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Blame it on the Coffee

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Coffee… the lifeblood of his morning.

Tatsumi looked at the coffee pot in his office and scowled. It was empty right down to the dregs and he had not even gotten one cup. Just ten minutes ago there had been a full darkly rich and aromatic carafe full of his special blend. If he ever caught the coffee thief they would never see the light of day again.

Now he had to make due with the burnt sludge in the main office. There was a reason the pot out there was always full… no one had the courage to drink it. Tatsumi was desperate though. He had stayed up most of the night doing the quarterly budget and knew there were no coffee beans left in the bag he kept in his office. As distasteful as it was, he needed the jolt of caffeine that only the brown liquid could provide.

So with the wariness of a predator stalking his intended prey, Tatsumi approached the steaming pot. He sensed no danger and peered into the carafe. It was black and fragrant and much to his amazement actually smelled delicious. That was a first; usually they used the gunk in the coffee pot to patch holes in the walls at the Hall of Candles. The secretary of the Ministry of Death picked up a mug and grimaced. It was a revolting shade of pink and sported the slogan “Whore for cheesecake”. Tatsumi shook his head and knew the mug had to belong to Tsuzuki. He had no choice though since it was the only clean cup left.

Still acting as if it might blow up in his hand, the shadow master gingerly picked up the pot and filled the cup to the brim. He looked around to see if anyone was watching and took a tentative sip. As usual, when he entered the office all the gadabouts in his division pretended to be busy. A rare smile wreathed his features as he swallowed. It tasted every bit as good as it smelled. Will wonders never cease? He practically inhaled the first cup and poured a second. He intended to take it back to his desk and savor every last drop.

As he replaced the pot, Hisoka came in for his daily shot of caffeine as well. Much to Tatsumi’s amazement, he watched the young shinigami pour the rest of the pot down the sink and rinse it thoroughly. He then went about making a fresh pot.

“Why did you pour the coffee down the drain? It tasted perfectly fine to me.” Hating wastefulness of any kind the secretary arched his brow at the young man.

The blond looked at him in amazement. “No one told you? Watari made the coffee this morning. No one was brave enough to drink it.”

Tatsumi turned pale and glared at all the suddenly very busy employees. He ignored the muffled giggles. “Ah… well then carry on. I’ll be in my office.”

The shadow master rushed as dignified as he could to the haven of his office and slammed the door. He collapsed in his chair and sunk his head in his hands. Everyone knew about the blond scientist’s wacky potions. They also knew of his propensity to test them out on the unwary or those easily bribed… such as Tsuzuki. Tatsumi tried not to panic as he wondered what the doctored coffee was going to do to him.

The office suddenly felt too hot and closed in. With shaky hands he removed his jacket and loosened his tie. It was still not enough… off came the tie and he undid the top four buttons of his crisp white dress shirt. He took a deep breath and looked down at his shirt and was relieved to see his chest had no additions of the female kind. It seemed that Watari’s quest for the elusive sex change potion had failed again. Almost weak with relief, Tatsumi slouched in his chair. He had no desire to see how the other half lived and wondered why in Meifu the dizzy blond was so eager to create the potion to begin with.

Still Tatsumi was worried that he would suddenly sprout horns or something equally embarrassing. He decided for propriety’s sake to hide in his office. Typically, no one bothered the Secretary when his door was closed and he was left in peace for most of the morning. So when the door to his office banged open, Tatsumi was startled nearly out of his chair. He hadn’t been caught napping he was merely resting his eyes for a few moments. The secretary quickly regained his composure and glared at the intruder to his sanctum.

Watari stood there breathing heavily and clutching a sheaf of crumpled papers in his hand. His hair was in disarray and falling about his face in wild honey colored waves. The scientist was wearing his usual lab coat. Underneath was a button up shirt in an eye searing shade of blue. It was buttoned wrong and there was a tear in the knee of his tan slacks. He looked… delicious.

