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Clove Pink

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[Whaaa! Today I've met with a totally awesome girl. She was unbelievably cute and beautiful( ゚ Д゚) I think I may even be in love with her .////. This is so weird!]

Kazari had the holy belief, that he was in love. But what is love exactly? And was it certain, that his feelings leant towards it? Even Wikipedia couldn't give him a definite answer and great number of articles only studied the Greek Antiquitat or Eros. In truth this hadn't really helped him in his investigation, although he read a lot of interesting theories from Plato, which somehow connected to this case. The articles were peculiar but Kazari hasn't gotten much smarter from them.

He closed his phone with a disappointed expression, after he shared his thoughts on the internet. Soon, the machine signaled incoming comments with a few short beeps. Kazari quickly muted it, then hid the phone in his pocket, in case he had an urgent compulsion to share stories. Which he had more than enough times a day. Mostly during classes. He was a master in blindly typing under the table! Too bad the teachers were not really happy that one of his hands was constantly hidden somewhere near the trousers area. But he couldn't care less about the opinions of outsiders. His blog was his precious! That little babe knew everything about him!

But now he wasn't sitting one of his classes, instead had a little lunch break with his friends on the yard. The enthusiastic audience was made of his fellow tennis club members - Uin Buruto and Suzumushi Tsukihito - who were sitting beside him with blank expressions. The only difference between them was their skill level and group.

The tennis club worked differently because the amount of members on the field was limited. Beginners rarely played with the Advanced group, but it meant no problem when the latter wanted to have a match with the "pros" of Raimon. These groups were made out of both first, second and third year students. When a first year student was a blessed player he could get into the pro team in no time, just like Uin did.

From the three boys only Suzumushi stood out with his side-membership in the Music club. He was a well-known musician in the school and his life was made of concerts and playing on various events, occasionally helping out the Music Club. He quit that club before joining his current one, but no one really realized it, because he spent a lot of time in both places.

"What now lover boy, who is the lucky girl?" asked Uin after he read through the post. He had so much fun with the everyday problems of Kazari, from which he had to admit Uin got a relatively small amount due to his family's financial situation. His favourite type of post was when Kazari asked his followers what kind of brand he should buy in the store.

"I don't know her name. We've never talked before ..." he admitted a bit sheepishly as he ran through his fingers in the grass.

He first saw the girl in the morning. She was training on the tennis court with a guy from the beginners group. Her long pink hair sparkled in the of the morning sun and as her lashes glittered in the rays she could even seduce Narcissus from his mirror image.
He could write a multi-volume book series about this miracle, if he would have been felt like it. But for now his blog meant enough entertainment for him.

"You just... saw her? I can imagine how big is this love then." said Uin as he tried to fish out the omelette pieces from his lunchbox, with more or less success. His mother always put them to the bottom, hoping that his spoiled little son wouldn't be so picky and eat properly. This tactic fatally failed when Buruto learnt to professionally reshuffle the contents of the box without damaging anything. To skip the omelette? It wasn't in the options. In a short amount of time, that would've led to a bloody showdown within the family.

"Geez, if you like her that much then go and speak with her" said Suzumushi, who in the meantime tried to sort out his violin pieces for the next concert. "It's not good if you only love someone for her looks. How should I say this... You can easily burn your hand."

"I bet her personality is wonderful too!" cut in Kazari. He hated when underclassman wanted to tutor him, especially when the game went to spoil his mood. "Rather, help me find out her name!"

Both boys sighed in defeat. So long common sense.

"So, how does she even look like?" rolled his eyes Uin as he stuffed a piece of rice ball into his mouth.

"She has long pink hair, and beautiful golden eyes, but her hair hid almost half of her face. Oh, and she tied her hair in a ponytail with a red ribbon." he described her with enthusiasm, sometimes illustrating with his short red hair.

Yayoi Hinata. There was no doubt about it. The girl in question was none other than Yayoi Hinata, first-year student, tennis club member in the beginners group... and by the way, a boy. Suzumushi and Uin looked at each other with a suppressed laughter. By the looks of it, they both thought the same: it's time to teach Kazari a little lesson while they have some fun. Although the operation came with sacrifices, but who cares? They have to cut back a bit from the ego of the net-celeb.

"It must be Yayoi" said Suzumushi at last, with Uin vigorously nodding beside him "Believe me, she is a real jackpot! But Yayoi-san doesn't date with anyone. Too bad. I think even the girls turn their heads after her. Chivalrous, gentle and her voice is a bit deeper than most of girls'. Like she was a prince from a fairytale."

