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An elevator kinda love

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20th of July 2015- Two days before blackout. 6:37 pm


Really, when Angie looks back. They’re at least three things that are utterly perfect and epically horrible that happen in that week. First, she gets like..ten bucks in tips. Then, her landlord asks about her rent. Her Ma calls. She chipped a fingernail. Spilt coffee on her uniform.

Her ex-girlfriend knocks on her door.

Her ex-girlfriend leaves.

Angie squeals happily at the sound of her feet leaving the hall, nearly dances in delight as she bounces up and down. Took her months to get here emotionally. Ruby broke her heart. Ruby ain’t gettin’ it back. The list is kinda long. Angie feels like an entitled rich white girl with how she whines, but hey first world problems and all that. The list then continues. So? Angies a complainer. But it kinda ends on her favourite, that utterly perfect thing.

Because English down the hall gets back from her ‘trip’ in T-minus 1 hour.


The elevators close, and they’re going up.

She walks into the metal coffin, Peggy Carter struts into the elevator with that natural air of confidence that has Angie forgetting how deathly afraid she is of these things. How she watched a documentary at 6 about ‘Unfortunate Deaths’ and number four was a guy getting his body chopped in half as the doors closed on him.

So yeah...elevators not a favourite for Angie.

But girl down the hall, leggy English with lips like a classic 40’s beauty, makes her forget how she’s currently calming her breathing and letting it out through nervous barely there flirting. Just to get her damn mind off how the elevator makes her stomach drop.

“You workin’ tonight?” A small easy smile, Angie swallowing her nerves as Peggy smiles politely back. They’re standing shoulder to shoulder as Peggy punches in her floor even though it’s lit up already.

“If you count filing papers in your bed and Netflix? Then yes, a bloody long arse shift ahead of me”

“What? Guys at work giving you a hard time?” Angie frowns, every day they ride this elevator and chat, Angie’s always annoyed and kinda protective over how Peggy, even in fucking 2015, still gets treated badly at her workplace. And it’s a totally unreasonable feeling for Angie, ‘because she knows the other woman can handle herself. It doesn’t stop how her little Italian ball of rage self angers at the thought. But Peggy just smiles, and if she notices Angie’s over the top frown and scowl she doesn’t comment, she just chuckles. “Angie, really. It’s nothing I can’t handle. How about you? Still at the cafe?”

It takes about 0.3 seconds flat for Angie to roll her eyes, making Peggy smile. “Unfortunately yeah. Anyways, don’t worry. When I get outta there, you’re the first to get a red carpet screening,” Angie nudges Peggy playfully in the arm with her elbow, “trust me, you’ll be seeing Angela Martinelli on the big screen in no time English”

Angie’s whole personality and act has Peggy laughing delightfully, the numbered dots rising higher as the elevator nears it’s end course. And it’s not till then, that Angie remembers she’s 1 minute away from hyperventilating. She’s glad Peggy can’t see her swallow thickly as she stands still, but it seems like this ride's gonna go on forever. So Angie does what she does best, and talks and talks and talks to just forget about how they could plummet to their death at any moment.

“So, your trip? Two weeks is kinda long for a visit to your parents” Peggy’s mouth twitches and if Angie wasn’t caught up in her own nerves she might of paid attention to Peggy’s. The woman’s nearly perfect cover up, not entirely truthful from the way her eyebrow meticulously raises.

“Well, Ang,” Angie gets weird butterflies at the nickname and falls for Peggy’s strange, polite and endearing sarcasm, “I thought you were smarter than that. I’m stabbing in the dark here but, English accent may or may not mean English parents? You know, who live in England?

Peggy stresses the last word and oh god, Angie just slaps her forehead and listens to Peggy’s amused laugh.

“Ok I admit. Blonde moment, totally did not even consider that” Angie smiles at Peggy’s laugh, damn did that woman have a beautiful laugh.

