!”

A lamia slithered in the door with her husband as you and Voso slipped out. The two of you waited in line while monsters ahead of you disappeared through the circle ahead of you. Voso passed your papers to the baphomet standing at the edge of the circle and led you to the center.

“This doesn’t hurt, right?” you asked, eyeing the runes warily.

“Nope. It just makes you a little dizzy,” assured Voso.

You clutched her hand. The baphomet read your ticket and waved her hand. The runes on the outer edge of the circle spun into a new arrangement. The inner circles spun with them, forming new alignments and patterns. The air around you began to crackle with energy. You latched onto Voso, holding onto her for dear life as the world dropped away. She laughed, clutching you tightly. The floor rematerialized underneath you. Voso staggered, struggling to keep you from falling over.

“Welcome to Admaz, please clear the circle,” said a baphomet.

Voso dragged you off the pad toward the exit. “How do you feel?”

“I’m okay,” you mumbled. All things considered, it wasn’t as bad as warping with Pacollo.

She dusted you off and fixed your clothes. “Come on, let’s go see your old friend.”


It was an ungodly hour of the morning by the time you arrived at the Marric’s door.

“Are you sure that they’ll be alright with us staying here?” asked Voso.

“These people are the ones who got me away from the elves and took me into their home. They’re the closest thing to family I have in this world,” you said.

Stairs creaked inside the home. You could hear the sound of feet tromping down the stairs. A moment later, the door opened and the tired face of Magnara peered out. “Can I help you?” she mumbled.

“Hi, Magnara,” you said.

Magnara’s half-closed eyes shot open. She squinted at you. Throwing the door open, she leaned over the threshold to get a better look. “Anon? Is that really you?” she asked softly. Magnara looked at Voso. “And who is this?”

“This is Voso. She’s… my fiancé,” you said. Presenting her as your wife-to-be was taking some getting used to.

“Fiancé…?” echoed Magnara.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, ma’am. Thank you for taking Anon in,” said Voso.

Magnara looked back and forth between you two in shock. She slumped against the doorway. Voso moved to catch her, helping the succubus stay on her feet.

“By the gods…” murmured Magnara.

“Are you alright?!” you asked.

Magnara nodded. She stumbled forward and hugged you. You reciprocated the hug, and she began to cry. “I was so worried… Last I heard, you had been captured by that apophis…”

“Oh jeez, that? That was ages ago,” you said.

Magnara sniffed. “I felt horrible. I tried to tell Oroba to get you back from the Chiroptas, but she couldn’t do a thing. Then I hear that you’re in Valisias, and then rumors that you had been kidnapped and…” Magnara shuddered. “I felt like I had failed you. No matter how many times I tried to tell the other mamono about how your world worked, they wouldn’t listen. After you disappeared, I thought you might be someone’s husband in some far-flung corner of the desert. I wasn’t sure if I would ever see you again…”

“I’ve been busy,” you said.

“Too busy to write?” asked Magnara.

“I didn’t want to be found.”

Magnara nodded slowly, gently swaying back and forth with you. “Not a day went by that I didn’t regret letting you go. Especially with your condition. I was so worried that…” Her hands clenched you.

“It’s alright. It got better. I’m not as fragile as I once was,” you said, rubbing her back.

Magnara wiped her eye and smiled up at you. “You’ve grown so much. Look at you! You look like a proper adventurer. I hardly recognized you.”

“I guess not being on death’s door will do that,” you said.

Magnara gasped. “Speaking of doors, where are my manners? Come in, come in! I’ll make some tea.”

“Oh, there’s no need to do that. We don’t want to keep you up,” insisted Voso.

“Nonsense! How could I sleep after this?” said Magnara.

“Honey? Who is it?” called a voice from upstairs.

“It’s Anon!” called Magnara.

There was a loud thump from above. Feet pounded across the floor. Hallit appeared at the top of the stairs. “Anon? Little Anon?”

“Not so little anymore,” you said.

Hallit bolted down the stairs, nearly falling down the last few. He ran over and embraced you in a bearhug. “By the gods, boy! Where have you been?!”

“Nice to see you too, sir,” you wheezed.

He set you down with a booming laugh. “And who’s this young lady?”

Voso blushed and giggled. “Oh, stop~”

“That’s Voso. She’s my fiancé,” you said.

Magnara prodded her husband with her elbow. They looked at each other gleefully.

“Oh ho! You did alright for yourself lad,” Hallit nodded proudly.

“Oh, enough of this nonsense! All of you get in here before I have to warp you in,” scolded Magnara, shooing you through the door.

“Where have you been? Last I heard you were-“

“Hallit! Save it. Let the poor man have a seat and a cup of tea before you force him to answer another set of questions,” said Magnara.

You shuffled into the Marric’s home and took a seat on the couch. Voso sat next to you while Hallit started a fire. Magnara appeared a moment later with a few cups of tea.

“Now, tell us everything,” she demanded, handing you a saucer.


“Next thing I know, Voso is dragging me away,” you concluded.

Magnara hummed. “That’s quite the tale.”

“Thank the gods you made it back,” said Hallit.

“I suspect that I’ve got quite the tab to pay with some of them…” you said.

“And what about you, dear?” Magnara asked Voso.

Voso stroked your arm. “I got what I wanted~”

“Well, I don’t think we’ll have any trouble getting along if Anon agreed to marry you. He won’t settle for just anyone.”

“Trust me, I know,” chortled Voso.

Magnara yawned. “Goodness, the sun will be up soon. Dear, we should get back to bed. Would you two like to stay here for the night?”

“Yes please,” you said.

“You can have the guest room. There are extra pillows and blankets in the hall closet if you need them.”

The Marrics put out the fire and shuffled back upstairs. You followed them up. Opening the door across the hall from their room, you flopped down onto the mattress. Voso crawled into bed next to you.

“Tired?” she asked.

“A little. It’s been a long day, but I’m still used to Zipangu time.”

Voso stretched and pulled you closer. “A nap couldn’t hurt, could it?”

You kissed her. “I suppose not.”


“Anon! Hurry up!” chided Voso.

“How the hell do you move so fast in heels?” you panted.

“Years of practice. Come on!” Voso took the stairs up the temple of Eros two at a time. Her nagging wasn’t great but the view sure was.

You reached the top of the stairs. Voso was already conversing with one of the houri. The pink woman’s face lit up when she saw you.

“Anonymous! We were expecting you,” said the houri.

“You were?” you asked.

“Of course,” she giggled. “My name is Satval. I see that everything has concluded satisfactorily?”

Both she and Voso flashed a smug grin at you.

“Better than I could have hoped,” you said. The two monsters tittered and turned back to each other.

“We can have a wedding here, right? I want it to be like the ones in his world,” said Voso.

“Voso, patience. Don’t just bombard her with a request like that,” you said.

“We would love to host your wedding!” said Satval.

“Oh, well, that’s fantastic. I suppose we can host it later this year, or next. Whenever you get an opening,” you said.

“We can have the ceremony next week!” said Satval.

You blinked. “Huh. I uh-“ you looked at Voso. She looked like she was going to burst with excitement. “T-that’s not much time to prepare. Are you sure that you don’t want a later da-“

“Anonymous, this has been a long time coming. We began preparations before you passed through the circle in Soheya,” said the houri.

You coughed. “Ah, right. Thanks for that, by the way. We can pay you back. I just need to find some work.”

