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First times

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The first time he flirts with Matt, Foggy has known him for all of thirty seconds.

Apparently "good looking and hot, go for it" is faster to reach his brain than "roommate, bad idea" and "statistically due to be straight". Several weeks after that Foggy adds "catholic, almost surely straight" to his Ever Growing List of Matt Murdock Facts. The evidence is all there and the jury reaches a verdict easily: "Not happening."

Foggy is pretty okay with that decision. Matt is a really good looking guy but also a good roommate (once he stopped complaining about Foggy's snoring which A) Not his fault B) Not possibly stronger than a boat horn, stop being so dramatic Murdock). He is funny once you get past the initial shyness and hilarious once they get really used to each other. Matt acts a bit guarded at first but Foggy is persistent (once, he convinced his parents to let him dye his hair blue through the annoying but effective method of asking them every day for a month).

Matt can be charming and yet a complete dork. Plus he is smart and idealistic and really, how can you not like a guy who reads inspiring speeches out loud with a smile on his face? He genuinely cares about right and wrong, about fighting for a better world. Even his faith is honest, Matt openly despises people that use catholicism as an excuse to hate others. By the end of that first year Foggy is more than happy to have Matt as just his friend. Matt's awesome and Foggy is pretty sure he wants to keep him near forever. There are other hot guys but no other friend like Matt.


The first time Matt flirts with Foggy, it's halfway through their second year.

They're sharing an apartment with two other people from medical. They are nice enough guys, if maybe a bit weird (so far, this seems to be the case with most med school students). In any case, Matt and Foggy have nearly the same schedule so they see each other much more than anyone else. Matt no longer complains about Foggy snoring or his snack choices ( almost) and Foggy has grown so used to keep things in their designated spots that being ordered is now second nature. He is pretty sure his parents could adore Matt on that fact alone.

They've got a nice thing going on and it's easy and comfortable.

Then, one week during early summer, Matt starts walking from the shower to their room in different states of undress. On several occasions (and always when he and Foggy are alone) Matt walks into their room rubbing a towel on his hair and wearing nothing else. By that point Foggy has become an expert at not looking. Matt being hot is just a fact, he is harder not to stare at when he smiles. Also Foggy's sister has drilled him over the years that staring at other people is rude (The actual words were 'please never act like the assholes in my school').

Foggy stares at his textbook. There's no spike in his heart beat, not even a furtive look at his ass.

Matt gives up eventually.

Foggy won't know this is an actual attempt at flirting until years later, when Matt is high on painkillers and committed to be honest with Foggy. He'll regret that particular bout of sincerity several times over the years because Foggy will love the story and repeat it to anyone who asks: "That time Matt failed spectacularly at flirting."


The first time they hug (sober that is, Foggy is pretty sure holding each other for stability doesn't count) it's over some silly thing. Foggy thinks it was about acing an exam on first year but it could have been over any kind of good news, he's always been a pretty tactile guy.

Matt is not. Foggy has no way of knowing this the first hug Matt has received in years. Matt freezes and after several seconds he awkwardly puts his hands around Foggy, but it's painfully obvious he is not used to it. Which is just the saddest thing ever. Maybe another person would conclude that he should avoid touching Matt, but Foggy has always prided himself on thinking about creative solutions. So he hugs Matt all the time, one armed hugs and hands on shoulders. He announces it every time and waits until Matt gives him a confused "What?" to say "Buddy, that was completely awesome. If you're okay I'm totally hugging you." Matt always says it's okay and smiles after each hug as if it was a surprise.

Matt dates often (always ridiculously good looking women) but he is not big on public displays of affection. So, more often than not the girl Matt is dating will give him a quick peck on the lips and congratulate him on doing a great job on that debate/assignment/whatever before Foggy shows up and hugs him for nearly half a minute.

On retrospect, this is probably how the betting pool about the two of them started.


They have just finished their second year at Columbia when the Incident happens. Or, as Foggy has dubbed it: Oh Fuck, Aliens Are Invading Why The Hell Did I Go For Pizza.

The worst part is that he lost his pizza. Okay, maybe not the worst part at all, but this is what Foggy is choosing to fixate on. It's easier to think about a pizza box left on a counter than the fact he has seen people die. It certainly easier than to think about Matt, how they were supposed to meet over two hours ago. God, if something happens to Matt. What if he lost his cane? What if no one has explained that whooshing sound is horrible aliens firing guns? What if he is out there in the open, looking for Foggy?


Think about pizza.

Because, yeah Paolo & Gino's is the best ever and fuck Brooklyn. Best pizza in all New York. And not filled with tourists. Matt loves their pizza. Matt always compliments Paolo on the crust. Gino just jokes that it's just that his husband is a clean freak and keeps the kitchen cleaner than an operating room.

The subway station he is in is packed but everyone is holding it together. There's no more cell phone signal here than it had been on the street, probably too many destroyed antennas. Foggy is about to randomly ask the huge guy to his left about his favorite pizza place just to stop worrying for a second when they get the news that the alien invasion is over.

Hell's Kitchen is a mess. Worse than a mess, it looks like a war zone. In the distance, huge clouds of black smoke cover the sky. There's rubble everywhere, blocking several streets, but they have already started evacuating the wounded. Foggy thinks he sees Brett helping an old man get out of a broken window shop. Too busy to ask him for help finding Matt so Foggy decides to leave him alone.

Everybody is busy and Foggy is just standing in the middle of the street even more lost than he was when all this started. Which is why is such a surprise when he hears a voice behind him call " Foggy?" and sees Matt standing next to a mail box and holding a golf club. Foggy is too busy staring at Matt, at the small trail of blood on his forehead, at the various stains on his shirt, to notice when his friend more or less jumps him and wraps himself around Foggy.

This is the first time Matt has initiated a hug and it's one of the bests hugs ever.

Foggy just smiles like an insane person while Matt buries his face in his neck muttering " Thank god" over and over. Maybe their eyes are a bit wet and they both squeeze the other a bit too much, but they stay in the middle of that street until a passing fireman asks them if they need help getting home.

Matt thanks him and says that they are okay now that they found each other.