Where the hell had that thought come from? Tatsumi thought in a bit of a panic. Still, the Scientist was really attractive and he itched to pin the flustered man to the wall by a handful of that glorious hair. Now the shadow master was really beginning to get worried. These thoughts were not his normal mode of thinking. He never considered the people in his offices as sexual objects… well not often. Tsuzuki was quite handsome but his flighty attitude and excesses drove him nuts. Better to let Hisoka keep a tight reign on him. The blond slammed the papers down on the desk.

“What is the meaning of this?” Watari yelled and the owl on his shoulder retreated to the top of the bookcase.

Tatsumi pushed his glasses back up on his nose and calmly looked into Watari’s golden eyes. “It looks like your budget to me. Was it not to your liking?”

“Not to my liking! Of course not! I barely have enough to run the department as it is. Now you want to take half my funding away!” Watari stalked around the side of the desk and bent over till he was almost eye-to-eye with the somewhat stingy Secretary.

Now that he was close Tatsumi could smell the slightly smoky and spicy scent of the irate scientist. It was impossible to stop himself from inhaling deeply. It was a heady aroma and he wondered if Watari tasted as good as he smelled. No! There were those disturbing thoughts again. What in the hell was wrong with him? Tatsumi was actually getting aroused at the close proximity of the blond. This simply could not be happening. The secretary had perfect control over his body at all times. Tatsumi stayed detached. He had to in order the run the department. Romantic entanglements were to be avoided. It was a lonely life but after developing feelings for his fragile former partner the shadow master vowed not to let it happen again.

Watari though was very different from the somewhat mentally unstable Tsuzuki. The blond was cheerful and caring most of the time. But angry he was a sight to behold. Eyes flashing and hair unkempt as he voiced his displeasure Tatsumi felt the need to dominate him. Normally he was quite adept at resisting temptation but today his inner voice was screaming at him to give in… to take what he wanted for once in his life. With barely a spare thought of the consequences the shadow master summoned that which he was named for.

Watari let out a startled squawk as he was suddenly encased in darkness. It was not painful but he couldn’t move an inch. Actually the sensation was rather like silken cloth sliding over his skin as the shadows that bound him seemed somehow a bit more solid than they would have normally been. The scientist’s eyes widened at the look on Tatsumi’s face. The man was actually smiling. It was a sly sort of all knowing smile and Watari swallowed nervously.

“Wha… what are you doing?” The blond stammered as his boss stepped closer.

“As if you didn’t know. Really Watari I’m not stupid though I don’t think this is quite the effect you intended with your little experiment.” Tatsumi was consumed with thoughts about what he intended to do to the man held immobile in front of him. He now understood what the doctored coffee had done. Somehow he did not mind at all.

“I don’t understand.” Watari struggled a bit but it was no use. If Tatsumi wanted him to stay put there was not a thing he could do about it. He glanced over at 003 hoping for some help. The blasted owl was asleep.

The shadow master reached out and ran a finger down the blond’s cheek and across his lips. “Not understand? You will Watari… you will. You’ll also find I do not like being a test subject.”

The scientist was still thoroughly confused. He could not figure out what Tatsumi was going on about. Though he had a pretty good idea what the man intended to do. It was like a dream come true. For months he was had been trying to get the overworked and under appreciated Secretary of the ministry of death to notice him. Watari figured he had to be over his ill-fated feelings for Tsuzuki. But it had been impossible to get close to the man. Now it looked as if he was going to see a very different side to the shadow master. It thrilled him as much as it made him nervous. The blond pictured candle light and a silk covered bed not Tatsumi’s drab office for their first encounter. Even more he wanted to be free to reciprocate.

“Tatsumi let me go.” Watari shivered as the shadows slid sinuously over his body. Clothes were no barrier at all to the ephemeral bits of darkness.

“I think not. In fact I plan to do what ever I want to you.” Tatsumi lightly bit Watari’s chin before sliding his tongue up his jaw line to the blond’s ear. “It’s all your fault you know. I was the wrong person to mess with. Now you’ll have to face the consequences. Watari you have been a very naughty shinigami.”

