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Hanging On

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Life had been pretty good. Ever since leaving his home, all had been great. Derek and I had been getting closer, and more comfortable with each other... If you get what I mean... My dad has stayed clear away. I've been staying with Derek in the loft and helping him renovate the Hale house to it's original glory. The only hi-jink we've had was when Scott decided to save a freshman, Liam, by biting him to stop him from going splat onto the pavement. So all was good. The keyword being was.




"I'll race ya!" I heard Liam shout. He darted off across the field. I turned to Lydia, straight faced. "The little shit does realize that I don't have super werewolf strength right?" I asked her. She rolled her eyes. "He was more sporty than you before he was a wolf. What did Scott say you called him? A were-cheetah, were-jaguar?" I pursed my lips and replied shortly. "I called him a were-cheetah, but that's irrelevant. I am sporty right? For a human? In a pack of werewolves? Well I hope I am, all the running I do from supernatural creatures should add to my desirable physique." I heard Scott burst out laughing from the other side of the field. I shouted to him. "Hey Scott, I found this on the floor and I think it's yours!" I raised my hand, my middle finger up. He grinned at me and I grinned back. "Looking forward to school again Stiles?" Aiden asked me. He grabbed Lydia's shoulders gently and pulled her backwards for a kiss. They grasped hands and Aiden looked over to me, waiting for a response. "No, because I'm so use to our supernatural life, however will I find school interesting now, if it was already boring before! But I suppose I could be cheered up if my big wolfy boyfriend would treat me like you treat Lydia!" I shouted the last bit, hinting to Derek. Lydia laughed. "So not obvious Stiles. Not obvious at all." I shrugged. "Well he may be getting all sweaty in the house while he builds it up, but forget the houses' needs, I am a hormonal teenage boy, I have my own needs!" We had finally reached the rest of the pack, who were all doing their own parts to make the house look new, from bringing in furniture, to cleaning up the outside, painting and the like. Scott patted me on the back. "C'mon loverboy, you can help with the painting!" I scoffed at Scott. "Me, I thought I was the only non-supernatural human, apart from Danny who gets Ethan to do all his work, besides, were-cheetah over there can do it. The new boy needs some catching up." I complained. I could hear Liam shouting his rejection to my half request through the house. I scowled. "I'll just sit here looking pretty with Lydia while you work, you guys do need the eyecand- EEEE!" I shouted as I was picked up by the waist and spun around. 


I made eye contact with Derek who raised his eyebrows and gave me a peck on the cheek. "No, you don't do that! If your gonna kiss me, your gonna do it properly!" I grabbed his cheeks comically and pressed me lips against his. I faintly heard wolf whistles (literally) from around me. Derek pulled back and kissed the tip of my nose. "As- much - as - I would - enjoy to - do this - all day - I have a house to build." He pecked me on the lips between every few words. I grinned, "So Sourwolf can do romance eh?" I teased. He pulled me forward and whispered in my ear. "I can do a lot more than that and you know it..." I felt a blush scale up my neck and the tips of my ears turn pink. We Eskimo kissed and he went off to carry on working. I looked around at everyone who was staring at me. "What, you never seen a hormonal teenage loved up boy with a hot sourwolf boyfriend? Geeze, you guys need to get out more." 




*Sometime the next day in the morning.*


I dived up, sweating and breathing heavily. "You okay Stiles?" I heard someone say. Isaac, my mind registered. I nodded then shook my head. I looked over at Isaac and he smiled sadly. "Nightmare? I get them too about my dad." I nodded in sympathy. I looked around and remembered that we were all sleeping in the finished living room of the Hale house, also one of the only finished rooms. I put my hands on my head and breathed slowly. "10, 9, 8, 7, 6..."  I counted down until my breathing calmed and looked at Isaac again."See," I shakily said. "I'm fine, but I'm not tired anymore." Isaac lent over to his phone and clicked it. "It's time to get up anyways, would you like to do the honors of waking everyone up?" Isaac asked me. I shrugged and replied. "Not particularly, but if you protect me from pissed off werewolf claws, then I will." Isaac nodded as if to say deal. I stood up and cleared my throat. "Rise and shine, momma Stiles says it's time to get up so move your wolfy asses and get ready for school!" I heard groans of protest and laughed. "Go to school so I can go back to sleep." Derek slurred. I laughed and went upstairs to get ready. 


