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Moonlight's Embrace

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I'm Russet. Well, what do you want to know? I'm a Nord. Blue eyes, red hair, blah blah. That's all rather boring.

I used to be a good person. Maybe. I helped the Jarls, saved towns from vampires, all that. I even joined the Companions, became a werewolf and found lifetime friends in Aela, Vilkas, and Farkas. Farkas was closer to me than the others. I'd told him something about my past no one else knew.

See, that was a childhood experience. You won't get me to talk about it, unless you want a blade in your skull.

I agreed, and became friends with many members of the Companions. But even the life of an adventurer gets dull.

So here I am. I take one little break in Riften and end up in a massive scheme to take over Skyrim. Nice.