“We don’t need your money, Anonymous. You’re our precious investment after all,” tittered Satval.

You forced a grin. It sounded kind of ominous when she said it like that.

“Ah, but you didn’t come for small talk! I’ll show you around.” She beckoned you inside.

“What Voso, I mean, what my fiancé said about the wedding being like {Earth?} It doesn’t have to be too serious,” you said.

“Are you sure? We’ve hosted weddings like those in your world before.”

“What? How?”

“Oh, we had lines out the door for monsters wanting an “authentic {Earth} marriage.” It was all the rage for a few months. We had to have our sermons in the commons since the cathedral was so busy. Things have settled down now, but Admaz is still a destination for monsters seeking an exotic wedding experience.”

“Huh.” You did give the mamono a thorough recounting of marriage back when you were still here under the university’s watch. Mostly because that’s what half the questions were about…

“Of course, you’ll be the ultimate judge of our handiwork. I just hope that we’ve been as faithful to the ceremony of love as would befit our Lady,” continued Satval.
She led you through the cathedral, showing you all the features and explaining how the wedding would work. You were impressed: the church had done their homework. It was a standard-fair Earth wedding, though you could tell that a few things had become tinged by mamono influence.

“…Come up the altar, say your vows, and then head off to the reception. Do you have any idea what you would like to do for the reception?” asked Satval.

You shrugged. Voso groaned. “Just leave that to me. In fact, leave all the planning to me.”

“Are you sure?” you asked.

“Anon, honey, I love you to bits for your spontaneity, but if you could plan worth a damn, I wouldn’t have had to scrape you off the floor of some dank forest halfway around the world,” said Voso.

“Voso, it’s a wedding from my world. You can’t just sideline me for the whole thing,” you insisted.

“Then you can pick the napkin colors,” she teased.

Satval laughed. “I see that this will be quite the occasion. Tell me, how many people do you plan to invite?”

You rubbed your chin. “Let’s see… A few, I guess. No more than twenty. What about you?” you asked Voso.

“I’m inviting my family and some friends.”

Satval clapped her hands together. “Excellent! With that in mind, what color dress would you like?”


Your previous insistence to be involved in the wedding quickly fizzled out over the next few days. The minutia of the event quickly wore you down, until Satval and Voso were the sole architects of the ceremony. You threw in the towel after your apparently barbaric idea of “just white” plates was staunchly denied by the two of them. Instead, you worked to write invitations to the mamono around the world you intended to invite.

Now you were standing at the altar, waiting for Voso. You took another deep breath. This was nerve-wracking as hell. It was times like these that you longed for your family the most. What you wouldn’t give to share a reassuring glance with your mother and father right now. Maybe when this was all over and your honeymoon was over, you could find a way to portal back to your own world.

The doors opened. Heads turned to watch Voso and her father step down the aisle. You held your breath. She was absolutely stunning. Voso had adamantly refused to let you see the dress before the wedding. Seeing her now, you were left wondering if you would be able to say all your vows properly. It was a chaste ensemble, given her monster heritage. The dress covered her torso and shoulders, with her arms in tight, lacy sleeves. Only a modest window for her cleavage and a diamond cut in the midriff exposed her skin. Her legs were lost in the ruffles of the dress bottom, though you could still hear the faint clack of her heels through the fabric. Her face was hidden by a thin veil, covering her stylized hair. When she met eyes with you, she smiled and tried to hide more of her face behind the bouquet of flowers she carried. Giving her father one last hug, she hurried up the steps to face you.

“You look incredible,” you said, too stupefied to come up with anything witty.

Voso giggled. “You don’t look bad yourself~”

Satval opened her book. She flipped to the end and began to read. “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in the presence of Eros to join these two souls together in matrimony…”


“And do you, Anonymous of Earth, take Voso to be your wife?” asked Satval.

“I do,” you said proudly. You slipped the ring onto Voso’s finger. Her hand was trembling.

“And do you, Voso, take Anonymous to be your husband?”

“I do,” sniffled Voso.

She slipped your ring onto your finger.

“Then I now pronounce you man and wife,” concluded Satval.

You lifted Voso’s veil. She beamed at you. Pulling her close, you leaned in for a kiss.


The reception was held in the courtyard of the chapel, filled with all manner of demon realm flowers and plants carefully tended by the disciples of Eros. With the meal concluded, you were now free to mingle with the guests. Monsters thronged around you and Voso, congratulating you for your marriage and wishing you well.


The crowd was parted, (or pushed), aside as Hicera pushed through the crowd.

“Anon! I’m so proud of you!” sobbed Hicera. A portly man pushed through the crowd after her, apologizing to the other guests.

“Oh, she’s so pretty!” Hicera gushed, turning to Voso. “Thank you so much for taking care of him!”

“Dear, calm down. You said you would control yourself this time,” said the man, trying to hush her.

Hicera took his hand and sniffled. “T-this is my husband, Abhuran. Oh, you two look just as happy as we did on the day of our wedding! I’m so glad you didn’t die, Anon!”

Abhuran nodded to you with a sheepish smile, apologizing to you with his eyes.

“Hicera, it’s okay! There’s no need to cry; it all worked out! And I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you!” you said.

Hicera began crying again. She lurched towards you, pulling you into a hug. “You’re just the sweetest little thing! I’ll thank Eros every day for making sure you found love!”

Abhuran pried her off of you. “Anon, it was a pleasure to meet you. Dear, why don’t we go get a slice of cake?”

Hicera nodded, wiping her eyes with her sleeve and following him off towards the food.

“Some people, huh? I’ll bet she’s a handful to work with.”

You turned around. For a moment, you thought you were looking at your wife. After a double-take, you realized that it was a different demon you were looking at.

“Oroba!” you exclaimed.

Oroba smirked. “How have you been, Anon? Looks like life treated you well…”

“Things have been great,” you said. Oroba nodded. You two hadn’t spoken since she turned you over to the Chiropta family, but you had come to terms with the deal. If they really had sieged Admaz to claim you, it would have been a disaster for everyone. Oroba appraised Voso wordlessly, eyeing her in the dress. Voso stared back, waiting for her to speak.

“That suits you. Anon really knows how to choose a lover,” said Oroba.

“Thank you, ma’am,” said Voso.

“Hope you can keep a lid on him. Maybe he won’t be so capricious when his balls are empty.” Oroba smirked. “I didn’t influence your choice in mamono, did I Anon?~”

Voso sidled towards you. Oroba tittered to herself and sipped her wine. “Relax, I’ve got a man of my own. He’s around here somewhere. Just wanted to say hello again. I hope that the future treats you two well, no matter what you choose to do. And if you ever need a job, the college could always use someone to lead the extra-dimensional studies department.”

“Is that a thing now?” you asked.

“Given that we now know there are dimensions full of lonely men thirsting for women? Yes. And it’s growing fast. It would pay well, certainly well enough to raise a family…”

“I’ll think about it,” you said.

Oroba nodded. “That’s all I ask.” . She looked over your shoulder and smirked “I’ll let you talk to the other guests; I don’t want to hold you hostage all day.”

You turned around. Voso was already gawking at the pair of guards standing on either side of the tall, tanned woman before you.

“Anonymous! So good to see you! It’s been too long. How was your trip with my daughter?” asked Nefkara.

“Pharaoh! It was wonderful, thank you. She’s a wonderful young woman. This is my wife, Voso,” you said, gesturing to her.

