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He left me.

Not that I really care. I don't actually love him. Not Edward. Not ever. And besides, I lied. I lied, not only to them, but to everyone. Everyone I ever cared for, everyone I ever loved. I knew, perhaps one day, that it would bite me in the arse. I knew that, one day, I'd have to go back and explain. It was one of the reasons I had come to Forks in the first place.

My name is Alison Potter, born on the 27th March, and I'm 21. I came to Forks because, like James and Lily, I needed to go into hiding, and I'm also under the Fidelius charm, with Lily as my secret keeper.

I sat on a stump of a recently fallen tree and sighed. My heart was staring to hurt, not for Edward, but for Sirius. We started dating in our 5th year, but just before I left - I don't know why - when we were 19, I told him that we should stop seeing each other. . . to wait for a while. But being away for those two years really made me realise something. I really am in love with him, and I can only hope he can forgive me.