The scientist shuddered as Tatsumi whispered in his ear. This was the true nature of the shadow master; dark, dangerous and sinfully erotic. Watari wondered if he had gotten in way over his head. Usually the brunette was so calm and controlled but now his eyes smoldered with lust as he slowly removed Watari’s glasses and set them aside.

Watari drew in a harsh breath when Tatsumi slid his hands under the blond’s shirt. He traced each rib and lightly thumbed the scientist’s nipples until they were hard little nubs. The darkness crawling over his body coupled with Tatsumi stroking his chest left him weak kneed and gasping. The brunette pushed him slowly backward till Watari’s thighs met the edge of his desk. Watari, slightly off balance, sat on the desktop and closed his eyes. He felt Tatsumi step between his spread legs and a hand fist in his long golden hair.

Tatsumi was living out a long repressed fantasy and he intended to do everything he had ever dreamed about to the blond. He smiled when the slightly ditzy scientist gasped at having his head pulled back. He kept a tight grip on that honey colored mane and lightly bit at Watari’s fully exposed throat.

“Is this what you expected to happen? Are you going to take your punishment for doing this to me? For making me burn for you?” Tatsumi pushed the shirt collar out of his way and bit sharply on the juncture of neck and shoulder.

“Ah… punishment? Ouch dammit! For what? Stop biting! Are you some sort of vampire?” Watari struggled a bit and was still held fast. He didn’t want Tatsumi to stop… not exactly. But he had no idea what the man was talking about.

The brunette chuckled. “Maybe I am. As for why… well because I want to. Because you really have no choice in the matter. You took away that choice with your meddling.” Irritated that Watari’s shirt was in the way he simply removed the obstacle by ripping it open.

“Hey! That was my favorite shirt. I…I… Ah… Oh god!” The garment was completely forgotten when Tatsumi’s nipping and sucking mouth latched onto one of his nipples.

The Shadow master tormented the squirming blond with his lips and fingers. He sucked and pinched the hardened nubs and marveled at how sensitive Watari was. He was eager to see just how the blond would react to other such stimulus. The scientist was fond of experiments… well Tatsumi was conducting one of his own. He wanted to know how far he could tease the man before he begged.

“A very,” Tatsumi licked the center of the blond’s chest. “Naughty,” He moved lower tasting the pale skin. “Shinigami.” Watari cried out when the brunette explored his navel.

“Tat... Tatsumi wait. Not here.” Watari sucked in a lungful of air as the brunette pushed him backward so that he lay on the desk and unfastened his pants.

“The blame is yours since I can’t seem to control myself. Just lie back and enjoy it.” Tatsumi had to chuckle when he got a look at Watari’s boxers.

They were a shockingly bright shade of lemon yellow with a huge green frog face in the middle. Above the frog was the large bold word ''ribbit" in black letters. The front was tented out indicating the blond’s enjoyment of the Secretary’s attention. Tatsumi drank in every moan and whimper as he traced the Scientist’s arousal with his fingertips. He was pleased to note that the blond was long and firm under his stroking hand.

Watari’s eyes closed in bliss it had been far too long since he had been touched there by anyone but himself. “Ah... ah... Tat... more please.”

“You like this? I could stop and there would not be a thing you could do about it.” Tatsumi’s fingers gripped the waistband of his boxers.

Watari groaned as the secretary slowly slid the fabric over his erection. Each brush of the silky material was sheer torture to his sensitized flesh. Tatsumi pulled the pants and underwear to the blond’s ankles and they dropped to the floor. The scientist lay sprawled on the polished desk surface. His shirt was in tatters and his lab coat fanned out underneath him. Watari’s long blond hair framed his flushed face and he panted with desire. The brunette stroked the peach colored column of flesh and made Watari gasp and shiver. Tatsumi could not resist and leaned in to taste the drops of fluid that steadily leaked from the tip.

His eyes flew open and Watari pulled against the shadowy bonds. He cried out as that sinuous tongue licked him. Down and back up again he watched as Tatsumi explored. The blond did not know how long he could hold out against this new onslaught. The intense rush of heat to his groin was almost his undoing. Then when Tatsumi placed his mouth on the tip of his cock and lowered his head only reciting periodic tables kept him from coming explosively.