Nefkara nodded to her. “She’s wonderful, Anon. Ah, but if you had only waited a few more decades, I could have brought you into my own family!”

You laughed nervously. Voso’s tail swished angrily under her dress, whipping the back from side to side. “S-so how are things in the Capsalisma? Have things settled down?”

Nefkara scoffed. “Yes, that disgusting serpent is back to cowering in her city. I doubt we’ll hear from her for quite some time. Though… she did send a messenger to give me this…” Nefkara gestured to one of her retinue. An anubis stepped forward with a box.

“For me?” you asked. Cracking the lid, you found your belongings neatly placed inside. You stared at your tattered wallet and clothes.

“It would seem she has some iota of humanity, in some forgotten recess of her heart. Why she gave them back, I can’t say.”

You opened the walled to see if anything had been removed. Everything was in its place, just as you had left it. Except for a note scrawled onto papyrus.

“Anon, I heard the news about your marriage. Though I had hoped that these things may one day coax you back into my arms, I am not too proud to admit defeat nor petty enough to keep such treasured items from you. Should you ever visit Apleseline, you have my word that I will treat you as a guest in my court. -Naurea.”

You sighed. Now you felt like an ass for not inviting her. All this time you were operating under the idea that she just threw your things out when you fled.
Nefkara gasped. “Oh! They’re pouring more of that wine! Good day, Anon, I’m sure I shall hear of your exploits!”

No sooner had you finished speaking to Nefkara than a pair of arms were thrown around you. You jumped, trying to shake off your aggressor. Voso pulled a knife from some hidden sheath in her dress, brandishing it at whoever was hugging you from behind.

“Woah! Sorry! I didn’t mean to intrude!” said Choerteris.

You whirled around to face the dhampir. She beamed at you, displaying her tiny fangs. Emballandae, Lapan, Lussazan, Datoll, Petropa and Cesbron were all standing before you. Lapan and Cesbron held parasols for their women, shading them from the sun.

“Voso, it’s okay! That’s Choerteris; she’s the one who got me into Valisias,” you said.

Voso quickly sheathed her knife and returned the smile when she realized that Choerteris was partially responsible for you two meeting. “Oh, I see! So nice to meet you!”

“Ha! That’s just what I would expect from a Valisias woman!” said Choerteris approvingly.

There was a pregnant pause while the rest of you looked at each other.

“Anon,” Petropa said curtly.

“Petropa,” you grunted.

“Congratulations on the marriage,” Petropa said aloofly.


“You two look great together! And I hear Voso is quite accomplished when it comes to infiltration. We might have some work for you, some day,” said Cesbron.

“Anonymous, your quest for matrimony has been extremely counterproductive to my research. The last of your mana samples were used more than six months ago. I require more immediately if I am to continue my work at a reasonable pace. I have some vials with me; you will fill them before we leave,” said Lussazan.

“Dear,” said Datoll nudging his wife.

Lussazan pouted. “…I will permit you to enjoy the festivities for a while longer.”

“I promise I’ll help with your research, just as long as it isn’t too obtrusive,” you said.

Lussazan nodded. “Very well. Come, husband. I wish to dance.”

Lussazan led Datoll away by the arm, hovering towards the dance floor.

Petropa snorted to herself, still staring you down. “I hope that now you’ve found a wife you can ‘love,’ that you’ll start to use your magic for something practical.”

Voso interjected before you could say anything. “Trust me, ma’am: I’ve got big plans for him.”

Petropa’s gaze softened as she looked at Voso. “Hmph. Very well, I’ll trust that a demon can turn him into something useful. If you ever desire something more than petty errands or bricklaying, you know where to find me.”

Petropa turned and left. Cesbron flashed an apologetic glance back, waving goodbye before following her with the parasol.

Emballandae and Lapan remained, awkwardly standing around. You noticed two puncture marks under Lapan’s collar as he shifted. Seeing your smile, he turned away and pulled his clothes higher.

“I’m glad it worked out for you two,” you said.

Both Lapan and Emballandae squirmed. “T-thanks…” muttered Emballandae.

“Man, what a chain of events, huh? Who knows what would have happened if I didn’t break out of that castle?” you laughed.


Lapan cleared his throat. “Listen, uh, you and I got off on the wrong foot. I didn’t mean any of the things I said about you. I know you were under a lot of stress and… you know…”

“No offence taken,” you said.

Lapan smiled. Emballandae sidled closer to him, and he put his arm around his waist.

“I guess you’re not so intolerable when someone is there to hold your leash,” said Emballandae.

“I’ll try to take that as a compliment,” you said.

Emballandae turned to address Voso. “Be careful around him.”

Voso snickered. “I think I’ve got it under control.”

Emballandae huffed. “Lapan, I want more wine.”

Lapan kissed her cheek. “Yes, milady.”

Even before the young couple had disappeared, a new, booming voice was resonating through the courtyard.


You turned around. A monstrous hug nearly knocked you onto your back, doubling you over at the waist to support the woman leaning onto you. It took Voso and her husband to pry her off of you.

Maranth staggered off of you, reeking of alcohol. “My BOY! How’s it been? You been good? And YOU!” Maranth grabbed Voso’s cheeks. “I KNEW you were gonna get that dick. I KNEW it. When you two were on the roof? Yeah, I knew.”

Maranth’s husband laughed nervously and pulled her away. “Dear, why don’t we sit down for a while before talking to the bride and groom?”

Maranth pulled away and whined. “No, no, no, no. I’m fine. Hey, back in Valisias, we got drunk and watched this bitch get her ass kicked. She’s lucky cause that fox didn’t want Anon, or else you wouldn’t be here!” Maranth wheezed, wrapping an arm around Voso’s shoulder and prodding her in her stomach.

Voso’s hand started dipping towards her dagger. Maranth’s husband gulped.

“Well, it was nice meeting you, we’ll be off then!” stammered the man, pulling his wife away.

“Hey, when you two have kids, lemme know! I’ll get ‘em in for free!” called Maranth.

“I’m going to kill her,” said Voso.

“Take your dress off first, the stains won’t come out,” you said. A familiar purple tail drifted towards you like a periscope in the crowd. “Oh boy…” you mumbled.

“What is it?” asked Voso.

Pacolo appeared out of the crowd, floating beside Guyan. The cheshire flashed a knowing smile at you, floating through the air upside down all while her cake remained firmly secured on the plate she was holding. Fucking wonderland.

“Seems like I could have saved you a lot of time if I hadn’t been so damn good at my job~” said Pacolo.

“I would have told him to dump you,” you said, gesturing to Guyan.

Pacolo scoffed. “Sorry, Anon. He’s too far gone now,” said Pacolo, righting herself and clutching his arm.

“Thanks for inviting us! Mom sends her regards,” said Guyan.

“I’m glad you could make it. I hope for your sake she didn’t warp you all the way over here,” you said.

“Unlike you, he’s capable of making more than one warp without getting a tummy ache,” sniffed Pacolo.

“Fuck that. It’s like hell every time you drag me in there. Though, I guess you would get used to that, living with you.”

Pacolo smiled. “I’m happy for you, Anon. You too, Vos. I was kind of hoping you would be the one to land this fish. Lilith knows he needs someone like you to keep him in line.”

“Thanks, Colo,” said Voso. “How have things been between you two? I haven’t heard from you in a while.”