"Maybe because she always wears boys' uniform" added the other.

"I think she just feels uncomfortable in skirt" said the redhead with compassion. The

school didn't obligate every girl to wear her uniform. If someone found a good reason she could convince the director about the clothes change.

"Seriously, I'm not surprised. But I would be happy if they put me in the Girl-line before the toilet-" at that very moment his head met with a shapely metal pencil case what let out a hollow echoing voice as they parted. The maestro gave him a warning look and returned to his task.

"Sure!" Suzumushi giggled innocently above his sheets, like nothing happened. Damn, he enjoyed this game so bad. "It must be it!"

The fish swallowed the bait well, almost too well. So he decided to divert the subject a little before Uin says something stupid again. "Look, which should be the first piece on the concert?"

"Theme?" asked Uryuu while he scanned the pages with his green eyes.

"Nothing much. The teach asked me to play something related to spring... and Vivaldi is out of question."

He spread the pieces out more on the grass so they boys could get a better look at them. As if they would understand anything other than the titles. They curiously looked at the pages full of consciously arranged black dots.

"Can we pick anything?" asked Uin with great interest. He didn't wanted to tell pieces by just looking at them and currently using the Internet was out of the question.

"Basically, yes."

"So if I point at one of them... Can you hum at least the beginning?"

Suzumushi blushed a bit at the request, but slowly nodded. He wasn't really used to his voice and he hasn't liked it. When he played the violin he heard the real sounds of the instrument, while he couldn't really decipher his singing like that. What if he will be off-key? Once he tried to sang out a violin piece, which happened to have some lyrics, that was the time when his father threw his slippers at him and ended his singer career.

"What about this one here?" the blogger's index finger pointed at the Minuet of an unknown German songwriter. It was only three line long. The mauve-haired boy quietly, but began humming the first few beats, sometimes stopping for checking the reactions, the he continued.

"Little nightingale, I think I'm deaf" commented Uin with a pinch of sarcasm in his voice "I can't hear anything! Louder! Louder! Louder! Like you were Raimei! But don't be that loud."

"Lalala it if you can't hum properly" said out loud Uryuu his ideas, but he just got awkward silence.

Meanwhile Suzumishi got a bit more courage and tried again to share the rest of the song. This time he was much louder and after a few encouraging words it was quite the thing. The vocal cords replaced the strings of the violin. He even tried putting in some piano and forte and breaks. He surveyed his audience curiously. Uin gave him a thumbs up, while Kazari gave him an consent nod.

"I think we don't have to think more about this. That's all?" asked Kazari in disappointment. He couldn't say this out loud but he really liked Tsukihito's voice. "In fact... I'd appreciate if you could help me with the other pieces" he finished quietly. He didn't have the desire to compile the list at home and if they help him at least there will be someone in the crowd who won't complain about the order.

That was the final word. As the boys got green light they lunged toward the pieces as hungry cannibals, occasionally asking Tsukihito to describe the song. Hell occasionally, they wanted to hear every single one. Soon they heard every piece and slowly filled in the list. Although Tsukihito only implemented ten artist, they were looking for the eleventh.

"Wow, look how long is this!" with that Uin dug out an extensive six-page long sheet-music. A sad look reflected on Suzumushi's face. He loved that piece, but he couldn't play it at a concert. Unfortunately he could only bring something that was originally written for violin.

"I can't play that" sighed Tsukihito as he watched those familiar lines "I think it just got mixed up with the concert pieces. I was in a hurry this morning, so I grabbed what I found on my music stand."

"But why?" asked Kazari indignantly.

"It's just a practice piece. I can't play those on concerts..."

"But no one prohibited you to show it for us, right? And you can always add this as a bonus. You make the list, you're the star. The brilliant musician genius of Raimon! I don't see any problem with this"

"I'm not a star!" retorted Suzumushi, trying to hide his embarrassment. He never really admitted to himself this fact. On the contrary, he strongly denied it!
He was a prodigy with the violin since he was six and his parents never left out any opportunity to show his talents to the world. But in reality he hated the footlight, that's why he left the music club in the first place. The boy didn't need friends who only saw THE Suzumushi Tsukihito, he needed friends who liked him for being himself.

Uryuu still looked at him with pleading eyes. "Please!"

"Okay. But just for you"

The melody was slow and soothing, sometimes faded, sometimes strengthened. It really wasn't complicated as the others, yet it had a particular nostalgic atmosphere which fascinated both boys as they listened.