Tatsumi grinned around his mouthful as he heard Watari’s mutterings. Someone was trying to hold back... can’t have that. It was more satisfying to have the Scientist come apart in front of him. He wanted to taste everything Watari had to offer. The scientist groaned in disappointment as Tatsumi released the heated flesh and stood up. Still the setting was not quite right for what he had in mind. With a mere thought the shadows obeyed their master. They twined around the blond’s legs and pulled them open and upward.

The shadow master watched the tendrils of darkness creep along the blond’s body. It emphasized the paleness of Watari’s skin and made Tatsumi ache to plunge into that bound and exposed body. But he was not done playing yet.

He leaned over and whispered into the scientist’s ear. “Should I leave you like this? After all it is no less than you deserve. Maybe I should just walk away and leave my office door wide open so they can see what you have done to yourself.” He took Watari’s earlobe in his mouth and pulled on the tiny gold hoop.

Watari gasped at the hard tug on his earring. He panicked a little at the shinigami’s words. Tatsumi wouldn’t really leave him would he? He couldn’t... not after waiting so long for Tatsumi to notice him. “Don’t leave me like this... please.” His hands clenched into fists as the secretary just stood there and smirked. “Tatsumi! You... you can’t. I... I’ll do anything... please!”

“I know you will... now be quiet. The only words I want to hear are you begging me not to stop.” Tatsumi ran his hands over Watari’s chest and down across his flat abdomen to his groin. He avoided the blond’s erection other than to moisten his fingers in the liquid from his weeping cock.

One hand stroked the soft skin of the scientist’s hip while the other slid lower till he circled the pink puckered ring of flesh marking the entrance to Watari’s body. Around and around they teased the ticklish skin only penetrating slightly before retreating.

“Ah...hah... ah... st... stop teasing damn it. Uh... do something!” Watari cried out in frustration.

“Tired of my games already? Very well since you insist...” Tatsumi gathered more of the pooled moisture and slowly thrust two fingers inside the blond’s tight channel. The muscles clamped down hard on his fingers as he thrust deeper.

Watari’s bound hands scrabbled on the smooth desk surface as he tried to find something to grab onto. The blond squirmed uncomfortably at the intrusion. “Wait...”

Tatsumi withdrew his fingers till they just rested inside. “Now you want me to wait? I thought you were eager for more. Now who is teasing?”

“Just give me a moment.”

“No I don’t think I will.” Tatsumi lowered his mouth back onto Watari’s stiff cock and took him down to the root the same time she slammed his fingers back inside the blond.

Watari literally howled as the burn from the brunette’s fingers coupled with the wet suction on his cock caused him to nearly lose it right then. The shifting grip on his body did not stop the blond from arching up off the desk as Tatsumi tongued the pulsing vein running the length of his erection. The dual stimulation was too much especially when those seeking fingers brushed something deep inside the blond that made him mewl with pleasure.

“Tat... sumi. I c...can’t hold back. Please…more. I need to come.” Watari never would have thought the normally so serious secretary could be this talented. He was burning up and did not even care if the rest of the office heard his begging pleas.

This was exactly how Tatsumi wanted the frustrating blond. Totally at his mercy and begging for more. He deliberately stroked that spot inside again and caressed Watari’s length with his throat. The scientist tossed his head back pulsed hot and wet into his mouth.

“Tatsumi…yes! Oh Yes!” The rush of his orgasm made Watari light headed and he did not even notice that the shadows that held him bound had retreated.

The Shadow master let the evidence of Watari’s release flow down his softening member to pool in his groin. He lifted his head and licked his lips. The Scientist’s eyes were closed and his glorious mane of hair was wildly tangled and sticking to the sweat on his neck and face. He gasped for air and Tatsumi waited for him to regain his senses.