“It’s great! Like always! Mom let me work in the café. I can wait and bus tables instantly with my powers, so we’ve been getting people in and out at record speed. Guyan says I’ve increased customer turnover by more than twenty-three percent,” Colo declared proudly. Guyan smiled and scratched her behind the ears. Pacolo leaned into his hand, driving it harder into her scalp.

“Oh, Brez and the gang are around here somewhere. Have you seen them?” asked Guyan.

“Oh! I’ll keep an eye out for them,” you said.

“You two have fun! Just wave if you want me to warp you somewhere special~” winked Voso.

You and Voso conversed with other guests for only a few minutes before a gaggle of succubi crowded around you.

“Voso! You did it!” squealed Decara, throwing her arms around Voso.

“Yeah. A real shocker. Couldn’t believe my ears when I heard who finally bagged him,” said Imaris.

“I thought you said that you expected him to wind up in some forsaken cave at the ass end of the planet in the clutches of a cave spider,” said the ditzy succubus.

“Vagra, how are you?” you said warmly.

“Good! We came as fast as we could, Geramine wanted us all to have matching dresses.”

At the mention of her name, the matronly succubus erupted into tears and hugged you. “Oh, I’m so proud of you, Anon! You’re all grown up! No more sleepless nights worrying about you…”

“You forgot all about him, you hag. The second Brez pulled his dick out of your snatch every night, you were already snoring,” said Imaris.

Geramine scoffed. “Immy! How rude! Anon is a dear friend of ours; I would never forget him.”

You looked at Brez. Demon mana had changed him. He no longer looked like the walking husk he had been at Valisias. He seemed to radiate energy, even with a succubus hanging off each arm.

“How are you doing, Brez? You look better than when I left,” you said.

“Feeling better too. At some point, I got enough mana to last through the night without falling unconscious. After that, I really started to prosper,” said Brez. Decara giggled, resting her chin on his shoulder.

“You know, seeing you and Voso like this almost makes me regret not having a wedding myself,” said Decara.

“I’m sure the Eros disciples could help you with that if you wanted one,” you said.

“Fuck, imagine all those families though. Yeesh, maybe I should have thought this through before I got myself four sets of in-laws…” muttered Imaris.

Voso inhaled sharply and nudged you with her arm. “Speaking of…”

Voso’s mother and father were walking towards you. The crowd quickly parted to let them pass. Another demon walked behind them, boasting a confident smirk.

“Oh! We’ll let you go, it was nice seeing you again, Anon! Stop by Valisias some time!” said Decara.

The succubi quickly retreated away.

“Daddy! Momma!” Voso ran over to hug her parents. “I’m so glad you could come!”

Voso’s mother tittered. “Of course, dear. How could I miss this? After all, I’ve been dying to meet this man…” Her eyes shifted over to you. You waved nervously. Unlike Voso, her mother had the vaguely threatening aura so many demons seemed to have: like they all knew something you didn’t, and you were dancing in the palm of their hand. She stepped forward and slowly circled you. “I’ve heard all about you, young man. I admit, you live up to all the claims mamono make about your appearance.”

“Thanks, I think,” you said.

She laughed. “Relax, dear. We’re family now.” She held your hand in hers. You felt a pulse of magic jump through you. Her eyebrows raised. “Hmm! You’ve got vigor, I’ll give you that. And here I was thinking that Voso was embellishing.” Voso’s mother held your chin up, staring into your eyes. Her red irises beat down on you, trying to take secrets from your very soul.

“Momma! You haven’t even introduced yourself!” pleaded Voso.

Voso’s mother let your face go. She put her hand on your cheek, slowly letting it slip away. “Of course, I shouldn’t be so familiar with him yet. I am Andromala, and this is my husband, Uvaro, and my eldest daughter, Salla.”

Salla waved. The man grunted.

“Dad! Don’t be rude!” said Voso.

“I’m sorry dear, I didn’t mean any offence,” the man insisted. “I’ve just never met this man; I want to be sure of his character.”

“Darling, you need to trust your daughter’s judgement. I’m certain Anonymous is quite amicable,” said Andromala.

The man glowered and looked at you. “Anonymous, I don’t mean to asperse your disposition, I just want what’s best for my daughter.”

“I understand, sir. I promise I’ll do everything I can to keep her happy,” you said.

That seemed to assuage his worries a bit. Salla took the opportunity to press forward and get a better look at you.

“Promises are important to us demons, you know~ There’s no room for empty words in this family. Hmm!~ Imagine that, the first extra-dimensional human winds up in the hands of little Voo. He’s so strange!” Salla bore down on you, shoving her face into yours and smiling when you leaned back. “Aww, don’t be shy! We in-laws have to get to know each other, you know? Hey, has Voso talked to you about doing any… work for our family?~”

Voso’s eye twitched. She tried to tug Salla away with her magic. Salla stumbled back and broke the tether with a spell of her own.

“Would you kindly refrain from business talks at my wedding, sister?” Voso asked acrimoniously.

“Relax, V. I just wanted to know if you had plans for him yet. Other than kids~” Salla patted her stomach.

Voso went purple. “I’m going to kill you!”

Salla draped an arm around your shoulder and laughed. “How could you deny your kids the chance to see their lovely aunt? Besides, it isn’t as if Mom wasn’t thinking the same thing. If this guy is as juiced as the other mamono say he is, just imagine what your kids will be able to do!”

“Enough! Our kids are going to do more than serve the demon lord. Anon and I are going to raise them like children from his world too,” said Voso.

“I don’t know how well that duality is going to work…” you said.

“Well then we’ll do the best we can!” said Voso.

Andromala sauntered back to Uvaro and wrapped her arms around him. “Ahh, they remind me of us when we were younger.”

“For their sake, I hope they figure it out faster than we did,” said Uvaro.

Andromala kissed his cheek. “He already loves Voso. She doesn’t have to pester him with a contract like I had to.”

Uvaro huffed. “Those were different times. How was I to know that a demon would be the love of my life?”

Andromala giggled. “Few men do.” She looked at Voso and sighed. “You know, I almost feel bad for you, that you’ll never know what it’s like to wear down a man’s will until he submits to you…”

“Who says it’s too late for that?” said Salla, nudging Voso and wiggling her eyebrows. Voso rolled her eyes.

“Tell me, Anonymous, I simply have to ask as Voso’s mother: what do you plan to do with my daughter after you’re married?” asked Andromala.

“I suppose I’ll find work. At the college, maybe. Get enough for a place to stay, then uh, start a family,” you said. The realization of how fast this was all happening was starting to hit you. Fuck, if Voso got pregnant before you had a house, things were going to get messy.

Andromala smirked. “If you need work, I’m sure that I can find a way to make use of your talents.”

“Oh, thank you, that would be wonderful,” you said. Voso shifted nervously.

“Hell yeah! Can’t wait to see what you can do with some training. Since you’re a guy, you can be our ace in the hole!” said Salla.

Voso returned to your side and gripped your arm tightly. “Anyways, that’s something for another day.”

“Of course. Forgive me for trying to bring up work at your wedding. Dear, why don’t we leave them be for now,” said Andromala.

Uvaro nodded. “You’re always welcome in our home, Anon. I uh, I don’t know what holidays your people celebrate, or if they even do those things, but we’d be happy to have you over at certain times of the year to celebrate-“

“He’s not an animal, dad. He knows what a holiday is,” scoffed Voso.

