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The not so innocent teen years of Arthur Kirkland

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''Forever alone...''

Alfred F. Jones sighed.

He starred at the right corner of his Mate-Dating profile, where a small envelope with the number zero next to it was visible. No messages after 6 months. Why did nobody want him?


Sure, he was really picky and he had described exactly how he wanted his mate to be,and he was way past 20, 28 to be exact, a really old age to be unmated, and he was looking for a young male omega with a big mouth, big eyes, blond hair and a foreign accent, but only because those were popular on the mating market and rare didn't have to mean it was impossible, right?

Okay, maybe his wishes were a little far fetched. Omegas were closely-guarded in his country and the most attractive ones, the ones with the best genes, were protected by the government itself and only the top alphas of society, people with money and perfect careers, were allowed to go on arranged dates with them. And not even then where they allowed to marry their chosen omegas.

This may sound strange at first, but it made perfect sense. Those special omegas weren't born naturally, they were bred. Perfected over decades, to upgrade the gene-pool of the nation in order to become the leader of the world. The people called them fae since there fragile and beautiful appearance really made them look like fairies.

And faes were rare and to mate a fairy an alpha had to make them fall in love with them. Not for romantic purposes, but for scientific reasons. Happy pregnant omegas released hormones that made their babies strong and smart. Just like the perfect humans the government wanted.

And to make sure their perfect fae children could grow up into successful members of society, the alpha parent had to be rich.

Alfred was actually rich, but not as successful as the government would want him to be in order to get anywhere near a fae. On the internet there was a myth that sometimes faes were born under natural circumstances, when the parents simply had good genes. But as soon as the government found out, they would be locked away in a special community.

So Alfred's chances of meeting one weren't all that big. He sighed again and went to bed, remembering that the next day he was supposed to great the new exchange students.