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Draw a line in the sand

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2016- Epilogue

Sheldon's rooftop garden is unlike anything Penny had ever seen. She follows him up the stairs with a bemused expression on her face especially when she notices he bypasses the fully functional elevator.

Sheldon opens the door but Penny is blinded by the sun so she doesn't immediately notice her surroundings as she steps out from the dark stairwell. To her left, a contained vegetable garden holds emerald leaves of lettuce, herbs,scarlet tomatoes and squash. A white rectangular beehive rests against the far wall next to a miniature orange tree trimmed like a ball. The bees make a soothing hum as they visit each blossom there. Along her right, there is another raised bed filled with white flowers. Penny walks over to it; the flowers are so robust that it seems like a blanket of snow is piled there. She stares at the plants and slowly, it occurs to her exactly what she is looking at.

"Chrysanthemum leucanthemum, rosa hybrid, citrofortunella mitis." She whispers then looks over her shoulder for Sheldon. He is in the vegetable patch, poking around. She waits until he feels her gaze then smiles when he looks over to her. He gives her a very small wave in return.

Penny's eyes trace the New York skyline. As, Sheldon had said, she did live here once. Paul was going to start casting for another play a month after this one finished. She fishes her phone out of her pocket and checks the time. Alexis never sleeps- there will be plenty of time to call her later. Penny places her phone back in her pocket and crosses over to Sheldon.


Penny's limbs twine around Sheldon like vines. Her kisses, warmer than the sun he has come to know, trail the length of his body. He savors the honey-sweet taste of her on his tongue and discovers that a perfume even more enticing than the gardenia radiates from her skin.

"I'm going to stay here." She whispers once he is deep inside her.

Sheldon kisses her deeply, "You always were."

The end.