Uvaro looked devastated. “I’m sorry, sweetie. This is a lot to take in, that’s all. I meant no offence, Anonymous.”

“It’s fine! I’m still getting used to monster holidays. And please, call me Anon,” you insisted.

Uvaro smiled. “Alright then, Anon. We’ll look forward to having you!”

“See you around, cutie. Let me know if any of your {Ersh} friends show up; I’ve got first dibs~” said Salla.

“Demon lord knows you need it,” muttered Voso.

Salla blushed. “What the hell did you say you little brat?!”

Voso wrapped her arms around you, resting her head on your shoulder. “That’s Mrs. Brat now~”

Salla ground her teeth. “Fuck off with that. One guy with no taste just falls into your lap and you gotta have a whole big fancy wedding…”

Salla stormed off past Andromalla and Uvaro.

Uvaro sighed. “Some things never change.”

Andromala walked forward to kiss Voso on the cheek. “Don’t let her get you down, dear; she’ll have her own wedding someday. For now, enjoy your special day with your special man. We’ll be around.”

“Thank you, Momma,” said Voso.

“Anon,” Uvaro nodded.

“Sir,” you replied.

The two of you stared at each other for a second before Andromala scoffed and dragged him away.

“I like your family,” you said.

Voso sighed. “That’s a relief. They can be a bit… much, but they’re good people. Demons, I should say.” She fidgeted. “Listen, I know that this might not be the place to talk about this, but you’re going to learn about the “family business” sooner or later. It’s not as… human-like of a job as you might be hoping for. All I ask is that you hear us out if it gets proposed.”

You nodded. “I trust you. I know you wouldn’t drag me into anything I didn’t want to be a part of.”

Voso smiled. “That’s good to hear, because I need someone I can trust watching my back.” Voso bit her lip and looked you over. Glancing over her shoulder at the other guests, she looked back to you and hushed her voice. “Speaking of watching my back, how would you like to get out of here and see the rest of me too?~”

“Now?” you said.

Voso mulled it over. “Okay, maybe not now, I mean, that’s some really good cake… But soon! You kept me waiting for so long it’s only right that I get to rush you a little.”

You kissed her. “No need to convince me. Come on, I’m fiending for a slice too.”




“What are you thinking about?” asked Voso.

“Our wedding,” you said.

Voso squirmed happily in your arms. “Oh~ How romantic! Do you want me to break out the dress when we get back home?~”

You squeezed her. “Later. Has anything happened?”

Voso sighed, raising the binoculars again. “Nope. He’s still standing there.”

She held up the binoculars for you. Peering through them, you could still see the guard standing watch outside the door to the lord’s room.

“Dedicated little bastard, isn’t he?” you scoffed.

“It’s fine. Our guy will come to relieve him soon,” insisted Voso.

“He’d better not go back on the deal. We paid him too much to welch on this,” you grumbled.

Voso turned around in your arms and kissed your cheek. Reaching up, she fixed your cowl. “Relax. Even if he doesn’t play by the rules, we’ve got backup plans.”
“You’re sure that wizard is going to be out of commission?” you asked.

Voso kissed you. “I promise. He’s going to sleep for a week.”

The wind whipped between the dormers the two of you were nestled between. Voso hiked the blanket up higher. You hoped your guy would show soon; these shingles were beginning to chafe. Scanning the windows below, you noticed a man approaching the lord’s room.

“Hey, V, eyes on. Isn’t that our plant?” you nudged her.

Voso took the binoculars and looked. Her tail began to wag under the blanket. “That’s him alright~ Now let’s see if he keeps his end of the bargain~”

The man spoke with the posted guard. After a moment, the guard waved goodbye and wandered away. The new guard shifted nervously, looking out the window. You and Voso sat in tense silence. The minutes ticked by. Above you, the moon continued along its path towards the horizon. With a great stretch, the man took one last look at the lord’s door and hurried away.

“Good boy~” purred Voso. She stowed the binoculars in her pouch and pulled her hood over her head. Fixing the buttons around her horn holes, she looked at you excitedly. “Ready to go?”

“Sure am.” You pitched the blanket back through the window you had stolen it from and stood up. “See you soon.”

Voso extended her arms. You grabbed her waist and kissed her. She jumped into your arms, wrapping her legs around your hips. The added weight nearly sent you tumbling off the roof.

“Hey! Stop that, you’re going to get us caught,” you scolded.

“But that’s half the fun~” giggled Voso. She spread her wings. “Stay safe.”

She jumped off the roof towards the manor. You watched her silently glide down towards the unsuspecting house. Those poor bastards. Ducking your head into the window, you called out.

“Hey, come on. We’re live.”

A furtive head poked out from the closet. The lesser succubus emerged, covering herself as best she could. Poor thing still wasn’t used to mamono wear, it would seem.

“A-are we going?” she asked softly.

“Yep.” You offered her your hand. She took it, and you helped her out into the night. “Hold on tight. And try not to scream.”

“W-what?!” asked the succubus.

Before she could ask any more questions, you summoned your magic and warped yourself down to the mana marker you had planted in the manor’s garden. The lesser succubus clapped her hands over her mouth, trying to keep down her dinner.

“Sorry, no way around it. If you have to throw up, be quiet about it,” you said, giving her back a quick rub.

You waited in silence while the succubus composed herself. In the distance, you could hear a woman shouting at the guards. A few ran past the windows towards the front of the manor. Looks like Voso’s disguise was convincing enough.

“That’s our cue. Let’s go,” you said.

Ushering the succubus through the garden, you entered into a magic field. The hair on your arms rose.

“Be on your toes, we’re inside the ward. Too much magic now will alert them,” you whispered.

“O-okay,” said the succubus.

You pressed yourself flat against the wall. The succubus waited patiently while you set to work jimmying open the window. Once you had lifted it half an inch, you unfolded an instrument to undo the latch. After a few groping swipes, you managed to nudge the latch out of place. The window slid up. You helped the succubus into the mansion and followed her inside. Waving her behind you, the two of you crept towards the stairs.

“Are you sure we’ll be safe down here?”

You froze. The succubus bumped into you with a small “eep.”

“Of course, we’re safe. That bitch was seeing things. But no one can blame us if we go run and hide when a ‘monster’ shows up.”

Throwing open the nearest door, you stuffed the succubus inside and closed it behind you.

“I thought there weren’t supposed to be any people down here!” hissed the succ.

You hushed her. Peering through the keyhole, you tried to get a glimpse of the women heading towards you.

“How long do you think we have until someone finds us?” asked one of the maids.

“Long enough to get into the wine. Are you going to drink with me, or do I need to find someone else to relax with?”

The maids passed the door. They carried on down the hall, chattering back and forth about the morality of stealing wine from their lord. You exhaled.

“Let’s go.”

The lesser succubus hurried up the stairs after you. You peeked around a corner and waved for her to follow. There was a cry of surprise down the hall. You froze. A guard staggered backwards into your line of sight bearing a panicked expression. Voso lunged into view and skewered him with one of her realm silver knives. She pulled it free from the unconscious guard and waved at you.

“Stop playing around,” you hissed.

“He would have seen you. This is my job!” replied Voso. She dragged him into the nearest room.

“Is that going to be a problem?” asked the succubus.

“Probably not,” you muttered. Voso disappeared down the other hall, leaving you to escort the succubus.