“Yes, well, I find it charming to say the least.” Angie smiles and watches the elevator finally ding to both their floors. Stopping with a worrying chink. “Charming?” Angie answers it teasingly, watching as Peggy smirks back and walks forwards as the doors open.

“Yes, exceedingly so,” Peggy steps out of the elevator with Angie left behind, heart thudding not just from how the elevator sounded moments ago. The English woman walks out and turns around, scrunching her face bemusedly and calling out teasingly to Angie still in the elevator. “You coming? Or are you suddenly not my neighbour?” Angie quickly gathers her wits just as the door starts to close, arm waving between them as she darts out and smiles half embarrassed as she rolls her eyes.

“Last time I checked my neighbour wasn’t half sass and half sarcasm, you bring the whole of England’s attitude back?”

They make it to Peggy’s apartment as she gets out her key, smiling quite smitten like as she looks towards Angie and fake pouts. “Oh, and here I thought you missed me something terribly”

Angie scoffs, turns around and waves behind her as she enters her own apartment, key in the lock and shuts her door with a “You wish English!” Peggy looks to the floor and shakes her head smiling, finally grabbing her key and lowly saying fondly. “Italians”

She hears a bang on her apartment wall, “Heard that Queen of England!”

Peggy has never been more glad to be back in the states.


21st of July 2015-  One day before blackout. 8:30 am


Okay so Angie didn’t plummet to her death on that particular elevator ride, but she’s not ruling out how someway or another, the cord will snap with her and Peggy inside it and Angie won’t get to take her on dates and do stupid couply stuff. She guesses it’s kinda morbid that she doesn’t worry about how they both would know, dead. But in her mindset of all things English, she’s more concerned with how if their 25 year old elevator decides to take a break, Angie won’t have told Peggy what she’s feeling or at least tried with her neighbour. Tried to show Peggy how Angie gets turned to a puddle of goo around the woman whenever she at least talks or smiles.

She guesses being the neighbour of a woman who is probably sculpted from marble for three years does that to a girls head. Peggy’s just everything Angie’s attracted to; rich eyes, deep voice, accent, those curves, her compassion, her laugh, her happiness. God, the woman’s like a Greek Goddess who decided to have a day off and mingle with the humans. And Angie ain’t ruling out how, if she let her, man would Angie worship her for nights on end.

These thoughts are running through her head as she pulls on her beat up converse and drapes her apron over her shoulder. So yeah, she might be in a rush from having a shower that may or may not of been a little too long and hearing Peggy from the other side of the wall squealing at how her own shower was left with little to no hot water. Angie snickered at the bang on her wall from Peggy and the “Honestly, why do we share a pipe? And why did I get roped with Miss ‘I Need Hot Water to Live?’

Angie laughs as she dries her hair and calls back. “Sorry English! Get up earlier next time!”

“I need my beauty sleep thank you very much” Angie scoffs, because really? Peggy needing beauty sleep? That’s like Beyonce needing singing lessons.

“Peggy, you’re full of shit and I love it. Last one to the elevator buys lunch!” Angie smiles and runs out the bathroom door as she hears the gasp of Peggy most likely throwing her towel on the sink, judging from the sounds of bottles and combs falling to the floor. “Oh hell no! I brought lunch three times this week! And you’re sending me broke with the goddamn food you buy. I mean really? Salmon sub? Why not tuna?”

“English I know what you’re doing, distraction ain’t gonna work. Already got my bag and locking the door!”

“Shit!” Angie laughs as she hears Peggy knock something else over and barrel to her door, Angie already pushing the elevator buttons as she sees Peggy slam and lock her apartment. Turning around and running to Angie with her hair a sexy mussed mess, Peggy makes it to the opening doors and pouts. “Entirely not fair”

Angie smiles innocently and steps in, already counting to 100 in her head to calm her nerves. “I don’t play fair Pegs. Oh, and I like that Dijon mustard as well”

Peggy groans and stamps her foot, pushing the button as the doors close. Angie’s laughter light as the old machine stutters to a start and descends. Sure, they could plummet to their death and all that, but hey, at least she gets free lunch? And Peggy’s already making her feel like they’re falling, a feeling of her stomach being in her throat. Just from the way she amusedly smiles with her, just from the way she nudges Angie and rolls her eyes with an “Oh do shut up”

Yeah, Angie’s not that scared of elevators anymore.