After getting ready, I ran downstairs to see everyone crowding by the door looking serious. "Why so serious guys? Is something wrong?" I asked, curiousity getting the better of me. Derek looked at Scott and silently communicated. "Nothing Stiles! Come on let's go!" I nodded, pulling my bag onto my shoulder. Derek walked up to me and gave me a passionate kiss. When he pulled back I stared at him wide eyed. "Remind me to start a new school year more often." I said to myself. I heard laughs around me. "Bye Sourwolf!" I chirped. He grinned at me and ruffled my hair, and whispered an 'I love you' into my ear. I walked out and hopped into the jeep. Scott sat next to me in the car and I turned to him and spoke. "I'm gonna find out what you were talking about. It was the whole pack apart from Danny and me. I'm not stupid Scott." He nodded solemnly. "I guess I'll have to make sure you don't find out then." He replied stiffly. "Okay." "Okay." "Good." "Fine." "Mhm."


We didn't talk for the rest of the journey.




I sat in History, when the teacher announced something. "We have a new student, Theo Raeken, who has actually just moved back to Beacon Hills, some of you may know him from when you were younger I expect?" I nodded stiffly. Theo. Just when I thought my day couldn't get any worse. Then for the cherry on the cake, he sat next to me. "Hey Ge-" I cut him off. "You know I don't go by that. Call me Stiles. Only my mom called me that." He raised his eyebrow at me. "Yeah but isn't Mommy Stilinski dead?" He teased. I clenched the table and flared my nostrils, before gritting out. "Don't you dare talk about my mother." I cautioned. In the corner of my eye, I saw Kira look over to me, concerned. Theo saw me make eye contact with her and lent over. "Got the hots for your best friend's girl?" I hissed out to him stiffly. "No, I don't." "What would he say if he knew that? Would he dump you, eradicate your friendship?" I sat staring straight ahead, ignoring him. "If I found out my best bud had the hots for my girlfriend I'd be pissed, do you think Scott would be pissed? Maybe he'd kick you out of his pack." I froze and turned to him slowly. "Caught you attention did I? Yeah, I know that you have a pack, werewolves, kamina, banshe, kitsune, I've done my research, besides I'm a wolf now too. You know Stiles, you have such a strong scent of death, but then again, didn't you kill all those hospital workers?" I clenched my teeth, trying to ignore him. How did he know all this? "You killed Scott's first love, how do you know if your not going to kill this one too? But isn't she your love too? Maybe it's one of the 'if I can't have her no one can' situations eh? Is that why you killed his last gir, gonna kill this one too because you can't have her, cause she don't love you? What a shame, I'll have to tell your friends, imagine the reactions on their faces when I tell them you have the hots for his gi-" "I'm gay!" I shouted loudly, then covered my mouth in shock. Mr Yukimura sent me a look of shock, at my sudden proclimation. Everyone began laughing and I felt my face go red.


"I did that on purpose you know." I heard Theo say. "And you took the bait." I felt tears running down my face and I ran out of the room. I heard Scott shouting my name but I carried on running. I ran straight out of the school doors and just carried on, till I got to the edge of the car park across from school. I sat down and mentally reprimanded myself. I should've known he was baiting me. Then again he was also an asshole when we were younger. Once an asshole always an asshole. My mind pondered on it more and More, stressing me out. I turned and punched the tree, groaning when my fingers cracked in protest. "Fucking idiot! Stupid fucking- Ugh!" I shouted out, hopping around on the balls of my feet whilst cradling my hand into my chest. I sat down on the kerb and screamed into my hands. 


I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket and ignored it. It was probably Scott, asking what happened. I saw a figure running across the car park. When I realised who it was, I was increasingly confused. Scott, I'd understand, or even Liam but Isaac? He stopped in front on me and asked me what happened. "Some new kid being an asshole. Isaac he knew everything, he knew about everyone in the pack, what they are, who is in relationship, he knew about...about the nogitsune and Allison's death. He wanted a reaction out of me! And I gave him exactly what he wanted!"


Isaac put his hand on my shoulder and pulled back in shock. "You're hurt." His eyes flashed golden. "Did he do this?" I shook my head, feeling stupid. "I punched the tree..." I muttered. Isaac shook his head at me and grabbed my arm. I saw the black veins appeating on him. I tried to pull back but he maintained a strong grip. "'m sorry." I murmured. Isaac frowned. "Why?" He asked. I felt guilt surge through me. "You loved Allison too. I never apologised for taking her from you." I saw his face collapse in upset. "You okay Stiles? Truthfully." He demanded, but sincerely. "I'm hanging on... Barely." He pulled me in for a hug and I snuggled into his neck. "I needed that." I said, muffled into his neck. He nodded against me. "I know, but that's what family are for."