Watari felt as if he had been turned inside out. He really doubted if he could move at all and just lay there and struggled to get enough air in his lungs. Finally he opened his amber colored eyes and gazed at the man who had thoroughly wrecked him. The Secretary stood there calm and infuriatingly collected. The only evidence he displayed of what had just happened was a glistening trail of milky fluid from the corner of his mouth to his chin and a huge bulge in the front of his trousers. The blond also realized he was free and shakily sat up.

He needed to wipe the cool look off Tatsumi’s face. Watari grabbed the secretary by the shirt front and hauled him down till they were face to face. Gods, he could get lost in those cerulean blue orbs. Slowly and deliberately Watari licked the thin rivulet from Tatsumi’s chin then kissed him deeply. The blond thrust his tongue inside and tasted the remains of his passion lingering in the secretary’s mouth. Watari smiled into the kiss when Tatsumi’s arms crept around him and buried themselves in his hair.

How many times had he wanted the brunette to do just this? Watari had even been convinced that after Tatsumi’s disastrous obsession with Tsuzuki that he was not interested in men anymore. So he had vowed to complete a sex change potion so then maybe the aloof secretary would want him. Judging by the hard on that was pressed into his abdomen that was clearly not the case.

Satisfied that he was getting the brunette to let go a little, judging by the small moans he doubted Tatsumi even knew he was making, Watari slid his hands down to the secretary’s pants. Watari gasped as his hair was grasped tighter and he was pulled back a little breaking off their heated kiss.

Tatsumi was breathing harshly and his eyes were narrowed a bit as he tried to regain control of the situation. The blond stared at him with slightly parted kiss bruised lips.

“What? Why?” Watari started to say.

“Do you want me to fuck you? Then do exactly as I say.” Tatsumi was so hard that he ached. He needed to be inside the blond. He needed him bent over and submissive. He frowned when Watari just sat there looking at him. So he repeated the question. “Do you want me?”

Watari wanted the Shadow master desperately even if he had to bend to the brunettes will. There would always be another time to show Tatsumi the joy of submission. For now he wanted to be mastered by his commanding boss. “Yes.” He simply replied.

He watched as Tatsumi unfastened his pants and parted the front. He then slid his black silk boxers and trousers down to mid-thigh freeing his erection. Long and thick it stood proudly out from his body. The head was flushed dark with blood and the tip was weeping betraying exactly how excited he really was. Watari wanted so badly to taste what was nearly in front of his face but he knew Tatsumi would not allow it… at least not this time.

The blond gasped as Tatsumi ran his fingers through the slick wetness that coated his groin. The skin there was still so sensitive and the blond shuddered at the sensation. His hand thoroughly coated Tatsumi raised it to his own arousal and covered the stiff length.

“Turn around and lean forward. Spread your legs and grip the edge of the desk.” Tatsumi’s hoarse command left no room for debate.

Watari removed his lab coat and shakily got to his feet. He did as he was bid. He felt Tatsumi’s still wet hand slide over his belly as he was pulled close.

“Don’t move.”

The blond panted with anticipation as he felt a slick hardness rub along his cleft. His fingers bit into the edge of the desk as a hand parted his cheeks. Watari tried to relax when he felt the first slight push against the opening to his body. It seemed like Tatsumi was wasting no time.

Slowly, excruciatingly slowly Tatsumi pushed against the tight ring of muscle that guarded the blond’s depths. He really did not want to hurt the scientist despite how fast they healed but he needed to be inside. Inch by inch he forced his way inside.

Watari grit his teeth and cried out as he was slowly impaled on that rigid column of flesh. He really did not know if he wanted Tatsumi to stop for a moment or to go faster. When the brunette grabbed his flaccid length and pumped him Watari groaned.

Tatsumi explored the cock in his hand and felt it stiffen slightly. He applied a bit more pressure and squeezed the tip. An expert at hand jobs, since that is all he had to relieve his tension with the last few years, Tatsumi knew just how to play with the groaning Blond.

Now past the guardian ring the secretary sank all the way in to the bent over Scientist’s body. Gods Watari was so hot and tight that Tatsumi had to pause for a moment lest he embarrass himself by coming on the spot. He licked his way up the blond’s spine marveling in the texture of his soft skin. He lightly bit at Watari’s shoulder and ground his hips against the blond’s ass.