22nd of July 2015- Night of blackout. 9:35 pm


Scratch that, she’s goddamn terrified….


Okay so rewind.

First, Peggy meets her at the cafe, usual three refills of tea and a slice of pie as they sit down and chat. Angie pays for their meal ‘cause this morning, Peggy somehow made it before her even though the woman didn’t set an alarm. Peggy claims it on carnal instincts because, and quote; “No way in hell Angie, am I paying another cent for salmon and bloody mustard”

Angie rolls her eyes fondly and chuckles. Fair enough….

Oh right, off track.

Secondly, they walk home together because Peggy Carter’s a goddamn gentlewoman and insisted she wait for Angie’s shift to end, she’s not complaining. Not with the way Peggy sheds her long sleeve flannel off her body, leaving Angie with singlet clad Peggy and “One thing I miss from home Angie, the ability of never getting hot.” She nods dumbly, what else she gonna do? With the new information of Peggy owning large flannels and the new sight of the most defined arm muscles Angie’s ever seen, you can’t really blame a girl.

This is where the ‘goddamn terrified’ thing comes in.

As Angie’s shift ended late, around 8:30 to be exact, they don’t make it back to the apartment complex until around 9. And it’s kinda humid and Peggy grabbed Angie’s hand about halfway into the walk like it was nothin’. The woman just continued to walk like Angie’s hands weren’t sweating like a horny 13 year old boy looking at his crush. So Angie tightened her hold and bit back a smile, willing her cheeks to calm down cause she’s sure Peggy would notice the pink there.

“Absolutely random question but, do either of our rooms actually have AC?” Angie frowns and thinks back...nope, nadda. “Not that I can think of, Sam down the hall has one of those portable heater/ac’s. But it’s like a breath of air, not worth it”

Peggy then smiles as they make it to the front doors of their apartment building, opening it for Angie with their hands still clasped. “What if I told you I may own one and lied to you two Summers ago about it?”

Angie opens her mouth and hits a chuckling Peggy in the shoulder. “English! You kiddin? I almost died that week, and you’re tellin’ me you were living in a freezer!?”

“What? I’m sorry,” Peggy lets her chuckles subside. “I didn’t know you too well and thought you know, Italian blood and all that” Angie frowns as they make it to the infamous elevator, folding her arms and trying not to notice how empty her hand feels now.

“Remind me to never take pity on you ever again”

“It was two years ago darling, find it in your heart for forgiveness?” Peggy fake pouts and clasps her hands in a pleading manner, making Angie raise her eyebrows.

“Okay, seriously. Who dosed you up on another round of sarcasm?”

Peggy drops the act and smiles as the elevator doors open. “You, all entirely your fault. I’m gaining it like osmosis”

“Okay blame the bubbly neighbour I see” They step in and stand shoulder to shoulder like always, Peggy pushing the worn button as it clunks to a start and rises. Angie’s heart thuddering lightly but her hands not shaking as Peggy smiles at her encouragingly. Is Angie really that easy to read? Is she really not good at reining it all in? But in answer she just smiles back to Peggy and lets a quiet breath out, raises her eyebrows at the more than worrying noises the elevator makes. Peggy frowning as the floor groans and the area around them clinks and slowly lets low noises out.