After a few more twists and turns, you had managed to navigate all the way to the lord’s door. You turned to the woman. She gulped.

“Here, take this.” You gave her the succubus’ key you had brought with you. “Make sure that the maids put on the blanket we mentioned earlier. It will have hearts on the underside. It HAS to be that one. A normal blanket won’t insulate the mana. Paladins will be here in minutes if you don’t.”

“I got it,” said the succubus nervously.

“And don’t forget to-“

Someone gasped behind you. Two guards stood frozen, staring at you and the lesser succubus. For a moment, none of you said anything. Then one of the guards fumbled for the crossbow strung around his chest. There was nowhere to hide in the hallway. Dodging the arrow would have been possible for you, but the guard had leveled the bow at the succubus instead. Using any magic now would get you all caught. Just when you thought you might have to take a bolt for this poor girl, the guard slumped forward. Voso stood behind him, looking apathetically at his body.

“D-demon!” shouted the second guard.

Voso slammed her foot into the side of his head. The guard crumpled to the floor. Voso snorted, sheathing her knife.

“So much for stealth. I told you I should have been the one to take her.”

“I got her here,” you said.

“And who made that possible?” asked Voso smugly.

You sighed. “You did.”

“Would you go so far as to say you needed me?” asked Voso coyly.

You smirked. “Yes, we needed you. Now can we get on with this?”

Voso smiled. “Of course! This is the best part!”

The succubus clutched the key. “Thank you both. I um… I’ll do my best!”

Voso gave her a hug. “Oh!~ You are just the cutest little thing! I’m so happy I got to turn you!” She kissed the succubus on the cheek. “Make me proud, okay?”

“I will, I promise,” said the succubus. She pushed open the door and slipped inside. You heard the key slip into the lock and twist.

“Guards? What’s all that-“ The voice inside the room stopped. “You?! The girl from the market?! But- but how? W-what are you?!”

Voso pressed her ear to the door. Her tail was going ballistic. “Come on, do it to him! Just like I taught you!”

“Can’t you leave them be?” you said.

“No! I live for this!” said Voso.

The succubus and man began to argue. Judging by the tone of his voice, he was quickly realizing that her argument was more “persuasive” than he had anticipated. You heard the bed creak.

“She’s in!” squealed Voso. “Fuck yes! Hey, do you want to join them? In spirit, I mean,” asked Voso, tugging at her pants.

“I’m not boning you in someone’s hallway surrounded by unconscious guards, you freak. Save it for the inn. Now help me move these guys, we have to clean this up before anyone comes looking for them,”

The muffled sounds of coitus began inside the room. Voso wiped her mouth and tutted. “Fine. But you owe me. Big.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m under contract to make you happy after all,” you said. “Come on, we’ll sort you out back at the inn after we get rid of these guys.”


You kept your eyes on your food, trying not to look too intrigued in the conversations around you. The inn was abuzz with rumors, even this early in the morning.
“Did you hear, Lord Petz has a wife now! Some peasant girl from the market!”

“I hear that they were having an affair for years! She’s probably pregnant.”

“My brother works in the manor. He says that Petz is going to announce a new way to keep us safe from the demons! I wonder what it is?”

“I heard that he fired half a dozen guards and maids for getting drunk on wine last night while there was a demon sighting.”

Voso was struggling to contain her smile behind her teacup. You shared a knowing glance at her. She let her disguise shimmer, briefly showing her purple eyes.
“Seems like the times are a-changing for this quaint little border hamlet,” opined Voso.

“I hope our forces are ready for a fight. The Order won’t let this place go easily. And we’re going to have our hands full with counterespionage for the next month…”
Voso stabbed a piece of potato off your plate and ate it. “You’re always so negative after a mission! What happened to the devil-may-care man I married all those years ago?”

“He had to take the reins because his deviant wife couldn’t stop touching herself to the sight of newly demonized monsters fucking their husbands.”

“Hmph! Then how about you make the infiltration plan next time?”

You wrapped an arm around her and rubbed her side. “I’m sorry dear. I didn’t mean to impugn your genius.”

Voso snorted. “Apology accepted.” She stretched. You caught a peek of her toned stomach hiding under her shirt as she lifted her arms. Voso caught you staring and smirked. “You know, we have a bit of a lull here while our newlyweds get to know each other a bit better. Want to head back home before we’re stuck with their slack?”
You nodded. “Please. I need a mattress that doesn’t give me scoliosis.”

Voso giggled. “I’ll make the arrangements with the sabbath.”


You stepped through the portal. The familiar tingle of demonic energy tickled your skin. Ahh, home. Voso inhaled deeply.

“Ahhh~ The subtle scent of love and fornication~” she sighed.

“Can’t you just stick with love?” you grimaced.

“Sex is just an expression of love! And we owe it to Eros to express our love. A lot.”

“I’d say we do our part,” you said, leading her away from the circle.

“We could always do more!” insisted Voso.

“Keep your pants on. We’re almost home.”

“Pants on, eh? Hard to argue when my ass looks this good in black leather~” Voso shook her hips at you.

You rolled your eyes. Monsters waved at you as you passed.

“Voso! You’re back? How did it go?” called a succubus.

“Went off without a hitch. But they did get hitched!” said Voso.

The succubus laughed. “You’re doing Lilith’s work out there. Care for some realm beast steaks? You and your husband must be famished!”

Voso looked at you. You nodded. It’s free steaks, dummy. “Are you sure?” asked Voso.

“Yeah, yeah! No problem! I got a ton of meat left over from the last hunt. Can’t get rid of the stuff fast enough!” said the succubus.

You grabbed a box of meat while Voso finished chatting with the succubus.

“These are wonderful, thank you so much! Just what we need before we head back out,” said Voso.

The succubus snorted. “You two are gone more than you’re here. Why bother having a house at all?”

“Because a tent couldn’t fit all her knives,” you grunted.

Voso pouted. “Not everyone goes around blasting away their problems, you animal. Some of us prefer more subtle methods. And you’re the one who’s always dragging back some painting to put up.”

You stiffened. She was going to have a field day when she saw the landscape painting you had nicked from the manor. What could you say? You appreciated good art. The succubus laughed.

“You two have fun. Come back soon!”

“We will, thank you!” waved Voso.

You wound your way through the city to the residential side of town. It was nice to be able to let your guard down and enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. No need to worry if some cleric had noticed your mana or a paladin was sneaking up on you. Just the friendly folk of the demon realm wishing you a good day. Arriving at your home, Voso slipped the key into the lock and opened the door.

You marched in, depositing the meat into the magical cooler in the kitchen. Voso wandered into the living room and flopped down onto the couch.

“Ahh~ That’s better,” she sighed, stretching her legs. Voso peeled off her boots and used her magic to toss them next to the door.

You came in and lifted her legs to sit next to her. Voso’s tail slithered into your face, batting your cheeks with the spade tip. You grabbed her tail to stroke it like you would a cat’s. She moaned softly.

“Get the base too,” she said into the pillow she was resting her face on.

You kneaded the base of her tail where the slender appendage met her back. Voso arched her back, forcing herself into your fingers. You used your other hand to massage the tip of her tail. Voso could only contain herself for a few minutes before she squirmed away from you. Flipping herself over, Voso pounced on you. You let her tackle you back onto the couch, wrapping your arms around her slender midriff and leaning into her kiss. Voso cooed happily on top of you.