"You love this song." pointed out Uin as Suzumushi finished the last score. "Until now, you were on your death. Your face showed various levels of suffering while you tried to show us your repertoire. For a moment I've thought you will kill yourself if we force you to hum another one." he scanned through the piece again. It was hand-written on an old paper, which was possibly torn out from an exercise book. He couldn't tell it at first glance because the sides became tattered over the years. "This must be important. Am I right or am I right?"

"You can say that. My violin teacher wrote it for me when I wanted to give up music. At that time, I felt it would be better if I stop. I was so clumsy..." he mused on the old memories "Then I heard someone play this piece in one of the classrooms. I sat down and waited for my teacher at the door. I wanted to tell her that I won't come again. But as if she'd read my mind she went into the room and ten minutes later she came out with the copy of the score! If it weren't for her, I wouldn't even think about music."

"I always thought you were a genius from the beginning." Kazari was seriously surprised by the fact that his friend earned success by practicing.

"Don't be that stupid" Uin struck him on the nose with his chopsticks. Fearing his eyesight the red haired tennis club member hastily pulled away from the sadist, while rubbing his nose.

"Anyway, I think you should add this as a bonus. If someone has a problem with it say that your friends persuaded you with force and if you don't play it at the concert they will blow up the whole place.

"Ah, okay. Brilliant ideas as always."

The rest of the lunch break went away with switching between topics. Usually Uryuu started blabbering about some internet-related, Uin retorted with something totally different, then Suzumushi added a third thing what hadn't related neither theme.


Uryuu only arrived at home in the early evening from the practice. As he entered the front door the concentrated mixture of a familiar scent filled his lungs. His parents owned a flower shop but because they couldn't find any space for sale they opened a shop on the ground floor of their home. Although the shop had a separated part in the house, but his parents still loved to scatter their plants everywhere in the house and raise them as little pets until they could be sold. The most frightening thing was that somehow they managed to put a huge rose bush in the living room, right beside the hydrangeas.
The only exception from the maddening cavalcade of flowers and scents was his room. From there every flower flown in a short way. Or extinct. His worst memory was when his mother introduced his room to her gardenias and told him, that she will cut down his hands if he even touches the poor flowers. Needless to say, on that holy day for the first (but not last) time he slept in the bathroom in the company of ferns and other dampness-loving plants.

He shooed away the disgusting little scent-clouds from himself, as he down into his chair and with wondering expression he pushed the power button on his computer. He liked blogging here because the design was clearer and editing his post was an easier task than on mobile, but now this wasn't his main goal.
Kazari quickly scrolled down to the last of his chat-partners, if he could find anyone who would help him. Most of them were friends from school, but he had plenty of partners from other regions and countries. Now he urgently needed someone who could help him with heart-matters, yet because of the distance he or she can't gossip about it. He quickly became bored of the tons of names, but then his eyes met the right name "Wonder". She was a girl. She lived in Hokkaido. Yes a try couldn't hurt.

Banner: Helloooo! (^o^)/
Wonder: Nice Evening
Banner: How familiar are you with women problems?
Wonder: It depends on what kind of "problems"... I mean, if you have, you mean, a "problem" with your girlfriend I think I'm not the ideal person for you...
Wonder: Really. If you want I know someone who can help you...
Banner: There is a girl in my school, but i dun wanna confess to her so simply (_)
Wonder: Aha. So that kind of "problem". I think I can help you, then! Do you do this on purpose? What's wrong with the easy way, there?
Banner: Cliché, cliché, cliché~ I want something unique! (._.)
Wonder: Please, just don't write poems... That's not wonder-full... or cool... or modern...
Banner: Naaaah, no way! I'm thinking about something flower-related
Wonder: Yeah, that's "better"... Okay, I have to admit it's pretty avantgarde nowadays.
Banner: But not that rose-sending version! I want something new! N.W.
Banner: *N.E.W.
Wonder: Flower language?
Banner: ?_?
Wonder: Wait a moment...

On his monitor suddenly at least nine different link appeared, one girlier than the other. All about communicating with flowers.

Banner: Oh my god, you're WONDERFUL! MAGICAL! *w*
Wonder: It was time for you to recognize. Oh and one more thing. She doesn't know what's going on.
Banner: Then, I'll write a mysterious poem ~ :P
Wonder: Have a wonderful success. Just neglect the verses. (/°w° )/・。*。✧・゜゜・。✧。*・゜゜・✧。・゜゜・。*。・゜*

The website were really helpful. He could scratch together a lot of data about various flower's history, meaning and visual appearance. Only one big question left: how the hell will he get blue rose, gardenia or red tulips?

[I think it's over (;-;) But it was a good idea OTL I wonder how I can make this work]