“You know one day they need to fix this old thing. I swear it’s gonna-”

And before Angie can get another word out, she’s suddenly blind as the lights shut off. A noise of it all shutting down as the elevator comes to a sudden halt making Peggy lean with an hand on the wall from the movement. Angie falling to the other side as the lights on the buttons flicker out one by one and the elevator lets one more jerk out as it stills. Absolute panic then seizes Angie, her hands on the wall becoming sweaty and her breathing laboured. She can’t feel her heart for it’s thudding so fast at a mile a minute that it transcends speed and doesn’t make a beat. Her stomach drops and she stares silently at blackness as her body freezes and her muscles don’t move an inch.

She watches silently as Peggy’s silhouette blindly reaches into her pocket, finding her phone and lighting up the space as she presses the emergency button. “Bloody hell. Just what we need. Honestly you’d think God would take pity on you Angie and grant you with a night in with AC,” Peggy frowns at the lack of sass thrown back as she turns around with her phone torch shining on Angie’s face. “Angie?”

And all Peggy sees, is well, something that she didn’t realise could affect her so much. Angie’s jaw locked and her eyes wet with unshed tears, but unmoving. Her hands lightly shaking and her mouth shut tight, teeth clenched. Peggy slowly lowers the light so it’s just illuminating their faces softly, reaching a calming hand to Angie’s shoulder. “Angie darling, are you alright?”

A small slight shake of the head, a tear falling down her cheek. Peggy’s face softens, putting her phone down on the floor with the light face up and taking Angie’s shoulders under her hands. Rubbing softly and speaking quietly. “Ang, deep breaths. In time with me, okay?”

She nods, her waves of hair bouncing slightly at the action as it also lets another lingering tear escape, Peggy’s heart twitching at the act. “Ready? In,” Peggy breathes in, nodding and smiling encouragingly as Angie’s eyes seek hers and she mirrors Peggy’s breath. “Out,” They let a breath of air out at the same time and Angie closes her eyes, fingers bunching into her own shirt and tugging the fabric. Peggy notices, gently prying them from Angie’s shirt and taking them in her own, Angie’s wet panicked eyes opening at the touch. “In...Out...That’s great Ang. Keep going”

They keep breathing together for god knows how long, sharing the small space between their lips as if Angie’s life depended on it. And it kinda does, with how they probably have limited oxygen and how the elevator they’re standing in is probably swinging on its cord. But Angie just doesn’t focus on that, she focuses on Peggy’s warm eyes and smile, her hands in hers and how Peggy is genuinely worrying and looking after her. It should embarrass Angie, being looked after like some damsel in distress.

But Peggy’s voice is so soothing and the proximity to the English woman’s body is calming yet making her heart race all that more. She’s just finally getting her heart rate to normal when Peggy speaks. “Everything’s alright Angie, it’s just a blackout. They’ll have the backup generators out in no t-”

But again words get cut off as a violent shake of the elevator and another metallic groan fills the air, Angie’s eyes widening in surprise and fear as she clings to Peggy’s shirt and pulls them together, gasping out. “P-Peggy,”

“It’s fine, Angie I’m here” Angie lets her forehead fall to Peggy’s collar bone, her fists tight in grasping the material above Peggy’s chest, her small frame shaking slightly. Jesus, Angie’s never been this scared in her life, it’s like her mind and body are at war. Legs turned to jelly with her brain in a type of shut down.

She feels Peggy’s arms enclose around her, a hand to the back of her head stroking in comfort as Angie lets quiet tears out and clings tighter to Peggy. “E-English,” Peggy lets a quiet hum out in acknowledgement, resting her chin lightly atop Angie’s head. What Angie says next surprises Angie herself, she sounds so small and fragile, so dependent and weak that it makes Angie mad at herself for even uttering the words.

“D-Don’t l-l-leave. I can’t…”

“I’m not going anywhere,” Peggy says it with such conviction that Angie pulls back slightly to look up, “Actually, it’s physically impossible darling”

It makes Angie giggle, sniffing and letting her head lightly thud against Peggy’s collarbone once more. Guessing rather than seeing, Peggy’s satisfied smile stretch across her face. “God, I can’t imagine being in here with anyone else. I’d probably be hyperventilating right now”

Peggy leans back so her spine makes contact with the elevator wall, feeling Angie situate herself so her heads under Peggy’s as they hold one another. “It’s safe for me to assume you’re scared of elevators?”