“You know…” Voso began, trailing a few kisses up your neck. “Now would be the perfect time to re-enact our wedding night~”

You squeezed her butt. “I do still owe you for saving me back there.”

Voso yelped and glared down at you deviously. “Don’t think that this is you doling out the favor here.”

“Put it on my tab.”

“You laugh, but of all people ought to know I keep a list.”

You rolled your eyes. Voso giggled, grinding her hips against yours. “So, how about it? Feel like carrying me over the threshold again and making me the happiest demon in the world?~”

You stood up. Voso slid off of you onto the couch. She stared up at you with twinkling eyes as you reached down for her. Hooking your arms under her legs and lower back, you hefted her up into your arms. She squealed happily, throwing her arms around your neck and coiling her tail around your leg.

“So strong!~ You’re not even struggling to lift me anymore,” cooed Voso.

“I must’ve gotten stronger. You certainly aren’t any lighter.”

Voso gasped and swatted your dick with the tip of her tail. “Don’t ruin the mood, idiot. Or I’ll break out the knives.”

You chuckled at your small victory and carried her up the stairs. Voso tucked her wings in to fit through the doorway to your bedroom. The cozy nook was just the way you had left it. You carried Voso to the bed and laid her down. She giggled. Reaching for her corset, she began to undo the strings.

“It’s so much easier to slip out of this than it was back then…”


Your arms were on fire. Voso was deceptively heavy for her size. She was only an inch or so taller than you, but must have outweighed you by half your weight. It must have been her assets.

“Almost there, you can do it!” cheered Voso, clinging to you tightly.

You struggled to make sure that her billowing wedding dress didn’t get caught on the door. Pushing through, your eyes locked onto the bed. So close! With every ounce of your strength, you waddled forward and dumped Voso onto the bed.

“Congratulations, husband~” purred Voso. She reached up and gently removed her veil, careful not to tear it on her horns. “Ready to make it official?”

You fumbled with the buttons on your shirt. Voso chewed her lip, savoring your frantic attempt to disrobe. She slowly undid the straps of her shoes, tossing them aside. You wrenched your belt open and peeled your pants off in one swift motion. Voso rolled over onto her stomach.

“Can you get my back?” she asked, wiggling her butt at you.

You started to work at the ties keeping the torso of her dress tight. After a few failed attempts, you managed to undo the knot. The strings retreated through the eyelets down her back. Voso moaned. Her leathery wings spread out, shaking ever so slightly as she stretched.

“Gods that feels nice~” she groaned. You helped her slip her wings out from the holes in her dress. Voso twisted out of the dress, sliding the rest down her body. Beneath the elegant dress, she wore an equally enticing set of lingerie. White lace just thick enough to hide what was beneath, but thin enough to show the blue hue of her skin through the fabric. Voso rolled onto her stomach and giggled at your reaction.

“Do you like it? The arachne gave me these for free when I explained what the dress was for. What do you think?”

“I think I’m going to have to thank that arachne when we’re finished,” you said.

Voso giggled. She sat up and opened her arms. You sank into her arms, pressing your lips to hers.

“Fuck… I can’t believe this is actually happening,” purred Voso. “At first I thought that your people were crazy for all this pageantry before sex, but I have to admit, this has all been worth it.”

“Sometimes they just skipped straight to the action,” you chuckled.

Voso craned her neck, letting you kiss your way up to her face. “Hmm~ I guess it’s my fault for falling in love with the romantic, then.”

“You can’t tell me that you didn’t like the wedding,” you said.

Voso smirked. “I’d be a liar if I did.” As you looked into her eyes, she got a distant look.

“What’s wrong?” you asked.

“It was worth it, right?” asked Voso.

You blinked. “Huh?”

“You know, your adventure. Are you sure that you’re really content with this? I mean, you spent all those months away from me, and I don’t know what kind of people you met or if your motives changed… I want to be sure that I’m not just the woman who picked you off the ground in your hour of need and coerced you into this. So if you have any regrets, now’s the time to-“

“Voso,” you said sternly. “You are, by far, the most caring person I’ve met since I arrived in this world. You’ve always been there for me, even when I didn’t deserve you. The things you’ve done for me, it’s above and beyond what I would expect from anyone. And I wake up every day feeling like the luckiest man in the world that I managed to attract such a kind and beautiful wife.”

Voso blushed. Though her mouth twisted into a smile, you could see her holding back tears. She sniffed and wiped her eyes. “I uh… Thanks, Anon. I mean, I had a feeling that you were happy, but, you know, since you’re an alien and everything I just wanted to be-“

You stopped her rambling with a kiss. She uttered a muffled cry of surprise into your mouth. Her tail went ballistic beneath you, thrashing and stabbing at you. Voso’s hands momentarily tried to push you away before wrapping around the back of your head to seize a handful of your hair and force you deeper into the kiss. After a moment, she pushed you away.

“Fuck… I was the one who was supposed to be making you blush,” growled Voso.

“Too late for that. You had your fun in the hot spring,” you reminded her.

Voso’s eyes glinted. “Oh? You think that’s all I had? You’re awfully cocky for a man who hasn’t been with a monster before.”

Voso bucked her hips. You were thrown from her body sideways onto the bed. She was on you in an instant, pinning your hands on either side of your head.

“Don’t forget who had to save who here~” purred Voso. She let your hands go, reaching behind her back to undo her bra. She let the lace fall away, tossing the garment aside. Your eyes reflexively snapped to her chest. Voso chortled and pressed her breasts together with her arms. “Anon, I love you to bits, but you’re so hopeless. Everyone in Valisias knew that they could catch your gaze by showing a little skin. I don’t think you could survive in a human realm without being slapped to death after being able to stare with impunity for all this time.”

“I can control myself…” you said.

Voso licked her lips. “Not around me you can’t. I’m not the only one who’s been holding back. Even if I was quizzical of your feelings, I could smell the lust radiating from you ever since you awoke. It took everything I had not to pin you down in those hot springs and do us both a favor. And now, you finally get to relish in the ecstasy that you’ve been craving for so long…” Voso let your hands run up her body, gently kneading her breasts. She moaned softly. “But first…”
A puff of purple flames erupted from her hand. Voso held a contract, in print so fine you could barely make out what it said. Her other hand flourished a sinister looking pen. She offered it to you, letting the parchment of the contract rest on your stomach.

“Call it a formality, if you like, but this is just something that we demons do. I’ve taken the liberty of drafting this over the past few months. Though, I’ve made quite a few changes in the past week. I’m quite proud of it,” said Voso.

“What does it say?” you asked.

Voso smiled. “In all honesty, not much that isn’t in every marriage contract. You know, supporting each other, loving each other, a few clauses that oblige us to do something special for each other every once and a while, that sort of thing.”

“Those ‘special things’ aren’t weighted too heavily in your favor, are they?” you asked.

Voso snorted. “They certainly aren’t. Beyond that, I just did my best to make a contract that we’d both be happy with. I uh… I know that this might be a lot. I mean, for demons, this is just as, if not more important than the sex. It’s a lot of text, and I did my best to write it in English, but if you want to read it over before signing, I won’t hold it against you.”

You stared at the wall of text in front of you. At the bottom, Voso’s name was already penned in her perfect handwriting. Holding the paper taut, you signed your name. Voso gasped.

