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Gameverse: Survivor: Generic Tropical Island

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On the first day contestants arrive at Generic Tropical Island and are sorted into their pre-determined tribes: Lolwut and Trololo.

For the sake of making things interesting, we are assuming that they do know each other beforehand and are bringing in all their personal baggage. This does mean that some people will be quite happy to be on the same tribe, some will be horrified at the thought of spending all that time with some other player, and yet others will be most horrified at realizing they're currently in direct competition with someone on the other tribe.

At this point, your obnoxiously cheerful host—Kurt Hummel—gives each tribe a map to their own beach, which is far enough away from the other tribe's that they will only come into contact at challenges. (Where they are not allowed to mingle.) Why is he obnoxiously cheerful? Well, after they all trek off through the jungle to do battle with the elements, he gets taken back to his crew camp with an air-conditioned bungalow, catering, and a feather pillow.


On that first day everyone will have two main tasks: prepare the camp (particularly constructing a shelter, as it rains frequently overnight) and begin to work on the social game. Alliances might be formed on the first day. People will begin to feel each other out and make friends and enemies inside the game.

On the second day, some rounds will contain a reward challenge. For this first round, the reward challenge is being rolled into the immunity challenge. This gives people the second day to improve their shelter, hunt for food, make alliances, etc. (So, be sure to discuss who you think would group up!)

On the morning of the third day, tribes compete in their first Immunity Challenge. The winning tribe will be safe from elimination. The losing tribe is destined for Tribal Council, where they will be forced to vote out the first player in the game.

Challenge Description

(Note: I am using pre-existing challenges for everything because 1) it makes it ever so much easier on me and 2) an explanation is much clearer with a video!)

Tribes are faced with a long stretch of sand divided into many sections. In each round, two people from each tribe race to the chosen section and start digging to find one buried bag. When the bag is found, both tribes attempt to be the one who return the bag to the mat for their tribe. The pairings are balanced: two women will face off against two women, two men against two men, or a mixed pair against a mixed pair. People will likely go multiple times.

First tribe to three points wins. It sounds simple. But as you can see from the video, the no-holds-barred playstyle of this challenge lead to some down-and-dirty fighting.

Do not vote for which tribe has more of your favorites in it. Vote for which tribe, based on its composition, you think would win this challenge.

The winning tribe, along with immunity, will also win flint for making fire. The losing tribe will still have to rely on catching rainwater in their pots. While they will get water, it might not be as much as they'd like.

The next poll: whichever tribe loses is destined for Tribal Council, and will have to choose one member of their tribe to vote out.


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