Angie leans back and deadpan looks to Peggy. “What gave it away?”

Peggy smirks, “Oh I don’t know, how you’re clinging to me?” Angie’s cheeks turn red as she sees Peggy’s teasing smile, hitting her on the shoulder lightly and frowning. “No fair English. I’m experiencing traumatic stress right now. Save the teasing for later”

Peggy raises her eyebrows, taking Angie’s hands and sliding down the wall and motioning for Angie to follow. Angie sitting down next to Peggy with their knees knocking together and shoulders bumping. Saying fondly, “So dramatic”

Peggy’s clasps their hands again, reaching for her phone on the ground and resting it between them. Angie can’t get over how in the dim light Peggy seems to be even more ethereal than before, skin bathed in a yellow glow and eyes catching the light making them golden. Angie barely chokes out with the thoughts running through her mind.

“You would be too if you thought we were about to fall to our deaths any moment”

Peggy sighs. “Wouldn’t let that happen, trust me. If I’m going down it’s going to be epic”

“Epic? What are we? In 2008?” Angie teases as Peggy rolls her eyes.

“Oh haha. Hilarious. Really though, if we were going to die right now. Right this very moment, what would you do?”

Damn, loaded question.

And what would she do? Ask to borrow Peggy’s phone and dial her Ma? Probably not. ‘Cause it would break her mom to hear her voice before she died and Angie doesn’t think she could bare it if she heard her sobbing over the line. Call up her brother? Tease him about how he’s still the worlds biggest fastidioso idiota but she still loves him. Call Ruby? Smugly shove it all in her face one more time?

Angie likes to think she’d do all of the above, she thinks about how this is kind of a morbid  and dark thing to talk about. But she’s alway thought death is too taboo and people shouldn’t be afraid of talking about something so inevitable. And Peggy, sitting there waiting patiently for her answer, kicks her into gear.

“What would I do?”

Peggy nods her head, watching in the dim light how Angie sets her eyes and a determined look casts over her features. And grabbing Peggy’s cheeks lightly yet firmly, Angie leans in and breathes; “This”

Her lips are on hers before Peggy can utter a ‘what?”. Warm, soft, delicate, Angie’s mouth covering her own as Peggy realises she hasn’t moved an inch. And just as Angie’s pulling away, apologies already on her lips, Peggy lurches forward and takes the back of Angie’s neck beneath her fingers. Pulling her in and almost desperately letting her teeth lightly pull at Angie’s lower lip, with her other hand to join the hair at the base of Angie’s neck. Tugging lightly as Angie grabs anything of Peggy to anchor herself, letting her hands hold her curved hips and stroke the skin beneath her shirt.

Their mouths and lips move in tandem for what both women think of as hours, getting lost in the light of a phone and the dull sounds of metal moving against metal as the elevator moves slightly. Peggy letting her hands move from her neck to Angie’s cheeks, her thumb rubbing softly at the skin.

The light flickers out, Peggy’s phone blinking the low battery charge icon. But neither seem to care.

They kiss in the dark, the only sound being Peggy’s appreciative hums and Angie’s soft chuckles.

She’s not afraid of the elevator anymore.

Angie’s goddamn terrified at the feelings warming her chest as Peggy smiles into their kiss.



First hour


….is spent being lip locked and hair being tugged as they made their way up and against the walls.

It’s like they can’t get enough, drowning in years of dancing around each other and subtle flirting in a metal death trap that is still shut down as they blindly reach and pull shirts in the dark. In between kisses, and in between Peggy’s fingers tugging at Angie’s jeans’ waistband, Angie gets out; “Are we really gonna do it in a prehistoric elevator?”