“Y-y-you’re just going to sign it?! Without reading?! If you’re trying to speed things up so we can fuck, you should really read it! I’ll always be here, but, but-“

“I trust you,” you said, handing the pen back to her. The contract erupted into purple flames. Voso stared at the embers float towards the ceiling and vanish. A tingling sensation permeated your body. Voso inspected her arms and hands, clearly feeling the same peculiar tickle. “You had every opportunity to coerce me into a one-sided contract, and you’ve never once given me a raw deal. And if I thought you were the type of girl who would try to cheat me, I would have never put that ring on your finger.”

Voso’s lip wobbled. “Anon…” She wiped her eyes and nodded determinedly. “I’m going to be the best wife ever! I promise! You’ll never have a bad day again!”

You laughed. “That’s a lot of good days. I won’t hold you to that, just in case something goes wrong.”

“I’m serious!” insisted Voso. “From now on, we’re going to be happy. Until the end of time!”

“I couldn’t think of a girl I’d rather spend eternity with,” you said. Voso leaned over to kiss you. She looked down, noticing the tent in your underwear. She smiled.

“Oh~ How could I forget?” She stretched, arching her back and shaking her chest from side to side. “You’ve been pent up for months now, you poor thing.” She tutted. “It must have been agonizing, huh? Having to keep all that lust bottled up…” Voso guided your hands to her breasts. You obediently kneaded them, eliciting a pleasured hiss from your demon wife. She ran her hands through her hair, letting it cascade back behind her. “Don’t worry, darling~ That’s what I’m here for~ No need to hold back. Just don’t expect me to go easy on you, either~”

Voso’s tail slipped into your underwear and tugged it down. She splayed herself out on top of you, grabbing your cheeks and putting her lips to yours. You hooked your thumbs into her lacy panties, working them over her wide hips. Voso wiggled her butt back and forth to help you slip them off. She giggled into your mouth, kicking them off against the wall. You gently pressed your hips upward, trying to ger her to take the hint. Voso rubbed against you, teasing your shaft with her slick lips. You groaned. Voso seemed to revel in your need, gently nipping your lip to incense you further.

That was enough of that. You sat up abruptly. Voso yelped in surprise, falling backwards. You grabbed her by her shoulders dragging her back into position. She squirmed in your grip but didn’t make any meaningful attempt to free herself.

“Oh my! I suppose this is fair, given all the teasing,” she stammered, trying to maintain her smug facade. “Go on then, darling. Show me what you’re made of~”

You lined yourself up with Voso’s slit. She bit her lip in anticipation, undulating her hips as you made contact. After a few seconds of teasing and some needy whines from your wife, you pressed into her at long last. The breath caught in your throat. Fuck, she was tight. Voso cooed licentiously, gritting her teeth in pleasure as you entered her. The second you were in, her legs wrapped around your back, denying you a chance to extricate yourself. Not that you would ever consider such a thing. She felt heavenly.

“Till death do us part, dear,” panted Voso, staring up at you in adoration.

You leaned in to kiss her. Voso wrapped her arms around you, keeping you close as you began to buck your hips. Her flexibility let her reciprocate with ease, perfectly matching every stroke. One of your hands gingerly roamed over her body, giving her breasts an affectionate squeeze. Voso was, for once, at a loss for clever words or witty quips. She abandoned all sense of decorum, lewdly moaning into your mouth or ear without any sense of shame. You would be embarrassed if everyone else in the demon realm didn’t do such a thing on a regular basis. Voso’s nails clung for purchase against your back in a bid to keep you close to her. You did your best to remain flush with her, much to Voso’s delight. Her toned legs squeezed you tighter, as if to spur you on.

“I love you, Anon. I love you so fucking much,” panted Voso.

“I love you too, Voso,” you whispered.

Voso’s tail wriggled happily between your legs. Her wings folded around you, enveloping you in a warm blanket of smooth membrane. The claw on each wing gently pressed into your skin, just enough to latch on without breaking the skin. Voso began to increase her pace, overtaking you to violently thrust her hips toward you in a frantic rhythm.

“I know you lost your family when you were summoned here, but I’ll fix that in time. Soon, our family of two will get a whole lot bigger~” purred Voso.

“Already?!” you grunted.

Voso giggled coyly. She pulled your head to one side and whispered into your ear. “Looks like someone should have read the contract~”

You groaned. Voso laughed, nuzzling your cheek and planting a kiss on your neck. “No need to worry, love. You and I can cuddle up and comb through all that fine print after we’re done~ Until then, you’ve got your work cut out for you~”

You continued to work your hips into her. Voso’s face became more and more flushed. Every stroke was met with more and more resistance.

“Anon-!” hissed Voso.

“Yeah…” you grunted.

Voso’s legs abruptly clamped down on you. Her wings trembled. You found yourself held firmly in place by her deceptively strong frame. Voso’s insides clamped down around your shaft as she uttered a licentious mewl. You unleashed inside of her, arms turning to jelly. Your head flopped beside Voso’s as she held you close to ride out the orgasm. Your vision went spotty. It felt a hundred times more powerful than anything you had ever felt before. After the moment was over, Voso released her death grip on you.

“Wow… That was even better than I dreamed it could be…” panted Voso.

“Holy fuck… Did you take a piece of my soul or something?” you said.

Voso giggled. “I didn’t, but I’ll take that as a compliment.”

You rested your head beside hers, savoring the perfume of her hair. Voso groped for your hand, lacing her fingers with yours. You squeezed her hand.

“Guess it’s official then; what you said about us being a family,” you said.

Voso smiled. “I hope you’re ready to start introducing me as your wife.”

“And here I was getting comfortable calling you my fiancé.”

Voso kissed your head. “From now on, I’ll be much more than that. Now rest up, we’ve got a lot of consummating to catch up on~”

You smirked. “Just what did I get myself into by signing that contract?”

Voso rolled over to straddle you. “Well, you did give me complete knowledge of what turns you on~”

You groaned. “Is it too late to annul that signature?”

Voso smiled, flashing her ever-so-slightly pointed teeth. “Not now, not ever, darling~ Now let’s get back to fulfilling that contract…”


Voso’s head rested on your chest. A trail of discarded cloaks, cowls, leggings, and underwear led to the bed you two rested in. The muted sunlight of the demon realm filtered in through the small gap in the curtains. Voso stretched in your arms, readjusting the wing she had draped over you.

“Ahh~… Always nice to catch up on the loving in between missions~” she cooed.

You rubbed her back. “Our anniversary is coming up. Are we going to be home for that, or am I going to have to find a cake for you while we’re in the middle of a stakeout?”

Voso laughed. “I’ll make sure that we have the day off. I’ve got big plans for that, you know~”

“Are you finally going to fulfill that part of the contract you’re always threatening me with?” you asked, rubbing her stomach.

Voso tutted and prodded you with her wing claw. “I’m doing my best to get pregnant, dummy. It just takes time. Besides, the way I see it, it has to be at least partially your fault I’m not knocked up yet.”

“Hey I’m doing my best,” you said.

Voso kissed you on your chin. “I know you are. Don’t worry, our family will be here soon.” She placed her hand over yours. “I have a good feeling about this one.”

“Here’s hoping she’s as beautiful as her mother,” you said.

Voso giggled. “Ah, but I think she’ll have your eyes.”

Pulling Voso closer, you two shared a quick kiss before drifting to sleep.