The Scientist groaned as Tatsumi moved slightly. He had never been so thoroughly filled and even the burn of the slow penetration was melting away leaving him desperate for more. The brunette’s hand still slowly stroked his newly awakened cock and Watari arched against Tatsumi in encouragement.

“Move please… Do something.” Watari whined.

“What would you have me do?” Tatsumi was surprised that his voice was not shaking. He needed to pound the blond into the desk but he wanted Watari to beg him for it first.

“Fuck me… Just do it! Don’t just stand there!”

“Ask nicely Watari. How do you want me to fuck you?” Tormenting the squirming blond was making him hotter than Hades.

Watari leaned forward till he was nearly laying face down on the desk. This pushed him more firmly against the secretary allowing Tatsumi to slide even deeper. One teasing brush against that spot inside him had the blond whimpering again.

“Ah… Fuck me Tatsumi. Please do me hard. Make me forget everything but the feeling of you deep inside me. Now, fuck me now. Please Tatsumi.”

The shadow master smiled when the blond gave him everything he desired and more. He slid nearly all the way out and was satisfied by the sharp gasp from the man under him as he thrust back into that tight channel hard. He relished each and every breathy moan as he set a pounding rhythm.

Watari chanted his name as if it were some sort of mantra. The secretary, with unerring accuracy, hit the scientist’s sweet spot with nearly every thrust. He supposed that the thought of him having sex with Watari in his office in the middle of the afternoon should have been appalling. It wasn’t even if it was the blond’s fault to begin with. Tatsumi was surprisingly accepting of the situation. He had been alone too damned long and the thought of facing another night in his plain apartment was rather distasteful. He also realized how much he looked forward everyday to Watari’s visits.

The ditzy scientist was like a breath of fresh air in his otherwise staid existence. It was time to move on and accept what was right in front of his nose, or writhing under him as the case may be. The blond gripped him so deliciously and it had been a while since he had fucked anyone that Tatsumi felt the first stirrings of his own release.

Watari rested his full weight against the heavy desk and hung on as he was penetrated again and again. His own cock throbbed and he gasped for air as his body was ravaged. Their intimacy went way beyond his wildest dreams and if he was not already dead, Watari feared the experience may well have killed him. But what a way to go.

“Tat… Tatsumi. Harder please. Fuck me harder. Yes… yes… like that. More! Ah… more… more please!” Watari arched into every thrust and moaned at the hands on his cock. He was going to come again.

Heat rocketed through his veins as Tatsumi gave the blond what he begged for. Sweat dripped off his body onto the pale skin of the man under him. His hair was plastered to his forehead and his glasses had come off at some point. His pants lay around his ankles and he did not even care how he looked. All he cared about at the moment was bringing himself and Watari to completion. To hear the blond climax again was a sound that he would always treasure. The cock in his hand jerked and Watari screamed his release. Thick streams coated the desktop as the scientist yelled Tatsumi’s name.

The Secretary stroked the blond’s slowly flagging erection as he moved in the tightly clenching passage. A few more thrusts and Tatsumi could hold out no longer… he succumbed and erupted forcefully. Bathing that surrounding heat with his salty fluid.

He brushed aside Watari’s long hair and kissed the back of the scientist’s neck. “Watari… so good. So fucking good.” He rested against the blond for a moment before carefully pulling out.

Tatsumi did not even care that his pants were around his ankles or that they were both coated with the evidence of their activities. He sat in his padded leather desk chair and pulled Watari onto his lap. He was not the snuggling type but there was something about the scientist that made him want to hang on and not let him go.

Watari was content to be held even though it was so out of character for the stuffy brunette. The man was warm and his hands were soft as they ran up and down his back. The blond could have cared less that he was still naked and it was very obvious what they had been doing. The secretary’s heartbeat was such a comforting sound under his ear and the intimacy he longed for was right here in his arms.

“Tatsumi? Why now? After all this time why did you finally choose to give me what I’d been dreaming about.” Watari looked up into Tatsumi’s still flushed face.