“God,” Angie bites Peggy’s bottom lip and slides her hand up the other woman’s stomach at that moment, “That very sentence darling, is an oxymoron”

“Okay first off-” Angie moans as Peggy bites softly at her earlobe, dammit she found her weakness, “Less talkin’ more touching” She feels Peggy smile against her neck, pinning Angie suddenly to the surface behind them as Angie reaches a hand down to grasp at the metal pole that surrounds each wall. With Peggy’s thigh now between her legs, Angie raises a leg around her hips and drapes her arms around Peggy’s neck, Peggy getting the hint and lifting Angie by her thighs onto the pole as she leans back into the wall.

“You know-” Angie puts a finger to Peggy’s lips and shushes her, making Peggy frown at Angie’s smile. “Less talkin’ more touching” Peggy feels Angie bring her legs tighter around her waist, their breasts touching and breaths laboured. Making them glide together as Angie then brings them ever closer by not so gently bringing her legs in.

“English I love that voice, God the things your accent does to me. But everything else about you also drives me crazy, you taste amazing. Seriously, who knew lips could taste so good? Your hands Pegs, jeez, soft much? And wow okay your boobs look out of this world and don’t even get me started on your-”

Peggy can’t help but laugh and bring them closer, hands gliding up Angie’s thighs and holding her at the waist. “I didn’t realise the less taking thing was one sided” Angie bites her lips semi-embarrassed, her hands behind Peggy’s neck playing with the chocolate locks there.

“Sorry, kinda been waiting for a while for this so,”

Peggy lets her mouth open in quiet shock. “A while?” Angie’s cheeks redden and she nervously fidgets. “Uh, can we go back to the making out thing and you toying with my zipper? I liked that we should keep doing that”

But Peggy isn’t having any of it, because with this new info, this new realisation, Peggy kicks herself because they could of been doing this a long while ago. “Oh my god Angie, how long?”

Angie sheepishly smiles, “A year?”

Peggy groans and lets her head fall to Angie’s chest. “You’re telling me we’re one of those people? Secretly pining for each other like a horrible cliche rom com?” Angie giggles and lifts Peggy’s chin with a single soft finger, guiding her face into a short but sweet kiss.

“Yeah, but we got drama mixed in,” Angie winks and then imitates a movie announcer voice as she speaks dramatically and looks beyond Peggy. “In a world, where an anxious lesbian afraid of elevators falls for a hot English girl, they will find out exactly what it means to do it in said elevator”

Peggy can’t keep it in then, laughing with Angie as everything falls away and it’s just the two of them embraced in the dark as they hold each other up. Peggy smiling and leaning up as she pecks Angie over and over and over again on the lips each time leaning back to smile.

That’s the first hour, the second ain’t all sunshine and roses.




Second hour.


Angie read somewhere about a guy who survived 41 hours trapped in an elevator and started seeing hallucinations and rocking back and forth, eventually running out of oxygen and passing out. Later, when he was rehabilitated, he didn’t talk for a solid week, only mutterings of words and seeing God or some shit. Okay, so maybe Angie’s being overdramatic but she’s losing her mind because every time the elevator so much then groaned she'd be yelping and jumping into Peggy’s arms.

She doesn’t think Peggy minds, because she just smiles and opens her arms further for Angie to snuggle into.

Also did Angie mention they stripped their shirts and jeans ‘because it felt like a sauna? Yep that’s a thing. So she’s kinda in her bra and snuggling with Aphrodite herself, Peggy clad in her flannel that’s unbuttoned and oh god Angie is so gay. So so so so gay.

They’re currently on the floor, their eagerness of before slowing from the heat now encapturing the late night. Peggy’s head is in Angie’s lap, Angie stroking the English woman’s hair and letting her own head tilt back, blowing out a puff of air with Peggy biting her lip because that action makes Angie’s chest heave and from down here, Peggy gets an amazing view.

“English I’m dying. I’m literally dying”

“You know I have entirely no idea how you haven’t made it yet. Your dramatics astounds me”

“It’s cause I’m too good for the world, too pure”

“Did you- did you just use a meme, in real life?”

Angie groans and smacks the back of her head lightly against the wall. “It’s the heat Pegs, I’m not myself anymore. Save yourself!”

Peggy rolls her eyes and leans onto her elbows, her hair dangling and tickling Angie’s thighs and legs.. “Am I going to have to kiss you to shut up?” Angie smiles and leans down.

“Wouldn’t hurt to try”

Peggy sighs like a lovestruck fool in a Nicholas Spark movie and fake swoons with a hand to her forehead. “Oh, such woes that I may have to kiss you! Such pity!” Angie frowns and folds her arms.

“Okay now you’re being the over dramatic one” Peggy smirks and leans up, taking Angie’s lips and smiling into the kiss as Angie just leans down and strokes her jawline. Pulling back and opening her eyes slowly.

“Anyone tell you English you got a jawline that could cut glass?”

Peggy chuckles against Angie’s lips as she moves in again then pulls back. “Anyone tell you that you have the most amazing lips?”

“Sure, Sam down the hall could give you a review” Peggy opens her mouth and leans back, frowning and searching Angie’s face. The other woman just smiling innocently as Peggy feels this foreign feeling make it’s way up to her brain. That can’t be...jealousy? Can it? Does she even have the right to be?

“I honestly can’t tell if you’re joking” Peggy levels Angie with an inquiring look as Angie then lets a slow smile out and bursts into laughter. 

“Oh my god English, you shoulda seen ya face! Honey I’m as gay as one could get. Samuel ain’t getting anywhere these lips let me tell you”

Peggy flops back down and groans as she covers her face with her hands. “God, of course Sam is male. I like making a right arse of myself don’t I?” Peggy peeks through her fingers to Angie’s fond look, her hand in Peggy’s hair again as she smiles.

“I find it adorable English.”

“So you’re not weirded out by obvious stupid jealousy?”

“Nope” Angie pops the ‘p’. “It’s cute as fuck”

“Not weirded out how I have no right to feel it?”

Angie softens her gaze, nudging Peggy with her knee under her head for her to sit up. Once she does, Angie takes her cheeks in her hands. “If ya haven't noticed Pegs. I’m topless with you in an elevator, which, mind you, I’m terrified of. I’ve gone to whatever numbered base with you and still want to get a home run. You’re gorgeous inside and out and I’ve been pinin’ after ya for like, a whole year.” Peggy smiles as Angie shakes her head.

“You ain’t getting rid of me that easy English” Peggy leans up with a warm smile to meet Angie halfway.

It’s then that the elevator decides to let out a startling groan, one that sounds like it’s teetering on the edge. Metal against metal, 25 years of use rearing it’s ugly head.

“You know how I said your jawline could cut glass?” Angie’s shaky voice enters the darkness as Peggy sits up and holds her close. “Yes?”

“Reckon it could cut open elevator doors?”

It’s a fat chance, Angie’s screwed, they’re both screwed, oh god they’re gonna die.

Third hour seems like heaven compared to this.




Third hour


The elevator lights start up and the buttons flick on, and it’s the worst kind of false hope cause the stupid thing doesn’t move an inch. But Angie still lets out an excited squeal and smile at seeing Peggy’s face. Kissing Peggy with a wet ‘Mwah’ “Okay so you’re prettier than I remember”

She chuckles as she watches Angie then walk over to the other side of the wall on the elevator and  press the emergency button futilely. “And you’re still overly flattering”

Angie’s pouting as she keeps pressing it, bending over and narrowing her eyes at the console. Peggy then leans back on the wall folding her arms and admires the view, having Angie bent over like that makes Peggy’s throat dry and she doesn’t need to be an astronaut to seriously know that ass is out of this world.

Peggy laughs to herself and saves that one for later.

Right now, Angie just straightens up and folds her arms, glaring daggers into the button. “I’m missing out on re runs of The Walking Dead for this” Peggy raises her eyebrow amusedly at the statement. “Re runs?”