“I could not resist. Though you know the reason why. I blame it on the coffee. Really Watari you should know better by now.” Tatsumi chuckled as he gently admonished the blond.

“The coffee? What are you talking about?” Watari asked confused.

“Oh come now Hisoka told me you made the coffee this morning. Although I only found out after I had a cup. I really wish you would stop trying out your wacky potions on us. Someone could get hurt. Obviously the love potion was a success.” Tatsumi shook his head as the Scientist still looked rather stunned.

“But Tatsumi I didn’t put anything in the coffee. It was just coffee.” Watari now understood all the cryptic comments Tatsumi had made during their interlude.

“I tasted different… come on Watari admit it. I’m not mad. Quite the contrary I assure you. That coffee gave me the courage to do something I had actually been dreaming about as well.” Tatsumi stroked the blond head nestled on his chest and grew concerned as Watari started to shake. Had he upset the man? The he realized the blond was laughing!

“Tatsumi… that was cinnamon in the coffee. I like it that way. There was nothing else in there I swear. You fucked me because you wanted to, not because a potion made you do it. And I really hope you plan on doing it again really soon.”

Tatsumi sat there in stunned disbelief for a few moments. Then that was replaced by a fierce sense of joy because it was something that he had truly done on his own. He really did not intend to let Watari go. Tatsumi tipped the blond’s chin up and looked his right in the eyes. “You belong to me now. I will not let you go. Can you accept that? I am a greedy man and do not give my heart lightly. I’ve been hurt before and…”

A finger over his lips stopped the shadow master from speaking. “I will not hurt you Tatsumi. Claim me I am yours for the taking. I do not like to share either. I can be possessive too.”

Watari pulled Tatsumi’s head down for a kiss when the door opened. Hisoka stood there and looked at the snuggling pair. His eyes bugged out and he gaped like a stranded fish. The folder in his hand slid forgotten to the floor as he struggled with what to do.

Calmly, not even acknowledging that his pants were around his ankles or that he had a naked blond in his lap, Tatsumi looked right at the stunned young man. “You wanted something? It is polite however to knock first.”

Hisoka blushed bright red, as all the blood in his body seemed to rush to his face. “I… I wanted to… that is… uh… I mean. Sorry! I’m so sorry! I have to go now. That’s it… I really need to leave.” He left as soon as his feet would obey and hastily slammed the door.

Watari burst out laughing. “He really needs to get laid. Perhaps I could give Tsuzuki something…”

“No more potions. They will figure it out eventually. After all we did and look what an odd pair we make. Now where were we?” Tatsumi finished the kiss Watari had started and a whole lot more. Though they locked the door this time.

If the people in the office wondered why Tatsumi was locked in his office all day no one thought to ask a certain still beet red young man who was hiding behind a stack of file folders at his desk.

It was not until quitting time that everyone stared incredulously at who did emerge from the office. Watari looked totally disheveled and his lab coat was buttoned for once. His skin was flushed and his hair was tangled. He had a huge grin on his face and ignored the gawking onlookers. He waved jauntily to the man who stood in the doorway before disappearing down the hall.

Everyone stared at Tatsumi too in awe. He looked quite mussed as well. His normally perfectly groomed hair was hanging in his eyes and his ever-present glasses were missing. He was also wearing his normal white dress shirt but the tie was missing and it was half unbuttoned. Most out of place were the tan slacks that were ripped at the knee.

To the observant ones in the office their boss seemed to be wearing Watari’s pants. It was a necessity since Tatsumi’s pants now bore some very obvious stains on the front.

All of them could guess what had gone on in that office but no one could believe it. Tatsumi closed his office door and looked at the stunned crowd. “I believe you all have homes to go to? That is unless you are all wanting to work overtime?”

It was amazing how fast the office cleared after that. Tatsumi smiled and did not give a damn if everyone knew what had happened today. All he could think about was a blond he was very fond of waiting for him at his apartment. He intended not to let the scientist get a wink of sleep that night… or for many nights to come.