Angie turns around and sighs, “Trust me Pegs, that show has me by the tits. Also be honest, who you rather air conned room and takeout, or a sexually atmospheric old ass elevator to inevitably die in” Peggy smirks from where she’s leaning on the pole/handles, raising her chin with sultry eyes.

“And if I said the latter?”Angie rolls her eyes and says matter of factly. “Well it’s me so duh, of course you’d pick it”

Peggy frowns, “And what is that saying about me?”

“That you’re so thirsty you’re sucking all the moisture out of this room”

Peggy lets an offended gasp out. “Not three minutes ago you were saying how pretty I was and literally shoving your tongue down my throat not half an hour ago, and I’m the thirsty one?”

Angie fake thinks back with a finger to her chin and nods with a cheeky smile. “Yep”

“You’re a minx you know that?”

“Guilty as charged”

“I could literally take this flannel off and you’d be putty in my hands”

Angie raises her eyebrows, folding her arms. “We’re already half naked English, I’ve seen ya”

Peggy smirks and leans off the wall, shrugging off her button up and tossing it to the side. Angie leaning back unaffected and looking at her nails. But Peggy brings out the big guns, stalking forward and pulling Angie close by the middle of her bra with one hooked finger.

“What was it you said about my accent? It did things to you?”

Oh okay, Peggy’s voice is positively low now. Like liquid sex dripping from her lips as she leans down and just barely touches lips with Angie, breathing against her mouth and pulling back. Looking dead into Angie’s eyes as Angie swallows and bites her lip, grasping to the metal pole as an anchor as Peggy…

Holy shit…. Peggy reaches behind her back and unclasps her bra with a deft hand, as it falls almost in slow motion as Angie’s eyes flick immediately down to Peggy’s chest and-

“Hoooly fuck” Angie breathes it out like a prayer because well, Peggy’s body is god like...has she said that before? She doesn’t really have it in her mind to care, and Peggy is literally smirking so smugly at Angie’s fish outta water look. Jeez her breasts are perfect. How can someone be so perfect???

But just as Angie lifts her eyes and nearly tackles Peggy to the ground, there’s a startling ding as the elevator doors open, Angie squealing and pulling Peggy’s body to hers to cover her obvious lack of clothing. Peggy’s eyes going wide and cheeks going red as they stand sideways from the door with Peggy’s bare chest on Angie’s bra clad one, a shocked pair of shopping bags dropped to the ground as Sam from down the hall blushes and widens his eyes. Peggy at a loss for words and Angie holding tighter to Peggy’s bare skin as she tries her best to cover the other woman’s body with hers.

And dammit curse Peggy’s amazing chest cause theres alot to cover.

“Uhh um- I- d-” Sam stutters and tries to choke out a sorry.

But Angie beats him.

“You literally saw nothing and we never existed!” And with that outburst, Angie blindly presses the buttons and hopes she hit hers and Peggy’s floor. The elevator’s doors shutting almost painstakingly slow as it slowly ascends again.

They stand there for a breath, chest to chest as Angie looks up to Peggy. Peggy open mouthed and furrowing her brows. “I feel as if in a lucid dream Angie” Angie grins and can’t help but find it all so funny, maybe it’s from how they nearly died or how the range of emotions she’s felt in three hours is giving her vertigo, but Angie smiles.

“If this is a dream English,” Angie’s eyes pointedly dart down to their chests together, “Don’t wake me up”

It makes Peggy let a bark of laughter out, half embarrassment and half just Angie being Angie.

They later check both ways and nearly sprint out of the elevator with their clothes in their hands piled up, laughing quietly as they quickly open Peggy’s door and immediately turn on the AC at 12 in the morning. They don’t bother with changing, cause their skin feels so good against each other. The end of the night was the utterly perfect thing from the beginning.

“If we were going to die right now. Right this very moment, what would you do?”


Angie doesn’t regret a second of it.